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This is our brand book

It is unlike any other brand book

Because du is unlike any other brand

But what is it for?

And why?

Seems like a waste of recyclable paper to me!

Seems like a waste of recyclable paper to me!

Before we start, we should point out that this is not a book about guidelines This book is not about rules

This book is about the five minutes – those five minutes you usually spend doing something else, other that work The same five minutes it could take you to know our brand like never before

So what is a brand?

A brand is the identity of a service or product or business or person or moo

Zzzz‌ Wait, a brand is not supposed to make you want to go to sleep

A brand shouldn’t send you off to sleep It should do quite the opposite

It should wake you up It should make you feel alive It should inspire you It should add life to whatever it is you’re doing

Our brand should add life to life

We are here to add life to life To add life to life, this is why we are here! All kinds of life, every walk of life, from family to private to working life‌ every one: full of life And if a nutty professor invents a way to turn us into cats so that we can have nine magnificent lives, we’d be for that too Because everything we do, we do to add life to life

There are 483 words in this brand book, and one full stop The most common word is “life” There are 27 pictures, one is of a cow There are 6,210,000,000 results for the word “life” online...

We plan to add 6,210,000,000 more

Our brand must try to inject more life in everything we do and offer This is our unconditional, unflinching, unequivalent promise to everyone who touches, listens or feels our brand It means making someone’s day just that little bit brighter

But quite possibly most importantly, our brand is what makes us different

Everyone you know is different from everyone else you know The way they talk and walk and act and brush their teeth is what makes them different from all the others

This is their personality Their personality comes naturally to them This is our brand And our brand comes naturally to us

That is why our images aren’t like the ones you see elsewhere

We see things differently, because we are different

And why our words sound clear, direct and always familiar

When we write, we write like we’re speaking to someone right in front of us, all right?

We are a fun brand We are an honest brand Surprising, friendly and confident too

Our journeys, and those we take with our passengers, should be all these things

Honesty comes with cooperation Openness comes with being friendly Confidence comes with humility And surprise comes with the biggest smile

But, and this is important, we have a long way to go We have so much to learn Many things to discover

We don’t know where the rainbow ends...

but it’d sure be fun to try to find out, right?

So far so good Our logo is in almost every household in the UAE, whether it’s on a phone, a remote control, a top-up card, leaflet or newspaper And that’s amazing

But let’s not get carried away We’re in the business of creating nice things for nice people at reasonable prices Get this wrong, and we’re fried (like these peas)

This page has been left blank*

*And is perhaps the only page to send your mind racing

The end.

Unless you like reading in Arabic In which case...


du brand book  

du is a telecoms company in the United Arab Emirates. And this was made for their internal 'get to know the brand' orientation programme. Th...

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