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Cable Quickie: Cable Cross Section Inspection and Measurement System Introducing the newly developed One Click Measurement™ Machine for Cable Cross Section Inspection and Measurement, THE CABLE QUICKIE. With Cable Quickie you can easily measure the following with a click of a button: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Insulator thickness on every strand. Inner and Outer Cable Diameter. Concentricity, Eccentricity, Ovality and Circularity of the Cable. Trend Analysis, Tolerance Settings and Width Deviation Analysis. Customized Report Generation EN 60811-1-1 and IS:10810 Reports

The machine is accompanied with comprehensive measurement software with the following functionalities: 1. One click measurement 2. Fully customizable report format 3. Colour coded Pass/Fail for tolerance parts. 4. Width analysis at more than 1000 points 5. Built in trend monitoring and Statistical Evaluation of any measured quantity. The maximum cable diameter that can be measured is 120mm with an accuracy of 1 micron. For online demo, please contact us at

Cable Measurement System