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Creative Minds-A New Direction

Winter 2009 by Sarah Durante, BOEC Course Director


his past September, the BOEC Wilderness Program ran a new program in conjunction with the Brain Injury Association of Colorado (BIAC). The weeklong program, called “Creative Minds,” was designed to provide our clients who have survived traumatic brain injuries with new ideas on how to live more healthily and creatively at home. It was a first for our two organizations, moving beyond our usual focus on outdoor adventure activities, and it was a refreshing change of pace for participants, volunteers and staff alike. The course was highlighted by guided morning meditations; an adaptive yoga class led by local instructor Amy Sabreen, several crafts projects, and a scone baking session with volunteers Maggie Ducayet and friends. Popular craft projects included our papier mache maracas (or sea turtle, a personal preference), dyed silk scarves and a “Pollockesque” group mural that consisted of a white sheet, tempera paint, a few brushes, squirt guns and any other tools one could find to apply the paint with. This mural became the centerpiece of our art show at the end of the week. We spent time exploring local galleries and experiencing art in nature thanks to a Nature Series walk put on by the Town of Breckenridge, and we even donned our lederhosen for a few hours to revel in the town’s Oktoberfest celebration. Finally, the program was capped off by an “open mic night”— complete with dimmed lights, monochromatic costumes and acoustic music— that provided a great forum for all to showcase secret (or not so secret) talents, share some thoughts on the week and appreciations for each other.

The traditional ‘zany’ group photo. Creative Minds gather on the deck at the Griffith Lodge.

The first annual “Creative Minds” program, though still a work in progress, was definitely a winner. Having prefaced the first day by allowing the participants “creative control” over the flow of the week, it turned out to be one of the most relaxing programs I have ever been a part of. Consistently, the BOEC/BIAC courses that I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in (and trust me, there have been plenty) have helped me realize again and again why we do what we do here. While I cannot speak for everyone involved, these programs provide the strongest sense of community and realm for personal growth that I’ve ever beheld, inside or outside of work. For all those involved in this year’s “Creative Minds” course it was an honor to help design a new program that we hope will grow and be part of the BOEC’s repertoire for Artists at work in the mountain sunshine. many seasons to come.

News from the Executive Director


reetings from the BOEC. We have been arguing whether the snowfall this winter is better, or it is colder or warmer than last winter. It doesn’t matter much since we have great snow conditions. The real difference unfortunately is that fewer people are coming to enjoy the snow this year—signs of a tough economy. Despite rough economic waters at the end of 2008, the BOEC enjoyed a fine year, delivering over 9,704 student program days. Approximately 2,950 lessons were conducted by the Adaptive Ski Program, an alltime high. Many of these lessons were through the Keystone Adaptive Center, which continues to grow. The Ski Program taught many disabled veterans of the Gulf and Iraq Wars to ski and snowboard through our Aris Sophocles and Bruce Fitch at involvement in three special events this past year: the the El Pomar Foundation Awards for Disabled Sports USA Ski Spectacular at Breckenridge Excellence ceremony in November. Ski Resort, Snofest at Keystone Resort and Soldier Spring Ski Week in Breckenridge. The Wilderness Program achieved a total of 3,982 programming days during 2008, exceeding the previous year’s numbers. New clients included the National Guard, AFFIRM, Alta Vista Center, Delta Gamma and Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. We continued our long-time partnerships with the American Cancer Society, Brain Injury Association of Colorado and The Children’s Hospital, amongst others. An additional 2,769 program days were delivered through our Internship Program and Professional Challenge, our teambuilding program for business groups. The BOEC recently received findings from RRC Associates of Boulder, who compiled the results of evaluations filled out by BOEC students from 2006 to 2008. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Respondents indicated that 87% of them felt that the BOEC was “better” or “much better” than similar programs in which they had participated. The BOEC was a finalist in the El Pomar Awards for Excellence program this year (see photo). We were recognized as one of the top thirty non-profits in the state and received a welcome donation as well. There have been a couple of staff changes. Marci Sloan, formerly of United Cerebral Palsy in Pittsburgh, joined us in April as our new Development Director, replacing Tamara Marks who has left to pursue new directions. Many thanks to Tamara for her years of service to BOEC and for all the money she raised in our behalf. We also welcomed Kristin Marron, CPA as the new Director of Finance in May. Kristen also serves as a volunteer in the Ski Program. We also bid farewell to three board members whose terms have expired after six dedicated years of service to the BOEC. Doug Sullivan, Gene Dayton and Chris Cares have been stellar board members and have contributed hugely to our success over the past years. We will miss their presence but, as the song says, “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!” We welcomed 24 interns into the BOEC in 2008, 12 in each season. Seven BOEC interns from the previous year were hired for paid positions, continuing to be a mainstay of BOEC staffing long after their internship ended. As we enter 2009, the outlook may not be as rosy, but our enthusiasm for our mission has not diminished. I am confident that with the help and support of our community, the BOEC will survive these hard economic times and continue our success in providing quality outdoor experiences to people with disabilities and special needs. Best wishes to all of you in this new (and hopefully improving) year,

