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From left to right: Mr. Roger Bartholomew, Dr. Melva Diamante, Dr. Genevieve Ledesma-Tan


MESSAGE FROM MARCUS WARREN It gives me real pleasure to write this congratulatory statement and to be in Manila itself to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of SISFU and their truly remarkable achievements over the last two decades. SISFU has outstanding leadership as evidenced by their enthusiasm to provide an exciting and commercially relevant learning experience for their students. With the use of highly qualified industry-trained professionals and academics, their highly applied programmes, supported by technology, are at the cutting edge of their relevant disciplines. At SISFU, students receive a training as well as an education. Just as importantly, SISFU recognised, right at the start, the need for embracing the concept of international education by forging strong partnerships with other leading global education providers. In 2018, all fields of life have many highly complex issues to solve and no one society can find the best solution – we need to work together. These strong features of SISFU’S programmes are reinforced by their highly rigorous collaborative quality assurance measures that ensure their qualifications are fair, robust, meet the needs of the market place and are respected by organisations who employ their graduates. For a student to succeed, he/she must be happy. Happiness will more lead to hard work, student collegiality and good results. SISFU Faculty have provided such an environment; that is abundantly clear to me during every visit that I make. SISFU will undoubtedly grow from strength to strength with their vision, vibrancy and international outlook, giving their highly employable graduates every potential for a promising career path. Congratulations my dear friends – SISFU! -Marcus Warren , Associate Dean International, De Montfort University, United Kingdom




Twenty years ago, the pioneering spirit of our founders, Helen & Roger Bartholomew and Genevieve Ledesma-Tan, Ph.D had the foresight to establish an educational institution which offered higher education curricula through transnational education. SISFU has and continues to create educational milestones geared towards preparing our students and graduates for success in the competitive globalized marketplace. During this 20-year celebration, let us showcase our achievements and reflect upon the many challenges we overcame as we strove for innovation and breaking tradition. The journey we took was not always smooth sailing and easy, as worthwhile endeavors rarely are. We take pride in providing excellent international curricula which are subject to rigorous international standards and quality assurance processes. Through our partnerships with pre-eminent educational institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom, SISFU has nurtured and prepared thousands of students who are now successful entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, managers, here and abroad as well as Philippine politicians and government officials. As we envision the future, it is time for us to design our role in the changing Philippine educational landscape and the impact of the fourth revolution on education. These are exciting times for SISFU. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate our foreign academic partners, our faculty, management, staff, students and their parents and those individuals whose support have helped us to excel through these past two decades. Together, we have been an outstanding team! - Melva M. Diamante, D.B.A. President


BREAKING MY BORDERS There’s a certain air of uncertainty that goes with the word tomorrow—the unknown, unpredictable. We can spend all day today preparing for tomorrow but fail to predict what’ll happen. That shouldn’t stop us from trying though. I always had to be sure. The idea of regret didn’t settle well with me, making me pretty indecisive. It always took me a long time to reach a decision, always going back and forth between options. Because of that, I stayed on the safe side, trapped behind borders I built for myself, never going out of my comfort zone. And for a while it worked. After all, nothing would ever surprise me if I deflect change, right? Wrong. Because even when I stopped moving, the rest of the world kept on turning. I never made an effort to change, I liked the way things were and I thought that everything would stay the same. That didn’t happen. I let my fear of regret take over my life. I wasn’t saving myself, but denying myself of the life I could have lived, the opportunities I could have taken. There are things we can’t avoid--natural disasters, paper cuts, fallouts with people. and death. The last one struck me hard. A wake up call it was.

LAST EIGHT STANDING “It won’t be easy.” Now, that was a BIG understatement. When the year started out, there were 14 of us, all freshfaced and ready to write! Both veterans and newbies came to The Bridge eager to create a fun-filled publication by year end. We knew it would be hard, but with a new team and fresh ideas, our ambitions soared and we thought we were unstoppable. Unfortunately, that excitement didn’t last long. After a few weeks, one of the members had resigned due to health reasons. It was a blow, but nothing we couldn’t handle. But then, another one resigned. Then another . . . and another. All reasons were understandably urgent, but our number was dwindling quickly, and by the end of 2017, another one had to go. To top it all, progress was slow because of the pile of academic requirements. Morale was at an all-time low.

“Change is inevitable” they say, and inevitable it was. And so I changed. I questioned myself. Regret is counterproductive. What’s done is done after all. Questioning however makes us find answers. Instead of avoiding decisions, I take them head on and when I end up choosing the wrong option, I question. What went wrong? What could I have done better? There’s a certain air of excitement that goes with the word tomorrow—the unknown, unpredictable. Unlike yesterday, tomorrow has yet to happen. An opportunity. A chance to break our borders! - Fatima Muhsen Editor-in-Chief


Yet, the eight remaining ones were determined to make the Bridge happen. Between toiling over papers and tests during the day, we spent late nights writing to make the deadline. We rummaged through school photos and hunted for news almost daily. With the limited manpower, we were stretched to our limits, barely grasping the infinitesimal string that held our tiny band together. But by God’s loving grace, we made it. While the process wrenched our emotions, it allowed us to break the borders of melancholy toward responsibility and resilience. In the end, with the support of our family, friends, and the school, I am happy to say that the eight members of The Bridge had been able to sail through as a team to bring you our most ambitious issue yet. To God be the glory! - Rafayel Cornejo



Fatima Samir Muhsen


Bishaka Srivastava

Katrina Pauline Dovey


Christine Alyssa Marasigan

Mari Rafayel Cornejo


Rafael Paolo Tomacruz



Paula Martinez


Shiandra Lois Mendoza


BEHIND THE BUSINESS DEMEANOR: AMIR TOHID As a Paladin, your day would not be complete without seeing him around the campus. Amir Tohid, or known to everyone as Sir. Amir, is the Dean of School of Business and Computing. Though we might know him as a professor and a facilitator within the halls of SISFU, Sir Amir underneath has a hidden side, which we hoped to explore. Unknown to many students, Sir Amir has many interests. Though he might portray an image of strictness on campus, he is a person who loves animals, his job, and expanding his knowledge in his field. Most of his free time is spent reading about marketing and other business-related books and journals. Aside from his love for books, he is also waiting for the arrival of a new member of his household, an Alaskan Malamute puppy. Sir Amir likes to look at challenges and meet them head on, for the purpose of overcoming them. That is one of the factors that moved him from being an engineer towards Marketing and teaching. Throughout the interview, you could feel that he genuinely enjoys teaching and helping students achieve their fullest potential. Talking with Sir Amir has shown us a glimpse of his hidden side and life outside of the campus. Underneath the stern academic image that people see every day, lies a person who enjoys reading, pets, his job, and of course his students. - Katrina Dovey & Justin Dionaldo



MORE: CAROL PIDO Carol Pido, Dean of the School of Hospitality and Management, has been with SISFU for 17 years, but her roles and titles have been diverse as her experiences. She explained, “I was originally a part-time faculty member, but quickly became the head of the centre. Then, as we changed partners, my title became head of centre, head of school, and now, as dean. But in principle, I’ve always been in the hospitality area.” When asked why she chose to be in academe, Mrs. PIdo said, “I never ever saw myself in academe, but I thought that teaching part-time would be my way of giving back to the industry which I served for years. I’ve stayed because SISFU is a bit like a real hotel environment. I explain lessons not from textbooks but from a realistic overview of the hospitality business. We deal with foreign partners in delivering our international curriculum.” What inspires her most are hospitality graduates who are excelling in their careers. “As students, they complained about how tough we were, but back from their international internship, they express their appreciation for our rigorous training. In truth, I learned from them as much as they learned from us.” At age 20, Ms. Pido took a leap of faith in the Middle East. “I left the comforts of home and journeyed into the tough unknown. But if it weren’t for that experience, I wouldn’t be here today.” Being a Dean is a full-time job, but Ms. Pido makes time for fun: bond with her 10-yearold granddaughter, cook at will, and play with a crazy chocolate Labrador. She also keeps a self-deprecating humour. If she had superpowers, she won’t allow herself to ever grow old; instead, feel forever young—like her students—with all her senses intact for her various roles. - Allie Marasigan



