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Find your fantasy! 7 MAGICAL THEME PARKS TO DISCOVER AROUND THE WORLD There are hundreds of world-class theme parks around the world, but it takes something special to create a utopia of fun and fantasy worth telling your kids about one day. We explore 7 of our favourite spots that have achieved exactly that, offering a unique familyfriendly experience for your next holiday.

If this were a popularity contest, Disney properties would dominate our list from top to bottom. But since we know that the biggest isn’t always the best, we gave special consideration to theme parks that offer guests something truly special. From spectacular worlds of adventure dedicated to film, nature, fairy tales, the sea, and everything in between, here are 7 THEME PARKS AROUND THE WORLD WORTH PLANNING YOUR NEXT TRIP AROUND…



1. Walt Disney World O R L A N D O , U . S . A .

Perhaps this is a case where bigger really is better. The Disney brothers’ sprawling masterpiece in the heart of Florida truly is a kingdom, covering an area the size of San Francisco and welcoming almost 20 million guests per year. Walt Disney World boasts the


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