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May 2014


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More options are available for men’s rings.

Food, flowers, decor. Follow these tips for a stylish wedding in the coming year.

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Rustic chic outdoor wedding is set in scenic California.

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Today’s bride wants to take some risks and designers are stepping up to the challenge with alternative looks that are chic, youthful and luxurious.

Gin: The Spirit of the Year Grooms & Wedding Planning Something New for Mom Highlight Your Heels The Only Wedding Planner You’ll Need

2014 Gowns: The New Comfort Zone


Attack of the Wedding Photo!

With some unique editing, wedding photographers are creating some of the day’s best memories. MODERN BRIDES

May 2014


New metals provide more options for men’s rings BY JEAN HANSEN Advertorial Wrter

Once upon a time, a man’s wedding band was a simple band of yellow gold....and that was pretty much the extent of the options. Maybe a diamond was added, or maybe a variation in the finish, but alternative metals and materials were unavailable. A bride today has many more options of materials when it comes to selecting a ring for her groom. In addition to the standards of gold and platinum, rings are now available in different alloys, such as tungsten carbide, titanium, palladium and cobalt chrome. These new metals have their pros and cons, said Rusty Clark, jeweler, gemologist,and owner of Thorpe & Co. Jewellers at the corner of Fourth & Pierce streets in Sioux City. “Tungsten carbide is very much scratch resistant, which is a plus. The drawbacks are: No. 1, it cannot be sized, and No. 2, it can crack. The steel is so condensed it becomes brittle. It can break if you drop it or hit it just right. With gold you don’t have that problem,” Clark said. Titanium, another inexpensive alternative, is not scratch resistant. An advantage is comfort as “it’s very, very light. You don’t know you have it on,” said Clark, but he also cautioned, “It cannot be sized. You have to send it in to be replaced altogether, just as you do with tungsten carbide,” he said. “Palladium is a relatively new metal to be considered,” he said. “It’s a pure white metal like Platinum, which is dense and heavy, but palladium is a fraction of the cost. Gold, of course, can also be white. Gold is yellow in its pure form and alloyed to be white. Palladium is priced about the same as gold,” said Clark. Cobalt chrome is another white metal that is lustrous and hypoallergenic, with nice heft that can stand up to wear and tear. It’s also very versatile. Thorpe’s is adding dozens of styles with everything from meteorite inserts to camouflage patterns. But again Clark cautions, “These, too, cannot be sized and there are some costs to replace them, even if it’s only postage there and back.” Karen Clark of Thorpe & Company Jewellers said that a bride and groom should consider the point that when a ring has to be replaced, the sentimental attachment to that original ring is gone with it. It becomes a functional decision, not a sentimental decision. 4

May 2014


Photos courtesy Thorpe & Co. Jewellers

Alternative metal options for groom’s rings can be found at Thorpe & Co. Jewellers.

“After all, a wedding is about sentimentality,” she said. That is why the Clarks recommend that couples stick with the traditional metals, such as platinum and gold. “Gold is the one I prefer that a bride buy. When you choose a precious metal, it shows you spent something on your guy that has intrinsic value. With the price of gold the way it is, I realize it’s more difficult. That’s why we offer alternative metals,” he said. When it comes time for you to choose a ring for that special someone, visit Thorpe & Co. Jewellers in downtown Sioux City or call (712) 258-7501. You’ll see why they were selected one of The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” vendors!

Special Advertising Photos

Great gift ideas: Top left: If you’re looking for gift ideas for your wedding party, consider wine accessories, pens, letter openers, flasks and photo albums from Thorpe & Co. Jewellers. Left: Waterford China will add elegance to your table. Brides can register for the china and accessories at Thorpe & Co. Jewellers. Above: Find your cake accessories at Thorpe & Co.

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May 2014


The Top Trends for 2014

farms. “More people are concerned about where their food is coming from,” Taylor says. For cakes, both “naked” cakes — un-iced, exposed layers, as made famous by New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar — and ombré-colored cakes remain popular, but at the end of the meal, consider mixing it up with a sweet assortment of miniature treats. Serve your guests a variety of the trendy snack-size desserts — doughnuts, scones or handheld pies, which also can be a savory snack with a twist on the filling. Small scoops of ice cream topped with wafers also make for a simply delicious dish.

