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HULT ART 210 Spring 2019 Nico van Dongen Project 1


Personal SWOT analysis and image composite self-portrait. ASSIGNMENTS + METHOD AND WEIGHTING OF ASSESSMENT Assignment 1: Self Portrait Poster 8.5X11 Assessment DUE Week 7 [Mar 4-8] Weighting (% of final grade):40% Learning Outcome(s) Assessed: CLO3 Develop and explain their personal visual language. Description of Assignment: The purpose of the assignment is to introduce you to effective visual communication by familiarizing you with image making/compositing using a variety of tools and techniques. Since this is a self-portrait assignment, it is required you will do a SELF SWOT ANALYSIS and fold your findings into the portrait. Then design a poster using collage. Grading Criteria / Rubric (What constitutes a good assignment



My Personal SWOT Analysis Strength • Perseverance • Creativity • Optimism • Seeing the good in people

Weakness • Ability to speak up for self • Anxious • Let my fears take over at times • Trouble finishing a goal

Opportunity • Experience aboard • Expand my global knowledge • Proving people wrong • Networking potential

Threats • Money limitations • Lack of time • Higher work qualifications • Intimidating interactions


My Collage Story In front of me, I see myself laid out on a couple of tv screens. I stand there seeing my darkest lows and my greatest highs. I look at the things that scare me, the things that push me, the things that strength me, simply the things that make me, me. My weaknesses and threats are reflected in the four bottom screens as they are my lows. From left to right, the first tv shows anxiety, as it is something that is one of my greatest weakness and has a tendency to pull me behind. Then there is a girl on the floor in the middle of a race while everyone it already ahead, that is one of my threats. Moving to San Francisco has showed me that there is a whole lot that I need to learn and catch up with in order to truly make it far. Then my next weakness, it the inability to speak up while hearing everyone’s input can effect the best of me. At times my voice is silenced and I become afraid again. Then lastly, my biggest threat is time. Time slips by us faster than we could ever believe. Sometimes I feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything and before you know it, it is already behind us. The top reflects on my strength, opportunities and personality. The first is a picture of from “Into the Spider verse”, as I am a huge fan of superhero movies and comics. However, that movie moved me because it shows you that it doesn’t matter who you are, you can become who you desire with a little push and people who believe in you. I believe that there is good in everyone, which reflects as my strength. Then at the top there is a screen with a hand reaching out to a globe, which shows my opportunity. Since I will be moving to the Hult London campus next semester, I have a huge opportunity to go travel around Europe, I just have to go out and reach for it. The screen with a fist raising high, represents my opportunity to prove people wrong. That scene is from my favorite poem called “To this day”, which talks about being bullied. Which I was as a kid, but this part meant so much more to me. “We have to believe that they were wrong.” I struggled a lot with being silenced by others and letting them push me back because I was ‘never going to make it’. But over the last few years, I have lived more than I ever have and finally believe that I have the ability to achieve my goals. The sunset tv is a shot from Disney Hercules, which is my favorite Disney movie. In that scene he sings “Going the distance”. My next strength is taking risks, or “going to distance”. I never felt like I belonged in my small hometown in Texas, and I took a huge risk to go to Hult in San Francisco, where I was not familiar with, not having any family around, but it was worth everything. This is a city I feel that I can belong to. Under that it a brain with flowers, which represents my creativity. I believe that I have an interesting way of coming up with ideas, but they are definitely outside the normal. Next is the tv screen with a globe and tiny connections to it, which represent my opportunity to make globe connections. Moving to Hult has truly helped with that and I can to continue to expand them as I travel. Lastly, there is a screen with Captain America saying his famous line, “I can do this all day”. This is my greatest strength…never giving up. I’ve fallen and failed multiple times, but that only drives me to get back up and keep going, just like Captain America, one of my favorite superheroes. This project actually made me take a step back and really look at myself as a whole, the good, the bad, and the funny. I truly realize a lot about myself and it actually motivates me to do more in life. Sometimes it does just take a moment to look at yourself to see the bigger picture.