Being with SISFU since 2006, Mr. Anoche has been a part of the school’s changes and successes. He has been both a professor and an important member of management, mostly focusing on student welfare. When asked why he stayed for as long as he did, he said, “I like being active and the location is convenient. But most important, I like it here. I like the culture; it’s like a family. There’s an open door—people communicate well with each other. I get to know the students as individuals, which I enjoy. I like listening to them and mentoring them. I like to see them grow. It’s almost like a mission to me; it gives me meaning. Also, it keeps me young!” Starting out as a part-time professor, he wasn’t always invested in SISFU the way he is now. He has gone from teaching for a few hours a week to working full time, taking on more responsibility as the years went by. SISFU is not just a workplace for Mr Anoche. “I spend more time on campus than at home. This place has become an important and positive part of my life.” As for SISFU turning 20, Mr. Anoche has this to say, “There is something sustainable about the business model SISFU currently has. Right off the top of my head, I can cite some successful SISFU alumni: Jean Marie Baldado (COO Prime Brokerage Middle Office at Deutsche Bank), Jasmie Maquiling (Lawyer), Patrizia Feliciano (Lawyer), and Clarice Sy (Director in Business Development, Edsa Shangrila). We must be doing something right!” - Fatima Muhsen


ANOTHER NEW OFFERING IN SISFU: THE CULINARY INSTITUTE The Culinary Institute, which offers three programmes, has been introduced at SISFU in the school year 2017-2018. Each of these programmes enables students to earn diplomas and certificates in Culinary Arts and Culinary Entrepreneurship. First, the Diploma in Culinary Arts is a six-month intensive programme that combines foundation and practical hands-on sessions. It is designed to prepare students for entry into careers in the culinary industry. Topics range from fundamentals of culinary arts to international cuisine.

INTERNATIONAL MBA IN THE PHILIPPINES Armed with a Bachelor’s degree, you got into the corporate world. Now with more than enough experience, you could actually push the success button two notches higher—with a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) that goes beyond the norm: an international MBA. Without having to leave the country, you can take your international MBA from UK’s top institutions right here, in SISFU. SISFU offers a ten-subject module designed to prepare students to take on more management roles in their professional life. Seasoned faculty, both foreign and Filipino industry practitioners and academicians, lead all learning sessions.

Second, the Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship is dedicated to the entrepreneurship aspects of culinary arts. It is a three-month course that teaches students the practical techniques and strategies for opening a food business. Third, the International Culinary Entrepreneurship programme, which takes three months to complete, and may be taken in addition to the Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship. This will serve as an international credential for students aiming to open food businesses abroad. It can also be used as an entry level to SISFU’s degree programme, Business Management. The Culinary Institute immerses students in various activities such as baking and cooking demos. Some of the most recent events were a bread-making demo led by Chef Bernice Pimentel, whose family owns the premiere restaurant Illustrado, and Mr. Ryan Pido. Okada Manila’s Casino Executive Chef, Dicky Suen, likewise spearheaded a Chinese cooking demo. – Shiandra Mendoza

Candidates must complete their dissertation as a requirement for graduation. The most outstanding dissertations may be included in the SGEN Research Review, an internationally peer-reviewed journal. Upon obtaining your international MBA degree, you can be qualified for top management posts in any company anywhere in the world. Enrollment is ongoing. - Shiandra Mendoza


OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS TO INVEST: CAPITAL MARKETS LEARNING CENTER Educating students on how to invest is a huge step toward sound financial management. At SISFU’s Capital Markets Learning Center (CMLC), students are given the opportunity to experience investing hands on. In the process, they learn more techniques and methods beyond the theories and facts taught in class. The CMLC is the result of a four-pronged partnership and advocacy among Southville Global Education Network, Financial Executives (FINEX) Institute of the Philippines, the Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo, and Vulture Private Equity Unlimited Inc. It serves as the center for investment and trade for SISFU students. It is aimed at providing students with advanced capital market education and instill in them appropriate investment and entrepreneurial values.

SGEN RESEARCH REVIEW ON ITS 6th RELEASE The SGEN Research Review, a multi- andinter-disciplinary journal that is dedicated to studies in business, education, and industry in the Philippines and abroad, celebrates its 6th release this year. With partners from other SGEN Schools, the SGEN Research Review not only garners submissions from other affiliate universities and researchers, it also allows both faculty and students a chance to contribute to this journal. The SGEN Research Review encourages the submission of comparative studies and papers that contribute to knowledge and debate on theoretical, methodological and practical approaches to the study of said disciplines. It also accepts reviews of recent publications related to Management and other emerging issues. Research articles are reviewed by the Editorial Board and external referees. (Note: Generally, manuscripts should not have been published nor considered for publication elsewhere.) - Rafayel Cornejo


The CMLC has three programmes: the Stocks Investment Grant, the Business Loan Arrangement, and the Venture Capital Fund. With the Stocks Investment Grant, students may invest real cash in the stock market. The Business Loan Agreement gives students an opportunity to apply for a loan to fund their businesses. The Venture Capital Fund is another way of aiding students in the early stages of their entrepreneurial ventures. – Shiandra Mendoza

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News Breaking Borders is... “Making Connections” - Vince Jian S. Talisayon (Grade 11)

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News Bits A NEW SNAZZY SNX SNX (from the word snacks) is the newest go-to place for a quick bite at SISFU. During the summer of 2017, the once insignificant snack shop was given an entire room in which to operate. From simply satisfying the students’ hunger, it has become a high-end cafeteria. However, this is not your ordinary school cafeteria, because its ambiance is comparable to that of Starbucks or other coffee shops of note. Following its face lift, SNX suddenly became a place for social interaction while tackling academic work. Whether you need a sandwich to get you through class, a couple of pastries to satisfy that sweet tooth, or maybe even some apple water to quench your thirst, SNX will give you what your growling tummy needs. – Paolo Tomacruz

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER: SGEN PAGEANT On September 26, 2017, as the lights dimmed and the music reached its crescendo, deafening shouts and cheers accompanied a powerful bass that announced the beginning of Mr. and Ms. SGEN ((Southville Global Education Network) pageant 2017. This annual formal and grand pageant chooses the ambassadors of goodwill for all the seven SGEN schools. SISFU’s contenders, Jacqueline Naughton, Fatima Muhsen,

ICHM AUDIT Dr. Ian Whyte, Principal of the International College of Hotel Management in Adelaide, Australia, paid SISFU a visit in the last week of November to conduct the 2017 Annual Standards Audit. During his quick visit, he had various meetings with management, department heads, faculty, and students. He also did classroom observations and attended the Academic Committee Meeting (ACM) and the quarterly Academic Management Meeting (AMC). The annual audit and meetings are part of the quality control programme of our international partner, ICHM. – Shiandra Mendoza


Ahmed Chowdhury, and Clarence Trozado went up against 14 students from other schools. After three costume changes and a grueling Q&A portion, SISFU’s very own Jacqueline Naughton and Ahmed Chowdhury sashayed on stage one more time for pictures and well wishes as they walked out the door as the first runnersup in this year’s pageant. – Rafayel Cornejo