Food, flowers, décor. Follow these tips for a stylish wedding in the coming year BY JULIA HASKINS Brides 365

Décor The rustic wedding theme is getting a cosmopolitan update in 2014, according to the experts. “People are tired of the shabbychic thing, so they’re going for an old world glamour kind of vibe,” says Sara Burnett, the editor of wedding-inspiration blog Burnett’s Boards. Weddings in the coming year will take on more vintage elements to transport guests to a union that could have easily taken place decades ago. Think less whitewashed furniture and more classic mid-century pieces, says Erin Taylor of Bustle Events, a California-based, eventplanning firm. To help you set the scene, envision places with specific time periods, such as Venice, Italy, at the turn of the century. “Vintage elements are romantic and bring an old-world charm to weddings,” says Deborah Collins Dunn, editor of the Wedding Thingz blog. And it’s the perfect way to incorporate the “something old” into the wedding tradition. “Many brides add old photos, books, typewriters and suitcases to the decor,” Dunn says. “One of my favorites is seeing old books on the reception tables for centerpieces.” Use your own family heirlooms to give the setting a personal touch. If you’re short on 6

May 2014

For a chic bouquet, make peonies the star an accent them with roses.

pieces with a nostalgic feel, Burnett also suggests taking photographs with a double exposure. The effect will result in shadowy, beautifully haunting pictures. When decorating, embrace elaborate prints. Solid colors and chevron are on their way out to make way for more unusual prints, like eye-catching geometric shapes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, either. “Brides are getting a little more bold in their color palettes and rental choices,” Taylor says, and it extends all the way down to the smallest details like the invitations. A few colors in particular are


really making a splash. Expect weddings accents with hints of gray and mint green — a cousin of emerald, 2013’s color of the year. Food and Cake For a trendy cocktail hour, presentation is key. Taylor suggests providing small tastes served in shot glasses. They can be filled with familiar hors d’oeuvres, or stuffed with bite-sized versions of homey favorites like macaroni and cheese or chicken potpie. But no matter the food, the local, farm-to-table trend still reigns, so look into venues and caterers who source from local

Flowers Peonies are the flowers of the moment, and the bigger the better to make a statement piece that pops. Round out a peony bouquet with fillers like roses and hydrangeas. Tulips are another hot flower that can stand on their own in a vase. Pinks and peaches are classic flower colors that are especially popular for 2014, but your floral arrangements can veer off course to match your own theme. Keeping with the vintage trend, don’t be afraid to adorn the setting with flowers that go beyond traditional blush hues. To tie a darker color scheme together, add in some dark floral arrangements for a look that’s elegant, not eerie. It’s perfect for making floral arrangements look like still-life art, a trend Burnett says florists will be experimenting with in the coming year. Your floral arrangements don’t have to be relegated to table centerpieces. Brides of 2014 are playing with bold hair embellishments like dreamy flower crowns with tiny baby’s breath and large mixed bouquets. © Brides 365

Look for the doughnut — in all it’s forms — to be a hot dessert item in 2014

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Rain showers on a wedding day may bring good luck, but they are seldom coveted. However, a different type of shower altogether is often highly anticipated and can help couples feel like they’re one in a million. Wedding showers are gift-giving parties held for couples about to get married. The custom began in the 19th century and continues to present day, primarily in North America and Australia. Guests traditionally “shower” the bride-to-be with all the necessities (and some fun extras) that she will need after she ties the knot. These gifts will help the soon-to-be-married couple establish a home together. Bridal showers are steeped in tradition, but today’s bridal showers continue to veer off the beaten path. Nowadays, bridal showers feature fun and games much like a party having nothing to do with a wedding., a website that aims to help couples plan their weddings and all the events leading up to

Gifts are still important, but new trends in wedding showers have shifted the focus of these events.

the big day, identifies these key trends in modern bridal showers. * Couples’ showers: Modern couples who like to be all-inclusive are now planning bridal showers that cater to mixed audiences. Dubbed a “couple shower,” these parties include female and male friends and relatives. Gifts are still the main focus of the event, but they’re varied and include guy-friendly items within the mix of household goods.


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May 2014



Gin Up Your Bar


Want to know the secret to getting a great drink at a wedding? Ask a bartender. “I’ll do straight spirits, man, every time. Gin and tonic or gin and soda,” says Danny Shapiro, co-owner of Scofflaw, a ginfocused cocktail bar in Chicago. Such enlightenment, of course, is the product of some tribulation. “I was at this wedding in Richmond, Va. I basically tried ordering an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan or something, and I had to walk the bartender through the steps,” he says, taking care to note that was during his “younger days” when he was first getting into cocktails. “There were people waiting for drinks, the bartender had no idea what I was talking about it. “Ultimately, you don’t want to coach them too specifically,” Shapiro says. So, he gave only a basic rundown of the ingredients and ended up with a terrible drink. The lackluster cocktail caused him to be upset for the next “15 to 30 minutes,” he says. “At that point I realized the way to go at weddings is straight spirits or a highball of something and soda or something and Coke.” For a lot of folks these days, that something is gin, which has been riding a wave of popularity — be it in the press, the rise in small-batch distillers or literal gin joints like Shapiro’s (both he and Scofflaw were named Chicago’s top ‘tender and bar in 2013). So, naturally, the spirit deserves a spot at your wedding bar. Here’s what you need to know. Get To Know Your Gin Shapiro stocks more than 80 varieties of gin at his bar. “What’s cool with gin is there are so many variations on one


