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Faith Lutheran Church

October 2013 Volume 7, Issue 8

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Ministry Opps


an you serve as God’s hands here at Faith? We need volunteers for: • Altar Guild (contact Betty Wiinikainen); • Counters – About an hour after the traditional service and you work in pairs (contact Dot LaRoche at 978.632.8344) • Worship assistant, lector, usher or greeter at the traditional service (contact Karen Payne at

978.632.1712 or payneslk@ THANKS!


• Mission to Liberia, p.2 • Birthdays, p.2 • You Are Someone Special, p.3 • Call Committee, p.3 • Classic cars, p.6

Time, Talent Also an Offering

Note: The Rev. John Nieman of Holden, Mass., serves as our transitional pastor, as we search for a new pastor.


here is a term that we often use in the church to refer to our self-giving; the term we like to use is: “Time, Talents and Treasure“. Those three T’s are a way of saying that God owns the whole person, and that our life of faith involves making use of all that we are in ways that serve God. And so, we place money (Treasures) into an offering plate as a way of giving ourselves back to God. But then, we have the other two T’s, the Time and the Talent. These we also dedicate to God in various ways. To illustrate this, I recall a story I once heard, the story is about a teacher in a rural village in Africa who came to understand that Time and Talent also are of great value, and also are something to be given. One day, a boy came up to the teacher and presented him with a package, and with a friendly smile said, “This is a gift from me to you.” Unwrapping the package the teacher was surprised to find a large shell, the kind you can hold up to your ear and hear what sounds like the sea. The teacher was pleased and surprised, especially because this village was far from any ocean. He asked the boy, “Where did you get this shell?” The

The Rev. John Nieman Transitional Pastor

boy replied, “From the sea shore.” Then said the teacher, “But the sea is several days walk from here!” The boy replied, “The walk is part of the gift.” And so it is with our time and talent and energy and emotion; that too is an offering when used to serve our God through the work of the Church and also in many different ways that bring God’s love into our communities. May God bless the gifts you bring, and the “walk” that is part of every gift.

Pastor John Nieman

Combined Worship

Sunday, Oct. 27, at 10 a.m. Only one service.



1 – Julia Pfeifle 3 – Keith Jorgensen 4 – Shannon Stickney 6 – Allie Rocheleau 9 – Eric Bourque 9 – Jean Kiewel 15 – John Liddy 15 – Pr. John Nieman (75) 15 – Joanne Opgenorth 16 – Dot LaRoche 20 – Steve Ashmore 26 – Ann Marie Frawley 26 – Tricia Vanderstrasso 28 – Ryan Brodeur

Confirmation 1961 – Front row: John Andersson Jr., Diane Sadin, Virginia Blanchard, Ann Nelson, Leslie Peck and Riho Habicht; and back row: Linda Johnson, Ruth St. John, Eha Ots, Jean Opgenorth, Kati Viermann and Jane Parhiala. They were the first of the baby boomers to be confirmed at Faith (Lawrence Street). Back then, we received first communion the Sunday following our confirmation. That’s very different from today. We were about 14 when we had our first communion.

November 8 – Susan Horvath 13 – Danielle Johnson 15 – Mark Knoll 15 – Robert Nyman 17 – Marissa Knoll 17 – Pr. Richard Olson 20 – Marcus Carlberg 22 – Jeff Belitsky 22 – Helvi Palojarvi (89) 24 – Ruth Cormier 26 – David Blouin 30 – Matt Brodeur 30 – Karen Tresback

Former Faith member to speak Nov. 9 on “Mission to Liberia”


nn (Nelson) Fournier of Dartmouth, who was confirmed with Linda Johnson in 1961 at Faith (Lawrence Street), will present a program, “Mission to Liberia,” Saturday, Nov. 9, at 6:30 p.m. in our fellowship hall. Bring an appetizer to share. Do you know where Liberia is on a map? What do you know about Liberia’s history or its people? Ann is chair of the board of directors and one of the founders of Mission to Liberia. She will speak about this locally founded ministry and help us find ways to get involved in supporting it! Ann also is founder and former owner of Environmental Compliance Testing (ECT), Inc., a company that monitors the air quality in medical institutions. Holding a master’s degree in education, she taught

elementary school prior to her entering the business field. She recently sold ECT and is now a real estate agent. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Mission to Liberia, which was founded in 2005, builds wells to provide clean water, schools and health centers to aid people in desperate poverty in a country ravaged by war. Learn more at http://


f your birthday is missing, please notify the Church Office at 978.632.2271 as soon as possible so that we may celebrate the day God introduced you to the world.

Sunday Worship Schedule 9 a.m. — Contemporary Worship 10:15 am — Education Hour 11 a.m. — Traditional Worship • Congregation Council meets monthly, the second Tuesday, 7 p.m. • Outreach Team meets monthly, the second Monday, at 10:30 a.m. Combined Service Sunday, Oct. 27, 10 am.

