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Company Profile

The Company SIRA is a private company operating for more than 35 years in the Broadcasting, Civil and Military telecommunications, capable to design, fabricate and install antennas for FM, UHF, VHF, GSM, UMTS, Wireless, WLAN and WiMAX, as well as Manual Switches, Combiners, Band-pass Filters and Switching Units for the Radio, TV and Telecom markets, with the highest quality and reliability standards. SIRA is part of the Kathrein Group, a world leader in the production of professional Telecom antennas, and it is the exclusive distributor of Kathrein K.G. Telecom products for the Italian market. Sira is also the official distributor of the Finnish cable manufacturer Draka as well as for the Telegartner GmbH range of connectors and coaxial components. Over the years, SIRA has continued to pursue a customer-oriented philosophy, aiming to achieve the most effective collaboration with customers in order to find the best possible technical and economical solution to their requirements. This ethos, together with the sheer quality of the products and services offered, and the constant research and development activities, allow SIRA to be up to date with the ultimate cutting-edge technologies. This has made SIRA one of the best-known names in Broadcasting and Telecom, guaranteeing a constant growth over time. The company headquarters are in Caponago (MB), in the North of Italy, in a state of-the-art facility, covering over 11,000 square metres, and complete with modern in-house equipment such as anechoic chambers for Telecom antenna tests as well as one of the most up-to-date test ranges in the Industry for testing any of the complex Broadcasting antenna systems manufactured. The company’s business is mainly focused on the international market (around 70% of the sales are international), and thanks to the sales and logistics organisation, Sira has been able to serve clients in every corner of the globe. In fact, there are more than 120 countries all over the world where you can find SIRA products installed and operated by many satisfied and loyal customers who have made the Company a world leader in this Industry.

HISTORY SIRA started with and quickly became a specialist in the Broadcasting field, by designing, developing and fabricating innovative broadband antennas and related products in the years when Italy’s Government and Private Radios and TV’s were booming out and needed a new reliable partner to deal with. Soon after, SIRA enjoyed significant success in some relevant foreign markets, and that made the company to expand its product range so that to include for Coaxial Accessories, Filters and Combiners for any Broadcasting frequency band. New quality standards were set during the process of continuous improvement and renewal of the product range, which became very ample to include antennas either for early analogue cellular radio networks or the most recent antennas for digital cellular radio as well. The introduction of all these then new products and the pursue of new markets gave SIRA that world-wide reputation it presently enjoys. In 1995, SIRA became part of the Kathrein Group, for which it fabricates and develops mobile telephone antennas; furthermore since 2002, SIRA is the exclusive distributor for the Italian market of Kathrein Telecom products In 2004, SIRA became Group’s focal point for development, fabrication and marketing of TETRA/TETRAPOL and WLL/WLAN antennas as well. In 2009, to complete its range of Broadcasting products and due to the growing market’s demand for Digital Television Networks, SIRA developed its own cutting-edge range of TV Filters and Combiners (possibly the widest range of passive products for the building of Radio and TV networks available on the market). As a consequence of the above, in the recent past, SIRA also set up its supply of “turnkey” RF systems, acting as a main contractor, SIRA has been a leading player in the restructuring and implementation of many Networks world wide. As well, SIRA introduced a series of new products in the Military Broadcasting field and Mobile Telephones, complex systems created with the remarkable knowledge and skills present in house, in compliance with the highest quality levels of fabrication, meeting the requirements of the most demanding customers. Worthy of note in this area is a new range of antennas for VHF and UHF ship-to-shore Civil and Military Communications for which SIRA supplies antennas and also remote monitoring and heating systems for the same. In the Telephone Industry, the increasing demand to communicate, send text messages and transmit “data packages” while on the move or when staying comfortably sit at a shopping mall’s canteen, led to the idea of promoting a new range of broad band antennas for “indoor” use, where performance in terms of radio coverage in motorways, railways and metropolitan railway tunnels has made SIRA the go-to supplier for the major GSM/ UMTS operators in Europe. The same attention is dedicated to data traffic requirements in harbours and on board of cruise ships, where SIRA products are there to allow communications to anywhere.

FABRICATION AND CONTROL SIRA manufacturing is equipped with modern machinery and tools on all of its production lines, for each product category. The process of fabrication and control is streamlined and flexible at the same time. Many of the processes are software controlled (i.e. anechoic chambers and test range’s turntable). Thanks to the highly integrated and software controlled test equipment, SIRA is able to verify 100% of the electrical parameters of any Broadcast or Telecom antenna or combiner prior to shipment, thus providing the clients with the highest degree of confidence in the product purchased. The company is also equipped to conduct Passive Intermodulation Measurement (PIM), a test of particular relevance for Multi-band & Cross Polarised GSM, UMTS and TETRA antennas. All manufactured antennas are assembled and tested for electrical performances. Moreover SIRA has a test range consisting of a rotating tower and a receiving antenna array, installed on a 14-meter vertical trail, both digitally controlled by means of a proprietary software. This facility makes SIRA one of the most advanced test ranges in Europe for the measurement of antenna radiation patterns in the far-field region. SIRA shipping and packaging facilities provide for the efficient handling of parts and finished products in accordance with international standards as required for land, sea or air shipments. A very modern warehouse is designed to provide adequate storage areas for materials. The facility is equipped with modern automatic machinery allowing for quick search and delivery of materials to shipping or manufacturing departments.

