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Prime Times

JUNE 2014

ISSUE NO.12 3€


Editorial by Catherine 
 Potter-Jadas Head of Primary


This year we were overwhelmed with contributions for Prime Times, every teacher proposed a number of pieces of work from his or her class; everyone has been working very hard this year and they are proud of what they have achieved. Unfortunately, choices had to be made and Cynthia Kaiser was invaluable in the process. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the teachers for all their hard work, each time they are asked to go that extra mile the response is a unanimous ‘yes’. You will see that much of the work is inspired by the books read in class. The books the children read are carefully chosen by the staff –they are accessible, yet challenge the children; they are entertaining whilst exposing them to genres they might not themselves choose; and are models for writing. As per usual we have left in the children’s errors so readers get a genuine view of each age group’s writing skills and can appreciate the development as the years pass.

 William’s bad day? Never in SIS

P1/2WS How green is a shamrock

Renaud Litré has once again pulled off the challenge of getting together all that was thrust at him in record time to produce this magazine and we are immensely grateful for his skill and knowledge. Enjoy!



by Ralph Tidmarsh Head of Wednesday School

There once was a school of bilinguals, Who all liked to write with their fingers, They made sure through attendance, They could write a great sentence, And they found they were no longer beginners!

 Be amazed, be amused, be inspired...

by Emma Delehaye P1WM

by Juliette Ambrose P2/3WM

Never a bad day in SIS Louise had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, day when….

William had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day when….

I Went To Hospital Because I Was Sick. I Had To Sleep At Hospital All Night. I Did Not Want To Sleep At Hospital. « I Don’t Want To Sleep At Hospital ! » I’m Going To Move To Africa !

Our plane was canseled and my mum was crying. Ok no we are not going to Engled. I’ll thing I’ll just move to the moon.

Louise Janicot P2IB

William Veille P2IB

 Written by P2 Integrated Sèvres class (in the style of Michael Rosen) Don’t do this Don’t do that Do not do that Do not do this Don’t put ants in your pants Don’t poop in your soop. Don’t put your finger in a digger. Don’t put your net on your pet. Don’t fart in the fort. Don’t put the fox in the box. Don’t be a fool at school. Don’t pop your car in a bar. Don’t spread poo all over the zoo. Don’t beep when you are asleep. Don’t be a fool in the Pool. Lucie Landel P2IS

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Don't Put Ants In Your Pants Anastasia Botbol P2IS

P2IS Miles Longerinas Don't Put Your Finger in a Digger

P2WT The Children learnt a story called "Blue Beard the Hook Nosed Pirate" off by heart (a variation of the Giant Turnip.) We used repetition, story maps, sequencing cards and role play to ensure the children could recite the whole tale. The Children then used a story plan to change the main characters, the object the character was trying to pull out of the ground and the “treasure” it unlocked. For many characters this was a key to a magic land but for one snowman it was a carrot nose which enabled him to become human.  For many children who were beginner writers at the start of the year this was their first “book” and they were understandably proud to be young authors. 



Once upon a time there was a snoman. One day he found a carrot. He wondered if the carrot could turn him into a human.


They pulled and pulled but the carrot stayed put.


He put on his nose and he became human. He felt amazing and he lived happily ever after.

! !

He asked his friend tree for help.


! ! ! ! !

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! ! !

Then he asked his friend a rabbit to help. They dug and pulled and the carrot flew out at the ground.

The Magic Carrot by Elsa Le Cinq P2WT

by James  Hallez,  Can   Agyen  and  Mayalèe   De  Sury  P2WA  

!! !! !! I wrote  to  the  zoo  to   send  me  a  pet.  They   sent  me  a….

eyre P2/3WM Guillaume Lap

Berd but  it  was  to  smol.     He  was  as  tiny  as  a   mous.  I  sent  him  back  

P3 are studying urban and rural life in Geography and wrote some extended adventures that Country Mouse had in the city after the incident with the cat. Here are a few.

!So they  send  me  a…..

An unexpected ending…. Cheesy and Sunny In the evening Cheesy and his cousin, Sunny entered a big shiny restoraunt. Cheesy felt very weird, he had never seen a place like that. He was amazed. He wispered, “ I didn’t know there was a place like this. I want to get out!” He was scared of cats. “Don’t worry!” said Sunny whispering back.