THE HAUNTING: HORROR OF HORRORS The SISFU campus was transformed into something you’d expect from a horror movie. An eerie red hue lit the halls, shreds of newspapers streaked with ‘blood’ decked the walls, and haphazardly tossed benches and chairs littered the floor. With Asian Horror as the theme, the second and the third floors of the SISFU building were turned into a horror house, a homage to Asia’s best horror movies. With the whole campus filled with screams of terror and out-and-out fright, and the lobby packed with eager participants waiting to be scared by the best scarers in the South, this annual Halloween event was another resounding success. SISFU has yet to see The Haunting buried alive! - Justin Dionaldo

SHOWCASE OF ART AND LITERATURE: HABI’T SILAKBO Habi’t Silakbo, held recently at the multipurpose hall of SISFU, was the first act in a series of art appreciation and expression organized by SISFU’s pioneer batch of senior high school students. Curated by Shay Robles, it featured paintings, photo art, and sculpture. It was followed by the film showing of two short motion pictures: 1) Pitong Gabing Pagluha directed by Victor Talisayon, starring Jirah Aguilo and Earl Dungo; and 2) Nono and Lucy directed by Gabriel Javellana, starring Pamela Villaflor and Yancy Catacata.

The art performances featuring spoken word poetry and original compositions concluded the event, where Grace Chong, adviser of The Bridge, was invited to give a commentary on each act. This was followed by a special song performance by Mr. Denver Daradar, lecturer of Contemporary Arts from the Region, and a spoken word performance by Ms. Mary Daradar, lecturer for 21st Century Literature. – Pau Martinez

PAMASKO: A SPIRIT OF GIVING During the Christmas season, the SOCOHMS (School of Culinary and Hospitality Management) organization celebrated Christmas by giving back. They decided to raise funds to buy food baskets for the housekeeping and security staff of SISFU. That done, the organisation’s officers invited the honorees to Bistro Lima for the distribution of the food baskets. It was a heartwarming and momentous event for the recipients. But it was more than that for the givers: it was their way of recognizing those who go the extra-mile to provide the student body safety, security, and cleanliness. “We hope to do this again and again,” said Owen Cantillas, president of the organization, when he saw the smiles on the faces of the hard-working SISFU staff in charge of security and building maintenance. – Louisse Tuazon

SOHM STUDENTS ATTEND TWO IMPORTANT CONFERENCES Culinary, Hospitality Management, and Senior High School students were accompanied by Dr. Rowena Sagaysay and Ms. Trina Peralta to the 3rd International Tourism and Hospitality Conference (ITHC) and the 4th International Creative Design Conference (ICDC) held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila recently. This was spearheaded by the Tket Project Travel Studio whose aim as an organization is to inspire students. Almost a thousand delegates from different tourism and hospitality management schools in the Philippines attended. Speakers from various sectors of the industry such as Kenneth Cacho of International School of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management, Kevin Lapena, RJ Ledesma, Michael Angelo Lubrin, and Gina Lopez graced the occasion. Towards the end, SISFU’s Council of Hospitality Management Students (SOCOHMS) President Owen Cantillas, met with the former secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Gina Lopez. SOCOHMS has pledged to be more active and willing to collaborate on sustainability projects for the environment. – Karen Aquino

A WELCOME VISITOR FROM DMU Dr. Nichola Thomas, an Associate Professor of Marketing in De Montfort University (DMU), visited SISFU in November last year. During her visit, she delivered an indepth presentation of her research on her newest venture: Fashion Purpose. Likewise, as one of the professors heading the marketing dissertation module, Dr. Thomas allocated time to advise SISFU’s marketing students on their own dissertations. This visit is just one of many in the partnership between SISFU and DMU.

-Shiandra Mendoza

CHRISTMAS CHEERS: A HAPPY GATHERING The annual Christmas Cheers, which gathered the faculty, staff, and students of SISTU at Bistro Lima in December last year, bustled with fun and laughter. The event commenced on a joyous note with the opening remarks and a toast by SISFU President, Dr. Melva Diamante. As soon as she raised her glass and said, “Cheers!” the merry making ensued. Everyone spiritedly participated in the games and grooved to Christmas music tracks. Gifts were raffled off while the noisy crowd helped themselves to scrumptious finger foods and bottomless drinks prepared by the Bistro Lima’s staff. “It was the perfect time to wind down after a grueling week,” said Carol Mediodia, Registrar. – Sonia Srivastava


Do you want to earn a degree while busy at work or with family? Have you ever thought of getting another degree without having to leave work or home? Would you like to spend some of your time to earn the degree you never got? If any of these sound familiar, then SISFU’s Online Blended Learning is just what you need. Online Blended Learning, simply known as OBL, is a new programme introduced by SISFU in July 2017. The online programme has been specially developed to provide people with the opportunity to still gain their degree while they focus on their career, families and other obligations. It uses the Learning Management System (LMS) for the delivery of the lessons as well as personal instructions in the form of emails, webinars, and Skype. The programme is open for admissions year-round. The next term will start in April, 2018. A student must complete the 15-subject programme to be awarded a Higher National Diploma in Business Management, after which, he/ she has the option to pursue a one-year “top-up” Bachelor’s Degree at SISFU—under their partner university , De Montfort University, or through their UK equivalents both face-to-face and online. Whether it’s to attain a new credential or a degree, you can be sure that OBL can make that dream come true. - Shiandra Mendoza


SISFU has gone paperless! Students are now required to submit their papers online through a SISFU portal where they can interact with their professors. The professors in turn check papers and reply to questions/concerns through the same portal between actual meetings in classrooms. The new method was first introduced last year and as it continues to be the system, it has made learning faster and has proven to be a more dynamic and engaging teaching platform. As the first transnational university in the Philippines, up and running for two decades, SISFU is slowly but surely progressing as a pioneering institution for young minds who want to take their skills and talents to a whole new level in the global arena. This new method does not only save time for both students and professors; it also helps save Mother Earth. This marks, yet again, another big step for SISFU towards global learning and academic excellence. - Shiandra Mendoza



Breaking Borders is...”Unity amongst vast diversity.” - Leila Louise S. Tuazon (Grade 11)

UNBOUND By: Pau Martinez

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 9, At the count of ten, ready. One, on a Sunday evening of hope and promise, Two, to the rekindling of calmness, Three, the mind traipses back to the temporary comfort of the city lights in the boulevard of dying nights, Four, uncertainty seems to last forever. Five, fighting the bickering doubt, Six, seeking to eradicate the traces of frown, Seven, severing ties with . . . Eight, the iterant echoes of false beliefs and made-up fears. Nine, none shall put out this burgeoning fire of pursuit of life. Ten, never again. When the countdown ends, ready. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1. Begin again.


Heart pulsating, lungs barely breathing, The cold breeze dampening the gushing red, Benumbing it off of colours and dread. Eyes fixated. The beaming yellow light overseeing the shadows, My back - the horizon. The air converging with the rhythm of my feet, Going, retreating, then going again, Finally, leaping.


PASSION INTO PROFESSION: Ailene Fulgencio The adage that “teaching is as much a vocation as it is a profession” has been proven by Ailene Fulgencio, incumbent SISFU Head of SHS. Ms. Fulgencio has served Southville for the past 22 years: first in SISC for two decades, followed by her current position. Asked about the difference between the two sister-schools, she admits that she had to adjust. “There is a big difference. With SISFU, you answer not only to the local but also to the international partner. Also, the curriculum is completely different.” She added, “I had 20 years of experience, I thought I could do the work with eyes closed.” Despite the difficulty, she has found a familiar source of energy: her passion to make a difference in the lives of students. “It’s always about how I can help the students.” She believes that as an educator, student development is key. To achieve this, she believes that forming good relationships with them and treating them, to a degree, like family. She stressed, “Learning and improving are a constant process, especially in a community as varied and dynamic as SISFU. Students are super diverse, they come from Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Korea, Taiwan and you need to treat them individually but teach them collectively.” She also finds her colleagues—from coteachers and management to the staff—a source of empowerment. “They exude a professional and business-like aura when you walk into SISFU. But beneath that, I could feel the welcoming warmth that makes one belong.” She admits there is no perfect system and that her time with Southville has had its ups and downs. But she totally agrees with what Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s why her exuberance shines through. – Allie Marasigan


USB/External Hard Drive For printing, presenting and transferring files.


