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Let Our Riders Inspire You SIRE is about success and

we have as many stories of

huge accomplishment for some of our riders,

Being able to sit upright on a horse is a

achievement as we have

especially for those in wheelchairs like Megan Fry.

clients. Recently, several

Recently, she participated in the Top Hands

clients have demonstrated

Horse Show, and demonstrated

huge improvements in their

her abilities at the Horses

skills—let us tell you about a

& Humans Research

few of them.

Foundation’s Open House

SIRE Hockley With the help of SIRE Hockley volunteers PJ Murray & Sabrina Shawn, Ignacio Murguia demonstrates his most recent accomplishment—being able to sit up for an entire session.

SIRE Goes Green

Ignacio Murguia had surgery to straighten his legs, and

SIRE Ft. Bend

he grew several inches.


When he came back to ride, he had a “new body”

that was difficult to manage. By working hard Like so many of us today, SIRE every week, Ignacio could sit up longer—back too would like to do our part for in September we were counting in minutes, and the environment. To accomplish now he can sit up the entire session. this, SIRE has decided to Go Choosing the right horse has helped Erin Green in several ways. Brown, a longtime SIRE client, succeed after a Donation receipts and thanksetback. Erin fractured her pelvis in a fall at home, you letters will be sent via email and had difficulties when she returned to riding. whenever possible. Help us by With lots of hard work, Erin has graduated writing to a horse with more movement. your email It’s easier with a little help from your address on friends. Two girls, Yessenia Luna and the bottom Sign up now for our Elizabeth Williams, encourage each other. of your monthly Tid-Bits EBeing a team has helped each girl learn check. to new skills and share their friendship. Newsletter! Go To save Another team, Karen Abbott’s riders on paper, www.SIRE-HTEC. org called the “Sensational Six”, has practically printing and and follow the grown up at SIRE on horseback—they postage, in “Jo to s on cti help each other and even have a group instru we are cheer at the end of class. t.” Our Mailing Lis no longer producing With our Safe SIRE Spring this Subscribe sign-up Progress can be measured in many newsletter ll wi ways—how well you hold the reins u yo re, featu in color for steering, how many directions you and have receive SIRE e-news. can follow, recognizing yourself as a decreased the successful person. number of Whitney Faerber’s family has watched pages—to do so, we are unable her grow and improve while riding at SIRE to list all our donors as we have Spring. She has been learning to ride without done in the past. This does not sidewalkers or leaders, and very recently she rode in any way diminish our sincere completely independent. The smile on her face lit gratitude for your generosity.


up the arena.


Fort Bend riders have made great strides—some at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s Top Hands Horse Show, and some right here in the arena at SIRE.

Five of seven

SIRE Fort Bend riders had never competed before at the show: Sebastian Arizpe, Alyse Delph, Erica Haase, Lance Nicholson and Derrick Perkins. Together with our show veterans Allison Meyer and Cade Zimmerman, these riders performed beautifully in their classes and accomplished individual personal goals.

Our 2008 Child Rider of the Year, Alejandro

Araque, is one of the hardest working riders at SIRE. His strength and ability to use his body effectively to communicate with his horse continue to amaze us all.

Brittany Ricco is having an amazing

semester, as she is taking control of her movements as well as her horse. Brittany can now stop those spasms and work through them. So many wonderful riders, we can’t mention them all, but they all deserve applause. It’s our pleasure and privilege to work with them every week. They truly are our inspiration.

This semester, SIRE Ft. Bend continues to provide a dual riding and educational program As I enter my fifth year for ten autistic students from at SIRE as executive Avondale House. Autism is a director, and amidst the brain development disorder; discouraging economic autistic children have difficulties news in today’s world, I with social interaction, problems thought it would be nice with verbal and nonverbal to reflect on something communication, and repetitive positive—the growth in our behaviors or narrow, obsessive ridership. We set a record in interests. the fall of 2008 of 260 riding Vivien Savage, one of our sessions per week. During all NARHA Certified Instructor, is these years, I have had one heading up the program at SIRE, driving consideration in every assisted by decision I make, and that is Amy Casper, SIRE riders. a volunteer I wrote a couple of years with a Masters ago, “If you build it, they degree in CAN come”—and it has Education. proven to be the truth. It While half of was never more obvious the group of at the Top Hands Show at ten students the Houston Livestock Show and is riding, Rodeo. Over 200 riders participated the other in this special event for children half works and adults with disabilities; SIRE in our “barn was represented by 43 riders, the classroom.” largest group of riders! Not only did For the our riders take home buckles, trophies classroom, and ribbons, but more importantly, a SIRE volunteer Amy Lundblad has sense of pride and accomplishment for created an entire barn backdrop meeting personal goals. One of our riders, Nicole Larson, won her 13th belt buckle. She represents the to assist the students in learning core of everything we do at SIRE. what is involved The downturn in the economy has hit everyone, and SIRE is no exception. in the care of a Even during these severe economic times, it is our donors that have been horse—from feeding faithful to and focused on our mission. I want to extend my personal gratitude to and bathing to the Did you know that you everyone for your continued support. I know 2009 will continue to be another equipment needed can sponsor a rider at record-setting year for SIRE. to keep their favorite —Jimm Williams, Executive Director SIRE? A donation of $5 85 mount healthy and can sponsor tuition for happy. You really a should come see deserving rider. Go to www. their classroom! It’s, click on the exciting to watch the Time to kick up your heels at our 2009 Sensational Shindig! The drop-down menu titled students grow in their annual black-tie extravaganza will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel understanding and “You Can Help” to spon sor a Downtown on Saturday, May 9th—you don't want to miss it! Our relationship with their rider. We take Pay-Pal! Shindig will feature fine dining with a seated dinner, great music, horse. dancing, and an incredible auction. Please contact us at 281-356-7588 —Joelle Devlin


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