Board of Directors

Aris Sophocles, Chair Tom McConnell, Vice-Chair Raule Nemer, Secretary Tim Casey, Treasurer Mike Booth, Dennis Brown, Patricia Campbell, Chris Carran, John Ebright, Gary Gallagher, Liz Hutchins, Colleen LaVelle, Hilary McDonald, Brian Smith


Bruce Fitch, Executive Director Bob Bond, Wilderness Program Director Gene Gamber, Adaptive Ski Program Director Melissa Kuwahara, BOEC Accounting & Administrative Coordinator Kristen Marron, Finance Director Marci Sloan, Development Director Erin Baird, Internship Coordinator Jaime Benthin, Operations Coordinator Claire DiCola, Wilderness Program Coordinator Jen Schappert, Volunteer and Marketing Coordinator Daniel Brown, Ski Office Manager Jeff Inouye, Ski Program Assistant Director Joe Kusumoto, Keystone Adaptive Center Manager Ashley Christie, Ski Office Intern

Program Staff

Brian Anderson, Brittany Anderson, Katie Campbell, Leslie Cancilla, Lloyd Caufield, Sarah Daily, Janine Dauzy, Teri Draffkorn, Casey Duncan, Sarah Durante, Andrew Emery, Bert Gillette, Quintin Gray, Tim Hannon, Charlie Hatch, Laura Irwin, Katie Jack, Dan Jenkins, Nicole Kinzer, Ryan Latham, Jordan Levine, Dunbar Lyles, Maggie Messerschmidt, Erik Miller, Bill Moody, Adrienne Moore, Bruce Morrow, Patrick Murphy, Elysa Moses, Alison Myers, Kendal Oakleaf, Adam Petit, Jim Rae, Kate Sawyer, Mary StoerWenger, Shari Topping, Roger Tyler, Madison VanderHamm, John Waddick, Morgan Wainwright, Michael Walzak.

Winter Interns 2009

Megan Clark, Nels Dyste, Jodi Flickinger, Dan Hallam, Melissa Kandor, Adrian Lazinek, Tom Mitten, Jesika Peterson, JD Smelser, Jay Swenson, Taryn Welker, Marita Whalen, Ali Yoculan.

Summer Interns 2008

Jordan Churchill, Campbell Diebolt, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Larissa Galpin, Emily Gjersvig, Ella Greene, Lisa Kisling, Lianne Lackson, Kelly Moffett, Shannon Powers, Bridget Smith, Mirjam Walk.

Newsletter Credits

Stories: Sarah Durante, Lisa Gamber, Dan Hallam, Tracy Horan, Jen Schappert, Marci Sloan Photos: El Pomar Foundation Graphic Design: Knightley Design Printing: Sir Speedy Printing

Bruce Fitch

B O E C M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T The mission of the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center is to expand the potential of people with disabilities and special needs through meaningful, educational and inspiring outdoor experiences.

All or part of the BOEC’s programs are conducted on public lands under special permits from the United States Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service.

This issue of Empowering News is made possible by the Town of Breckenridge.

Keystone Adaptive Center Holiday Benefit The Keystone Adaptive Center (KAC) held a Holiday Celebration Fundraiser on Thursday, December 4, 2008 at our offices in Keystone Resort. The event was hosted by John and Jean Fitzgerald, Bob and Nancy Follett and Keystone Adaptive Center/BOEC staff. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails were provided and guests were entertained with a slide show of the Beijing Paralympics created by KAC on-site Manager Joe Kusumoto. Over $11,400 was raised to support the Keystone Adaptive Center—a record for this fundraiser! Thank you to our in-kind donors to this event: Keystone Resort, Vic Paxton, Blue Moon Bakery, Bula, Dillon City Market, D’Vine Wine and Loveland Pass Liquors.