Commuting with heels is such a challenge. Make your commuting life easier by wearing flats and switching to your heels in school.

LAPTOP + STABLE INTERNET Your laptop will be your best friend in SISFU’s paperless society because you’ll do a lot of paperwork. Likewise, everything you need to know will be accessible online.

You’ll also need it to access your SISFU Portal (which you have to religiously check as much as Facebook).



Bringing all those essentials everyday may be difficult especially if you’re commuting or if you have several uniforms. Thankfully, SISFU offers free lockers which you may use to store all your stuff!

In collaboration with select grade 11 and 12 students, we have come up with several essentials, tips and hacks for you to survive the “classmageddon”, “classpocalypse” that is Senior High School.


For when there’s little time to sleep especially during finals week.


Because we’re millennials! Enough said.

PEN AND YELLOW PAD Although SISFU is paperless, you need to jot down notes. Sometimes they are also needed for activities and quizzes.


SISFU rooms can sometimes make you feel like you're in the North Pole. So on days that you’re wearing your PE uniform, this would come in handy.


p ys kee a w l a “ Jus t g hing.” u a l n o

riel - Gab rade G ; a n a t Javell tu den S M B 12 A

“Know yo ur p riorities. Writing down deadlines wo uld be help ful; tr y allotting tim e as well.” -Jasmine Vic e do; Grade 1 1 B

“Most of all, love what you’re doing.” -Justin Acibron; Grade 11 B

“ Don’t f orget yo u’re human and yo u nee d res t—jus t t he rig ht amo unt tho ug h.” -Andee

S HS Hacks

Rojales; Grade 11 A

fore e b y “Pra ng the i enter o o m.” r class s tan - Kri ito; qu Dere 12 HM e Grad ent Stu d

“Sur r o f rien und yo u r posit d s that’l selves w it h l g iv ive i nflu ence e yo u a .” - Van essa Ac 12 HM abado; G rade Stu d ent

- Allie Marasigan

“1.) Practice ho listic learning: Always do yo ur tasks intelligently an d avo id cram min g.

2) If g iven the chance, cho ose yo ur gro up members w isely.

3) Have “puyat” bu dd ies. Find friend s who’ll be w ith yo u thro ug h ac ad s and lakad s.

4) Always put yo ur best fo ot forward.”

- Paula Martin ez; Grade 12 ABM


ak. “ Take a bre Make sure to ch at reser ve lun rget to SNX. Don’t fo lo ve, do what yo u g series.” e.g. watchin da; - Aira Miran M Stu dent Grade 12 H

have “If yo u work ch to o mu ever n , o d to in and a l p m o c ic.” n a p r e nev Iwata; -Aiko 11 A e d a r G

On behalf of Pearson, I would like congratulate SISFU on their 20th Anniversary. With our mission of helping people make measurable progress in their lives through learning, Pearson is proud to be a partner of SISFU who we know are committed to creating Global Connectedness through International Education. We are proud to have been part of the history of SISFU and we also look forward to being one of your leading partners as you continue your work into the future. Once again, congratulations on your 20th Anniversary! - Alan Malcom, Head of Pearson Asia

20 is Not Just a Number The number 20 to many may just be another figure, but it’s way more than that. To a commuter, 20 pesos can take you from point A to point B. To a kid down the street, 20 pesos can get you a filling snack from a sarisari store. In the Bible, 20 years is a period of completion, reached after much patience. Jacob waited 20 years to finally take his possessions and wives from the control of his father-in-law, Laban. At SISFU, fellow Paladins see 20 as a turning point. It’s adulting—no longer a teenager and therefore wiser. For SISFU (Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities), accomplishing year 20 is both a breakthrough and a time for celebration. Two decades ago, in May 1998, our school became the first transnational university in the Philippines. Dr. Genevieve Ledesma-Tan, founder of the International School and Colleges (SISC), teamed up with Roger and Helen Bartholomew to start SISFU. They envisioned an academic center where future global leaders will be nurtured, trained, and honed to be competitive worldwide upon graduation. Through the school’s international diplomas and degrees awarded by partner schools in UK and Australia, SISFU graduates are job ready. As proven by its alumni who now hold leadership positions in businesses here and abroad, SISFU’s transnational education delivers the exacting standards of its foreign affiliates. When asked if SISFU today is how they envisioned it one score ago, Dr. Tan replied, “Yes, I am very happy with the quality of education and educational services we offer at SISFU.” Her one wish is, “for all the agencies involved in education to appreciate different types of educational systems, especially since we are moving towards globalization and internationalization.” – Paolo Tomacruz


SISFU Milestones: From 1998 - 2018 1998 - SISFU Signs Articulation Agreements: The Birth Of Transnational Education 1999- Launching of International Programmes (Edexcel)

2000 - First Batch of Students Completion of Associate Diploma and continue in the UK 2002 - Bureau of Immigration ......... Authorizes SISFU to accept foreign Students 2003 - The First National Global Dimensions Olympiad is held 2004 - Launch of ‘The Bridge’ the school’s student Newsletter 2007 - Contract Signing with International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) 2008 - MOA with Pearson to deliver HND 2010 - ISO2008:9001 Audit and Certification - Launch of Capital Markets Learning Center

2011 - Offical opening of Lima Campus 2012 - Australia accredits Bachelor in Hospitality Management with ICHM 2015 - MOA Signing between SISFU and De Montfort University 2016 - Launch of Senior High School Programme

2017 - Launch of Culinary Institute .- Launch of Online Blended Learning + English Language Center 2018 - 20th Anniversary

25 25

Graduates of SY 2017:


All Caps

Last year’s batch of seniors left paper work and their SNX favorites behind as they said goodbye to university life at SISFU. It was good—a very good—year. Eleven of them were awarded with First Class Honours by De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, UK. This is equivalent to the more familiar Latin Honours (Summa cum laude). Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration graduates were: (Management stream) Daniel Steel, Exequiela Gonzales, Christian Aaron Alvarez, Hajer Ashraf, Gayle Zosa, Melissa Francesca Gonzales, Rachel Myka Royena and Iris Grace Tanael. (Marketing stream) Abigael Maan Escobar, Sarah Muhsen and Joanna Pauline Bugayong. - Shiandra Mendoza


Ron Haarms

Why SISFU A teacher’s perspective

For some reason I came back to SISFU last year after leaving in 2015. I think I must have made positive associations with the school. I remember that as a foreigner, I was positively surprised by the type of respect that students give teachers here in SISFU. Apart from wanting to throw the occasional student out of the window, it was a warm experience to be a teacher here. Students are generally friendly and respectful. Looking back at previous experiences in other academic institutions, I had a certain conception about what it is to be a university. Their impersonal approach suited me quite well (being a pragmatic and non-gregarious Dutch). However, a shift in paradigm was expedient when entering SISFU because it is small: small classrooms, small classes, and a small population of students. In terms of teaching, there is a more personal approach; teachers are expected to work with students on an individual level. The personal approach here is something I truly appreciate. Furthermore, I am sure it has its benefits for the students, helping them to write the tremendous pile of papers in a less perfunctory way. I have wondered if students see it the same way and feel that teachers actually care and are approachable, and that we are willing to help—exuding some kind of enigmatic professionalism/charisma that transforms education into edification. I always try, just not before my coffee.