….crocatail but  he  was   to  hugri  lic  a  lien.  I  sent   him  back.  

!So they  sent  me  a…

Sudenly an orange furry cat looked at them. Both mice got frightend. The cat said, “ Don’t be scared come and stroke my fur.” Both mice came and Sunny said “It is so soft!”

lion.  But  he  was  to  noisy.   he  was  as  noisy  as  a   squeaky  hamster.  I  sent   him  back.  

At the end they were best friends and all the time they met at the park and allways had loads of fun.

!So they  fot  and  they  fot  

By Lucile Monnet

and they  sent  me……

A dog.  He  was  perfect.   I  kept  him. P3IS image by Lola Quinson

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! ! !

Journal Entry 
 by Tristan Ameline P3IB


My family is the best because ? My family is the best because we all love to play music and we all play instruments. I play trombone. My mom plays violin and my brother plays bassoon. My dad plays violin. My brother and I are doing a duet at Boulogne Conservatory, and I invited Hugo to go to the concert. We will play in two concerts ! one at Trapèze Médiateque, the other at the conservatory. Our family goes to Disney-land. There are rides like merry-goround and roller coasters. We have a great time together.

One day Coly the duckling met a frog and Coly said : I’m afraid of the water. The frog told him we need it. Coly said : So I will go. He met a fish and the fish said you don’t like like water. Water is beatiful we need it it’s life Look, Coly said it’s beautiful. He met a crab and said good morning and He said his trublle. The crab said you don’t like water water is important She protect. Coly said, you rite. He met a hors and Coly said his trublle. You don’t like water. Water is nice we need it to drink. Finelly I like it Look mom I can swim the end by Matthias Dujardin (an extract) P3WB

Here are some excerpts from oral reports given on Birds of Prey by P3WP. They were encouraged to use onomatopoeias:

Where is Mummy? I think she had gone hunting. Maby a fox got here and

by Salomé Poirier-Coutansais

ate here. by Keira Devlin P3WE

There are over 200 species of owls. They are awake during the night. TWIT Twoo! Their eyes are on the sides of their heads and their heads can rotate. by Lila Deleplanque

I’m sure she will come back. She love’s us. Maby daddy will come back with mummy?



W,1ifl!ï':i"'i,: 'lyil///rl,lr

The Snowy Owl is the official bird of Quebec, Canada. by Anastasia Berson




i,,!',,?r,, i ',ff./'t1.'t, i t,,,,' lit


i,ri l,/,.

'' ",,

ri,tlar e' 1i.




But I want my Mummy and if she’s ciled I will cry!

by Stanislas Duclaux

Golden Eagles can carry up to 80 pounds while flying. They can fly up to 80 mph and up to 241mph while diving. SWOOSH! by Pia Hanauer and Liam Corrignan


There are 60 species of eagles. Eagles are admired all over the world as symbols of power, freedom and independence. P3WP eagle specialists

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P1J Wednesday

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P1M Wednesday

P2/3M Wednesday

P2A Wednesday

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P2 Integrated Sèvres

P2T Wednesday

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P3 Integrated Boulogne

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P3P Wednesday Page "7

!! !

P4/P5E Wednesday  School                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       S.I.S,  1  Parvis  Charles   De  Gaulle.  Sèvres  92310                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       France  Wednesday  19th  March  2014  


Her Majesty  the  Qeen   Buckingham  Palace   London.  SW1A  1AA   United  Kingdom.  

Her Majesty  the  Qeen   Buckingham  palace   London.  SW1A  1AA   Unted  Kindom  


! !

Dear Queen  Elizabeth  II  

Dear Your  Majesty  The  Queen,   May  I  have  the  honour  in  wishing  you  many  happy  returns  for   your  forthcoming  birthday  in  April.  May  I  take  this  occasion,   to  ask  you  some  questions  please?  Why  do  you  have  a  Gun   Salute  on  your  birthday?  What  type  of  presents  do  you  have   on  your  birthday?  How  many  letters  do  get  per  week?  What   do  you  like  to  do?   I  look  forward  to  your  response.  I  wish  you  a  very  pleasant   week.     Jeremy  Boronad

(The Butterfly Lion by Micheal Morpurgo)