My Personal SWOT Analysis Strengths:


- Punctuality - Consistency - Patience - Following through on things I start

- Impulsive lying about trivial things - General poor health - General laziness - Being cowardly/timid - General Inexperience



- Hult - Helpful/experienced parents - Friends with interest in starting a business - Less competition for a startup in Colorado

- Unhealthy food - Being surrounded by more driven people with similar ambitions - General unlikeliness of a startup succeeding

Reflection: I’d thought about my own strengths and weaknesses before, but I hadn’t previously put much thought into the opportunities or threats part. It made me realize that I have a lot of opportunities available to me that I had previously just considered part of how my life was and not opportunities. Additionally, I hadn’t considered that there aren’t really any threats I have to deal with that aren’t common or general, which is nice. Also, most of my weaknesses, except a couple of health things, I can just work to get rid of, or at least minimize.



This is SWOT analysis. I really enjoyed and found really challenging to put words into pictures. Doing a self-analysis might be really hard. We're used to always talk about others and forget to look at ourselves. I am Brazilian, but have lived in 4 different continents, so I considered myself world's child. Besides Brazil, I lived in Angola, Bolivia, and now here in San Francisco. That is a big opportunity I have had, which taught me a lot about diversity, different cultures, traditions, and making me fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. People see me as a really sweet person, and describes be as a flower. I chose a rose, because even though I'm really communicative, I can be seen as fragile, I'm not, and thorns would represent my bravery and determination. I am in the middle with outstretched arms that represents my gratitude for life. The birds represents my freedom, which is also my opportunity/strength. As weaknesses, the heart. I am too emotional, and sometimes I act with only my heart, and everything affects me more than anyone. I am to empathetic with people, which makes me suffer for them. Horse- I used to do horseback riding, and horses for me are too important in my life, taught me a lot, one of my strengths. As threats, I have the cross. Even though I have too much faith, I still can't deal with death, the fact that I'll die, as well as my beloved ones. It's something my head doesn't process. Also, money, it might be seen as a threat, since I live in a really small budget, and I feel the pressure to find a job, be successful, in order to give my parents back. The cross and the money are small, and on the side, because even though are my threats, I don't give much importance to it, so it will not affect me. I am a truly love believer. I chose this background because nature is where I can find myself, feel connected to the earth, and energized. The sky- to remind me there are no limits to achieve my dreams.



Personal SWOT Analysis Reflection Internal Origin

External Origin

Helpful STRENGHS 1. Bilingual 2. Strong work ethics 3. Moral values 4. Caring 5. Great interpersonal skills 6. Good communication skills 7. Empathy 8. Strong social contacts

Harmful WEAKNESSES 1. Too trusting of people. 2. I do not like asking for help. 3. I get disappointed quick. 4. Clumsy 5. Strong temperament 6. Sometime rely on how other’s feel about me

OPPORTUNITIES 1. People can identify with me often 2. People feel like they can trust me, 3. I work I create good social and professional relationships. 4. People fee like the can count on me. 5. I rely on others to improve myself. 6. I can learn new skills from others.

THREATS 1. People may take advantage of me. 2. I have limited resources to get what I need. 3. Others can influence my behavior.

REFLECTION Change is good... is it really? I said I never tried anything because I didn’t need it. It is hilarious to see how naïve I was. What happened to those moral actions which I hold most dear? Or where those just enforce into me. But they were good too me, why the need to be rebellious? I do not know, the urge to experience things which I knew deep down it was not necessary. You need to experience! It’s college! Or just an excuse to hide all the things I knew my family will be disappointed if they knew. Family. I’m the older one, I am the example, I m the first, we believe in you. I allowed to put myself in this position. Excepting things from me which I know I won’t deliver. Why you keep letting me believe that I can do everything when I do everything to make that not happened anytime soon. Alcohol, wasting money, stupid commitment, drugs, can I just go back to the person I was? Is it to late? I keep stabbing the girl who I was; her major problems were if she was going to be able to sing today at church. But I keep stabbing her... is there anything of her left to go back to.