Jesulito A parent’s Cornejo perspective


As a parent, one of my criteria in choosing a university for my daughter, among other things of course, was location. As they always say in retail marketing, “It’s all about location, location, and location.” And I must admit that prayerfully choosing SISFU was probably the most strategic surprise I’ve ever experienced. Not to sound pejorative, but I ’ve been very biased to the proverbial ‘big three’ universities and hadn’t really entertained the idea of putting my daughter in a university other than those. Alas, I digress. After so much checking and validation, I expected nothing less from a transnational school and Southville wasn’t a disappointment. This was even more evident when I was invited to teach a third year course late in my daughter’s first year. During this time, I saw the development of both my students and my child in communication, particularly in writing research papers. Their exposure to advanced subjects (usually taken at MBA level) and to other curricular activities are just some of the things that, I believe, SISFU can be proud of.


MISSING MS. JOYCE SISFU lost one of its most dearly beloved Marketing officers, Ms. Joyce Cudale, 63, in June 2017. Ms. Joyce was one of the pioneers of SISFU, her tenure reaching back to its very beginning. For almost 20 years, she was relentless in helping build SISFU into what it is today. With her exceptionally warm and friendly demeanor, coupled with a steely resolve, she was assigned positions in both Administrative and Accounting, but moved to where we met her, Marketing. Among the students, Ms. Joyce was a favorite. To the student body, what stood out was her kindness. It was not uncommon to see her in the halls asking students how they were, not only in their studies, but also on a personal level. Students loved her for her generosity and genuine interest in their activities. Many might say she was what “sealed the deal” in their enrollment at SISFU. SISFU was significant to Ms. Joyce because here she found her first job—and last. No wonder she loved both the school and its students deeply—through all her 19 years with us. She would have basked in the celebration of our 20th anniversary. Ms. Joyce may be gone, but her memory will live on in the hearts of the students, faculty, and staff who had the privilege of working with her. – Rafayel Cornejo



Breaking Borders is... “Exceeding one’s expectations” - Pamela Villaflor (Grade 12)



MAHMOUD CHOWDHURY: Basketball Having been playing for five years now, Mahmoud has climbed up the ladder and landed himself in the position of team captain. For as long as his teammates attend training, he considers himself to be a laidback and motivating captain. Mahmoud Chowdhury doesn’t find it difficult to balance his athletic, academic, and social lives. When asked about his priorities Moud responded with, “Studies first.” With a supportive family backing him, he faces the world with passion, ambition, and a zest for adventure – also competing outside of the SISFU court. Aside from being a student athlete, Mahmoud is a self-declared food connoisseur. His love for food rivals his love for basketball. And setting aside time for “restaurant hopping,” is always on his priority list. “What could be better than eating good food with good people,” Mahmoud said when asked about spending time with his circle of friends.

CHARITY BARGAN: Volleyball 2018 marks the 9th year of Charity Bargan’s volleyball career. This student athlete has four championships to her name. Coming from a family of athletes, Charity does not disappoint. Aside from volleyball, she has also competed for badminton, table tennis, and track and field way back in high school. She even has a few hosting gigs to boast about under her belt. When asked how she manages to juggle school work and sports, she said “Passion, determination, and hard work.” After college, she wishes to continue to pursue volleyball either as a player or a coach. If she isn’t playing volleyball, Charity spends her time reading novels and watching movies. However, her hectic schedule doesn’t keep her from being the fun-loving, outgoing friend that everyone has come to know and love. She’s even down for having a good time and hanging out every now and then.


KENNETH MERCADO: Futsal With just three years of experience, Kenneth Mercado has already taken over the futsal field. He played football all of his life before he gave futsal a go sometime in 2015. He captains the SISFU futsal team with overflowing drive and compassion for his teammates. “I know my team will compete with all their hearts on the field and we’ll win! I am proud of my team for staying dedicated to the sport and training hard!” Responsibility wasn’t always his strong suit, having had trouble with time management in the past. However, becoming the captain of the team has caused him to develop a newfound sense of responsibility. Now he has become a model for work-life balance as he juggles his athletics, academics and hobbies. Making time to go the gym regularly, walk his dog, and his favorite hobby – spending time with his girlfriend, Trixia, and his family. Ken is described to be fair, competitive and straight forward as a captain and individual by both his teammates and non-players alike. He inspires his teammates to push themselves past their limits and achieve greater things.

ONE-DAY LEAGUE: A DISPLAY OF DETERMINATION The Multimedia Arts Students of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) invited SISFU to play in a one-day league recently at the Monarchs Gym 2. The league consisted of different teams from various courses, including some alumni of SGEN Schools. SISFU started off with lack of energy and focus, which led them to lose the first game. But they worked harder to be able to redeem themselves. After several games, they started to heat up and prove that they can pull off something inside the playing court. Due to determination, SISFU reached the elimination round against the team that beat them during their first game. It was a tough call but they were able to redeem themselves and got the win. They reached the semi-finals against a tough alumni team of SISC. This alumni team crushed every team that went against it all throughout the day. It was tough for SISFU but they showed everyone that height and skill are not everything in basketball. Playing with heart inside the court is everything, giving the opponent a hard time and playing a solid defense that got in the nerves of every single player of opposing team. Unfortunately, SISFU’s team lost but it felt like it was a victory for them. Going against the alumni team that brought a lot of championships for SISC compared to a newly formed SISFU team was almost unbelievable. SISFU ended up as the second runner-up in the competition and now building more roots for the next big league through practice and determination. - Clarence Joe Trozado


Featured Alumna

Of Cats and Careers: Riza Lana Albert Schweitzer once said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” Rizza Lana, SISFU alumna and owner of cat themed coffee-shop Le Cat Cafe in BF Resort Village, would likely agree. Nestled in a nondescript building along BF Resort Drive, the first and only cat restaurant south of Metro Manila offers food, beverage in the company of furry felines. Opened in 2015 with only nine cats, the place now boasts over 40 to pet and play with. Rizza has always loved cats and when the opportunity to purchase a venture combining her passion for business with all things feline, she took it. In addition to this enterprise, she also owns a merchandise printing business and a skin care line called ‘Lana PH’.

Riza Lana, SISFU Graduate SOHM 2015

Rizza believes that her SISFU education was instrumental in her business success. As a Hospitality Management Major, she learned the value of handling customers and treating them properly. She stressed that one of her key business principles is to revolve around people and relationships as opposed to just focusing on products. As a student, her favorite subject was Marketing, specifically promotions and social media. These have helped her keep in tune with her client’s needs. She is proud of SISFU being a “small” school. When she thinks of her school, she thinks of the closeness and the togetherness among faculty and students. In fact, she misses the relationships she formed there and the school—not the papers though. Those go into the kitty litter. -Allie Marasigan


Features Lifestyle& Breaking Borders is...�unity amongst vast diversity� - Gabriel Angelo J. Javellana (Grade 12)

Voices: STUDENT COUNCIL SY: 2017-2018

(Missing: Daniella Delos Cientos , DMU Management Representative)

“To help students recognize and rediscover their leadership potential through the five C’s” - Ernie Magno Student Relations Staff

“To be a beacon of the energetic school spirit to other students.” - Victor Talisayon Auditor

“To be able to contribute in maintaining and enhancing the student life in all relevant aspects” - Vanessa Acabado Grade 12 Representative

“SISFU will be a place filled with great individuals who continue to "keep the fire burning," that they would take the torch passed on to them and embrace their responsibilities. “ - Myron Ordilliano President

“United as one.” - Job Corpuz Public Relations OfficerSOBC

“Make SC an open forum where in everybody is responsive and has a say in the decisions we make for the events of the student body. “ - Andre Zerrudo Grade 11-A Representative

“My goal is to give students a platform where they can voice their opinions on how to make the school a better place and then execute those ideas.” - Katerina Dovey Vice President and Treasurer

“For each member to say that the SC has succeeded in bringing innovation and positive impact in the students’ lives.”

