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Artisans & Fashion nº1 Paucartambo/Cusco Lima Peru

“Telling stories to create new ones” Enjoy the Party!

Kay is a brand dedicated to the production and marketing of handmade

pieces and different objects related to industrial, graphic and


design; This, in order to create development centers among

the inhabitants of many Peruvian locations, where traditional

craftsmanship is a key factor for social growth, as it supports other economic activities specific to these various locations.

Kay activities began in Paucartambo (Cusco), working with craftsmen mask makers; and takes as its inspiration from “La fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen� (The festivity of the Virgen del Carmen), between July 15th to the 19th.

Paucartambo is a town hidden between the Andean mountains and crowned by a blue sky. It´s a place where both Quechua and Spanish have collided creating this amazing culture.

Paucartambo is a province in the region of Cuzco, in Peru. Paucartambo is 3 hours away from Cuzco by bus, van or car. In 2007, Paucartambo occupied one of the last places in the index Human Development Rate (IDH) in Peru*. Paucartambo is the home of “La Virgen del Carmen” and all the wonderful dance crews that complement their festivity. Paucartambo is home to artisans and multifaceted men, like Santiago Rojas and David Villasante. “Tres Cruces” is located in Paucartambo. At this viewpoint, you can see one of the most stunning sunrises in Peru and in the world. In Paucartambo you can stay at the Anka or Villa Mayor hostel, or you can camp in the Manicomio Azul. * UNESCO report

Every year between July 15th to thec 19th people of Paucarambo celebrate the Virgen del Carmen aniversary, one of the two main patron saints. The other one is the Virgen del Rosario. The expectation accumulated along the year eventually comes to a big religious and emotional breakout. A cosmic energy transcends everything and remains in time.

“La fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen” (July 15th to 19th) is one of the most important and remarkable folklore events in Peru. It is part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation, title awarded by the National Institute of Culture. The popularity of this event is due to the infinite fervor of the people of Paucartambo, faithful devotees of their Virgin. In you’ll find detailed information on Paucartambo, their Virgin, their festivity and their dance crews.

Telling Stories to Create New Ones:

1. Masks and Artisans Original and unique masks made by artisans of Paucartambo. 2. Fashion Garments made of 100% peruvian pima cotton and silk screen printing.

1. Masks and Artisans Original and unique masks made by artisans of Paucartambo.

Leaving a mark wherever we go is a predominant need in our reality. The stories we tell using not only text, but also images and objects, are unevenly recorded in the mind of every person, and so, they create feelings and reproduce different expressions. For those who believe in our stories, we give them an opportunity for self-knowledge, taking into account first, that the initial feeling for both sides is the same: we want to know and discover, and in this way we create our own history.

Enjoy the Party!

Qhapaq Negro The representation of this group, according to oral tradition, refers to former black slaves from the coast of Peru and from Potosi. These were established in Paucartambo in order to work in the plantations of Spanish families in the Q’osùipata Valley, as farmers or miners.

Saqras They are devils that give the counterpart and a dual sense to “La fiesta dela Virgen del Carmen�. In other words, Saqras represent temptation and disorder, and the Virgin represents the divine order. It’s important to know that the meaning of Saqra is not the same as the meaning of Supay: the first connotes a seductive and naughty devil, the latter is a malicious and dangerous one.

Negrillo One of the newest dance crews of the festivity. The Negrillos represent young black slaves who worked on the Peruvian vineyard producing alcohol. Each dancer has a special rattle in order to mark the pace of the dances and communicate his fervor for “La Virgen del Carmen�.

Auqa chileno Even though the Auq´a Chileno refers to the Chilean soldiers who invaded Peru in the Pacific Ocean War in 1870, the Auq´a Chileno is still a native group from Paucartmabo.


0f the masks sales

are destined by KAY to enhance the transmission of this creative artesanal activity to youngsters in Paucartambo.

“Being a craftsman means being able and capable of making art with anything. It means being a carrier of ideas and innovate to give my best in every job. Being able to express with my hands all that my mind feels when I listen to the Huayno (Andean music) of my people. I give free rein to my creativity in a world where my hands and my mind connect without prejudice. I thank my parents and grandparents for giving me life in Paucartambo, and make me live their customs and dance at the feet of the Mamacha Carmen�. Waldir Barrantes - Artisan

Bakers represent all work related to the task of making bread in wood-fired ovens. Paucartambo was a territory known for its bread production. Currently there are two ovens in the district of Paucartambo and this job unfolds naturally every day. After being gone for about 15 years, this dance crew reappeared in 1991.

The Maqt’a is the young farmer who acts individually in the party, and therefore, has no rigid rules to follow. They help different dance crews, walk telling jokes to audiences, and even make a way for the crews that are close, among other services like serving food to the dancers or musicians.

Unique forms - Unique hands - Unique minds

All the characters contained in this catalogue belong to “La fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen� of Paucartambo, Cusco. Each mask is unique and holds in itself a special meaning expressed by the artisan when creating it.

2. Fashion - First Collection Garments made of 100% Peruvian pima cotton and silk screen printing.

Go Beyond

One of our goals is to provide information on Peruvian forms, colors and traditions, so Kay will play as a learning tool for anyone interested to go further.

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Kay - Artisan & Fashion nº1  
Kay - Artisan & Fashion nº1  

Kay is a brand dedicated to the production and marketing of handmade pieces and different objects related to industrial, graphic and fashi...