Reflection on SWOT Starting with the back ground of the picture, the back ground is a shot of Botswana, a country in southern Africa, that’s where I was born and brought up and it is my background, the meandering river is from the Okavango Delta and it signifies how I want to move from the threats and weaknesses on the bottom of the swot to the top where there is strengths and opportunities. Starting off with threats is I’m afraid of failure, I’m afraid that one day I might just give in and actually slit my wrist hence the knife and grim reaper, I’m afraid of my own thoughts at times, hence grey cloud over my head. Next onto the weaknesses, biggest weakness is heartbreak and empathy, I feel too much emotions, and I show way too much empathy for people who don’t deserve it, I over thinking and question myself too much all the time, but on a lighter note my weakness is food, I have a very diet. To strengths, my biggest strength is my family, my parents, then my religion, love is also my strength as well weakness, another strength is that I’m an Indian, but I was not raised in India, I was raised in Botswana, so I grew up in a multicultural society and have a very open mind of the world. For opportunities San Francisco (the bridge) and Hult (the hult logo) have given me the biggest opportunities to get my undergraduate degree and major in marketing which is the stream I want to enter hence the marketing words, and in marketing I want to peruse advertising etc. hence those words. I grew up traveling a lot, and thanks to hult exploring the world has gotten even more easier with their different campuses located all over. At the end of the day I want to be a successful woman who can balance everything, not just successful in career but as mother, daughter, successful woman. Over all the hardest part of this swot was finding the right illustrations of for the negativity I have inside, but also at the same time, when I was doing the weaknesses initially I had found a lot of negative, suicide, depression illustrations to put but I really wanted to focus on the good more which is something I struggle with in my day to day life.



About the SWOT. I chose this place as background because I love peaceful locations and the ocean. Also, I tried to represent this path as the one I am taking to the success, and in the end is possible to see a famous landmark in my city, because it brings me happiness and for me success is related to peace in mind. I included a bass, because of my love to Music. Also the number 505, to represent my favorite song of my favorite band ( Arctic Monkeys). In the background I added a fog, because my city is foggy. I love design, so the representation of the painting and paint brushes have this meaning. My Strength is my creativity and willingness to invent, represented in the paint brush and my Company logo as the "M" in the left top corner. My weakness is the lack of motivation which I represented as the Red Bull airplane, because I always have problems in finishing what I started or having motivation. My Opportunity is represented in the flags, because I lived abroad and speak 2 languages fluently and have my company to, which gives me the opportunity to thrive in the future. My Threat is my vision of the world which is not logic, is abstract. Therefore, I put the painting to show how I am. Always trying to invent, but not always measuring what is important for me and if something is good enough.



My Personal SWOT Analysis Strengths- My greatest strength is not one the lies within in myself. My source of confidence, boldness ,and trust is comes from a loving and merciful God full of Grace, Christ Jesus! The main Background represents my calmness and peace that i carry throughout my day-to-day life, with the themed colors of Pink, Blue, Black, and White (my favorites). Weakness- My downfalls are impatience, included in the bottom left of the portrait, and Cannabis located of the man (me) indulging in the substance. A significant amount of pleasure used to derive from this substance because it was a tool for instant gratification masking my impatience. Opportunities- The Greatest opportunity I have is Life itself (The cherry blossom tree) and Reflection (reflection of the Cross in the water). Going with the flow of life and submitting our thoughts and reflecting what we can improve upon yields great rewards Threats- The Storms of life (lightning in the background) are my biggest obstacle, However, I respond in a positive light and rejoice even in times of trial and tribulation.



