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Talking Heads By Perry Bailey 1999

1. Start by progressing diagonally both ways white side up or down.

2. Pleat the bottom up, varying the amount will change the end result each time, but the top only goes to the center of the model.

3. Pleat down and again the only important landmark is the center. Then double rabbits ear the bottom of the model, note it will not be even with the bottom in most cases, wing it.

4. Rabits ear the upper flap to form the nose and fold the flaps upwards to taste.

5. It should vaguely resemble this, the next diagram is an enlarged cutaway showing just one side.

6. Fold the flap down to form the flap to make the eyes.

7. Pleat the fold over and back to give a triangle to use for the eye.

8. If there is any of the flap sticking up fold it down even with the top of the model. Valley fold the bottom of the flap up to hide the off color section below the eye.

9. Now repeat to the other side and then valley fold the top of the head down to suit your tastes.

10 Now finally pleat some of the excess back and make some ears.

When your down grab the top of the head and the beard and pull down to make the head talk.

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