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Portfolio of works by samantha James

3D Max final class project Prof: Skwarek This is a 3D Max class project with full terrrain, floor plans and elevations. The goal was to construct a model of the terrain and adding access to the building and a built model of the builidng based on the plans and eleveations provided.

AR 511 Apartment Renovation Prof: Azaroff The project was geared at renovating an apartment for a family of three.The initial process was to define specific words to create a design for the clients.

AR 811 Fulton Mall Street Urban design project Prof: Berensmann In this project (instititional), the goal was to plan an urban setting to revitalize the Fulton Mall Street area, with a given program consisting of a museum,theatre and retail space. Zoning regulations were also incoporated in the design.

Samantha portfolio  
Samantha portfolio  

Architectural portfolio