May 2014


flavor profile, and those variations are so minute,” he says. “It’s fun to explore.” The takeaway: Whether you’re working to craft a signature cocktail or just want to make sure your mixers pair well with the spirit, spend some time getting to know its profile. And find out the ingredients in your gin. Orange or grapefruit? Garnish with a peel. If it’s barrel-aged and you pick up some clove, stud the orange peel with a few cloves. Cassia bark? Try a cinnamon stick. Rosemary, in its hardy glory, always makes a great cocktail garnish, too. “I usually try to taste the spirit on its own and focus on what I believe to be interesting notes in that spirit, then play upon them and exaggerate them with other spirits or ingredients,” Shapiro says. Mix It Right You want to be cognizant of your budget, but you also want to please your guests. Don’t skimp on a great drink just to make your alcohol go longer. Shapiro’s ratio for a great drink is one part alcohol to two parts water-based mixer. “One and a half ounces gin, 3 ounces tonic. That way you can taste your booze, but it shouldn’t be too offensive,” Shapiro says. Tweak the Classics If you’re unfamiliar with gin cocktails, just start with a classic drink — then modify it to make it work for you. Take the Pegu Club — gin, Cointreau, lime juice, bitters. Shapiro says subbing in blanco tequila would work just as well as the classic gin version. The same works for the inverse, such as a Gin Old Fashioned, with gin taking the place of the bourbon. You get the idea. © Brides 365

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May 2014


The Brewery Wedding

A wedding party toasts at Chicago’s Revolution Brewing’s taproom.

America’s craft breweries aren’t just great places to get a beer. With unique indoor and outdoor spaces, and, yes, a steady supply of libations, couples are turning to them for creative, fun wedding venues. Cheers! BY JILL JARACZ Brides 365

Some couples meet in a bar, but how many actually get married in one? Perhaps more than you think. Meredith Cella Pellegrini did not have her heart set on such a location when she and her husband Patrick were scouting wedding venues for their May 2013 wedding. The Chicagoans looked at a number of loft spaces around the city, desiring a locale that was casual but cozy. But the place that ended up capturing their hearts was the Brewer’s Lounge at Chicago’s Revolution Brewing, an event space that doubles as the second level of Revolution’s brewpub restaurant. Unlike a raw space that would have required a caterer, bringing in alcohol and perhaps table and chair rentals, the brewery space handled everything under one roof. “A brewery that provides food and booze takes a lot of the guesswork out,” Pellegrini says. “Bottom line, in addition to being a really beautiful space … it was way more affordable than the other options we were considering.” 10

May 2014

The Pellegrinis’ wedding was one of more than 50 that took place in 2013 at Revolution’s Brewer’s Lounge, which catered to just three weddings when it opened in 2011, according to Meghan Rutledge, Revolution’s event planner. Rutledge anticipates around 70 weddings in 2014 and already is receiving requests for 2015. Like Revolution, craft breweries all around the country, with their brewing facilities, brewpubs and taprooms, quickly are becoming hot wedding destinations for craft-beer enthusiasts like the Pellegrinis — “We’re both beer drinkers,” she says — who are looking for a unique backdrop for their big day. After all, craft beers value the same tenets as marriage: quality, care and love. Couples want to share that love at their weddings, so they’re going straight to the source. The Local Factor Although it may sound like a new concept, breweries have been hosting weddings for years. Boulevard Brewing Co. has been creating


craft beers in Kansas City, Mo., since 1989. When the company expanded operations to include a new 70,000-square-foot facility in 2006, event spaces were part of the plan alongside increasing brewing and bottling capacities. “[The brewery] was often the place you had community events,” says Blue Lawrence, director of hospitality at Boulevard, which hosts wedding receptions both large and small in its Muehlebach Suite (more than 200 guests) and Brewhouse Bar (up to 75 guests). For KC couples, the idea of having their wedding at a brewery is a no-brainer. “Boulevard is an icon of the community,” Lawrence says. “[People] appreciate that and want to celebrate in a place that resonates as a city. “It’s very local,” she adds. According to the American Craft Brewers Association, on average most Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery. And don’t be surprised to see that number get smaller. According to a report from Demeter Group

Investment Bank, the craft beer industry has grown at a 10percent clip since 2007 and is expected to represent nearly 15 percent of the overall beer industry by 2020. On the state level, as one example, the number of microbreweries in the state of Minnesota grew from just nine in 2010 to nearly 40 in 2013.

