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Gift Guide 2014


Masonry = Style As the world’s oldest Fraternity, one of the reasons people remember a Mason, is our sense of style. Usually separated into two different categories, what we wear and use in lodge only and what we wear and use in our everyday life, a Freemason is always classy.

A) $65 - An astonishing new design by John Paul Gomez of Fraternal Ties (, this fraternal take on paisley is sure to captivate anyone who examines it. The tie is currently in pre-order and will NOT arrive for the Holidays, but it will be worth the wait. The look on his face when he opens a Fraternal Ties neck tie will not disappoint. Fraternal Ties, taking over the world one necktie at a time!

B) $199.95 - The Man Who Would Be King - Lambskin Masonic Apron with Hand-Drawn Symbols on Flap. This amazing apron is finished by hand by Bro. Juan Sepulveda, no digital printing, hand drawn every time. Every apron is a piece of art! USE COUPON



Gift Guide 2014

C) $7.95 monthly - A great periodical for any Freemason! The Working Tools is the largest independent Masonic magazine in the United States. Each month features great articles that explore Masonry in depth. Your monthly Grand Lodge Magazine, this is not! Subscription options are available; Print $7.95 per month (yearly is the same), PDF - $2.99 (delivered to your email) and many other options available. (

D) $12.00 - This large ornamental square and compass Masonic medallion is a real head turner. Its large size and plentiful reference to the symbols of Freemasonry surround the center piece of this sculpture. A beautifully enlightened letter ‘G’ is prominently shown in the center of the compasses. Makes an excellent desk topper or medallion to mount on anything. They look particularly great on officer stations in the lodge.


Gift Guide 2014

E) $18 - This 21 Chapter book is designed to provide you with insights into The Freemasonic Craft and its origin. It has over 180 pages of in depth information with additional Work opportunities, appendices, footnotes and Masonic challenges spread throughout the book. You’re invited into the cleverly hidden world of Freemasonry and this book reveals the origin of the Society and what its true Craft is. It explores the history of which even its members remain blissfully unaware. That is, until now. Available at (

F) $33 - This is the premier way to display your Masonic pin collection. It is carefully constructed using materials you would be proud to display. The flap is made of genuine lambskin. The flap is adorned with a Skull & Bones (Optional) and the body of the apron is constructed using fine linen. Now, instead of having a collection of pins in a box or in a drawer, you can proudly display your collection where it can remind you of all the life moments to which they were witness. Size is 12’x10” and is also available in a larger size (15”X13” $48) USE COUPON CODE - WCY FOR

10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! Available at (


Gift Guide 2014

G) $40 - Constellation bow tie. What better way to show off your love for the 7th Science! Everyone knows the “cool kids” wear bowties. Available at (

H) $14.95 - One of the only movies where we are the good guys. In this murder mystery Sean Astin and Randy Wayne star in this classic “Who done it?” Produced by Bro. Joseph James! Available at (

I)$10 - The gift that keeps on giving. Your purchase of this exclusive “Masonic Roundtable” lapel pin lets all your Brothers know that you value Masonic Education and discussions. It also secures the continuation of the hit Masonic program dedicated to “Sparking Light” or starting conversations which lead to the edification of all brothers in the Craft!


Gift Guide 2014

J) $50 annual print subscription - Another great publication that is sure to leave you a better man than before you had it. The Living Stones Magazine is one publication that doesn't stray away from the hard subjects, from esoteric studies to Masonic cultural studies, the Living Stones magazine has it. Also available as an electronic subscription for $25 a year, delivered as a PDF to your email. Available at (

K) $150 - Available in walnut, maple or mahogany, these bookends are top notch and hand made by Bro. Mike Messina. Everything he makes is custom and truly one of a kind. Available at (

L) $10 (plus 1.95 shipping) - 200th Anniversary Globe Christmas Ornament from the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. This handsome ornament will look great on your tree and celebrates the 200 years of Brotherhood of the Northern Jurisdiction! Available at (


Gift Guide 2014

M) $50 - This great starter set or replacement set for some, is perfect! Comes with everything you need for the BEST shave you can get. Preshave oil, after shave balm, shaving soap, brush, safety razor and blades all come in this pack. There is no better shave for a gentleman of the craft than a single blade shave. Easier and less expensive than cartridge systems, it’s a gift that will save money in the long run, too. The best kept secret of every gentleman. Available at (