My Personal SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS INTERNAL ORIGIN My personal strength usually involves my independence and self-care ability, and my adaptability is also very strong. I have lived in a boarding school since junior high school, so these three parts allow me to adapt to the new environment more quickly than my peers and others in my general environment. Being open to new ideas is an excellent way to adapt to new situations. Adaptation is an indispensable ability in a world that is constantly changing and forming. Cheerful and optimistic, ambition, positive attitude towards life, and positive face to discovering things. Strong sense of responsibility, strong social adaptability, and certain organizational skills. In high school, I was the squad leader and organized many activities. WEAKNESS INTERNAL ORIGIN Because I have been in boarding school before, insufficient social experience, narrow knowledge, lack of rational thinking ability. I suffer from procrastination because of the bad concentration. The language expression ability is not strong, not good at public speaking, sometimes the spoken expression is too cumbersome. Thinking is more stylized, not flexible enough. Doing things is not decisive, especially when making decisions beforehand. STRENGHT EXTERNAL ORIGIN Today 's society is an era of information explosion, and the role of business in society is even more important. Business is a discipline. It covers a wide range of theoretical and practical topics. It has a lot of room for development. It closely follows the development of the modern economy and grasps the economic development trend from a commercial perspective. The society has a large demand for talents in this field, with depth and breadth, and has broad prospects for professional development. Hult International Business School provides us with a good learning environment and good software and hardware conditions. We can have the opportunity to understand the business model of each company under the guidance of the teacher, apply what we have learned, and accumulate more practical experience. There are many excellent students around, providing a wealth of resources for their own learning and the conditions for building good interpersonal relationships WEAKNESS EXTERNAL ORIGIN The internationalized environment also means competition and challenges on an international scale, and the requirements for personal qualities are even higher. For English, it is also essential to not only satisfy and listen, write, and express. At present, the employment situation in China is severe, and emp loyers have put forward higher requirements for the quality of talents. More and more employers pay more attention to work experience than academic qualifications. The number of graduate students has increased dramatically. There are many excellent peopl e, but the opportunities are not equal. At this time, it is not only the competition of knowledge, but also the test of the ability of individuals to discover opportunities, show themselves and grasp opportunities.



My Personal SWOT Analysis If I were to describe it: First you can observe that there is a grenade in my pocket which represents how I feel like I am on a clock, time is ticking and I don't have enough of it to realize my dreams and feel like I am fulfilled in life. (Threat) There is also a cross at the bottom of the picture which shows that I am scared of failure and rejection as in not being to accomplish whatever I want to do or become and that is shown by not landing on the wrong spot and avoiding as much as I can whatever could disappoint me. (weakness) As far as strength, you can see that I am going from Paris to San Francisco which shows my adaptability because I moved 12 times in my life and always had to adapt and make new friends. You can also see the athleticism by backflipping into the portal ;) Lastly, you can see that landing in SF is a way for me to realize my American Dream and where I believe that I can make the most out of it, this is the land of opportunity and it is the reason I scarified a lot in my life to be here!



Self SWOT analysis Strength 1. Creative 2. Math 3. Bilingual 4. Time management 5. Budgeting & Saving 6. Cooking 7. Resilient 8. Athletic

Weakness 1. Silent 2. Perfectionist 3. Overwhelmed 4. Time management 5. Maintain contact 6. Public speaking 7. Strong critiquer

Opportunity 1. Pilot License 2. Trading & Investing 3. Build my path 4. Establish own fashion line 5. MBA 6. Self made

Threats 1. Doing too much 2. Fall behind 3. Uncertainty 4. Rushing 5. Not finishing

The entire picture explains the story of a person who is looking into the uncertainty of the world along the shore, that is displayed to resemble the knowing and our comfort zone. Although, the person is by them self, because they want to understand more about themselves and learn who they are as an individual in the mist and fog. As the person is standing on the pier they can look towards the sky for strength, and directly at their weaknesses from right to left. In addition, the person can discover their opportunities in the faded and blurred sea and sky, whereas the threats are visualized in the hidden sea. A runner can be seen running from the threat of an overwhelming red tsunami towards seeking growth, reward, and opportunity on top of the mountain. As he is climbing the mountain he gets closer to his opportunity of becoming a pilot and reminded of his strength that he was born with (nationality). The Investment arrow is displayed to give the runner power (lighting) to climb the hill through repetition of your work. It also shows that if you believe in something you can do it no matter what and that's why we can see the bush in the sky resembling a cloud. You can grow in different ways and each problem has multiple solutions like trees and bushes have various branches. The person has different paths to take as you can see in the water there are three filet mignons resembling rocks to different directions as the person is still not set on what they want to do. The person is still deciding between various careers. As a resemblance there are hands in the water to show that someone is drowning in their own universe. However, the person may also be a little afraid of others succeeding before they do and feel left behind. Though, this person seems to be shy and nervous presenting (bear). However, they are very tolerant and will only wake up and defend themselves if they have been tremendously violated (Holger Danske). The dress fainting into the sea is the creativity and unique which others doesn’t get and understand, because it is so different (Sand dress). This assignment has allowed me to look at myself at a deeper perspective, which I can utilize for describing myself to companies when I’m being interviewed. I feel that it was a good exercise to discover or look closer at your defects to understand what you can do to strengthen those characteristics. As well having the opportunity to work in Photoshop after learning it within two days has been a great skill to me that I will keep building on. It has always been a program I wanted to learn more about to develop CAD.