Handkerchiefs and hops: A wedding at Revolution’s Brewer’s Lounge.

The Look and Feel Craft breweries have taken care to create event spaces that provide a wide range of atmospheres, from casual to formal. Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Ore., also has held wedding receptions for more than a decade in its Mountain Room, which looks out onto the Cascade Mountains. “Views, that’s the draw right there,” says Allison Leach, Deschutes’ marketing coordinator and private events manager. Similarly, Boulevard’s Muehlebach Suite, which hosts more than 70 weddings a year, has a grand terrace that overlooks the city. “[It’s] embracing Kansas City the way Kansas City has embraced the brewery,” Lawrence says. At Revolution, Rutledge says their spaces aim to be unique and beautiful without being too stuffy, nor too casual. “We use a lot of repurposed wood [and] bourbon barrels that make the spaces warm and inviting,” she says. In addition to its brewpub lounge,

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May 2014


Revolution has a second space located in a taproom and production facility that is designed for cocktail party-style weddings. “It’s industrial and funky and has a little bit of a shock factor because it’s huge,” Rutledge says. One wall of the space is entirely glass and shows off the production lines. The space itself contains bourbon barrels that are aging beer. “You’re really in the middle of the building and brewing [production],” Rutledge says. SweetWater Brewing Co. of Atlanta also has two spaces with different atmospheres. Its Tasting Room is a more casual space with a large wall of glass windows and an outdoor patio with a bandstand and bar. The Reel Room has more formal elements, including a custom SweetWater back bar, Georgia marble bar top and custom wood barstools, says Carrington Moore, SweetWater’s director of enjoyment and events.

A couple poses among the kegs at Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing Co.

Patrick and Meredith Pellegrini tie the knot in Chicago’s Revolution Brewing’s Brewer’s Lounge.

Unique Experiences Breweries can offer unique experiences for guests that couples can’t get with traditional event spaces. At Boulevard, guests get to have the full line of year-round Boulevard beers and wines that aren’t at other Kansas City event spaces. Deschutes, Revolution and SweetWater all offer private tours to wedding guests, and SweetWater includes a souvenir pint glass as a favor. The tours give guests a chance to learn about the beers from the brewery’s expert servers. “We understand that not everybody drinks beer,” Rutledge says. “People who are not normally beer drinkers will go on the tour and try it.” Some breweries can even provide a rustic outdoor farm experience. Rogue Ales of Portland, Ore., operates two farms in the area, growing ingredients like barley and hops for its Chatoe line of beers. The brewer hosts weddings at its Hop Farm in Independence, Ore. Couples can marry outdoors amongst the vines of floral hops, and then move into the rustic barn for the reception. Guests can enjoy the ambience of the farm and its surrounding fruit and nut orchards, and, of course, partake in Rogue’s beer and spirits. Beyond the Beer As with their beers, brewers are passionate about food. “People are always surprised by our food quality. They know we do a nice job but are blown away,” says Deschutes’ Leach. Pellegrini needed a menu at Revolution to fit her and her husband’s vegetarian lifestyle. “They were super accommodating about creating a menu with vegetarian options,” she says. That even included a localinspired, late-night snack — vegan Chicagostyle hot dogs — to match the local brews. “The food and beer together were just outstanding at Revolution,” Pellegrini says. © Brides 365


May 2014



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May 2014


Rustic Chic Wine Country Sets Scene for Outdoor Wedding BY JEAN HANSEN

Advertorial Writer

With some help from close friends and family, Stacey Hoffman and Jason Clark of Moreno Valley, Calif., were able to have the wedding of their dreams. Hoffman, the daughter of Greg and Linda Hoffman of Moreno Valley, Calif., married Clark on April 20, 2013, at Lake Oak Meadows in the beautiful, green and lush area of Temecula, Calif. The venue’s setting in vibrant wine country provided the perfect backdrop for the rustic chic outdoor wedding, according to Jason’s mother, Robin Clark. “At Lake Oak Meadows, they grow grapes and make wine, but at the time of the wedding, it wasn’t open for tastings that I know of; it was just an event venue. It’s about 30 miles from our home. Stacey (the bride) did a lot of online research for venues. Stacey, my son Jason, Stacey’s mom, Linda, and I all visited a couple of venues and when we saw Lake Oak Meadows, Stacey knew that was the place she wanted to get married. It’s absolutely beautiful!” said Robin, who grew up in Correctionville, Iowa. Her husband, Kirt, is a rural Quimby, Iowa native. Stacey said it was her and Jason’s goal to be sure their friends and family would feel comfortable, in a relaxing environment. “We didn’t want too formal of an event, and an outdoor venue in wine country was the perfect atmosphere,” she said. The venue really set the tone for the event because it’s planted with so many bright, gorgeous flowers, surrounded by grape vines, and it has ponds with fire fountains. The bride considered the background of the venue and the area in which they live when she chose to use succulents from the Clarks’ garden in the bouquets and arrangements according to a rustic theme. “We have a lot of succulents in our backyard,” Robin said. “Stacey’s always drawn to them. She really likes the look of them. We live in the desert – with water. We try to be frugal with water. The succulents held up really, really well. The guys had them in the boutonnieres. It was a cute idea.” The groom designed the boutonnieres and tied twine around the succulents. Barbara Clark and her assistants made 14