Joe Kusumoto thanks Peg Henry for her generous support.

The Keystone Adaptive Center opened in 2005 to serve people with disabilities and special needs through outdoor recreation including adaptive skiing, snowboarding and handcycling. Through the generosity of Keystone Resort and the community, the KAC conducted 367 lessons during the 2007–08 ski season.

Donor Profile

BULA, North America’s largest provider of winter accessories, recently donated nearly 1,000 hats and accessories valued at approximately $25,000 to the BOEC. “We greatly admire the wonderful work the BOEC does in fostering the potential of people with disabilities and special needs through meaningful, educational, and inspiring outdoor experiences,” said Bula Brand Manager Juliet Korver. “Donating a portion of product is just one way we show our thanks and gratitude to organizations in mountain communities making a difference.” Bula’s partnership with the BOEC further extends its philanthropic ties to mountain communities. Two percent of Bula’s GREEN product line sales go to the National Ski Areas Association’s “Keep Winter Cool,” campaign, a sustainability grant program that provides seed money to innovative resort initiatives on global warming.

Erik Jorgensen, Marketing Director for Bula, delivers winter accessories to BOEC staff.

Bula, a Fijian expression meaning “hello, peace and cheers,” is also the brand name for the Montreal-based manufacturer of winter headwear, socks, and base layers. Bula’s motto, “To live the good life” permeates all that they do, and is reflected in a product line The BOEC is grateful to Bula for their donation of winter accessories. that offers a wide variety of styles stressing high quality at a great In-kind contributions are extremely important to the BOEC. Bula’s price. Bula’s design team comes from a storied background within donation allows the BOEC to recognize volunteers, staff and interns the industry, with strong roots in snowboarding, skiing and beach culture. To learn more, visit: with an appreciation gift without tapping into general operating funds.

Volunteer Profile Randy Ford, a Colorado native, has been volunteering with the BOEC for three years. Randy experienced first-hand the benefits of outdoor recreation when a ski accident his sophomore year of college resulted in his introduction to the adaptive ski world. Randy received a spinal cord injury and learned to bi-ski and four-track at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte. After physical therapy, time in the gym and skier improvement, he is once again an independent two-track skier. Randy now lives in Silverthorne, CO and owns Fordco Contracting. He volunteers with the BOEC Adaptive Ski Program and especially enjoys the “awesome people I get to go out and have fun with!” When not volunteering Randy likes to go camping, hiking, fishing, bow Randy Ford and Reggie Dickhoff get ready to head up the chairlift. hunting and of course skiing.

My Life as an Intern D

By Dan Hallam

an Hallam is a BOEC winter intern from the UK. He has over eight years of outdoor education experience.

Flying out here from the UK I didn’t really know what to expect, living in a house that I hadn’t even seen a photo of with 11 other complete randoms, and working on the mountain teaching adaptive skiing which I had never done. I think I may have got myself in a bit deep. Meeting all the other interns was cool. The first few days were spent getting to know everyone and learning the rules. We then started to venture out on to the slopes where we were to learn the skills we were going need to get through the coming six months. This time was amazing but hard to take in all the information we were being given, especially as I have never really skied that much on a real mountain (the previous summer I had been teaching beginner skiing on a 75 ft. dry ski slope). During this time we also made the move into the intern cabin. As the cabin has been modernized with a new floor and wireless it was not uncommon to hear the phrase “when I was an intern” from yesteryears’ interns. It’s a really nice place to call home for the winter even though the dishes may be a cause for concern. The training went well and everyone seemed to be taking in all the new skills although there were a few trips for some down from the lifts into the pit. Slowly we were getting it and as Thanksgiving approached it was time to start thinking about actually teaching. The day after Thanksgiving was probably was one of the hardest days for me, with a trip to Keystone and a full day to go and snowboard ended at lunchtime with a trip to hospital with a broken collarbone. With training pretty much finished I was meant to start teaching but being stricken to a sling was kind of restricting. Fortunately the powers that be found jobs for me around the cabins and the office. Being injured in a place like this is like taking a kid to a toy shop and telling them not touch. Although being down everyone around the BOEC kept my spirits up and being involved with all the lessons from the office side was a great thing to do as I learned about the other side of the office.