Bertie’s Diary Entry Thursday When my dad got home he had bad news, he told me had decided to put me in boarding school. My heart mist a beat and to make things worse Dad said that a man wants lion cub for his dull circus. Fear came up my body. At bedtime when I heard my daddy’s snoring, quickly I crept down the stairs with my lion cub. Outside the door creaked open and I was running free. I ran and ran without thinking about the wild animals and finally stopped. I sat down on a hill with the lion cub. There I told him to go away but he followed me. I had to do something so as my eyes fild with tears I lifted the riffle and pointed it to the lion cub and shot to scare him. He started going backwards I shot again and he ran away. I got home creaked the door shut got upstairs and went to sleep.
 — Juliette Fortier P4IB The World News

P4/P5 Wednesday     school.  S.I.S,  1  Parvis     charles  De  Gaulle  Sèvres   92310  France  Wednesday  19th   March,  2014  


The Iron Man’s Challenge Yesterday a battle happened in Australia when the Iron Man challenged the spacebat-angel-dragon to a test of strength. The Iron Man arrived in Australia in pieces. Boby Blank, 45, saw him arrive, “He was in a billion pieces.” The Iron Man was assembled by a team of engineers. The space-bat-angel-dragon laughed when he

!! ! ! !

My name  is  Konstantinos  I  live  in  France  and  I  am  nine  years   old.  I  heard  about  you  because  my  mom  comes  from  Canada   and  now  I  am  learning  about  you  in  classe.  I  went  to  London   many  times  but  I  didint  visit  your  palace.  But  this  year  we  are   coming  to  London  again  with  my  little  sister  and  my  grandma.   My  sister  is  6  and  my  grandma  is  72.  My  grandma   always  reads  about  the  royal  famaly.  We  hope  to   visit  you  in  Bukingham  palace  together.                                                                                                                                             Happy  B-­‐day  best  wishes  to  you.                                                                                                                                             Konstantinos  Joti

saw the Iron Man. He was the size of a bug. The engineers put a bed of iron girders in the middle of a huge fire. The Iron Man wanted to challenge the spacebat-angel-


dragon. The Iron Man strolled onto the bed of iron girders and smiled up at the dragon. The Iron Man told the dragon to go on the sun. The dragon didn’t look happy but he went on the sun. When he came down he looked horrible. He had holes in his wings. The Iron Man sat back in the fire. His left hear started to melt. When he came up from the bed. He told the dragon to go back on the sun. When he came down a ton of jewels popped up from his belly. The Iron Man told the colossal dragon that he was ready for another round but the dragon said he would be his slave.


Now the world has learnt that you should be careful to not be too confident because the dragon got beaten by a bug.
 — Solaimen Zinger P4IB

!! !

A Day in the Life of The Killer Cat Saturday 1 March 2014 Okay, Okay so don’t give me breakfast. I woke them up. So what, I was hungry. Cats are allowed to be hungry. Hopefully Marianne came to feed me but when I finished eating, she picked me up and

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pretended I was a dolly. Even worse than that she put a frilly pink dress on me. Am I a doll? No! So I scratched her. I don’t even know why she was crying. Just because of a tiny scratch? Her parents came running. They blamed me and just at that moment a fly came in the house so I tried to kill it but Marianne’s parents didn’t let me. So I ran through the corridor and killed it. They didn’t even thank me. Do you think it is polite? And for pities sake, I’m a cat. Can’t I just kill a little fly. I think it was an old fly anyway. It was flying crooked.
 — Marianne Kotlarevsky P4IS

!! !

Who Had Made Him? As he was walking toward the cliff Making noise like an earthquake The Iron man looking down at the sea Who had made him? Nobody knows


As the clock was striking midnight The Iron man fell a tumbuling rock Down the cliff he fell and fell. Who had made him? Nobody knows


The Iron Man was crashing down Falling to pieces like bracking glasse Searching in the sea after a painful fall Who had made him? Nobody knows.
 — Jeanne Demaizières P4IS

P4C – Emulating the writer’s technique

I looked at the forged picture of Vincent Van Gogh. Whatever it was haunted me. What was wrong? What was wrong? There was a spelling mistake! Surely at Gogh there was no ‘e’? No painter worth his salt made that sort of mistake.


Students copied a painting of their choice when reading Anne Fine’s ‘Annelie The Art Hater’, thus entering the world of art forgery. In class, they also copied the author’s tense storytelling technique. After all, all artists borrow don’t they?

