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Diwali Celebration at SIS Basel Andrew Wulfers, Principal

On November 16, our school campus turned into Little India for a day. The occasion: Diwali – the Hindu festival of lights. It is during this time that the victory of light over darkness is celebrated as well as the good over evil, and hope over despair. It is also the time when knowledge over ignorance is celebrated, making it the perfect celebration for the SIS Basel. Early in the morning on November 16th, families were greeted in the entrance hall with beautifully detailed rangoli designs, which had been painstakingly laid out over the weekend by a dedicated group of Indian mothers with an inclination for artistic greatness. One could immediately tell there was more going on then mandalas, though. Many students, teachers, and parents were dressed in traditional Indian garb and the colours flowed freely throughout the school. Our colourful Indian mothers visited many of our classes, introducing the students to a plethora of different Indian handicrafts like Diwali cards and lanterns, moulding and painting diyas. Together, the mothers and the students were also creating rangoli designs out of lentils and rice, and making Henna tattoos. It was certainly a sight to behold. The main event was being held in the upper gym hall, which had been transformed into a veritable Indian market for a day. Through many different stalls and a short film, the students were introduced to Indian culture, clothing, different festivals, and of course the story of Diwali. While the kids watched the film, teachers were treated to traditional Diwali snacks and a cup of Chai. Everyone received a beautiful handmade Diwali gift at the end of the tour.


SIS News CH Spring 2016  
SIS News CH Spring 2016