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+ the Institute [ for Experimental Arts ] in association with internet archive site of Video Poetry Moving Poems present the first INTERNATIONAL FILM POETRY FESTIVAL in Greece Sat. 10 / 11 / 2012 in Athens Polytechnic School starts at 21.00 with participations from artists (poets, directors, video artists) from Europe, Asia, Africa and Americas. The show will create a historical line from 1830 to 2012 based on counterculture poets. Will be presented Audio visual archives from William Blake , Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouak, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Κaterina Gogou, Κostas Kariotakis, J.Hope Stein, Martha McCollough, Ye Mimmi, Valerie LeBlack, Shabnam Piryaei, Dave Bonta, Alper Yildirim, Swoon, R.W. Perkins, blocsdelletres, immprint ltd and young poets from many different countries. The first International Film Poetry Festival will be hosted at the EROS or NOTHINGNESS Audio Visual Poetry Live Concert organized by Void Network and is dedicated to the international solidarity movement for the 15 arrested Greek Antifascist demonstrators of 30/9/2012. More than 4000 people expected to attend the festival. The International Film Poetry Show is organized from +the Institute [ for Experimental Arts ] with great help from Moving Poems [ ] Immprint LTD (Graphic Design Consultancy) Sherbet animation studio [ ] Blocsdelletres ( Literature Hyperblog Catalane) [ ]

ΠΡΟΓΡΑΜΜΑ | PROGRAMME ΕΥΡΩΠΗ | EUROPE . Souffle (Breathe) by Emma Passmore ENGLAND . Earth Eaters by Marc Atkinson and Leslie Deerre ENGLAND . A Dialogue Between the Soul and the Body by Michelle Phillips and Andrew Marvell ENGLAND .The Last Days of the Suicide Kid by Charles Bukowski Filmmaker: Roel Jetze van Assen The Netherlands .IMMPRINT LTD UK . The Genius of the Crowd by Charles Bukowski . Bluebird by Charles Bukowski . Ignorance by Philil Larkin . Νο one Will Survive by Katerina Gogou (Κανείς δεν θα γλυτώσει της Κατερίνας Γώγου) | director by Pavlos Tassios GREECE . London by William Blake | Filmmaker : Alex Robinson ENGLAND . The Chimney Sweeper by William Blake | Filmmaker: Alper Yildirim TURKEY . The School Boy by William Blake| Filmaker: Charlotte Herriman ENGLAND . The Chimney Sweeper by William Blake | Filmaker: Josep Porcar SPAIN . Femmes Damnees by Charle Pierre Baudelaire | Filmaker: Gotham City FRANCE

. Currach by Tony Curtis | Filmmaker: Ronan Horan IRELAND .The Polish Language by Alice Lyons IRELAND . The Night by K. Kariotakis (Τo βράδυ, του Κ. Καρυωτάκη) music:L.Platonos Video:mavrothalassa GREECE . Revenant by Jane McKie Filmmaker: Alastair Cook | SCOTLAND Sveta by Sergey Timofeyev LATVIA

ΑΣΙΑ | ASIA . They Are There But I Am Not by Ye Mimi CHINA-TAIWAN . Dollhouse by Shabnam Piryaei | IRAN .Miriam's Song by Shabnam Piryaei | IRAN ΑΜΕΡΙΚΗ + ΗΠΑ | AMERICA + USA . I spy by Martha McCollough USA . A Time of Water Bountiful by Michael Anthony Ricciardi USA . Under a Man Made Sun by R.W. Perkins USA . Flames by Brandon Dziokonski and Billy Collins . Two poems for bathrooms by Julián Herbert MEXICO

. Sign Language by Tom Konyves CANADA . Downtown (video series) by Valerie LeBlanc CANADA . The Boys by Francesca Eva Ashcroft and Tom McPhee USA . Born Magazine Piece By Fake Love and Zachary Schomburg USA . Old Astronauts by Emma Burghardt and Tim Nolan USA . Suitcase by Jane Hirshfield and John Eickholt USA Written in My Dream by William Carlos Williams And Nikolaus Lesnik ( Allen Ginsberg live reading in Vienna) USA . The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allan Poe | video by Aurelie Godefroy & Yannis Lo Pellegrino USA . Hope is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson Filmmaker: Dave Bonta USA SWOON USA . November Graveyard by Sylvia Plath . PROOF (a tryptich) made for 3 poems by David Tomaloff: 1. Deconstructing Light (_object{-ions in the mirror) ( 2. Thespianic Mythology No. 4 ( 3. Proof ( . Entry (Exit Strategies I) | poem by David Tomaloff . Sleepdancing (Giddoo) | poem by Yahia Lababidi . The Moon and the Yew Tree | poem by Sylvia Plath . Faites vos Jeux (with Eng Subtitles) | poem by Marleen de CrĂŠe . Red Lost Ghosts (November Graveyard) | poem by Sylvia Plath

. Mirror by Sylvia Plath | filmmaker: Kylie Hibbert USA . Belles letters by Emily Dickinson | filmmaker: Kylie Hibbert . Front Towards Enemy by Eric Gamalinda USA . Five ( Dramatic Pauses ) by Brendan Bell USA . You Must Choose Between Floating… by Zachary Schomburg USA . Interstates and States of Grief by Phil & Angela Rockstroh . This time next year by Nic Sebastian USA . THE TREES—THEY WERE ONCE GOOD MEN a poem by Todd Boss USA . Steak Night by Daniel Lichtenberg and Melissa Broder USA . Ecclesiastes 11:1 by Richard Wilbur USA . Advertising Lullaby by George Carlin USA . We hear them cutting by T. L. Kelly USA . Me’s-an-abyme by Michelle Lovegrove Thomson USA . The Haunted Palace by Edgar Allan Poe By Daniel Nudds, Jeanette Seah USA . The City in the Sea by Edgar Allan Poe by Orville T. Clark USA

. War Rug by Francesco Levato USA . Thanks giving Prayer by William Burroughs USA Directed by Gus Van Sant . Field by Catherine Pond USA AFRICA . Enough by Kai Lossgott and Mbali Vilakazi SOUTH AFRICA . I Accelerate by Musa Okwonga UGANDA

+the Institute [for Experimental Arts] contact : facebook : telephone :0030 2105127876 |0030 6951407792