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INAUGURATION Princess Haya’s visit to our school.

O U R F O U N D I N G FAT H E R S After the ribbon cutting ceremony, HRH Princess Haya toured SISD’s state-of-the-art facilities and environmentally friendly campus, while learning about its specialized IB curriculum that will soon also boast an exceptional scientific learning program. As part of the tour, she visited three classrooms, including the Early Years and Primary Years pupils, as well as the School’s Early Years playground and Primary multi-function sports areas. In speaking with Mr. Omar Danial and Mr. Beat Sommer, as well as the staff and children, HRH Princess Haya was given a real insight into what is on offer at the Swiss International Scientific School. After the tour, the staff of the Swiss International Scientific School presented HRH Princess Haya a woven tree created by the students at the school.

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan President of UAE

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai

Omar Danial

We Thank You

SISD Founder

Imagine a grain of sand came to life and told the story of its metamorphosis from one single grain of sand to a full blown rock and finally into a school. This is the closest analogy in my mind as I watch our kids learn and mature every day in our growing school. A little over a year ago we all stared at an empty plot of desert land filled with grains of sand. As in the metamorphosis of the rock cycle, it has taken a lot of time and the hard work of hundreds of stakeholders to create this B.E.S.T environment for our children. Together we are the guardians of our next generation and our commitment to our B.E.S.T values is essential in setting up rock solid foundations for our children which in their own time will inspire countless other particles to come together as a force for good. From the children at SISD and from myself "We Thank You" for giving us the opportunity to shape our lives and look forward to seeing you next academic year.



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It is an honor and privilege to write in the first edition of the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai’s yearbook: a historical document capturing this community’s first year of life. As we flip through the pages, we see the vision and intentions of a founding group of students, parents, and staff. When thinking about the commitment it has taken to lay the foundations of a new school, one sentiment comes to mind: it takes heart. We have a marvelous building. The interiors are naturally well-lit, spacious and decorated with care. The parent-teacher café offers delicious food and an inviting atmosphere for the parents, gathering for a leisurely chat and barista coffee. The zip line provides squeals of joy as children adventure through obstacle courses, climbing rock walls and rope courses. The teachers surround the children with compassion. Young people hang on every word with peaked interest, holding their breaths until the teacher craftily releases their healthy tension and the students’ eyes twinkle with wonder at the magic that teachers make happen every day. All of it inspires excellence. Above all, what we have is a feeling of welcome and joy in our marvelous building. People here are happy people: little people, big people, small people and tall people. People here are happy people. With this joy, we welcome the opening of the Middle School and the Sports Center, looking forward to growing with our existing families as siblings join us, new families and new staff to make more memories and further the history of our BEST school.

Beat Sommer Head of School

Dear Students, Dear Parents, Dear Teachers, Dear Staff, Dear Friends of SISD

When we opened our very first school year at SISD on 30th August 2015, the positive energy, enthusiasm and joy were overwhelming. Red and white balloons floated to the ceiling of our beautiful reception area, symbols of good wishes and hopes of those who were part of the big adventure of starting the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to our teachers and staff for their commitment and hard work, to our parents for their trust and support, and to our students for their enthusiasm and their smiles, which make every day at SISD a special one.

Head of Primary School

“Little People, Big people, Small people and Tall people. People here are happy people.”

2015/2016 has been a successful year for SISD as an International Baccalaureate Candidate school. Our community has committed to an inquiry based approach to learning that allows our students to grow in their knowledge, skills and attitudes. As a school our students have been learning with an international mind through the IB Learner Profile.

We are proud that SISD has attracted all of you, an international group of 300 students and their parents, who are on board and share the exciting and rewarding experience of a bilingual education. Some of you, who came with no French or German, now happily converse in the new language. Others, who started with no English, have made it their daily working tool. In our hallways there is a constant buzz and a happy coexistence of the three languages that are at the heart of our challenging bilingual programme. A school is a living organism and constant work in progress, a challenge for everyone involved. Expectations have to be met on all fronts. Each day, teachers, staff, school management and parents strive to reach the shared goal: To give the children at SISD an inspiring, mind-broadening and enriching learning experience. To help them grow and become confident, academically able and well-rounded young citizens of the world. To prepare them to cope with the challenges of today's complex societies. Our goal can only be achieved if we work collaboratively and share our responsibilities. We are partners in this most important of all tasks: To make our children's education a success.

Sabah Rashid

This has allowed them to take action and host and experience events such as the Jump-rope Challenge, Winter Market and the SISD Flea Market. We have also established cross-grade learning with our organic gardening, buddy reading and reflection tea parties. As PYP Coordinator I have been able to educate and facilitate the SISD community with understanding and implementing the program.