Staff Recognition The BOEC recently honored staff who had reached the following milestones in their employment. We would like to congratulate them and thank them for their work and dedication. 3-Years: Claire DiCola, Laura Irwin, Patrick Murphy, Jeff Pitts 5-Years: Jaime Benthin, Erik Miller, Ken Stone 8-Years: Tim Hannon, Charlie Hatch 10-Years: Mary Stoer-Wenger

2009 Calendar February 8–19

Mono Ski Camp - Mid-level development camp with an introduction to racing. March 13–15

Jr. Adventures Ski Camp (ages 8–14, development & processing disorders). March 27–30

April Fool’s Ski Trip (adults with traumatic brain injuries). March 28

Breckebeiner - Breckebeiner Nordic Ski-

A-Thon Fundraiser at Breckenridge Nordic Center. April 12–19

Soldier Spring Ski Week (soldiers and their

immediate families). May 5

25th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration and Fundraiser - Mi Casa Restaurant and

Cantina in Breckenridge. July 7–11

Camp Big Tree (ages12–16, sensory processing disorder).

BOEC winter interns in training. Dan Hallam is at the far right. Christmas soon came and although being away from the family was difficult everyone in the cabin seemed to get into the Christmas spirit, eventually. Boxing Day (December 26th) came and another visit to the doctor brought good news. He said that I could get back on the hill as long as I wasn’t lifting anything heavy or doing anything stupid.

July 24–28

Wilderness Camp (ages 16–25, developmental disabilities). August 8–10

Jr. Adventurers Camp (ages 8–14,

development & processing disorders).

Getting into teaching was great as that was one of the main reasons for my move out here. It has been so rewarding getting people onto the slopes and teaching them all the new skills I have learned in the previous months.

Visually Impaired Wilderness Camp

My time here has had some highs and some lows but overall I have learned a lot, not just about skiing but about living with people, people with disabilities, teaching and the idea that anything is possible as long as you can think even a little outside of the box.

Labyrinth Canyon Green River Trip

August 8–15

(ages15–19, active blind youth). September 30–October 6

(adults with traumatic brain injuries).

Moving Forward I

lived in Minnesota for 20 years. I attended my first two years of college at Mankato State University then transferred to CU Boulder where I got my degree in Sociology in 1997. I was working at Excelsior Youth Center (A home for troubled girls from 12 to 18 years old).

On February 6th, 1998 I had a brain aneurysm. I was pronounced brain dead by two hospitals, but further testing showed that surgery to remove the blood clot, which was the size of a man’s fist, in order to give my brain room to swell without further damage might save my life. I had surgery and then I was in a coma for 23 days. I spent 14 days in the Multi Trauma Unit and the next four months at Craig Hospital with intense therapy. I spent another 2½ years of outpatient therapy to re-learn EVERYTHING, including sitting, standing, and walking. I didn’t speak or eat for a year (tube feedings). I now use my wheelchair 80% of the time and use a quad cane to walk in the house. Most of my permanent damage is on my right side. I can’t use my right arm or hand at all. My right

By Tracy Horan, BOEC Participant

leg is basically used for support. I still have some trouble speaking and my brain gets tired easily. The aneurysm was never repaired, but has healed itself. I work on maintaining what I have. Things tend to go backwards if I don’t think about what I am doing. So, I keep working at moving forward! When I’m home I spend most of my time playing on the computer making some wedding invitations, business cards, etc. Three days a week I go to KADEP (King Adult Day Enrichment Program, long-time clients of the BOEC); making new friends and doing activities such as camping. The other two days I’m with my Independent Living Skills Specialist, Melinda doing cooking, social skills, pottery and stretching...all with the goal of furthering my independence.

Tracy Horan

year I was able to go on the canoe trip on the Green River in Utah. I’ve learned a lot about teamwork, how to get along with others, to be patient, how to handle new and different situations and how to be a cheerleader I’ve been going on trips for about three years in encouraging others. Besides that, I’m with the BOEC. I have been on the threebuilding my physical strength! day skiing trips (with KADEP), twice I’ve participated in the “Challenge By Choice” I can’t wait to go again! It is great fun, great program (a five-day camp with the Brain people, and I love the staff! THANK YOU Injury Association of Colorado) and this BOEC!

