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August 26, 2013

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The TriLavender A kid from the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin! Wizard Tour- Brown caught choir has gone nament is starting!!

Today’s Horoscope If you have something important tomorrow, it will go good and you'll succeed!

escaping Hog- missing with a warts to go to frog. Hogsmeade.

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Like 373856 degrees Celsius.

KCP News

Juan Jose’s Afro... This year, when we came to school on the first day, JuanJo’s afro was bigger than normal, it was HUGE! Its so cool, but he had to cut it so it stayed a normal afro again. Everyone loves his afro, but he doesn't like people admiring his cool afro! Afros are cool!!

Food... In school at the cafeteria, the food changed. At first, there was better food, but now they changed it to JUST healthy food, so I think it would be better if they sold at least, SOMETHING of junk food. We would eat what we want. I'm not saying to take the healthy food, just to put junk food for our enjoyment. All of my classmates want different food in the Food Court, just like me...


In StuCo, there were 2 Seniors running for personero. Danielle Juliao, and Juan M. Puccini. Danielle Juliao won the elections for personero. In 6th grade, like 4 people are running for representatives, and only 3 can win. Lets see who wins.?. Most of the people are boys, so this wont be good….

Daniel Perez Do you like soccer? -Yes. Why do you like soccer? -Because its cool and I played it since I was a little kid. Do you like other sports? -Yes. Which other sports? -Racquetball and nautica, (all the water sports there are). What would you like to do when you grow up? -Economist, business man, MD, pilot, and doctor. Do you think you'll succeed in life? -Yes. Why? -Because I have good grades and I go on well with people. That was Gaby Zuluaga’s and I’s interview with Danny.

BOOKS I really love books, reading is my favorite hobby because it relaxes me and helps me think better. Books are really good, some books I recommend are Divergent series, Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, and Hunger Games series. Those are my favorite books EVER!! Books are the best things ever, they are super interesting and fun, and you'll grow really close to the fictional characters. If you like reading, I recommend you those books. If you DON’T like reading, I recommend those too, you'll grow to love them. There are some series that I don't like that much, they are Twilight and The Host, both from the same author. Its not exactly my favorite author, either. These authors I recommend are; Veronica Roth, J.K.Rowling, Cassandra Clare, and Suzanne Collins. Those are my favorite series, and authors. I have more but I forgot. I also recommend John Green, The Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska.