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Multi-Genre of Jacob L.


Will of Jacob Me!in"r Over my years, I have t#ed my hardest to become weal%y and have lar" areas of land in my nam& Now %at I am dead, I 'lit %ese f(r plots of lands, each having its o) mansion, to my %ree kids. *e lar"+ one, in which I lived, goes to my wif&*e Fir+ plot, given to my fir+ son, , located at - Great Lake I b(ght, Lake Supe#or, because it , so supe#or to all o%ers.*e second manor, located in Orlando, Fl, in - ca+le at Walt D,ney World, goes to my daughter, her husband, and her two kids. *e %ird one %at goes to my second daughter, located in Canada, since /e always f,hed wi% m& My main manor, going to my wife, , (r mansion in Hawaii, on Maui, ,land I b(ght from Hawaii. Half of my money , to be 'lit into %irds for my chil0en, while - o%er half goes to my wife, to which /e may do any%ing in which /e wants. I w,h for none to g#eve over me, and to live - rest of %eir lives in fun. God Bless.

The St. Joseph Police Force is looking for the following young man in the picture below. Stay away from this young man at any costs. His name is not yet known but we believe his first name is Jacob. He has already killed five people from his annoyingness. We are not joking. The last person we told to stay away from him, because we believed they may be next, laughed at us. This is no laughing matter. He is roughly 5’ 10�, brown hair, and somewhat tan. His eye color is not identified because all under cover cops (two cops have gone under cover to get close to him) have died trying to get a better view.


Name: Jacob Metzinger Born: 1997 Died: 2012 From: St. Joseph MO

Jacob Metzinger died July 4th, 2012. Jacob was born at Heartland Hospital on May 10th 1997, and died at home on July 4th, 2012. The cause of death was fireworks. Jacob was an enthusiast of fireworks, and so was shooting off fireworks all day. The unfortunate accident was caused by the enthusiast holding a stick of ‘TNT’ (actually fire crackers wrapped in a light cardboard covering), lighting it while still holding it, and not paying attention that lighter fluid had leaked onto his hand and the fuse, causing it to light quickly and explode in his hands. Because of the density, it blew off the upper part of his right arm, and eventually, Jacob bled to death from the artery in his arm spraying blood everywhere, while in doing so killing him from the loss of blood.

Jacob’s Menu Best Food Ever!

Salads & Starters Caesar Salad with Extra sauce Spinach Artichoke dip Salsa and Chips French Onion Soup Fried/Grilled Chicken Salad with Ranch

Entrees Parmesan Chicken Bacon Burger Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Honey Barbecue Sauce Cheese Enchilada Spaghetti with Home made Meatballs Home made Goulash

Raspberry Lemonade Coke Products Pepsi Products Gatorade

Desserts & Drinks Monster Cookie Chocolate Cake Bread Pudding


Recipe for Fun 1 cup of Footballs 1 cup of Baseballs 1 cup of Basketballs 1 teaspoon of humor 2 teaspoons of good attitude x amount of friends x amount of family

Outcome: Fun with friends and family.

1. First, get as much family and friends that you need (no limit). 2. Make sure that right after you get this, you add the 2 teaspoons of good attitude (if you wish to add more, be my guest). 3. Add the 1 cup of humor as you get the rest of the ingredients ready. 4. Now add the 1 cup of footballs, baseballs, and basketballs (in any order). 5. Stir well for at least an hour, and you have your fun.

Jacob Metzinger is wanted for being too annoying to handle, and has terrorized towns by being to annoying! $.01- $1,000,000 If Jacob Metzinger is brought to us alive, and not even gagged, you will be killed for bringing him (too annoying for this!). If he is brought alive but only has a gag in his mouth, you get a penny. If he is brought dead, you get the full payment.

Strive to  do   better,  not   perfect

My Grandmother Diane ! My Grandmother was Diane Viola Metzinger. To me, she was the perfect role model. My grandmother was stronger then strong when to others she may have seemed weak. Some who knew this, still may see her and think she was getting weak. Oh, how wrong they are. My grandmother was always a fighter, especially against diseases and illnesses, and especially cancer. ! My grandmother accomplished much in life. I only knew her for fourteen years, but in that time, I learned so much of her. My grandmother was a military wife, and always strong. Sure, when my grandfather went off to Vietnam, she cried like most wives would. But instead of giving up, she held strong and knew my grandfather was coming home. Probably the best of all to me of her accomplishments, was how she fought cancer. When she was diagnosed, she was given six months to live. I didn’t believe them. My family was ready to except it (sure they would be upset, but they were getting themselves ready), but not me. I didn’t care what they were doing, because I knew how hard a fighter my grandmother was. Sure enough, she lived four and a half more years then what they said she would live. Now, the best accomplish she made in life, to my cousins David, Brian, Michael, my sister Jenna, and me, was she was the best grandmother in the world. To me, no one else's grandmother could be as good as Diane Metzinger. ! To the question ‘Would you like to be like her?’, I have to say yes. Absolutely and totally yes. Nothing in this world could convince me other wise that I shouldn’t want to be like my grandmother. The reason for me wanting to be like her is how strong she is. As I said before, she fights on and on, and never gave up. If somebody says she gave up at the end, oh how wrong they are. The doctors said she would die on my birthday last year, on May 10, 2011. When we went up to her room that she was in, she was in a type of coma. I was upset, because well, she was going to die on my birthday. My aunt took me out in the hallway, and while I was out there, my mom held my grandmothers hand, and asked her not to die on my birthday. You know what? She lived two more days, and the doctors couldn’t believe it. She heard my mom on my birthday, and knew ‘I can’t die this day’. There is no doubt in my mind that God was ready to take her that day, but she told him that she had to hang on a little longer, so that she wouldn’t have to die on my birthday. That’s why I want to be like my grandmother. She fought, and was stronger then strong. She was even strong when brain cancer sent her into a coma, and you could tell she wasn’t going to let cancer win. In fact, i’m for certain that God told her it was time, and had to pull her away, because she wasn’t going to lose that battle. Oh yes, cancer never beat her. If anything, my grandmother beat cancer. I want to be able to do that. That if I ever get cancer, I’ll fight it like she did. If a bad illness befalls me, that I’ll fight it and not let it show on the outside, just like my grandmother. I will always remember what my grandmother taught me, if not directly. To always fight on for your own reason and for others, and to never give in to any type of illness, no matter the effects on yourself. !

Biography My name is Jacob Lawrence Metzinger. My mother is Kathie Rose Metzinger. I was born in 1997 at Heartland Hospital, in St.Joseph MO. I am currently fourteen years old, and will turn fifteen on May 10, 2012. I currently live at home with my mom, and my sister Jenna Metzinger.

Res(rces Used 1.My mother Kathie Metzinger

Multi-Genre Jacob Metzinger  
Multi-Genre Jacob Metzinger  

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