Bob Bond Honored by the Summit Foundation


and implementing courses for youth in the Mountain Mentors program, the SOAP program for at-risk girls and boys, for Upper Blue Elementary students, for employees at the Breckenridge Recreation Center and others. Prior to the BOEC, Bob worked for other non-profits, including ten years with Outward Bound as an Instructor, Course Director and Program Manager, and as an instructor/ trainer for the American Red Cross.

Bob’s work has impacted over 10,000 individuals in his time with BOEC, people with virtually every disability or special need imaginable.

Robin Albert from Summit Youth and Family Services and one of the nominators for the award commented about her experience working with Bob:

Bob has also worked extensively over the years with the community, designing

“Because of Bob Bond, over 268 boys and 100 girls have had the opportunity to experience



t the 18th Annual Summit Foundation philanthropy awards Bob Bond was presented with the Outstanding Professional Award from the Summit Foundation. Bob has served in the non-profit educational world for over 22 years and has been the Wilderness Program Director at the BOEC for the past twelve years. During this time he has overseen the design, safety, staffing and conduct of all Wilderness Programs.

a therapeutic wilderness program in lieu of detention. Youth in the Fifth Judicial District (Summit, Lake, Eagle and Clear Creek Counties) have a therapeutic alternative to incarceration. Youth involved in the Mountain Mentors have the opportunity to experience outdoor activities in both the summer and the winter. Bob has helped to expand Youth and Family Service’s vision of empowering the youth in our community to live healthier lives. Because of him, I continue to work with youth and hopefully I am that much better at it.” The BOEC community congratulates Bob on this well-deserved award for being such a dedicated professional and passionate advocate for those in need!

Thanks to all our contributors from February 16, 2008 to January 15, 2009. Please notify us of any errors or omissions.


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Thanks to the following teams and individuals who skied for pledges, and those who donated to the event! MAIN SPONSOR Breckenridge Nordic Center IN KIND SPONSORS Blue Sage Spa Breckenridge Brewery Daylight Donuts Hearthstone Catering Peak Provisions Sir Speedy Printing Starbucks Summit County Acupuncture Summit Daily News TEAMS Breck Nordic 2 Frisco Nordic Gold Run Grand Timber K Doll Pottery Lego Maniacs McGraphix Morgan, Dayton, Batty Team Brewer Team Brown Team Cannon Team Koehn Team PSL Team ZL The Ryans Team Murphy Team Twerp Team Vawser INDIVIDUALS Frank Barry Allyn Breech Jim Cancelosi Cheryl Marti Colpitts Bob Cottral Sharon Crawford Danny Heather Day Gene Dayton

Justin Easter Marty Gervais Mary Gervais Amber Jean Margaret Knode Lynn Koester Jon Kreamelmeyer Dawn Kruger Kazuaki Kubo Karen McDonough Kathy Neel Pat Neel Scott Obreckling Doc PJ Terry Powers Martha Richardson Marcia Ruderman Tom Sain David Simmons Dan Snow Denise Snow Aris Sophocles John Taylor Mark Taylor Willie Trowbridge Jim Walsh John Warner Gail Westwood Thane Wright

VOLUNTEERS Gwen Abbott David Adams David Allen Seitaro Amaguchi Jim Anderson Mary Anderson Jerry Andrew Mat Atkin Dave Axelrod Harry Backus Susan Baker Andrew Banks Jane Barber Ari Barger Robin Benko Donald Benovitz David Berry Susan Billingsley Mike Booth Dennie Bourbeau Skip Bower Louise Bowling Craig Bradford Bob Briggs Limbert Brighton Bob Buresh Donna Burton Barbara Butler Sherrie Calderini Tim Casey Andrew Champion Mark Chapman Marta Chrastil Kathryn Clarke Rick Clauder Maggie Cox Jennifer Cummings Mark Daley Nigel Davies Robert Dickson Campbell Diebolt Maggie Ducayet Wally Ducayet Ed Dugan Melanie Dukes Casey Duncan Laura Dziedzic Nathan Eastland John Easton John Ebright Linda Ebright Sara Ecker Gene Ehlers Ryan Emond Martha Fagan Dave Falkenstern Julie Falkenstern Jim Fangmeyer Meredith Farnum Matt Feeney Chris Fesmire Paul Filoso Caitlin Finn