- Micah Manjares Secretary and 1st Year Representative

“To have competent leaders that are dedicated and passionate about their education and roles in this institution.” - Karen Aquino Public Relations Officer SOHM

“Increase the vibrant school spirit and practise the 5Cs.” - Kim Pal-et Public Relations OfficerSenior High School

“To foster a sense of belongingness & acceptance among all members of the SISFU community, igniting the school spirit follows.” - Jasmine Vicedo Grade 11-B Representative

“Be more student oriented with an open-door policy, so the students can be more productive instead of just complaining. “ - RJ Cannu DMU Management Rep



FOR ALL YOUR CRAVING NEEDS Kko Kko Pops: A Place to Unwind This modest food business owned by the sibling of one of our students, Lawrence Ramos (2nd year Marketing), is located in BF Resort Village just 10 minutes away from SISFU. This restaurant features a friendly staff, a cozy atmosphere, and good food. I personally love their milk tea pouch and their best-selling chicken wings set. Sadly, they don’t have WiFi, but that just becomes all the more reason to put your phone down and bond with the people around you.

A New Food Park Container Turf food park along Aguirre Avenue is relatively new, but already well-known. You should see the crowd during weekends! It features multiple food booths that sell a variety of specialty dishes—from Filipino to Indian cuisine. The place as a whole is bigger than most food parks, with the ambience casual, comfortable, and fun—ideal for hangouts. The Nasi Goreng from Rumah Makan was outstanding, Conehead’s Give me Smore sundae was creamy and not so sweet, while the Watermelon Passion Fruit drink from Swig and Guzzle are still finding their way toward perfection. My first experience at Container Turf was more than satisfactory and I would certainly visit it again to check out the other booths and the upcoming events they are hosting. – Shiandra Mendoza

It is open from 12 noon to midnight and is perfect for those who want to unwind with friends without having to get dressed and try to impress anyone. – Katrina Dovey

A Wizardly Brew Fellow wizards look no further, The Witches’ Brew Diner has finally opened in the South! It is a Harry Potter themed café located in Phase 3 Aguirre, right next to Robinson’s Supermarket. The Hogwarts inspired ambiance and their spellbinding menu is full of references to the book series The Golden Snitchball, Minerva’s Love Spell, and their own version of the ever popular Butter Beer (non-alcoholic variants are available for non-drinkers) are only some of the fantastical items you’d see on the menu. I personally had the Lumous Maximus coupled with a tall glass of non-alcoholic Butter Beer and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was as great as I expected from a themed café. A bit pricey, but if you and your friends are die-hard Potterheads, then it’s definitely the place to chill and geek out!


– Rafayel Cornejo

DUBAI DIARIES Tired, I arrived at Dubai International Airport with family and friends after an exhausting nine-hour flight. I envisaged UAE to be a land of extravagance, events, and landmarks. This was confirmed by the interior of the airport, nothing but Rolex wall clocks. Outside, vigorous movements defined the environment.

Desert Safari After an hour-and-a-half ride, we were encircled by picturesque desserts. We hopped into a Range Rover and fastened our seat belts for an experience of a lifetime: jerking with the car, we raced through pitted sand dunes while enjoying the gorgeous terrain. This excursion ended with a lavish banquet and cultural performances.

Burj Khalifa Such an imposing construction! Sauntering across endless passageways, we gained a visceral sensation of the sweat, blood, and hardships that cost the completion of this building. We learned how difficult it was to construct it, how natural calamities caused destruction and delayed the construction—and how the supreme skyscraper was finished. The elevator took us to the 126th floor under a minute. On the ground level, viewing the enormous buildings that required head tilting to view all, was like looking at a three dimensional prototype from a bird’s-eye view.

The Grand Mosque This is, for me, another one of the UAE’s greatest architectural attractions and landmarks in terms of grandeur and brilliance. No stone was unturned to make it a most magnificent Grand Mosque, its exterior gilded with gold. It is akin to the Taj Mahal, one of world’s seven wonders, built out of strong feelings into a strong construction of epic magnitude. After my five-day extraordinary trip, it felt surreal to be able to capture, in my mind, pieces of man-made architecture and land that seem to stretch the realm of human capabilities in magnificence. It was everything I expected and it should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. – Sonia Srivastava

THE NATIONAL MUSEUM For those curious enough to explore the Philippine history, none captures the depths of feelings better than the National Museum of Fine Art. As you step through its wooden doors, you are immediately greeted by a Statue of President Manuel A. Roxas, surrounded by Corinthian pillars that guard the entrance to the museum’s most prized art piece by Juan Luna, the Spoliarium. The other wings of the building are filled with immaculate sculptures and paintings of other prominent artists such as Felix Hidalgo, Vincente Manansala, and even Dr. Jose Rizal. While majority of the rooms are dedicated to historical feats, the third floor is host to more modern works—with a more contemporary setting to match. The National Museum is an awesome place for friends or individuals to go for a taste of Filipino history. And the best part is—it’s free! – Rafayel Cornejo


F O s n a Hum

U F S SI a muhsen

BY: Fatim

Its concept centers on posting anecdotes of people living seemingly mundane lives but underneath have depth—a complexity and range of thought-provoking, captivating, and sometimes entertaining thoughts. Inspired by this concept, SISFU has endeavored to create a platform for its students to reveal a snapshot of their thoughts—ranging from their aspirations and purpose and passion in life.

Adel Mosallami: The Young Prodigy

Paulo Tirol: THE Cheesy Entrepreneur

Sweet sixteen. The age of excitement and adventure when teenagers enter the world of university, but not for Adel! Instead of skimming through a freshman survival guide, he’s finishing up his dissertation. At age of 16, he is in his last year of college. He’ll be graduating later this year but he plans to go back to school and earn himself a second degree. Dedicated is an understatement.

Before he became a HM student, Paulo found himself in the world of computers. He studied computer applications before going after what he was really passionate about – food! “I fell in love with pastries.” He didn’t expect to get into it, more so starting his own business around it. Despite being a student, he started Cheesecake Project, offering a range of different cheesecakes with blueberry as his best seller.

He walks the university halls with childlike excitement and adult-level maturity. Despite his young age, he has no trouble mingling with his classmates and keeping up with the lectures. Though papers and presentations are his everyday fare, he still has time for games. College is his priority but it can’t keep his youthful side from surfacing.


The Humans of SISFU was inspired by the popular photo-blogging website called “The Humans of New York," which has gained immense popularity and a large following in digital platforms on social media.

It didn’t come easy though. He admits that it’s hard balancing everything but keeping his priorities in check helped him a lot. However, he still makes time for having fun with friends and his hobby, photography. “If you make good food, you should have good photos of them. People eat with their mouths and eyes.”

