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they say life is short.

we say it doesn’t have to be.

RESVERATROL quite possibly the most spectacular scientific rediscovery of our day The ancients said it best, life doesn’t have to be short. We couldn’t agree more. For centuries, the Chinese have believed the body has the ability to live to an incredible length of time in great health and with vibrant energy. Since the Yellow Emperor of China 5,000 years ago, knotweed, which contains resveratrol, has been used in traditional medicine as a super elixir for this purpose. Today, east meets west as modern science rediscovers ancient health secrets of the past! Over 3,000 scientific studies on resveratrol have been conducted by the scientific community, including Harvard Medical School, showing significant increases in energy, longevity, and weight loss too!

A major pharmaceutical company purchased the research to develop resveratrol into a synthetic drug. But this will likely take years to reach the market and potentially cost billions of dollars, putting it out of reach for most of us. Fortunately, Sisel’s scientists have formulated a highly fortified, patent pending, resveratrolbased formula that we believe is the most powerful, synergistic blend of ingredients on the market all for the price of a can of soda pop! Now you can experience the extraordinary health benefits of resveratrol in a nano-sized, natural liquid form, for better bioavailability, the way nature intended it.

resveratrol done right

SIRTUIN can we really live to125? Unfortunately, we are not living as long or with the quality of health as we should be. On average, we are dying in our 70s from a wide variety of illness and disease. However, scientists say that our bodies are capable of living up to 125 or even 150 years in great health and with vibrant energy. So why are so many of us dying in our 70s—our true “middle age”— when we should be living decades longer? One answer may be found in our genetic code. Geneticists believe normally-dormant genes in our DNA called “SIRTUINS” (which control the aging process by revitalizing the genes of youthfulness) may be reactivated or switched on, triggering a survival mechanism that extends life.

Evidence of this exciting phenomenon lies in what is referred to as “The French Paradox,” which suggests that even though French diets are higher in saturated fats, they have less heart and cardiovascular disease. Researchers have discovered an important connection in red wine. It is believed that resveratrol, along with other synergistic ingredients, reactivates our sirtuin genes, turning back the hands of time and the effects of aging. What would you do if you suddenly stumbled upon a fountain of youth that could rejuvenate your youthful biology and make you look and feel more like you did in your 20s?

the “longevity gene�

can we really have incredible energy all day without the crash? about for the rest of your life? In a recent study, Harvard researchers found that mice who were given resveratrol could run twice as far as those who weren’t, and had much more energy and stamina. In humans, resveratrol and the other red wine phytonutrients in eternity, work at the cellular level to support your body’s ability to create incredible energy and youthful vitality. Taking this super-formula just once a day may help you feel like you were a teenager again! Unlike fizzy, sugary products that hype you up as fast as they let you down, leaving you feeling bloated, jittery, and burn out your adrenals, eternity supports a smooth, sustained energy that lasts all day keeping your mind and body sharp and alert.

Why not support your body with the endurance, performance, and stamina you need for a healthy and active lifestyle?

can one product really do all this AND support healthy weight loss? Living younger, for decades longer, in great health and creating massive energy as resveratrol enhances your body’s ability to lose weight is an exciting possibility! Caloric restriction (dieting) and exercise are the key factors for losing weight. *Resveratrol may actually mimic many of the effects of calorie restriction and exercise. Sisel’s Slim & Slender Rapid Weight Loss System

If returning to the vitality of youth with boundless energy and fantastic health while slimming down interests you, eternity should too!

*Harvard Research

support your body’s ability to revitalize youthfulness and vitality, restore incredible amounts of energy, and lose weight fast!

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This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get started today by contacting the person who gave you this brochure, or go online at for more information.

Resveratrol in the media ABC News with Barbara Walters* “Resveratrol may be the key to resetting our biological clock.” 60 Minutes with Morley Safer* “Scientists believe Resveratrol, in very high concentrations, can significantly extend life by preventing a number of age-related illnesses.” Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer* “You can live a healthy, vital, energetic life well past the age of one hundred.”

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*For best results use with proper diet and regular exercise. F128191-10-01 © SISEL International. All rights reserved.

* ABC, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Barbara Walters, Morley Safter, and Diane Sawyer are not affiliated with and do not endorse Sisel Eternity in any way.

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