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Ro d i n , by Fe l i x Na d a r, 1 8 9 3


When she visited Paris as part of her studies in 1898, Gwen met the American painter JAMES MCNEILL WHISTLER . With him, she was able to shape her natural talent for colour, shades and paint – a first exhibition in London immediately followed. Originally planning to travel to Rome with

friend DORELIA MCNEILL , a future wife of her brother Auguste, their trip ended in Toulouse. In 1904 , they both moved to Paris, where Rodin was the sparkling North Star on the dark sky of Parisian artists. Naturally, the focussed and ambitious Gwen sought him out to be a model. She was captured by his warm, human friendliness as the 63-year-old artist admired her young, athletic body. As Gwen fell madly in love, Rodin began to see her as his perfect muse. Both his studio and her small, rented room became the romantic setting of their passionate relationship.


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