Job Corpuz: All Star M V P Most people know Job as the tech-savvy student that has taken up residency in the student center with his eyes constantly glued to his laptop. He is the go-to person for SISFU’s editing and multi media inquiries. This, however doesn’t even begin to describe what this 2nd year marketing student has under his sleeve. Described to be talented, committed, and driven, he lives up to his reputation. It’s hard enough mastering one instrument, imagine five! That’s just one of the many things Job can boast of aside from maintaining his grades at Distinction (D), freelancing as a graphic designer, expanding his photography portfolio, and playing basketball. All this on top of managing his clothing business, Magiting. It’s about giving back to society by “promoting the Filipino identity through a collaboration between its traditional and contemporary customs- visualized designs of Baybayin.” This man of many sides is a force to be reckoned with and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Andee Rojales: THE UNBOUND ARTIST When you look too closely at a painting, you see brush strokes that seem chaotic, not making any sense. Andee Renee Rojales once looked too closely at herself. She thought that one element was enough to create a remarkable painting. Having strict parents, she preferred being alone, focused on art: lettering, watercolor painting, etc. Somewhere along the way, she developed social anxiety. Her experience in bullying in junior high school fueled her social anxiety—making her more fearful, unable to start conversations. It was only through her art that she expressed her thoughts and feelings. But recently she realized: to create a remarkable painting, there must be more than one element—herself plus other people playing varied roles. She started opening herself up, and “I made new friends, and finally out of my shell.” Andee is in Grade 11 taking up Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), but dreams of owning a business selling her own art pieces. “I had to look at my life from a wider perspective to see the bigger picture. And just as one beholds a painting in its entirety, I now see myself differently,” she said.

- Jirah Aguilo


Teachers: Raw and Unedited The Bridge team conducted a survey amongst SISFU’s student body to find out which teachers they’d like to know more about. These are their picks, raw and unedited.

MOST CHEERFUL Things can get tough in college. The sleepless nights and endless presentations and papers can be overwhelming so it helps to have someone to lighten the mood. Enter Mr. Leopoldo Anoche! A poll among the students revealed that they see Mr. Anoche as someone who makes school issues easier to bear. They see him as “Most Cheerful.” “You wouldn’t want to be with people frowning and whining, would you?” Mr. Anoche believes that smiling and joking are infectious. He said that being cheerful exudes positive energy. The key is being genuine. His natural concern and interest in other people help him establish a real connection with the students. This makes it easy for students to open up to him, which helps him empathize with them. He explained, “By putting yourself in the shoes of others, you will understand, to some extent, what they are going through. Then rapport comes naturally.” Despite being a teacher at heart, he wasn’t always a teacher by profession. At 19, he was assigned to teach in a Boys’ Town in Cebu. However, after two years, he found himself out of the academe and into the world of computer and business. It was only around 2006 when he retired and went back to teaching—and mentoring. For that, we SISFU students are forever grateful!

- Fatima Muhsen


MOST INSPIRATIONAL “It really blew my mind!” Although Ms. Grace D. Chong herself wonders why she was voted “Most Inspirational,” students from around the school would certainly testify that she indeed deserves the title. “It really blew my mind,” she exclaimed when asked how she felt about the recognition. This award-winning author, with over 50 published books, has been a familiar face at SISFU’s halls for 18 years. Students would not dare say they haven’t met the teacher with wellplanned lessons or have never had her as their professor at least once in their stay at SISFU. Ms. Grace has truly been a staple figure among the Paladins.

Yet, not everything was as she planned out as some students might think. In her youth, Ms. Chong started out much like the students that look up to her today. There were subjects that she liked and disliked, some more so than others. Math is one of the latter. Ms. Chong stressed that without the help of a Math major in her dorm, she wouldn’t have made it. It should be noted that though her past interests in various things have declined, her fire or passion for writing has remained. And though her life may not be perfect, Ms. Grace knows she was meant for this. “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good” is a line from a song which Ms. Grace cited for her undiminished love for writing. And it is that passion why the students feel she is “Most Inspirational.” – Rafayel Cornejo


BEST ADVICE GIVER At some point in our lives, we find ourselves needing guidance and advice. It could be used as the way to success or the motivation to do better. For a number of SISFU students, the direction they need comes from Ms. Mary Daradar. A quick poll revealed that Ms. Mary Daradar handily earned the title “Best Advice Giver.” Her students trust her and therefore turn to her for their issues and concerns, despite her having just joined the SISFU team in 2016. To Ms. Mary, the title is not only a result, but also a responsibility. She believes that every concern a student shares with her, however trivial, is real. She listens to them and instead of directing them to one solution, she asks them what they want to achieve and act from there. She often uses their desired result to come up with options for them to choose from. “One should not give a cliché or generic advice, but rather choose to be truthful and empowering,” she explained. Fresh from college, Ms. Mary was asked by one of her professors to teach a few Psychology subjects. After two years of teaching, however, she felt academe was not for her. But in 2016, she decided to give it one more try and on a whim, applied at SISFU. One year later, today, she is still here, mostly focusing on Senior High subjects and HR-related college subjects. – Shiandra Mendoza


QUIP MASTER Not two years have gone by, and already Mr. Denver Daradar has made an impact on his students. On his fifth year of teaching, he is one of the two wellrespected Daradar siblings that have found their way into SISFU’s halls in 2016. With over 10 years of corporate experience, Mr. Daradar has worked with companies such as IBM, which has made him internalize and practice solid management principles, which he now teaches. Not one to stop honing his craft, he is now currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Business Administration at De La Salle University. Other than being a highly capable teacher when it comes to content drawn from experience, what truly sets Mr. Daradar apart is his sharp wit and penchant for storytelling. As his students attest, this esteemed professor is known to poke fun at his students and himself. In class, he’d often tell a funny anecdote or throw a “clapback” in response to their question—much to their enjoyment. “I’m very quick on the draw,” said the professor during our interview. But when asked about his funniest “clapback,” he replied, “That’s the thing. Once a ‘clapback’ is out, I totally forget what I said.” So how does he feel about this title and how he is perceived? He replied that he gladly welcomes engaging in banter so long as: 1) It doesn’t take up the whole period; 2) No personal lines are crossed. – Rafayel Cornejo


MOST PATIENT “Me!?! Really?” Despite being one of the youngest teachers in SISFU, Ms. Trina Peralta is not one to be overlooked. Coming from a corporate background based abroad, Ms. Peralta has worked in both Thailand and Singapore training in Hotel and Restaurant Management Courses. Coming back to the Philippines almost three years ago, Ms. Peralta decided to try teaching outside of a corporate setting and found Southville. While her resume did not go to where it was intended, it was surely a blessing to all her students that she landed here in SISFU!

When it was revealed to her that the students thought of her as the ‘most patient’ in a recent poll, she didn’t take it seriously at first, “I thought it was a prank,” she stated during the interview. She didn’t believe she was patient by any means— so she claims having also worked in sales. “I was talking to my husband about it. . . he was laughing, REALLY laughing. Because he knows I’m not patient.” Despite her initial thoughts, other faculty members have expressed that she is indeed patient. And after much pondering, she finally conceded. “I’m probably a nine when it comes to being patient with my students, but I’m still ‘me’ in everything else,” the young professor said with a smile, “It comes with the job”. “Being patient is not just about waiting for something to happen. It also signifies doing your part as a teacher,” she concluded. -Rafayel Cornejo



Here are our team picks for taking your mind off the stress and woes of school life.