MARKETING AND SALES Marketing SIRA brand is well-known all over the world and is associated with the finest passive components for Radio-Frequency transmission. SIRA’s marketing department is the face of the company towards worldwide customers and partners and is structured in various departments: Claudio Cattaneo - Marketing & Sales Director Roberto Dahò - Area Sales Manager (Broadcasting Division) Maurizio Venturini - Area Sales Manager (Broadcasting Division) Claudio Invernizzi - Area Sales Manager (Broadcasting Division) Emiliano Lorenzi - Contract Manager (Broadcasting Division) Stefano Anedda - Area Sales Manager (Telecommunication Division) Following market environments with outstanding attention to each peculiarity and trend, SIRA is the ideal partner when looking for added values that go beyond the traditional supply of products: the common strategy of SIRA’s Marketing and Sales department involves: a remarkable problem-solving attitude an approach strongly oriented towards customer’s interest Thanks to these peculiarities, SIRA has built and consolidated the relationship with its customers, focusing on market needs and offering the right services and products at the right time. AFTER SALES SERVICE Sira entrusts after-sales services and gives a high priority to the factory support of its systems and installations all over the world. The first step is to match each single supply with a rich and detailed set of data, including unpacking, mounting, installation and maintenance hints. All the electrical parameters are attached to each component, as they are measured in factory before delivery, so that there is a fast and easy reference when final measurements are done on site. SIRA always welcomes the possibility of carrying out a dedicated training of Customer’s personnel, and enforces direct supervision and installation services provided by its skilled personnel.

system engineering SIRA technical staff is composed by highly qualified engineers and technicians and is responsible for translating customers’ requirements into systems and equipments. Commercial and academic E.M. software allows calculation of horizontal and vertical patterns of the antenna systems, as well as prediction of coverage areas, which are enhanced by the use of the most popular and accessible geographical software. Thanks to a proper selection of components and a long experience in Radio-Frequency systems, SIRA supplies broadcasting and telecommunication solutions incorporating the most advanced technologies and, at the same time, optimized to the highest level of cost effectiveness. In addition to this, structural analysis of antenna supporting structures can be provided with certification by a professional mechanical engineer, along with typical mechanical design in 3D CAD. TRAINING SIRA knows the importance of the link between the positive development of the Company and the individual professional development of its employees. Therefore SIRA focuses and dedicates outstanding attention to the knowledge of its personnel: training programmes are carried out at the plant with frequent schedules, with the aim of encouraging professional growth at all levels. In addition to this, SIRA is also a reference facility for training of broadcasting insiders, could they be technicians, installation teams or end users: SIRA products are under continuous evolution, as the market is, it is therefore important that the company dedicates considerable time and resources to the spreading of a common knowledge in Radio Frequency at the state of the art.

broadcastING Television and Radio, Analogue and Digital SIRA’s catalogue of broadcasting antennas and components folds almost forty years of experience in designing, producing and installing passive systems for the broadcasting industry. The range of products manufactured in SIRA’s plant is one of the widest within the portfolio of worldwide leading manufacturers, however, when this is not enough, SIRA is a benchmark in versatility, developing and providing special or customized solution. SIRA’s catalogue includes: FM ANTENNAS VHF ANTENNAS UHF ANTENNAS SPECIAL ANTENNAS MANUAL SWITCHES FM SWITCHING UNITS VHF SWITCHING UNITS UHF SWITCHING UNITS FM FILTERS FM COMBINERS UHF ATV FILTERS UHF DTV FILTERS UHF ATV COMBINERS UHF DTV COMBINERS COAXIAL COMPONENTS

TELECOMS Antennas and accessories for telecommunications SIRA’s Telecom division sells a wide range of Mobile Phone Antennas (GSM, UMTS), for the Automotive Industry, W-LAN, WLL, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, TETRA/TETRAPOL, and PMR (Private Mobile Radio), Low Profile antennas for Trains and Buses, products for Air Traffic Control systems, Combiner Systems and RFID Systems(Radio Frequency Identification) . Open Products Area of Telecom Section to see the whole catalogue of antennas and accessories by SIRA and Kathrein dedicated to the Telecommunications market and download the relevant documentation.


PMR The Sira PMR line (Private Mobile Radio) includes either 70 MHz, VHF (146-174 MHz) or UHF (380-512 MHz) antennas and Branching systems - TX/RX Combiners 70 MHz, (146-174 MHz) and UHF (380-512 MHz): Here after some features of the Sira PMR antennas and Branching systems: 70 MHz Directional, Omnidirectional Antennas VHF Directional, Omnidirectional Antennas UHF Directional, Omnidirectional Antennas Branching systems - TX/RX Combiners 70 MHz, VHF (146-174 MHz) and UHF (380-512 MHz) The constructional materials adopted by Sira for these antennas and Branching systems do provide a long term and trouble free operational life also when installed in harsh climates. A careful analysis of the constructional materials adopted, coupled with the highest quality manufacturing processes, makes Sira’s antennas and branching sytems a very high quality standard reference for the Industry.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL ATC LINE (AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL) The Sira ATC line (Air Traffic Control) includes either VHF or UHF antennas: Here after some features of the Sira ATC antennas: Omnidirectional Broad band Single & Multi dipole Vertically polarised The constructional materials adopted by Sira for these antennas do provide a long term and trouble free operational life also when installed in harsh climates. A careful analysis of the constructional materials adopted, coupled with the highest quality manufacturing processes, make the Sira ATC antennas a very high quality standard reference for the Industry. Indeed, the Sira ATC antennas have been installed and commissioned on top of high mountains and in places where high reliability and resistance to the elements is a mandatory requirement.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Analytical skills of the highest level distinguish SIRA’s approach when dealing with any project, from standard ones to those with a far higher level of complexity, and these skills come from the experience and technical abilities of its highly qualified engineers and technicians. The design process constantly applied by the company’s R&D division can be summed up as follows: careful appraisal of specific market demand; translation of these specifications into basic solutions in terms of components and systems; research and monitoring of new materials for special components and technologically cutting-edge processes; creation of a prototype to test and analyze in close contact with the Quality Division, so as to assess the reliability of the new product and its conformity to the specific international standards. This procedure allows SIRA to develop each of its own products destined to the broadcasting and telecommunications industries, in compliance with the specific requirements of the customer and to guarantee a production stage that stands out for its extremely high efficiency levels. The main means available to SIRA’s R&D division for the achievement of these objectives include: Efficient integration of all these technical processes and systems then allows fast development of every project, guaranteeing significant reductions in time and costs, all to the benefit of the customer. fast and accurate 3D simulation software to design and analyze products at high frequency; the most modern measurement instruments to assess new products and to record their performance; software developed by SIRA to manage measuring instruments to allow effective acquisition of radiation diagrams for antennas and systems; 3D and 2D CAD software to create, manage and share project designs and documents.

TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT All activities taking place in and on behalf of SIRA are regulated by an integrated system that manages and guarantees quality parameters, as well as environment and safety protection. SIRA has achieved various quality certificates, like UNI EN ISO 9001 (2008) and UNI EN ISO 14001 (2004). In addition to these, SIRA’s Management has devised further guidelines which are followed during the performance of activities and processes and represent SIRA’s commitment towards its customers, partners and employees: to supply products/services that are reliable and fit for the purposes of achieving customer satisfaction; to improve company efficiency as a means to achieve competitiveness in the operating markets; to minimize defects in incoming materials, failures in company processes and, as a result, defects in delivered products; to deliver, within the company, the culture of quality as a factor of professional growth; to ensure company efficiency, as proven by recognition from an accredited certifying body. In order to implement these principles, a Quality Management Document and a Quality Department have been set up. The Quality Manager in charge of it has well-defined tasks and authority: to make sure that the Quality Management System requirements are set, applied and maintained in conformity with the previously defined requirements; to report about the performances and efficiency of the Quality Management System for the purpose of reappraisal and improvement; to perform in-house audits

SIRA WORLDWIDE SIRA’s antenna systems are currently installed in more than 120 countries, making the company one of the world leaders in the Broadcasting Industry. There are active SIRA antennas and combiners in: Afghanistan Albania Algeria Argentina Aruba Australia Austria Bangladesh Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cambodia Canada Cape Verde Chad Chile China Colombia Congo Costa Rica Cote D’Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Djibouti Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Estonia Ethiopia Falklands Fiji Finland France French Polynesia Gabon Georgia Germany Ghana Greece Greenland

Guadalupe Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras Hungary India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea (DPRK) Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Libya Lithuania Luxembourg Madagascar Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marquis Islands Martnique Mauritania Mayotte Mexico Moldova Monaco Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Nepal Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Pakistan Panama

Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Republic of Korea Reunion Romania Russia Rwanda Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka St. Pierre & Miquelon Sudan Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tunisia Turkey Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay Vatican City Venezuela Vietnam Wallis & Futuna Zambia Zimbabwe

Via Senatore Simonetta, 26 20867 Caponago (MB) - Italy

tel.: +39 02.95961.1 fax: +39 02.95961311/315

e-mail: sito:

Company Profile  

SIRA is a private company operating for more than 35 years in the Broadcasting, Civil and Military telecommunications, capable to design, fa...

Company Profile  

SIRA is a private company operating for more than 35 years in the Broadcasting, Civil and Military telecommunications, capable to design, fa...