May 2014

Milissa Smith, Love with Flare Photography,

Stacey Hoffman and Jason Clark of Moreno Valley, Calif., were married April 20, 2013 at scenic Lake Oak Meadows in Temecula, Calif. It set the backdrop for the rustic chic outdoor wedding.

them and added a coral colored flower for a touch of color. Robin said that Stacey really likes the color coral and applied it wherever she


wanted a pop of color. In addition to being an accent color in the flowers, coral was used to brighten up the burlap table runners.

The wedding was unique and different because Stacey used a lot of people she knew – and was friends with – to help her with the details. “I think that reflects on her personality. They know her better, and they know her vision. Stacey is just lovely. She’s so beautiful, friendly, outgoing and funny. She and my son are alike in a lot of ways. They do a similar job, working in an Emergency Room together,” Robin said. The families made most of the decor themselves. It was a group effort with both families – and they did all the flowers. Because of the involvement of family and friends, it made the wedding less expensive than it could have been. “My sister-in-law, Barbara Clark, used to own a flower shop so she came down from northern California, brought one of her designers and enlisted a friend to help. Stacey, she and I went to the Flower Mart in Los Angeles a few months prior and picked out flowers Stacey liked and secured a vendor. We ordered the flowers ahead of time and then she and I went down the Thursday morning before the wedding and picked them all up. It saved us so much!” said Robin. Robin spent about $500 for the flowers, which were placed in mason jars that Robin borrowed and collected over months. She ended up saving about $1,000 on the flowers and the families made all of the favors with succulents that she purchased. The wedding party got ideas for the centerpieces, flowers and other decor by searching Pinterest and various other wedding websites for months. For the wedding photography, Stacey used her friend, Milissa Smith, of Love with Flare Photography, The cake came from baker Debbie McLaughlin of Cakes to Celebrate in Temecula. “She uses a lot of champagne and wine from area wineries in her cakes. The cake was a couple of different flavors, one of them being Almond Champagne. She uses all local stuff in her cakes,” said Robin, who works in Governmental and Community Relations at the University of California, Riverside. The flowers and succulents were included again on the three-layer cake, which incorporated burlap and ribbons in the same stripe color as the ties Stacey had handmade for the guys. The ceremony was the most personalized aspect of the whole wedding. “Our good friend and neighbor Diana Sanford, an attorney, became a deputy for the day and married them. We have been neighbors for 24 years and our kids grew up together so she knew Jason and Stacey very well. I have to say it was the most perfect ceremony I’ve ever attended (and I’m not

Milissa Smith, Love with Flare Photography

A wedding ceremony at Lake Oak Meadows in Temecula, Calif., brought together friends and family. Top: Stacey Hoffman and Jason Clark were married by family friend and neighbor Diana Sanford. Lower left: Kirt and Robin Clark are pictured with their son, Jason, and Stacey Hoffman. Lower right: Greg and Linda Hoffman are pictured with their daughter, Stacey.

just biased),” Robin said. The Clarks’ younger son, Jeremy, and his fiance, Stefanie (who happens to be the bride’s best friend) were best man/maid of honor. Also, Colin Sanford, their neighbor’s son, his wife, Beth, and young son, Cayden, were also in the wedding. “It was a close-knit bunch,” she said. Stacey said she still feels the most important part of her wedding was that most of her vendors and people involved were close to her in some way. This made for a less stressful wedding day. When planning the wedding with her son and now daughter-in-law, the advice Robin found most helpful was this:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff – that was the most difficult for me because I plan lots of events at my work and I know the devil is in the details, so that was a tough one. Most of all, just enjoy the day to the fullest and we all definitely did that.” For those who are in the midst of planning their own special day, Robin said it helps to have a clear vision of what you want. “I know brides change their minds all the time, but if you can pick a theme and stick to it, that is the easiest to coordinate. You also have to be flexible and go with the flow. Things happen and you have to adjust,” she said.


May 2014


‘Pin’ this wedding!