Emma Jacquier

I looked at the forged picture by Miro. Whatever it was haunted me. What was wrong? What was wrong? There were only four lines. Surely they were six! No painter worth his salt made that sort of mistake.

I looked at the forged picture of ‘The Red Sky’. Whatever it was haunted me. What was wrong? What was wrong? There were seven blue rectangles on the painting. Surely there were eight rectangles. And there were five yellow shapes. Surely there were four. No painter worth his salt made that sort of mistake.

Mona Oussal

Charlotte Viard

! !

Dear Lucien,   When  I  was  on  a  family  holiday  I  went  in  a  very  big  boat.   You  were  allowed  to  get  up  and  eat  as  much  food  as  you   wanted.  There  were  even  macaroons  and  cakes.  Before   we  went  to  bed  we  watched  TV  till  1  o’clock  in  the   morning.  When  everybody  woke  up,  I  had  been  awake  all   night  waiting  for  it  to  be  morning.  After  breakfast  we   played  monopoly  and  I  won  but  by  the  time  we  Einished  it   was  time  to  go.                                                                                                             Kisses  to  the  family   Raphael  Neville  P5WD by Steven Bourdet P4WK Akimbo  is  as  brave  as  a  poacher. Kind  as  a  mum. Invincible  as  a  riEle. Mysterious  as  an  angel Bright  boy Outspoken  as  a  fox   by  Victor  Allais  P4WK  

Always wants  to  help  elephants. Killing  elephants  makes  him  sad. Intresting  ideas  to  trick  the  poachers   Mysterious  as  a  ghost. Best  boy  for  saving  elephants Optimistic by  Emilie  Bellanger  P4WK  

Akimbo is  African. Kind  to  avryone Intelligent  ideas Mission  quite  fancy Black  but  brave! Outside  all  the  night.   by  Caroline  Géraud  P4WK  

Akimbo is  like  a  non-­‐stop  adventuring  machine. King  of  the  elephants Incredibly  fascinatingly  amazingly  funnily  solving  mysterys Mightily  Einding  poachers Bringer  of  happiness  to  elephants Oh  so  clever,  cunning,  brave,  raven-­‐haired,  serious   by  Uzay  Girit  P4WK  

! !

As brave  as  a  lion. Kind  like  your  mother. Invincible  like  a  enormous  wall Mysteries  like  a  very  litlle  dragon Breath  like  a  lion Obscure  like  the  night   by  François  Slama  P4WK  


! !

An African  boy. Kind  and  happy. Intelligent  and  strong Mighty,  brave,  little  child. Brave  as  a  ninja Often  exhausted  because  he  walks  a  lot.   by  Olivier  Meslay  P4WK

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MAGICIAN Magic,  magic  I  love  magic   Azkaban  wizards  prison   Gringotts  bank,  wizards  bank   In  Dragon  Valley,  you  Eind   everything   Catch  up  your  friends,  go   shopping  with  them   In  Ohrander's  buy  your  wand   And  go  onto  Hogwarts   Express   Never  go  into  the  forest  stay   in  the  castle.   By  Malo  Fradin  P2WT  
 (an  extract)

Anti-climax story
 by Agathe Dugois P5IB Freaky Story The storm was roaring like an enraged lion. The rain was falling like arrows. The only place we could go was this odd and old castle. It looked… haunted ! It seemed as if it was here from the old times when knights were fighting for princesses… Feeling my wet hair made me come back to reality. It wasn’t question of knights but of Marie and me lost in the storm, and that, poor Marlo, my super dog was lost. “Are we going in there, Alice ? I really don’t like this place”, said Mary with a shiver. “We have no other choice! And, see, you’re shivering, there’s a chimeney inside, we’ll make a big fire,” I replied. Ferocely, I opened the door like Ninjas in the movies to give us courage. Inside all was dark. The light of outside was really faint because the day was

