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the chairwoman

By Lotte Wilharms


From the chairwoman By: Lotte Wilharms This is the first Sirius Sights of this academic year, which means this is also my first piece for the Sirius Sights. My name is Lotte Wilharms and this year I am the chairman of our study association Sirius. In the beginning of your student life in Enschede there are a lot of associations who would like to have you as a member. You have the possibility to become a member of sports-, students-, culture-, and of course study associations like your own Sirius. The choice is big, as they say in Holland. Becoming a member of study association is in general very common, a lot of people become a member because of the discount on your study books. For that same reason I became a member of Sirius in my first year as a Health Sciences student. After a while, I discovered that I wanted to do more with my student life. At Sirius there was the possibility to do committee work . By doing committee work you will learn a lot, but that is not the only reason for doing committee work! You will get to know more people, and by walking in the Sirius office. There will always be people you know. This is what makes Sirius work, enthusiastic members. Without those members in committees Sirius would not work out well. As a board member I am very happy and proud that I may thank all our active members already by doing their committee work and the nice activities they have already organised. And there will be more nice activities upcoming! You can think of: our ski trip to La joue du Loup, a big debate, a symposium and of course our Dies party! On behalf of the board I hope I will see you at our activities, and off course you are very welcome in the Sirius office to grab a cup of coffee or tea. Lotte Wilharms Chairwoman 2013/2014

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