Photos by Milissa Smith, Love with Flare Photography

Everything from the flowers to the favors, chalkboard and centerpieces was designed to coordinate with the rustic chic theme of the Stacey Hoffman-Jason Clark wedding held on April 20, 2013. Among the ideas you can gleam are unity candles, floral arrangements and bouquets with succulents and bright accent flowers, burlap table runners, and more.


May 2014



What’s the Groom Say? More grooms are getting involved in planning the wedding, which means more grooms are getting stressed out about planning the wedding

It’s not his day. He just thinks it is. According to retailer David’s Bridal’s 7th annual “What’s On Bride’s Minds?” survey, 83 percent of grooms are actively involved in making wedding decisions. The David’s Bridal survey echoed research from Mintel, which found that not only are men becoming more involved in wedding planning, they’re becoming nearly as stressed as women when it comes to planning a wedding, with 32 percent of men calling the process “overwhelming,” compared to 42 percent of women. Two-thirds of brides surveyed said there is at least one thing that would turn their groom into one of those little green guys at the top of the page (starts with “Groom,” ends with “zilla”). The areas most likely to set off the groom? The guest list (31 percent), music selection (24 percent) and honeymoon planning (16 percent). According to Mintel, 39 percent of men said they were in charge of picking the reception venue, and a quarter of men were in charge of selecting bridal party gifts. Forty-six percent of men in the Mintel research said the ceremony site was the most important aspect of the day (versus 36 percent of women). That said, the bride still is calling the shots. Nearly 20 percent of the brides surveyed by David’s Bridal said they wouldn’t trust their groom to make a wedding decision without input from them. In fact, more than 40 percent of brides said they didn’t even trust their groom to pick out their own tux for the wedding. Yikes! © Brides 365



Sioux City Country Club offers a beautiful setting, exceptional service and delicious menus to ensure your perfect celebration. Wedding Receptions

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Contact Events Director, Kirsten James to begin plannning your special day.

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May 2014


The Paper Trail Stationery is perhaps the one style decisions that is present throughout the entire wedding process, from the save-the-date all the way to the thankyou. Here’s how to keep your choices on trend BY LINDSEY ROMAIN Brides 365

Like all things wedding, invitation and save-the-date stationery are amorphous trends, changing with the year, just like fashion. Stationery also is very couple-specific; lush fonts and classic framings are as popular as block letters and bright colors. But another trend has emerged in the last few years that seemed at first glance a detrimental slight to the folks who make paper goods: the Internet invite. Customizable down to the size, webgenerated stationery lets eager brides and grooms drag and drop, and highlight and delete, to their heart’s content. Great for them, but what does it mean to traditional wedding stationery? Not too much, really. Patti Murphy, a New London, Ct.-based designer who sells custom-made wedding stationery through Etsy and blogs at, isn’t concerned about the online trend, nor does she think the generators are as custom-specific as they seem. “The couples who want every detail to be just right will steer away from the template options and go for something more custom,” Murphy says. Kleinfeld, the iconic New York dress destination, in 2013 introduced its own line of wedding stationery called Kleinfeld Paper, which can be found in paperies around the country. Paul Wainman, paper president at Kleinfeld, says that in-store experiences, as opposed to online, continue to yield the best results. “By shopping in store, the brides receive the etiquette expertise of the stationery store staff as well as the ability to touch and feel the tactile nature of paper and print


May 2014

techniques, which is critical in the purchase of wedding invitations.” Local retailers carrying the Kleinfeld line can be found via the KleinfeldPaper website. However, James Hirschfield, founder and CEO of Paperless Post, one of the most popular online invite generators, says that people will likely continue to use both options. “Our feeling is that neither paper nor online wedding invitations is ‘correct’ as long as the message is considerably designed, thoughtfully worded and beautifully delivered.” Whether they’re purchased online or custom designed in-store, the biggest trends aren’t necessarily market-specific. Here are some of the most popular trends paper makers have noticed this year – both online and custom printed – and how they expect things to change in the coming seasons.

and their guest, so custom illustrations or unique wording makes it feel made for them,” she says, noting that customizable rubber stamps have been one of her biggest hits. Even traditional templates are being infused with something extra – like a pop of color, an incorporated pattern or an envelope liner, according to Faught. She calls this traditional update “class with sass.”

Typography Blame it on Helvetica hype, but couples are more typography-obsessed these days than ever before. “Fonts with a hand-lettered look or vintage-inspired type are the biggest requests we receive from brides,” says Jennifer Faught, another Etsy seller and blogger at A look through any stationery catalogue or online retailer will show a plethora of options, ranging from bold letters to delicate script, from the modern to the vintageinspired. Faught’s personal favorites are “stacked fonts” and “bold typography with a nod to tradition.”