N} $18.99 - A gentleman never “bums around”, but if you’re going to, then do it in one of these great shirts by “Freemasons of America”! Available at (


Gift Guide 2014

O) $34.95 - Alpha BRAIN. As Freemasons we strive to be the best men we can, and this includes the ability to have a strong mind. Alpha BRAIN is a complete,

balanced nootropic created from scientifically tested Earth grown ingredients to specifically activate vital areas of neurotransmission. This is a nutrient combination for your brain that in a pilot study indicated improvements in verbal memory and executive function, helping you to achieve greater focus, memory, and mental clarity. Available at ( USE COUPON CODE - WCY FOR 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

P) $28.80 - These unique wooden engraved cell phone cases are amazing! You can protect your device while having a truly unique and real wood cover. Available in a multitude of styles, and with different etchings. Available at (

Q) $23.95 (plus $6 for shipping) This is a one of a kind gift, a Commemorative Stone from US

Capitol. It makes a wonderful gift and taking piece for your home or office! Available at (


Gift Guide 2014

R) $65 - This hand turned pen by Brother Brian Evichin is sure to attract attention. This pen features Curly Maple with hand Scrolled Square and Compasses filled with Blue Acrylic. Furniture used is two-tone polished and satin Chrome. Available at (

S) $20 - Lombard’s “Old Master” Blended Scotch Whiskey. It’s not just a gimmick. Old Masters is a rich blend originally created for the Freemasons and has been carefully chosen from selected grain whiskies and specific Highland and Speyside malts. This is the perfect Masonic Gift for a Mason, Brother, Master or Past Master. If you are a mason to any degree you will appreciate the fantastic picture label on this bottle. This wonderful item would create a fabulous talking point before and after any Lodge meeting or dinner. It would also make a great prize for a Masonic raffle or initiation ceremony. This item is totally unique and original. You can find the Tasting Notes at ( To get this you’ll have to do some searching but is available through your local specialty beverage shop. Most places stock it for $20-


Gift Guide 2014

T) $329 - “The MASTER MASON” is a Limited Edition of only 250 timepieces. Its features include a 38mm solid stainless steel case and “quick change” mesh bracelet. A gently curved mineral crystal highlights the handcrafted, multilayered silver plated dial with blued screws and a date window. The battery operated Seiko movement offers exceptional, quality and accuracy, protected by a stainless steel case back with room for personalization. A one year warranty and deluxe presentation box complete this perfect timepiece for the Master Mason. Available at (

U) $7.75 - House of the Temple Sphinx Cufflinks. Show your love of Freemasonry and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite by wearing these awesome and stylish cufflinks, designed after the unique sphinxes that adorn the front of the House of the Temple. Limited quantities available. All proceeds go to the House of the Temple Preservation Fund. Available at (


Gift Guide 2014

V) $265 - Custom Top Hats from Mirror Finish Silk! If you’re a Master of a lodge or you know one, this is THE gift. Handmade from Buckram and Wire Frame, Silk Grosgrain Band, Cotton Inside Band, Paisley Lining, and a Mirror Finish Silk, these are amazing. A.J. Machete & Sons will work with you on the design, has excellent customer service and is the best at what they do. A fine selection of other items are available as well. They are indeed a fine clothier. Available at (

W) $2.99 - No where else can you find a more interesting book featuring unique and strange tales from our Fraternity. Bro. Steve Harrison has a knack for giving you the legend and giving you the facts also. This is truly an amazing gift! Available at (


Gift Guide 2014

X) $99 - Unique Masonic Rings by Brother Gordon Spurlock, Handmade out of 316 stainless steel nut or 303 Hexagon stock, these rings last a lifetime and are perfect for a Mason who works with his hands, even in the roughest of trades. Hundreds of designs available. Get yours at (

Thank you for checking out all these great items! “I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and wish you all the best luck in your endeavors, both in your personal lives and in your lodges for 2015.” ~WB:. R.H. Johnson
 “Whence Came You?”


Gift Guide 2014

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WCY Annual Holiday Masonic Wish List 2014  

A great listing of items and gifts for Freemasons this holiday season!

WCY Annual Holiday Masonic Wish List 2014  

A great listing of items and gifts for Freemasons this holiday season!