Shona Tait

PYP Coordinator

“Learning that allows our students to grow in their knowledge, skills and attitudes”

Our teachers have attended IBPYP workshops where they can learn professionally and collaboratively. Our parents have attended meetings and classroom visits to be part of the community. Our students are becoming confident inquirers who can share and celebrate their learning. Next year we will continue our pre-authorization with IB and move into the accreditation process, I look forward to all of the successes this will bring for the SISD Community. YEAR BOOK



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Our Board of Directors Time goes by so fast when you are having fun! And that’s what we have in the Kindergarten department at the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai. It feels like only yesterday that we were entrusted with our youngest of students. They learnt very quickly how to become independent and make new friends. I have had the pleasure of meeting every child in our KG department and am proud to say that they have come a long way already in their first year with us. Children who could not speak a word of English now greet me happily with a “Hello Mrs. Lall, How are you?” in the corridors or in class. When visiting them during their French or German lessons they easily switch to French or German when greeting me with ease. I watch and listen in marvel at how they can explain what they have learnt in two languages or more!

Amarjit Lall

Head of Early Years

“I respect how the students are guided”

Head of Languages

“Learning languages, learning through languages and learning about languages.” 5

Abdul Hamied Ahmed Seddiqi

Honorary Chairman

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Bilbo Perrot

Dr. Abdulkareem Al Olama

Representative of HH Sheikh Butti Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum

CEO of Al Jalila Foundation

Why, What, Where, Who and How are often at the start of every child’s sentence as they inquire about their world, take in their surroundings, and discover knowledge on their learning journeys. I am amazed as their teachers, teaching assistants and classroom assistants help the students answer their own questions. I respect how the students are guided. I watch and listen every day in wonder and I always have a story to tell at the end of the day while singing their praises. As our students are promoted on, I wish them all the best and know that they will carry on having fun while learning.

Christine Jacob

HH Sheikh Butti Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum

Cela pourrait ressembler à un inventaire à la Prévert : du sable, du ciment, un chantier, des ouvriers – et beaucoup de sable. Un bâtiment, du personnel administratif, des enseignants, des élèves – et beaucoup d’énergie. Une multitude de nationalités, un patchwork de langues, une foule de cultures différentes – et un département de langues. Plurilinguisme, multilinguisme, bilinguisme – et autant de discussions enrichissantes. Des débutants, des cours de français, des cours d’allemand – et déjà les premières phrases. Des cours d’arabe, des cours d’anglais pour débutants, des cours d’italien – et autant de découvertes. Des difficultés, du soutien, des encouragements – et les premiers succès. Des mini-clubs de langue, des clubs de langue, des jeux, des chansons – et bien d’autres activités après-scolaires. La gentillesse de tous ceux qui assurent notre sécurité, la modestie de toutes celles qui nettoient nos locaux, la serviabilité de toutes ces personnes qui travaillent dans l’ombre – et le regret de ne pas toujours leur prêter attention. Des actions, des réflexions, des enquêtes – et du partage, toujours du partage. De la collaboration, de la coopération, de la communication – et beaucoup d’ouverture d’esprit. De la curiosité, de l’intégrité, de l’altruisme – et de l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace. Des jours où rien ne va plus, des soirées de doute, des matins difficiles – et quelques nuages dans le ciel. Des vacances de pluie dans un pays où il ne pleut pas, un système de climatisation qui n’en fait qu’à sa guise, du soleil – et beaucoup de chaleur humaine. Des étincelles dans les yeux des enfants, des croche-pattes à la récré, des cris dans les escaliers – et une grande famille qui se crée.

Our Board of Governors

Mr. Francis Clivaz

Dr. Franco Vigliotti

Mr. Sean Power

Founder of College du Leman (and co-founder of ECIS)

Dean EPFL Middle East

Director General of Institut Florimont

Learning languages, learning through languages and learning about languages. As Head of Languages, I would like to thank all the language teachers for the great job they did during this first year at SISD. They taught FFL, GFL, IFL, EFL and Arabic – and provided an efficient support for many children. I’m proud of them all. In diesem ersten Schuljahr habe ich vermutlich mehr über die Sprachenwelt gelernt, als in meiner ganzen Karriere. An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich bei den Arabisch Lehrerinnen entschuldigen, dass ich nach so vielen Monaten nur 20 Sätze sagen kann, und meine Tagalog Lehrerinnen muss ich auch um Gelduld bitten. Ich bin froh, bei SISD arbeiten zu dürfen und freue mich schon auf das nächste Schuljahr.

Mr. Leslie Hamilton

Dr. Amer Ahmad Sharif

CEO of Hasheem

CEO of Dubai Healthcare City Authority - Education



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SISD’s Organic Garden

Gardens grow more than just food, they grow communities! Our organic garden is used to teach topics like pollination, habitats and ecosystems in younger years, and farming, economics and agriculture in higher grades. Children also study the water cycle and perform simple experiments on plants. They watch their seedlings sprout and grow into edible plants, allowing them to connect and participate in a universal life process and learn about interdependence between people and nature. Our organic garden fosters a sense of community within our school because they unite children across grade levels and encourage parents to participate in learning. Parents with a ‘green thumb’ can volunteer to garden and teach children about pruning, washing and bagging of fresh salads.