A Robin Hood Legend
 by Louis Pirot P5I Gather friends for I have a story to tell you. A story of good and a story of bad. A story of kidnapping and a story of rescuing. A story of death and a story of live. The story beginns in a dark castle, in a dark room. Guy of Gisbourne and the sherriff of Nottingham were plotting how to get Robin alive. When suddenly, Guy of Gisbourne had an idea. The idea was to kidnapped Martin. So he said the sheriff’s sister, the Abess of Kirkleigh. She was convinced. Meanwhile, Robin and the outcasts were training. Later on, Robin met the

falling. I saw a candle in a corner and a lighter on a room who must have been one day the kitchen. It lighted the castle and I started to go, but Marie shouted, “Alice! You can’t just think ? If you could find everything you need, just by magic, it’s because somebody is behind all that, and, after, he or she will trap us!” So cautiously, we creeped in the house making the less noise possible. Then we heard a squeaky noise. Terrorized, we clung to each other. After a moment, we started to have a little bit of courage. Carefully we explored the library. There was no books, but the bits of paper and the empty book covers showed that there ware maybe at on time books on the shelves. Some water was on the floor. I looked at the window, it was closed. I looked at Marie and said trembling, “Somebody is in here! Run up the stairs and hide!” I took her hand and we ran but the stairs were creaking like an old grandma.

We found a room with beds. It was the only night were I didn’t sleep. First of all the beds were not beds, they were plancks of wood with scratchy carpets with holes like in a sponge. Closing my eyes, I hoped that when I’ll open them nobody will be here . There was scrunching noises of teeth. In the morning, the sun was shining like if nothing happened. I woked up Marie because noises came from the next room. We went slowly and we saw something moving. Scratching noises continued. We looked and recognized… Marlo! We laugh so much we couldn’t stop. Marlo came near us to lick us everywhere. Our favorite little dog! He scared us! We came back laughing, joking and all cheerfull. “What an adventure!” gasped Marie. “You said it”, I replied.


“Wouf!” added Marlo. The end.

Abess and her companion, Alain Wicken. The Abess was with Marion when she said “I need to go to see Robin, can you keep an eye on Martin please.”

went in the castle, sword in his hand. He saw 6 scary gards as big as his father garding an old door with a child in it. It was Martin. Put a child in a dungeon, what a shame!

“As you wish, he’s a good boy. However he kicks me sometimes,” said the Abess. So Marion went to see Robin for a long time. When Marion came back Martin was not there. Why would they kidnap Martin? What would they do to Martin?

So Robin took 6 arrows and fired them in one go, he killed everyone! So he took the beautiful keys, as shiny as gold and delivered Martin. But when he open the gate, 10 archers, battle ready, fired at Robin but he knocked out all the arrows in the air with his arrows. Robin took a horse and ran away but his horse had an arrow on his leg. The sherriff was chasing Robin but when the sherriff was near the trees, arrows flew at him and he died.

That night, Robin went to the castle. When he saw the castle, Robin gulped. It was filled with wanted posters about him. Would you enter in a castle so big? Would you face so many gards? But he couldn’t go away empty handed so he

The Circus 
 by Alice Percepied P5WD: This morning I went to the circus to practise the show of tomorow evening in England. My friends Mark and Lisa are also in the show, Mark is a clown and Lisa looks after the elephants. I am an acrobat and I meed to go on a string 10m high but I’m very worried because last time I did it I fell. Luckely there’s always a trampeleen under and this time I hope I won’t fall again. The next morning Lisa, Mark and I went to the café and we talked about our lifes and talents. Finally it was the afternoon, the afternoon evryone was wating for and Mr Doolittle who ownd the circus for years told us how evrything was going to hapen. In the evening when evryone was ready Mr Doolittle presented the show and then Lisa went on the stage. After a little time it was my turn to go on stage but at the end I was very happy because I didn’t fall. Evryone clapped and they all said it was the best circus ever. Since then I’m never worried and I never fell again.

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P3E Wednesday

P4/5E Wednesday

P4C Wednesday

P4E Wednesday

P4 Integrated Boulogne

P4 Integrated Sèvres Page "11

A Motorbike Rider’s Daughter by Joanna Rallat P5WMO A billion houses ago, in a town north of the desert and west of the islands, there lived a motorbike rider and his daughter. The motorbike rider was a proud father his name was Austin and his daughter was Abby. Mournfully, Abby’s mother died when Abby was born. Abby was always happy. She played with the tools in the garage and she always bounced around. When Abby was three years old Austin built her a bike, she rode it all around field. Abby loved watching Austin do tricks on his motorbike. When Abby was old enough to drive a motorbike she was super happy. At first she just rode it straight then she learned how to do tricks. One day, Abby asked her father, “Am I a proper motorbike rider?” Austin laughed and laughed and laughed he laughed so hard that he cried! He finally calmed down and said, “You think that your a proper motorbike rider huh? Well how do you do a quadruple flip?” “I don’t know.” said Abby “How much gasoline do put in a motorbike?” “Ten gallons?” “What?! You’ll blow the whole neighbourhood up if you did that! Oh how am I going to find you a husband?” “Just look at you your hair’s a mess and your teeth are crooked.” Abby was angry she took her motorbike and ran away she was going to find the golden motorbike. Austin told her about it when she was little. The next morning Austin couldn’t find Abby then he remembered about the golden motorbike. It could send you through time or teleport you where ever you wanted to go. Abby went super fast and finally she found the golden motorbike she teleported back home because it was her birthday and she wanted to show the golden bike to her father. At home stood Austin and another golden How Pandas got Black Spots
 motorbike. by Quentin Brenier P5MWA “How?” said Abby


