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LONG-TERM PARTICIPANT DEVELOPMENT Courtesy of Sport for Life and the Aboriginal Sport Circle


port for Life (S4L), in partnership with the Aboriginal Sport Circle, has facilitated the development and new release of the Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway 1.0 (ALTPD) as well as ALTPD Sport Organization and Competition Guides and ALTPD Sport Organization Activation Workbooks in order to ensure successful activation in communities and sport systems. The purpose of these resources is to increase the percentage of Aboriginal children who are physically literate, to define and ensure better support for Aboriginal athletes into the sport performance pathway and, to have more Aboriginal people being active for life.

We wrote in the Fall 2014 issue of the Athlete Pathways SIRCuit about the first steps in this process which was the hosting of regional summits with the purpose of engaging key stakeholders including First Nations, Inuit and Metis leaders and, sport policy and



program leaders from all provinces and territories. Having successfully worked with the Aboriginal Sport Community throughout the process, the next steps are to ensure successful implementation of the content through National Sport Organizations, Provincial/

Territorial Sport Organizations, as well as several Multi Sport Organizations across the country. With the Aboriginal LongTerm Participant Development Pathway we are seeking an attitude shift away from limiting opportunities for Aboriginal athletes and participants in sport and physical activity. Further, we want to ensure that we support the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Report – Calls to Action p 10. This can be accomplished through thoughtful planning and collaboration of the Canadian sport system and using the tools that have been created through best practices of LongTerm Athlete Development implementation and through

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