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Three phases were planned for this project. Phase 1 commenced in Spring of 2001 and was completed in Fall of 2003. This phase constructed three draining structures and a retaining wall at Sertoma Park. Phase 2 began in July, 2006 and ended in July, 2012. This phase included the construction of a new flood control dam north of where Skunk Creek and the Big Sioux River meet. Ten automatic gates were constructed on the dam as well as a flood wall near the Minnehaha Country Club. A replacement of several drainage structures was also included in this Phase. Phase 3 was launched in July, 2011 and concluded in July, 2013. This phase rehabilitated the existing dam, located north of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, and replaced fifteen drainage structures along with six flood closures. Phase 3 also replaced gates and their automatic controls. The official Physical Map Revision packet was signed and sent to FEMA in September of 2014. All levee improvements managed by the Corps was completed prior to this date. The City had the maps officially revised and accepted by FEMA. The final cost of the project was estimated at $62.5 million. The City of Sioux Falls has complete responsibility and maintenance of the operation.

Specific Risks        

Blocked roads from rising water Street and / or structural flooding Sewer backup Power loss Delayed emergency response Business interruption Property damage Evacuation (localized)


2016 Standards of Cover Manual  
2016 Standards of Cover Manual