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First some work I have done during the multimediadesign education. First we got an assignment that we should make a poster where we used different bruches and stencils

We should make a movie poster to a Woody Allen movie. We should use Illustrator and Photoshop for the assignment

We should make a business card using tools from Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

Another assignment was that we were going to make a new, green image to a organization. I chose SAS (The Scandinavian Airlines). I made them a new homepage and some graphic marketing material.

Then I was introduced to 3D MAX, and i made some different things to practice my skills.

Another assignment was to make an online community, I chose to make a community about food. Here You can see a screenshot of the website:

Then I made a computer game in 3D MAX.

We should make a cover for Coldplay only using Photoshop. The result:

I got an assignment where i should make a online magazine for dogowners. Here are some screenshots of the result:

I took my internship for three months in 2010 in Dubai at The Emirates Aca demy of Hospitality Management. I worked together with the marketing department. I made the school a new image by making them a new homepage and layout for all the marketing materials.

I have worked at a IT company called Itera Consulting Group, where i worked in the marketing department. Among other things i made a new layout for their project portal


Some of my graphic work.

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