Designer Style Bridal bigwigs like Preston Bailey and Vera Wang have long been putting their names on stationery lines. So it’s not big surprise that one of the biggest markets for Paperless Post, the popular online stationery generator, has been their collaboration with high-end fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The line, which is “runway inspired” according to Hirschfeld, has been a great success for the online retailer. “Oscar has one of the more sophisticated fashion perspectives on the bridal world and this comes through in his stationery,” Hirschfeld says. The prints range from gold embroiderystyle on a white background, to dark blues and pinks, to solid greys and floral-patterned blacks. They all retain the elegance and femininity of his custom gowns – a traditional, romantic, option for soon-to-be-weds. “Chic,” says Hirschfield of the pieces, which can be used for save the dates, wedding invites, engagement parties and more.

Dare to Be Different Murphy says she’s noticed a lot of unconventional invites this year, both in wording and printing. “I think each couple wants the invite to feel special for them

Foil Foil-stamped and letterpress invites were popular styles at the Best New Product awards earlier this year, where eight National Stationery Show and Creative & Lifestyle Arts exhibitors were honored. Foil stamping is a specialty process that involves heat and pressure to transfer foil type and patterns to paper. Because it’s applied with pressure, it leaves a slightly raised


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impression on the paper. Faught has seen a lot of success with foil printing in her shop, a look that she calls “so very beautiful.” The extra effort involved makes it a more laborious process for designers, but one that assures hard work and specific attention to detail went into the process.

400 Main St., Jefferson, SD ● 605-310-3263 ●

Green Goings With an abundance of paper comes environmental concern. is one site that offers ecofriendly invitation designs printed on recycled paper. Some Etsy shops and smaller retailers offer recycled paper options, too. It’s a trend Murphy has her eye on. “I think natural options will emerge even more,” she says. “I have a lot of couples concerned about using recycled papers, seeded papers and other earthy items.” Kraft Paper >> Those big rolls of cardboard-looking paper that kids scribble on for elementary school art projects? That’s called Kraft paper, and it’s been another big stationery trend this year. “Our vintage-inspired invitation suite printed on Kraft paper has been the most popular invitation design this year,” says Faught. She says it’s not just for DIY anymore – “it’s perfect for a fall or spring event, and can be dressed up for a more chic occasion.” Who would have thought? © Brides 365


May 2014



NEW for Mom

It’s a big day for her, too! And now, she doesn’t have to settle for a department store dress. Bring her along to the bridal boutique, where designers are introducing collections made just for her.


May 2014


Brides want elegant look in party rentals Brides are going for an elegant look this year when choosing party rentals for the reception, according to Teresa Saugstad, manager of Uptown Wedding and Event Rental, 2318 Third St., Sioux City. “For colors, brides are choosing either purples and silver or nautical themes. Some brides are choosing bright colored daisies with matching beads,” she said. Couples can add more color to their reception with their tables and chairs. They can dress their chairs with covers and sashes, and layer their linens to bring color back in. Disposables are available in a rainbow of colors to coordinate with your wedding choices. Angie Jenkins, assistant manager of Uptown Wedding and Event Rental, said elegant outdoor weddings seem to be on the increase. Uptown Wedding and Event Rental offers tents that can go on concrete or grass. The tents are available as framed or rope and pole with sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 40’ x 120’. They’re able to accommodate a simple cake table all the way to 800 guests. Arches are a popular accessory to add style and decoration to weddings. Couples are making their weddings more festive and accommodating for their guests by adding bounce houses for children, photo booths, sweet and salty bars, ice cream machines, coffee makers and popcorn machines. The photo booth allows guests to have their picture taken using a variety of props that are included and receive a memorable keepsake in black and white or color with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding. Another trend they’re seeing at Uptown Wedding and Event Rental is couples are making their own food for their wedding to save money and are choosing to rent chafers to keep their food warm during their event. Also, for outdoor weddings, they have a towable covered 5’ gas grill to cook a variety of meats including chicken, steaks, etc. If you are planning a wedding, visit with the friendly staff at Uptown about the latest trends and ideas for weddings. They allow brides to pick up their items early, and the rentals are always clean and ready to go. For more information, call 712224-2318.

“For colors, brides are choosing either purples and silver or nautical themes. Some brides are choosing bright colored daisies with matching beads.” TERESA SAUGSTAD

Manager, Uptown Wedding and Event Rental

WEDDINGS we make planning a weDDing

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Emma’s Event Center offers a spacious, beautiful space & flexible options that allow you to personalize your event and stay on budget. Emma’s has several room sizes and setups available. Our largest room is approximately 6,000 square feet. We can also accommodate more intimate gatherings in our smaller banquet room.

