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Designing the security of your business

WE CREATE SECURITY ACCORDING TO YOUR IMAGE Comfort and design to protect your business At Sismede we know very well that safety is a priority for the success of your business, but go beyond the physical security, understood as visual barrier, anti-aesthetic and bothering for your clients and employees. Feeling safe has to be in line with a pleasant environment and a design transmitting the corporate identity of your company. Therefore, at Sismede we combine both concepts, convinced that safety and aesthetic sensitivity are possible. Because your business deserves it!

WHO WE ARE At Sismede we create personalized physical security solutions. We meet the necessities of all kinds of financial, commercial, industrial or touristic establishments, as well as residences with specific or exceptional security requirements, integrating naturally structure with the design and the corporate image. Sismede was born in 1977, working stainless steel for design and decoration. In a short time, the experience creating design with hard and resistant materials, adapted to the security requirements of establishments, which didn’t want to resign on their corporate identity and a sense of aesthetic; as for example financial institutions, jewelleries, as well as establishments and companies with the wish to combine mechanics with design in an innovative way. We dispose of the strictest certifications in security matters, assuring you that your company complies with the most demanding requirements. From the first day on, we have understood our work as a service based on agility, efficiency, cordiality and professionalism.

PRODUCTS Security doors and windows

· Bullet proof (BR2, FB4, FB5, FB6) · Anti-refraction (level Class-4 and Class-5) · Armoured doors · Restricted pass or individual (for just one person) doors · Double doors with positing system · AB doors · Access doors made from varnished steel, stainless steel or glass

Armoured closures

· Armoured tellers with bullet proof glass, bullet proof moneybags and packet carriers, opaque blank sheet or bullet proof and anti-burglary glass closures.

Security Elements

· Pedestal for cash counters, chest and transit boxes (for internal document mail between offices), as well as trimmed doors for this kind of boxes.

And also

Separating screens

For offices, glass and crystal sliding doors, separating elements for offices.


For exterior wood work and for office closures, in stainless and varnished steel, own design and individually carved.

SERVICES Serveis amb · Assessment, design and manufacturing of security elements, in compliance with ruling laws valor afegit · Personalized design, adaptation to corporate image · Supplying material · Installation and set up · Stainless steel, varnished steel, aluminium works · Interventions at singular buildings


We can satisfy the needs of any business which requires physical security elements with a high component of design and aesthetic. Within our clients figure, among others, financial institutions, hotels, lottery vending establishments, gambling areas as casinos, jewelleries and other commercial establishments as architects, construction companies and private houses.



BP Door

Bullet proof doors (BR2, FB4, FB5, FB6) and anti-refraction (level Class-4 and Class-5).

Closure security armoured back office.

Bullet proof doors.

Caixa Sabadell Banca March


Armoured tellers, moneybags and packet carriers with AB glass.

Access door.

Access door in compliance with corporate image.

SAS Door

Double doors with positing system.


Dividing screens for offices.




Every product we create, develop and install is certified and complies with the ruling security regulations. We dispose of CE certificate for all access doors and we comply with the European norm A+ for door construction. Bullet proof (Sismeavalot) and anti- fraction (Sismeblinde) doors.



More than 35 years of experience answer for us. We are a team composed by specialists in security and design. We set on innovation, development and continued formation.



We dispose of CE certifications for doors and Applus. Working with Sismede means to work with the reassurance that your business complies with the valid security norms.



We make security attractive. We give security elements and closure the required corporate design and aesthetic, individually for every case and business. We create exclusive designs, personalized for every client.


Personalized treatment.

Our effort and work is concentrated in making your business safer. Our goal is to advance together and be your reliable partner.



We adapt to all concrete design and security requirements of every client and to the desired delivery terms. We give assessment in security terms, in order to create personalized projects adjusted to your needs.

(Mechanized Systems for Decoration and Security, Inc.) Via Sergia, 24. 08302 – Mataró T. 93 741 48 13 // F. 93 741 48 14


Sismede: design and security


Sismede: design and security