Once upon a time, there lived a little panda. At that time pandas were only white. Well, the panda got annoyed of eating only bamboo every day. So, he went off to the group of giraffes. He saw that they ate carrots so he tried one. He thought that they were discusting so he moved on to the goup of bears. He saw that they ate berries so he tried one. It was delicious! He ate a ton of berries and when he came back home to see his family, he saw that he made a bunch of black, berry marks. And thats how pandas got black spots. • • • How the Cat got its Long Tail
 by Alexandre Dillmann P5WMA On a nice sunny day on the country-side, Mr Miaow was talking to Mrs Miaow and Mrs Duck. Mr Duck was watching him in suspicion "He wants my sweetheart! Mr Duck thought to himself, How dare he, well we will see about that." And he sprang and charged at Miaow who jumped 2 feet back and jumped again as he was a frog. A big thud echoed throw the barn and Miaow landed on the Farmer's chubby belly. The Farmer howled with and kicked his own cat of.

Miaow kwickly ran and ran to the cat flap but Duck had allready beaten him to by pulling with his beack a piece of skin of Miaow's bottom. Mr Miaow managed to get Duck of. The next morning he woke up and felt that he had a tail. He tried to get it off but he couldn't so he got up and ran even faster than yesterday. Sprang even higher then ever and that's how the cat got his long tail wicth will come in handy. • • • How the Cat got its Long Tail
 by Luke Bailey P5MWA My cat was playing with Mr Dog and Mr Rabbit. They were playing pull the tail. And the dog caght the rabbittail. Mr Rabbit jumed out of the dogs legs and then the rabbit and the dog pulled the cats tail and his tail got longer and longer and the cats tail was as long as a snake and then when the cats saw that his tail was very long. The cats could touche his tail and play ball with it. Then because he was the only cat to have a long tail then when he had babys all the cats got a long tail.

“I wanted to give it to you for your birthday” “Keep it I have my own.” But the golden motorbike that Abby had turned into a giant snake and teleported them into the future and the snake went back in the past. “No! We’re doomed!” screamed Abby “No we’re not” said Austin because he had the other golden motorbike. They teleported back to the past and Austin said, “Happy Birthday!”

 by Quentin BRENIER P5WMA

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Oh my gosh, these glasses are so pretty! Perfect glasses, they fit me very well! These are very cheap, they don't cost too much money! If these are cheap let's buy them! Come on, hurry up let's buy these glasses! I can get the money to buy these glasses! Another pair of perfect glasses! Now these glasses will last about two years.

Page !12


10, Queen Victoria Road, Edinburgh, 1 Jan. 1882

! !

Dear Mr. Bell, I am deeply in your debt thanks to the new invention that you created: the telephone. Before the telephone, I had to work as a maid in a rich man’s house all day long as to not have to go to the workhouse. My children had to stay with my cruel brother, to whom I am already endebted to, and not only with favours and services. My master was a bad man: he traded with slaves, and I only stayed because of the salary. One night, I heard him talk to his wife about this new machine – the telephone. He told his wife how the government needed young people with nice voices badly, for this new job – phone operator. All they have to do is sit around and answer phones, and make sure the people on the other end get connected with the person they want to talk to. My master said the got a quite high salary. I loved the idea. I immedeatly quit from my post as maid, and ran over to where I was to work in future. My oldest daughter works as a phone operator now too, and I am near my other six children too; we now live in a far more comfortable flat than before.


Thank You mister Bell, again, Maïa Pawston.