Murder on the Orient Express is a 2017 remake of the 1974 movie, based on a book of the same title, written by Agatha Christie. The story follows Hercule Poirot (starring and directed by Kenneth Bragnah), the world’s best detective as he solves an unexpected murder that occurs during the night when the train he is on crashes into an avalanche. Likewise he is joined by other world-famous actors and actresses such as Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, and Michelle Pfeiffer, among others. On the whole, it was fast-paced and an enjoyable watch. If you’re just sitting at home, looking for a way to cool off from writing papers, this is the way to go. – Katrina Dovey

ASSASSIN’S CREED: ORIGIN One of the biggest names in the world of video games, Assassin’s Creed, kicked off its 10th anniversary with a soft reboot for the franchise. With Assassin’s Creed Origins set in Egypt, players take control of Bayek, an Egyptian Medjay, at the beginning of the Assassin Brotherhood storyline. Ubisoft and the developers of Origins have successfully breathed new life into the stagnant and repetitive game series. With an amazing world to explore, daunting enemies to defeat, and a character that will grow as the games progresses, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a musthave for those who own next gen consoles or a powerful PC. And if you ask me, I wouldn’t mind waiting for two years to see the next installment of the franchise. – Justin Dionaldo


THE REMAINS OF THE DAY The Remains of the Day is a novel published in 1958 by Vintage International and written by Nobel Prize in Literature awardee, Kazuo Ishiguro. It follows the story of Mr. Stevens, the prestigious butler of Darlington Hall as he narrates moments of his life during his vacation in the countryside It’s reminicent of listening to your grandparents waffle on about the good ole days, with all the lurid details. And although the premise may not be the most enticing, the book is actually a pleasurable read during any day, but is best enjoyed only after the paperwork with coffee or tea.

-Rafayel Cornerjo

MILK AND HONEY Milk and Honey is a poetry collection written by Rupi Kaur. The book talks about sensitive topics, women empowerment, and challenges that the writer has gone through. Strewn throughout the book are minimalistic drawings that add impact to the words that are honest, relatable, and raw. According to last year’s article of Quill & Quire, poetry sales rose 79 per cent in 2016, credited to Milk and Honey. It’s such an easy read and it could be an inspiring book for you if you’re trying to find a gateway into the world of poetry. - Katrina Dovey

HELLBLADE: SENUA’S SACRIFICE No. Yes. No…Yes? Players will be doubting what is true and what is not as they stand in the shoes of the game’s protagonist in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. In the game, you follow Senua, a Celtic Warrior to Hel in order to save her beloved’s soul. It is by no means a orthodoxly ‘fun’ game, but rather a theatrical experience that needs to be savored over its seven-to-eight-hour run time. That being said, gameplay is secondary. For an indie game, Ninja Theory has managed to strike a balance between intricately carved graphics and an intense storyline that rivals ‘Triple A’ games. Disclaimer: The game makes it very clear that it is dealing with more mature themes such as psychosis and schizophrenia, yet it handles them with a certain respect and care that is rarely seen in media. If you’re up to it, then I highly suggest you pick up this game and play it yourself.

– Rafayel Cornejo

STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI With a new direction, feel, and characters, here we are again, thrown into a galaxy far, far, away. Yes, Star Wars is back! With the focus being on Rey, Ben, and Luke, the movie talks about the force in itself and the choices that Rey has to make to effectively decide whether she’ll choose the dark side or the light. The movie has an amazing story with new additions to the series, yet has some unnecessary drawbacks. Still, I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Also, if you know your Star Wars lore well enough, you’ll be greeted with a lot of Easter eggs and guest cameos. Watch out for them, you should. – Justin Dionaldo


GAME TIP EXCHANGE Gaming is one of the favorite de-stressors and pastimes of SISFU inhabitants on off-days. These are their tips for those

Csgo: “Don’t break your arm playing the game, learn the spray patter and always remember ‘rush b’ IS LITERALLY RUSHING!” - Dhats Mangudadatu

Horizon Zero Dawn: “Get the ‘Long Dodge Skill’ and ‘Slow Mo Air Skill’ to defeat bigger enemies. It’s a grind but it’s totally worth it.” - Seth Alonzo

Assassin's Creed: “Finish every activity in every area before moving to the next one. It helps with leveling up and getting more money—and yes, it includes trivial items such as chests and loot”. - Destiny De Guzman

Counter strike: “Press shift to walk or to have better aim - because a lot of people shoot while running.” - Lawrence Bergado

AC Origins: “Try to use Senu a lot cause loot is life.” - Daniella Delos Cientos General knowledge: “Close any apps/ windows before playing a game to avoid lags.” - RJ Cannu League of Legends: “Kills are not everything. If you want to win the game, focus on farming and pushing the towers.” - Martin Jordana League of Legends: “If you want mastery, just stick with one champion. If you continue to lose, then it’s either you have bad internet or bad teammates.” - Myron Ordillano


Dark Souls: “Don’t try to win, learn the patterns instead.” - Ron Haarms Fire Emblem: “Always pick perm-death, learn how to strategize and don’t be a coward. It’s okay to restart chapters, everyone does it.” - Micah Ado Getting Over It: “Falling down is only another excuse to get back up.” - Niel Britanico Battlegrounds: “Camp the bridge and let others loot for you.” - Ranny Chak For any game: “The numbers, Mason. What do they mean? Take note of them, they’ll always be of use.” - Anonymous

GETTING TO KNOW YOU: SISFU Faculty and Staff have lives outside of their jobs too! Here’s a snippet of how they react to things not very school related.

Would you rather go forward in time or backward? “Backward. I want to finish things that I wasn't able to do and do things that I missed.” – Atty. Joseph Monzon Would you rather be the most intelligent person in the whole galaxy or the richest? “Intelligent. Because with intelligence I can easily gain riches and other things with it.” - Mr. Leopoldo Anoche Would you rather be master of one or adept in all?

Would you rather lose all of your memories from birth to now or lose your ability to make new long-term memories? “Lose past memories because I’d like to build new ones.” - Ms. Rose Caoile Would you rather get one free round trip international plane ticket every year or be able to fly domestic anytime for free? “Domestic flight anytime. I have seen more of the world than the Philippines.” - Ms. Grace Chong

“Master of one. It is necessary to be an expert in something.” - Ms. Trina Peralta

Would you rather have an unlimited international first class ticket or never have to pay for food at restaurants?

Would you rather be a professor known to produce the best students or to give the best grades?

“Never have to pay for food again because I can afford to travel but free food is life.” – Ms. Jen Bebing

“Best students. Grades are very relative and also very subjective.” - Ms. Gene Lineses

Would you rather have more time or more money?

Would you rather start SISFU and be a founding member or be the president of it today?

“More time. Because I don’t have any. “ – Ms. Mary Daradar

“Founding member. Because I get to be a part of it but don’t need to run it. “ – Mr. Denver Daradar

Would you rather be able to talk with the animals or speak all foreign languages?

Would you rather be poor but help people or become incredibly rich by hurting people?

“Speak all foreign languages because I like talking to humans more than cats” - Ms. Ailene Fulgencio

“Poor but helpful. Because at the end of the day what matter is how you treat people.” – Mr. Alfie Yusingco

Would you rather be without internet for a week, or without your phone?

Would you rather mentally or physically never age? “Mentally. I would not like to be in a situation where I would be taken care of because I can’t think for myself.” - Ms. Carol Pido Would you rather be famous when you are alive and forgotten when you die or unknown when you are alive but famous after you die? “I’d rather be unknown when I’m alive but famous when I die. That way I can leave a legacy.” – Mr. Bob Carreon Would you rather babysit a crying infant for a day or have an unwanted houseguest for a week? “Crying baby. Because it’s only for one day.” – Mr. Ron Haarms

“Without my phone. I am not a techie person so I can do it.” - Ms. Jaylou Perez Would you rather explore space or the ocean? “Space. For me it is more mysterious. Since I was little. I had lots of books about the Milky Way and about Isaac Asimov.” – Mr. Amir Tohid Would you rather be a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life? “A kid. Because being a kid allows you just play with your friends and not worry about anything” – Mr. Troy Cultario Would you rather be 4’5” or 7’7”? “7’7. I’d rather be freakishly tall, because one would think before messing with me.” – Mr. Ernie Magno


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