Strengths Creative Friendly Open Adventurous Musical

Weaknesses Easily distracted Sometimes give up when things get hard Doubt

Opportunities HULT My teachers

Threats Grades slipping Becoming too isolated ADHD I feel like the images I used reflected my SWOT well. The Pegasus is my strengths. My adventurous spirit and my openness. The Dungeons and Dragons logo also shows my creativity and my ability to make characters and tell stories. The guitar symbolizes my love of music and playing the guitar. However, it is not all good. The book on the ground reflects my ADHD and the hard time I have studying. The grey color reflects the doubt I have in myself as it tamps down the color of the world. And my worry that I will become isolated shows in that I am alone in the picture. With no one to share my strengths with.



SWOT Analysis and Personal Reflection

Strengths: o o o o o o

Opportunities: o o o

o o


Passionate Brave Self-determined Self-Disciplined My roots and values I am very creative

o o o o o

I am heart-driven I am blinded by my comfort Stress Being a perfectionist Stubborn


I love learning I learn really fast I have the opportunity to travel around the world, study, and meet people from all around the world I live in a city, which is home to many companies driven by values and beliefs San Francisco embraces both brain-driven and heart-driven people

o o o o

Not being able to find a job that satisfies my values/beliefs Having to downgrade my lifestyle because of my disability to pursue my dreams/opportunities Having to return to my home country. Peer-pressure to change my personality or who I am

Self-reflection I've always been a dancer. I was 11 years old when I realized I was good at dancing. From that point on, my dream became to be a dancer. But as one of my favorite books say (Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell), the world was not ready for what I had to offer. When I felt that the world was ready for me, I realized that it was too late. I was about to graduate high school, I didn't have my parents support to dance, and I felt completely lost in the rest of the aspects of my life. I realized that being a dancer was not meant to be. However, I realized that dancing is the reason I am who I am. Through my years of dancing I've developed a lot of personal and soft skills that I don't think I would have if I wasn't a dancer. The first one being my confidence. One of the most important lessons I have learned is to trust myself. I used to self-doubt myself so much, and I still do sometimes. But whenever I do, I always prove myself wrong and do a better job than what I was expecting. Dance increased my confidence because it is an industry full of critiques and let-downs, just like any entrainment industry. I learned how to take critiques and turn bad comments into constructive ones. I learned to not care what others think of me, which I believe is one of my biggest strengths. Because of the amount of hours, hard-work, and discipline I needed to become successful, I developed a strong self-discipline that not many have. If I put myself into something, quitting is not a choice. I will finish whatever I started. But with that comes being a perfectionist and put myself through a huge amount of stress, which I believe is one of my biggest weaknesses. Stress sometimes blinds my thought-process and I become unable to make rational decisions. I know I have a lot of skills and abilities to be successful in whatever I want, but this fog in my head that I call stress, won't let me choose a path. One of the biggest opportunities I've had in life has been traveling around the world, learning about different cultures, and meeting people from all around the world. Hult, for me, is just another enabler for me to continue and keep learning from people from different parts of the world. I am forever thankful for this opportunity and I hope I will take advantage of every second I spend here. As for threats, my inability to find a place where I can grow, learn, but also exploit my strengths and creativity is very difficult. To top that, I really want to work somewhere where my values and beliefs are respected and appreciated. But being a student with very little experience in the workforce, it is hard to find a place like that. Last but no least, the woman that is highlighted on my self-portrait is an inspiration from the journey I would like to be part from. He name is Galen Hooks. She is a well known dancer and choreographer. She creates courses and dance classes that more than teach people how to dance, she teaches how to channel your inner self and express through your movements and your actions. All in all, my self-portrait is a representation of a journey that I took part in for most my life. The dancer, as I call it, portrays my strengths,weaknesses, as well as my source of confidence and inspiration.