By Chloe Weber P6IB

A Circus Act
 by Charles Viethel P6IS The surprisingly, wonderfully dressed supreme dog trainer entered the scene. A huddle of intellectual-looking dogs followed him spectacularly as if making a royal robe for the king called Bert that was more a king of dogs. Then the low, rumbling voice that seemed to be accompanied by the music from heaven spoke. And the dogs (only half of them), as wonderful as they were, as kind, as ruthless, flew into the air while the other half dared challenge them with an eloquent valse. Finally, the thrilling beings b o we d a n d s l o w l y s t ro l l e d o u t accompanied by hard clapping of the audience.

seemed smaller, although, I can not guarantee that because of the distance between us. I lost sight of them when they entered the cloud of the jungle tress. I was frightened. Another one of those smart, evolved creatures would turn this island into a clean evolved place with all their new ideas and inventions. The second time I saw them, it was just the little one and a furry four legged companion. They made something I’d seen before, something the other whippy gibbon had made. It was like red and yellow waves dancing in the sky, then

• • • Kensuke’s Kingdom: things seen from the orang-utan’s point of view 
 (an extract)
 By Daniel Cox At the top of the tree I was above the magnificent canopy. I looked down at the water. There was another one of those creatures like that one that came ages ago. It was not moving. That was when I saw the other creature, all hunched over with long hair and torn clothes. He picked up the creature in the water. It

Page !13

crashing and leaving grey foam that sped into the sky. I sat down a few feet away from the little being. I stared. I could see many things about him that were different and amazing but one thing struck me. His face. The position of his mouth; his eyes; ears were weirdly distorted. He wasn’t hairy at all. Then I remembered. The red and yellow waves were from the day that flash crackled in the sky…….. •••

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P6MI Wednesday Page !15

In their work on the topic World War II, P6WM dressed up as evacuees and were asked to write a letter home. Here are some extracts from their letters : “Dear Mum and Dad, Thanks for everything you did for me. I am sad because you are not with me, but I am fine. I was very hungry when I got on the train, so I ate a dry biscuit and drank some milk…. I don’t know where I am going, but I know I’m going to have fun…”… 
 by Sixteen Tardy P6WM “After a long ride, a billeting officer took me to a place with other children to be chosen by a host family. I was lucky because I got chosen first – I think that the fact that I was smiling helped a lot. The young children from the host family and I listen to children’s hour on the radio every evening from 5pm to 6pm” 
 by Anouk Sonigo P6WM “It has only been a few days since I’ve seen you, and I have already learnt so many things……Nervously I arrived in this big room where there were ladies and gentlemen choosing children. A

 by Hippolyte Desit and Noah Pineau P6WA The frisky furious frost was fighting against the morning's warmth Clinging to the windows, hoping for life Cursing the sun for his hot torturing breath Which was hurting it with his stinging rays. • • • THE STORM 
 by Martin de Carné and Edgar Lacote P6WA The mean storm drifted over the city looking for its next victim; The scared buildings seemed to shrink away, Even the sun was hiding himself. Lightning bolts crashed ferociously and

P6W Evacuees

large lady came towards me and said with a big smile, “what is your name?”. I answered quite timidly, and after a few minutes talking, I found myself in a huge house – you would love it Mum as there’s a big library…… it’s a real luxury, I have a bath twice a week! I have also learnt the name of farm animals – there is this big animal with a tail and a brush at the end – it is called a cow.”
 by Juliette Rebours P6WM

“I was the first one to bet chosen because I was the oldest and I could work on the farms. I was the only person in this host family, but I felt safe because I wasn’t getting bombed….The house is spacious….. we eat eggs every day … and guess what we have to do before going to bed – we have to get into different clothes which are called pyjamas!” 
 by Louis Delavelle P6WM



 by Naomi Andrada and Gaspard Struyven P6WA The frost is running like a deer through the woods, Trying to find a way out. It is worried.
 Every time it moves, it is like white paint covering the trees.
 Then it suddenly disappears into the deep snow like a ghost with a cold.



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The storm was happy with its destructive work. • • •

Page !16

The gun was looking at the dead soldier, Asking himself how he could bear this horrible life - Always working for the evil side. He was looking at all his nasty work All the people he had shot

• • •


 by Darius Brain and Raphael Texier P6WA

All the men he had sent to the Underworld... He gazed slowly at the smoky sky, Wondering when he would finally rest in peace. • • •


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Prime Times 2014  

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