A Church Calling

You Are Someone By Jena Hardy, Congregation Council President


ecently, I realized that “Someone needs to ...” or “Someone should ...” is a common thought and statement among us. How often do you think those words or even say them out loud? Presumably, when we think or say those things, it’s the result of wondering about something that we wish was different or something that we wish was happening. In the context of our life together at Faith Lutheran, what do you wish were going on? Who are the people you think “should” be doing the work to make those things happen? But wait! Before you come up with a list of tasks for other people, it’s important to answer these questions, “What are YOU going to do? What are the things that YOU can do?” Wait one more time! Before you list the reasons that you CAN’T or WON’T do something, remember, each one of us has something to offer. We’re never too old or too young. We’re never too inexperienced to serve God in some way. Maybe you think you’re too busy to do something and therefore you can’t do anything. We are all busy in our own ways! Life moves quickly. But what we share in common is the fact that we all have 24 hours in our day and that we get to choose how we spend our time. If Faith is full of a bunch of busy people, who’s going to do the work that we all agree needs to be done? The answer is ... me and you! ALL of us together are responsible for making Faith what it could be and what it should be! We all have a part to play. Some of us have “official” roles to play at Faith but that doesn’t mean those people are more responsible than anyone else. Fixing Faith or making Faith better isn’t the sole responsibility of the Pastor or the Council or any one individual person. It’s each one of us! It’s OUR church! I am The Someone who can do something. You are The Someone who can do something too! Fill in the blank: Faith Lutheran would be a better church if someone _______________________. If you’re not willing to do it yourself, then it’s unrealistic to expect that “someone else” will do

it for you! So the next time you start thinking about what should happen at Faith, remind yourself, “I AM THE SOMEONE WHO CAN DO SOMETHING.


By Jeff Belitsky Chairman, Call Committee

s most of you know, I am chairman of the Call Committee to search out a new pastor for our congregation. My message relates to that task.

John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” By that he was saying that democracy is not a spectator sport and that if we want our nation to thrive we need to be active participants. This is even truer for us as Christians. It is our calling to be witnesses to our communities; to spread the Word of God to all people, to show the love of Christ to the needy, and to bring the hope that we have been given through the sacrifice of Jesus to those without hope. The message we receive here every Sunday should not end here – we should bring this message to those outside these four walls. We need to bring those who are outside to join us here inside; to make outsiders, insiders. Shortly (God willing), we will be calling a new pastor. But we also have a calling of our own to help our new pastor to turn our avowed faith into a demonstrated faith – a faith of actions. So I have a question for all of you. When we call a new pastor and when we ask all of you (which I assure you we will) what will you be doing to help, what will your answer be? Over the next couple of months, please think and pray on this. Open your hearts and listen to the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit. Let God work through you to further His work in our communities for His Praise and Glory. Be His servant. Whether you are 8, over 80, or in between, you can help us in some way. Think on this, pray on this, and be ready for the question when it comes. May the Lord Bless you, and guide you in your prayers. Amen.

Faith Lutheran Church 627 Green Street (1/4 mile north of MWCC) Gardner, MA 01440 978.632.2271

Vintage Cars, Engines, Bicycles Oct. 26 on Templeton Common

L Which way does this vintage bicycle face? Is the large wheel in the front or in the back? Find the seat and lamp and you’ll discover the answer. See this bicycle and others from the late 1800s at the First Annual Vintage Engine, Tractor and Car Show co-hosted by the Narragansett Historical Society Saturday, Oct 26, on The Common in Templeton.

adies and gentlemen, start your engines … and come to the First Annual Vintage Engine, Tractor, and Car show on The Common in Templeton Center Saturday, Oct. 26, from noon to 5 p.m. This event is co-hosted by the Central Massachusetts Steam, Gas and Machinery Association (http://www.cmsgma. com/), to benefit the Narragansett Historical Society of Templeton. You’ll see muscle cars, classic cars, small engines, tractors and three vintage bicycles, including a penny-farthing and boneshaker. Hot dogs, snacks and soft drinks will be available. Tour the museum to uncover Templeton’s rich past. All donations will benefit the Narragansett Historical Society, which celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2014. This is fun for the whole family.

The Narragansett Historical Society Presents The First Annual Vintage Engine, Tractor, and Car show ON THE COMMON In Templeton MA Saturday October 26th From 12 to 5pm No Rain Date: Contact Brian 978-630-1011

All donations To Benefit Historical Museum Of Templeton

Classic Cars Hear the engines roar…. Check out the Cool Cars….. Tour the Museum… See what’s OLD…. Free entry to the show…… Check out our Gift Shop….


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