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The majority of the population in Minnehaha and Lincoln County at risk to any of the above mentioned hazards are located in the urban area of Sioux Falls. Due to the small geographical size of the counties, the entire population would be at risk in terms of a nuclear or terrorist type hazard or a winter weather situation.

Minnehaha and Lincoln County Hazard Information Type of Hazard Winter Weather Definition: Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties are located within a region that experiences some of nature's most extreme winter weather. Residents of this area must be aware of the characteristics and effects of various elements of winter weather in order to enhance their survivability in all weather conditions. Winter weather can include the following.    

Periods of extreme cold where exposure is the primary concern Winter storms producing heavy snow and winds up to 35 mph Blizzards with considerable falling or blowing snow, winds in excess of 35 mph expected to continue for several hours and steadily falling temperatures making any travel not only difficult but dangerous as well Ice storms occur when the temperature warms allowing precipitation to freeze when it hits an exposed surface (freezing rain and drizzle). Ice storms down trees, power lines, communication towers and make driving impossible at times.

Vulnerability Capable of impacting the entire county or an isolated area of the county. Populations at risk include the elderly, the impoverished, the homeless, commuters, and rural and urban homeowners. Properties likely to sustain the most damage include utilities, transportation routes, livestock populations, and the roofs of both urban and rural structures. Environmental exposure depends on the direct area of impact, but should include exposure risks for wildlife.


2016 Standards of Cover Manual  
2016 Standards of Cover Manual