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Special Events

National Day

Virgin Radio Visit

Everyone came to school dressed up in the U.A.E national dress and experienced a curltual sensation of Emirati foods, dance, music and tradition as will as learnig about the history of the U.A.E.

The boys and girls from Pre KGGrade 6 gathered excitedly to welcome DJ’s Kris Fade, Big Rossi, Priti Malik, Brent Black and Maz. The atmosphere was incredible and the noise was deafening! Kris Fade announced immediately that he thought SISD was the most impressive looking school they had seen during their ‘20 schools in 20 days’ tour.

Spring fair The spring fair was truly a community affair which was organised by our Parent association and community. Everyone had a fun filled afternoon!

Sports Day Jump Rope Challange

Sports Day was an event enjoyed by all our

The children participated in a jump

students, parents and

rope challenge for charity.

teachers. All displaying sportsmanship throughout the day.

Science Fair Students had a great time at the Science Fair, sharing their Science projects with visiting students, teachers, and parents.

Children’s Day Children’s day was amazing with lots of fun filled entertainment from a circus as well as a circus workshop for Grade 1. The children were able to enjoy treats during the day with a magic show, face painting and bouncy castle. All the ingredients for happy children.

St. Nicholas day 6th December and winter market We celebrated St. Nicholas with breakfast and a concert for our Early years department. Later we had a wonderful choir sing for us then proceeded in the afternoon with a winter concert and market.




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German Deutschklasse 5a

A journey into the school year……

Lieber Luzius, lieber Timon,

We started with who we are and all

Wir waren alle drei überrascht, dass wir die 5. Klasse in Deutsch in so einem kleinen gemütlichen Kreis verbringen durften. Als Lehrerin hat es mir gut gefallen. Wir konnten in unserer Deutschwoche ganz viele tolle Sachen lernen, experimentieren, ausprobieren und üben, die man mit einer grossen Gruppe nicht immer durchführen kann.

theses sciences questions about how the body works. Then we went on to where we are in place and time, we learned about all the advantages and disadvantages of expatriation and migration. We did a jump rope challenge to collect money for the Syrian children. We continued our journey to how we express ourselves and how to do coding. We had one hour to escape a locked

m Zusa



it im

Für euch war es natürlich nicht immer lustig, ich war UEBERALL, kein Ausweg, kein Entrinnen und keine Chance, mal etwas anderes zu tun!


Mir hat die Zusammenarbeit mit euch viel Freude bereitet, gemeinsam haben wir ein Gezeitenprojekt durchgeführt, bei dem wir den Wasserstand am Creek beobachteten, wir haben Blumen grossgezogen und gepflegt, später nach dem organischen Garten geschaut, sowie Salat und Bohnen geerntet. Gerne habt ihr experimentiert und eure Beobachtungen verschriftlicht, dabei verbesserten sich eure Texte jedes Mal. Ausserdem habt ihr Poster und Präsentationen erstellt.

room and we did it. We also learned about superstition, artifacts and carnival around the world. By then half the school year was gone. We discover how the world works and create a space settlement for Nasa. In March we started with how we organize ourselves: a journey into the world of finance and the way our society is organized. And for the final sprint we explored sharing the

N a ti o n a

planet. A unit of inquiry about the responsibility of how we share the

l day J u li a m u si zi e rt

Im Mathematikunterricht haben wir uns mit Problemlösungen in verschiedenen Bereichen beschäftigt. Gerne habt ihr Herausforderungen angenommen. 500 Würfel-wer baut den höchsten Turm? Lebkuchenhäuser für den Weihnachtsmarkt organisiert, Kalkulationen gemacht und die Abrechnung erstellt, sowie Gewinn für unser Charity Projekt erzielt.


resources on earth with everyone on the planet. It was a very interesting journey in French.

Eure Englischkenntnisse verbesserten sich ganz nebenbei, ihr habt beide unglaubliche Fortschritte gemacht, ich war erstaunt. Weiter so!

ch ? ei ne m Bu gs fi gu r in llt . e Li eb lin he rg es te in se de as t is Kl se re : Wer ng fü r un ac te r D ay hu ar sc ch ra ok Bo ei ne Üb er n ei ne kl W ir ha be

Th in k er Wer b au : P ro b le m t Es w u rd m it 50 0 S te in en lö su n g – e g et re n n t vo n ei d en h öc h st en Tu n an d er rm ? w u rd e g eb au t…

Amina El Difrawi



en n. icht arte esch eenk es G d I v i t n o v e Krea f Hil mit iben

Ich hoffe, ihr behaltet euer erstes Jahr in Dubai und an der Swiss International Scientific School in genauso guter Erinnerung, wie ich es tun werde. Alles Gute fuer eure Zukunft!

Susanne Gaertner YEAR BOOK



Profile for Swiss International Scientific School Dubai

SISD Yearbook 2015-2016  

SISD Yearbook 2015-2016  

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