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Collapsible D: The Final Minutes of the Titanic

= How to play in 2 players =

Variation in Detail

Every game is divided into 16 turns. Each turn covers roughly 10 minutes of the sinking of the ship.

= Modified turn phases =

11:40 pm

00:20 am

01:00 am

01:40 am

11:50 pm

00:30 am

01:10 am

01:50 am

00:00 am

00:40 am

01:20 am

02:00 am

00:10 am

00:50 am

01:30 am

02:10 am





Each phase, made up of four turns, uses a different deck of Flooding cards (A, B, C and D). Each turn is divided into four rounds during which the players may move their Passengers towards the Lifeboats in an effort to save them from the water that is flooding the different sections of the ship. 1


Alarm: 1. First player: the role of first player is passed on. 2. Alert: the unaware Passengers may become alert. Movement: 1. Dice: the current player receives all of the dice. 2. Withhold: each Passenger is considered as they have withholded a dice. 3. Roll: the dice that were not withheld are rolled and assigned to the Passengers. 4. Passengers: the pawns are moved according to the results of the assigned dice. 5. Crowd: the Crowd markers are moved according to the results of the unassigned dice.


Event: if the Turn tracker calls for it, a Crowd event takes place (the first player puts a Crowd marker into play) or a Lifeboat event occurs (the first tile on the Order pile is revealed). The Lifeboat card indicated by the revealed Order tile is lowered into the sea with any accepted Passengers aboard. Pair the appropriate Bonus token to the card.


Flooding: the Flooding card for the current turn is revealed. The Water markers advance (see diagram on p. 12 for the movement sequence) by the number of levels indicated on the revealed card. Remove any Passenger pawns (with related cards) from play and any Aid tokens and Crowd markers reached by water. This turn ends and a new one begins. If the last turn of the game (02:10 am) has been completed, the game is over and each player calculates his final score

A game with two players follows the same rules described in the rule book. This section explains only the differences used in this variation. Have fun.

Game Set-up During point 9 of the Game Set-up (page 5 of the rule book), each player chooses 2 colors and they receive the Place-marker and the Passenger pawns of both colors. II Class Passenger pawns and cards are not used, as it’s a game with more then 3 players.

During point 10 of the Game Set-ip, each player choose a color and they get 1 card for each Passenger. Then, do the same for the second color of each player. Now, each player has 6 Passengers, devided in two colors. Jack chooses blue and red. He takes 1 I Class passenger, 1 III Class passenger and 1 Crew member and he place them adjacent the blue Place-marker: these Passengers have blue pawns. Then he takes the same ammount of cards to use with the red pawns.

2. Movement

2. Withhold. During point 2 of the Movement phase, Withhold (page 7 of the rule book), each Passenger that player controls are considered as they withholded a die with the color showed on the Passenger card. With this variation, players doesn’t have to choose if they want to withold dice, because each Passenger generates automatically an additional die that can be used. Jack, blue and red player, doesn’t have to choose if he wants to withhold dice with his Passengers. During the Movement phase he will always roll 4 dice and each Passenger generates a die of the color showed on the card.

Important: Passengers without a die color on the card generates 1 die with white result.


Collapsible D: The Final Minutes of the Titanic

3. Roll. Roll four dice. Then, assign each die to the card of the Passenger that will use it, regardless of the color of the Place-marker. Jack, blue and red player, roll four dice and he gets: green, black, blue and white. He decides to assign the white die to the III class blue Passenger, Mrs Backstrom, the blue die to the I class blue Passenger, Mr Woolner and the black die to Mr Joughin, red Crew member.

4. Passengers. Move the Passenger pawns. Using the assigned results of the dice and the withholded dice generated, the Passenger pawns can be moved across the game board from square to square. Jack, blue and red player, moves his unaware Passengers: thanks to withholded dice, Mrs Backstrom has a red and a white die and she can move on a red square. Mr Woolner with two blue dice and Mr Joughin with two black dice can move on a square of the related color.

Author: Gianluca Santopietro Special thanks: to Ivano Venturi who suggested us to complete this variations for two players. We hope you will have fun by playing with those rules. Historical research and advising: Massimo Ulivini, Claudio Bossi, Gabriele Mari and Giacomo Santopietro Rules: Gianluca Santopietro and Development: Editing: Gabriele Mari Art Direction: Gianluca Santopietro Artwork: Alan d’Amico at Sir Chester Cobblepot Graphics and layout: Demis Savini at Translation from the original Italian: Andrea Giorgioni and Louise Hipwell Playtesting: Monica Socci, Massimo Ulivini, Marco Molari, Elisa Chiappini, Alessandro Zandoli, Simona Alessandri, Alessandro Chiappini, Alessandro Mengozzi, Michele Patuelli, Paolo Calbucci, Francesco Villani, Gioele Spagnuolo, Aurora Saliani, Maria Vittoria Pieri, Andrea Alessi, Daniela Brasini, Rosalia Alvisi, Linda Cavina, Mauro Arcangeli, Ilaria Rivalta, Paolo Carraro, Devil Pierantoni, Andrea Zanzi, Sara Ciucci, Timothy Boue, Salvatore Gualtieri, Maurizio Cottignoli, the players of Play 2011, the players of La Ludoteca dei Cacciatori di Teste, Owen “Tony” Vaughan Production: Giacomo Santopietro at Sir Chester Cobblepot Printing: Carla Costa at La Greca sas

For the other rules, please refer to the official Rule book published for this game. You can use additional rules (page 19 of the Rule book) even if you play with the 2 players variant, by using them as stated in the Rule book.

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Collapsible D: the Final Minutes of the Titanic - 2 players rules  

Official 2 player variation of the rules, in english. Collapsible D is produced and distributed by Sir Chester Cobblepot.

Collapsible D: the Final Minutes of the Titanic - 2 players rules  

Official 2 player variation of the rules, in english. Collapsible D is produced and distributed by Sir Chester Cobblepot.