Reflection The mirrored background picture is a picture from my home town, and in the top, I changed out the bridge from my town to the Golden gate bridge, as San Francisco has become a second home for me now. One of my strengths are that I’m creative, and therefore I decided to color the sheep, which I did in the colors of the flag of Sweden in the bottom picture, and in the color of the Gay flag in the top picture to represent San Francisco. The coloring of the sheep also represents the opportunity I have that American degrees are attractive in Sweden, but also the threat that it is hard to get a job in the U.S. as a foreigner. Also, it is the same sheep in the top and bottom picture that are colored, and that correlates to my weakness of moving in the same patterns. There is a hurdle with lavender to the left in the picture. A hurdle because I have been doing track and field for a very long time, so it has kind of become a comfort zone, and one of my weaknesses is that I don’t like to go outside of my comfort zone. However, the lavender is there because one of my strengths is that I’m good at finding something good in a situation where most people just see bad things. Also, I like lavender, it reminds me of home. The teacup is placed like a sun, because it is something that brightens my day. And the teaspoon is replaced with a Chapstick, because I’m basically addicted to it. Something I’ve learned about myself while working with this project, is how much I now consider San Francisco as a home, and how much I like living here. And I realized how easy it was to come up with things I’m not good at, and how long it took to come up with things I’m good at, and I think that’s how it is for most people, which is kind of sad.



ZOOM Art and Design of Business In this case I will describe my personal SWOT analysis. The bullet points represent the way I personally perceive myself. This may vary with the perception of other people. My main strength is that I am an extrovert and different situations in my life have made me socially active. I love being creative, since I was a child, I was always attracted to art. On the other side I am very emotionally instable which causes me anxiety attacks. I get easily distracted when I have work to get done, I procrastinate a lot. I see traveling as a big opportunity for me to grow as a person and discover different cultures, business strategies and environments and to network at the same time. I see Hult as an opportunity, because I am able to interact with a variety of people that have different backgrounds. I consider Netflix, videogames and parties as my biggest threats, because I lose a lot of time and money with the three. Person and the brain describe me. How my mind is one of the causes of my anxiety and my emotional problems. The crown describes how I conquered my social skills and how this makes me an extrovert. The wings describe my traveling and how anything is possible for me. The Yin Yang is for my threats. I need to control my threats and know that everything with a balance can work. STRENGTHS Social Skills Creative Thinker Extrovert WEAKNESSES Emotionally instable Anxiety Procrastination OPPORTUNITIES Travel Business Opportunities Networking with international people THREATS Netflix Videogames Party



SWOT DIAGRAM STRENGTHS Fast Learning Abilities Unwavering Commitment Emotional Intelligence WEAKNESSES Lack of focus Time Management OPPORTUNITIES Knowledge of Finance Openness to the world THREATS Financial Situation Geographical Isolation

REFLECTION During this assignment, I came to know a lot about who I am as a person, my motivation, fears, insecurities, and strengths. I learned that my heritage is really important to me. Before entering this task, it is something I was aware of but which I failed to realize how much of my identity was woven into it. My religion and family history intersect a lot in the theme of sacrifice, thus the elements of the portrait are marred in the sweat and blood of my predecessors. Haiti had the first successful slave revolution in the modern world becoming the world’s first black republic setting the stage for slaves and oppressed people all over the world. The dark patches in the picture are areas of uncertainty and flaws, yet to be molded. There were three of these dark holes next to the cross which I covered with my opportunities and strengths( a globe for the world, coin for finance, and time). There’s a duality in my portrait as the money reflect my financial knowledge, but also the threat of poverty; the globe is open opportunities but it also symbolizes my fear of being boxed; time as inconsistency in my schedule and the gift of youth. My strengths are represented by the steel (strong, resistant) and the tree which is ever growing. I believe one of my strongest capabilities is my ability to grow and be molded while staying true to my roots. Water also reminds of my home and exhibit those quality mentioned above. Above all, this assignment showed me one of my deepest fear which was the fear to be boxed in. I am trying to figure out a lot of things. I want to have the freedom to do so. The structure of my portrait is free-flowing, and it was my main preoccupation.


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Personal SWOT analysis and image composite self-portrait.


Personal SWOT analysis and image composite self-portrait.

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