Alex Fitch John Fitzgerald Dennis Flanagan Randy Ford Ted Ford Mary Francis Julia Friedman Kevin Friedman Linda Fritz Tom Fritz Larry Furrer Carol Furrer Dennis Gage Gary Gallagher Amanda Georgeson Igor Gesse Kerry Gibson Trevor Giles Lance Glaser Colin Goetz Shawn Goodfellow Bob Goodman Ben Green Jim Greiner Gail Griffin Larry Griffin Clyde Grindell Kristina Guerrero Jeffry Guidry Mary Guilfoyle Sean Gullete Thomas Guyer Alison Hagan Tom Hagy Helen Hailwood Alex Hall Averi Hall Michael Halouvas Pamela Halouvas Brandy Han Nadine Hanbury Bill Hanes Dorathy Harman Ben Harman Charlie Hatch Harry Backas JoAnn Hartwig Bryan Hartwig Beth Hassinger-Seeley Jonathan Heckman Jim Heil Lofton Henderson Caroline Henn Christie Herman Jim Hesse Jonathan Hill Ashley Hobart Stephen Hook Jane Houtz Chris Huckins Katie Jack Gregg Jakoby Angie Janzen Ted Johnson Bob Johnstone Andy Jordan Jonathan Joslyn Lisa Kazazian Joe Kimak Linda Kimak Vince King Angela Knightley Kelli Koga Kevin Konieczny Joey Kraft Jeanie Kramer Mike Kramer Kendall Krause Wally Kreidt Terry Kryshak Lance LaValle Shawn Leauber Ann Lebahn Stan Lebahn Tony Leonard Mike Lo Lily Lo Bernd Lutz Mark Macfee Lindsey Macfee Gabrielle Maher Thomas Mally Kristen Malmgren Kristen Marron Kent Martin Judith McCarroll Benjamin McCormick

Ron McDonald Hilary McDonald Adam McFarren Todd McKean Basilio Mercado Jim Merrick Maggie Messerschmidt Laura Metz Joel Mikkelsen Dave Miller Margaret Miller Melanie Miller Bess Minor Ben Moline Bill Montgomery Michael Montoya Bill Moody Ryan Moran Stephen Morris Bill Musolf Megan Myers Jesse Myers Jack O’Neil Christian Ornes Josh Osborne Carol Padlick David Paul Cory Pellerin Jessica Pettee Heather Pettigrew Charley Phelan Jeff Pitts Meredith Pollaro Misty Porter Linda Porter Denis Quintero Debra Quintero George Raynor Phyllis Raynor Martha Reynolds Norman Reynolds Earl Richmond Pamela Rush BJ Sample Mark Sample Tracy Sawczak Jon Sawvell Luke Schneider Martin Shifers Deborah Shoop Thomas Shrag Margie Sinton Jeanne Sloan Jim Sloan Jim Sneed Larry Snodgrass Brian Solganick Karen Sommers Judy Spinney Stephanie Stebbins Frank Steen Larry Strain Wilson Strong Don Sullivan Mickey Sullivan Craig Suwinski Beth Teitell Ben Thompson Shari Topping Mike Traynor Jim Trisler Marty Trisler Roger Tyler Janet Ulrey Nibo Urzua Joseph Vosilla Annie Waesche Morgan Wainwright Jill Walker Julie Walker Kent Walker Roy Ward Blair Warner Josh Watson Justin Welch Colleen Wilkens Peter Wilkens Bob Williams Catherine Williams Keve Wilson Gaye Wormington Steve Wormington Michael Zuckerman Laurie Zuehlsdorff

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center P.O. Box 697 Breckenridge, CO 80424

Join the BOEC for the

7th Annual Breckebeiner Nordic Ski Benefit Breckenridge Nordic Center

Saturday, March 28, 2009 6:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The BOEC challenges you, your friends and the business community to seek additional pledges in support of your participation. Funds raised will be used to provide accessible outdoor adventures for individuals with disabilities and special needs. • Course lengths of 3km to 60km. • The Breckebeiner is not a relay, so your team can ski the groomed Nordic trails together. Food, entertainment and door prizes will be included at this mountain celebration. • For more information on Breckebeiner please call Marci at 970.453.6422 or

You can make a donation to the BOEC at

BOEC Newsletter  

BOEC Newsletter

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