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A Quill Will and registration costs €150. A tax shelter to potentially eliminate all capital taxes – forever – (succession, gift, inheritance, wealth, capital gains) – from €6,500.

Quill Wills and Quill tax elimination strategies are really ‘snug things’ to have wrapped around you - and your family.

below) – but an international standard Quill will - specially built for people like you - who have assets in two jurisdictions.

Just like a warm duvet on a cold blustery night in the UK or Eire.

Quill ‘duvet’ wills

1. Of course YOU are never going to die. 2. Of course Spain, the UK or Eire are never going to want YOU – OR YOUR FAMILY to pay tax (i.e. when you sell your property for a profit – or when you die) ! 3. These things just do not happen TO YOU - or ‘yours’. NEVERTHELESS - even though they will never happen – it is a wonderfully comfortable feeling to have a lovely warm Quill Will - and Quill Tax Shelter - wrapped around your family – your loved ones – your children – your grandchildren – and even your grandchildren’s grandchildren – guaranteeing that your estate will go exactly where you want – free of all succession or inheritance taxes in Spain or at home.

THEN – for sure - just as no one is ever likely to catch ‘flu’ during a night spent in a duvet - neither you - nor those you love - will ever catch a tax – or - disinheritance ‘flu’.

Footnote - on the subject of duvets – a Spanglish Will written by a local lawyer and notarised is not a duvet. It is an old fashioned blanket, (full of holes) that can let in the cold!

This is not a Spanish or Spanglish ‘notarised’ Will – which could easily be torn apart (see

Spanish court strips widow of her husbands inheritance January 30, 1995

Today a judge in Jerez de los Caballeros ruled that the children of the widow’s late husband - by his first wife - were legitimate heirs entitled to two thirds of the estate - that had originally been left by Timothy Denny to his wife - in a ‘Spanglish’ Will - written and notarised in Spain. The judge ordered the land registry to cancel the entry in favour of the widow - stripping her of most of the assets her husband had left to her. From 150€ Quill can create you a cast iron Will and from 6,500€ a Shelter structure - guaranteed to protect you from nightmares like this - as well as the ravages of taxation - upon your family, your children and your children’s children - both in your home country and in Spain. Call us today, you will be glad you did!

Telephone Jenny Harris on +34 928 346 544 or +34 679 278 737 or freephone UK on 0800 298 3777 for information. read more online at A Quill Group Company

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below) – but an international standard Quill will - specially built for people like you - who have assets in two jurisdictions. A Quill Will...

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