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May 2014


The New Comfort Zone With a range of necklines, sleeves, illusion elements and lace — lots and lots of lace — designers are showing off alternative looks that allow brides to take a few risks, with dress styles that are chic, youthful and luxurious, without having to settle on the strapless standby.

‘Danielle’ - Ivory and Nude lace illusion A-line dress with a organza skirt and lace appliqué neckline from Leanne Marshall. 22

May 2014



What’s not to love about 2014 trends in the bridal market? This year, brides are hard-pressed to find something they dislike, as designers are giving them choices galore in terms of necklines, silhouettes and embellishment details. With brides flocking to social media for nonstop ideas, there’s a sense that brides are stepping out of comfort zones and want more choices from designers to feed their sartorial wedding dreams. “The past couple of years felt safe, and this year designers took more chances and offered more breadth,” says Anna Walsh, owner of two Denver bridal boutiques, Anna Be and A & Be Bridal Shop. Topping the list were the selection of necklines parading down the runways. Strapless gowns had to make room for alternatives, such as silky cowl necks, shoulder straps, Vnecks, cap sleeves and elbow sleeves. Some highlights were the less-than-demure, bias-cut sheath gown with a plunging cowl neckline by Sarah Janks, along with the designer’s ladylike cap-sleeved silk marocain gown with a neckline framed in delicate, beaded French lace. Leanne Marshall’s looks included a coy lace gown with lace elbow sleeves. And, Modern Trousseau paid homage to décolletage with a Thai silk ballgown featuring a draped bodice with off-the-shoulder straps. “There isn’t just one neckline choice anymore,” Walsh says. “Brides can really pick and choose what they want. It used to be, I had only three dresses that weren’t strapless in the store.” At the same time, there were more riffs on strapless looks with the help of illusion styles, a trend that shows no abatement.

RIGHT: ‘Marena’ - Thai silk ballgown with draped bodice and off-the-shoulder straps from Modern Trousseau. BELOW: ‘Arnelia’ - Trumpet gown in primrose lace with French grand peony appliqué from my Kuschel.

Modern Trousseau offered a cap-sleeve look made of Alencon lace over a blush silk duchess gown. An ivory and nude lace gown with an organza skirt by Leanne Marshall and a trumpet dress by Amy Kuschel, done in primrose lace with an appliqué of French grand peony, are feeding the fascination of modest, yet skin-baring looks. “These gowns provide a level of comfort for brides who don’t want to feel overexposed,” says Leanne Marshall, the “Project Runway” season five winner, who also launched a diffusion bridal line for the season. The Backs Have It For those brides eager to show off a little skin, designers didn’t disappoint. Dramatic backs emerged as another recurring trend, whether detailed with beading or cut oh-so low, because of the way they flatter figures. Amy Kuschel kept the look sweet with scalloped edges and bows on her gowns. Designs

by Katie May that featured completely open backs, like the corded lace slim-fit style, as well as Sarah Janks gowns, such as the shapehugging, handkerchief gown with embroidered appliqué and a deep V- back, caught the eye of retailers, including Ivy Kaplin, owner of Lovely Bride in Philadelphia. “Wearing it is definitely a confidence thing,” Kaplin says. “Designers are taking it to the next level … and showing off the body in all the right ways.” Lest brides worry that they can’t pull off the look, bear in mind that lingerie makers are selling those bare essentials — undergarment support concepts — at a variety of price ranges. Nordstrom sells the “Uplunge” backless strapless underwire bra with wings to hold the bra in place. Kleinfeld Bridal sells the way-upmarket line of Ender Legard Corsetry, which offers backless bodices. And, sells Braza Reveal Silicone Bras, which are just cups available in nude and clear. Lace, Lace, Lace The fabric of choice for the season again seems to be lace, lace and more lace, catering to brides’ sense of romance and whimsy. “Brides still want to take a few risks, but they want something that feels luxurious and modern and vintage that can be an heirloom,” says Lynn Annatone, marketing director for Modern Trousseau. Less was not more as designers experimented with texture and layered laces, such as Chantilly and Alencon and Guipure and Venice over a Chantilly layer. Lace was in abundance at Modern Trousseau, which offered the fit-and-flare gown with offthe-shoulder straps and a scalloped neckline and a cap-sleeved style in Alencon lace

Bias-cut sheath gown with plunging cowl neckline from Sarah Janks.


May 2014


over a silk duchess gown. Amy Kuschel incorporated lace in layers and accents, such as in a strapless gown with a flared hem and scalloped edge. Anna Maier Ulla-Maija Couture offered a fluted floral lace gown with a high-neck and a one-shoulder column gown over silk double charmeuse. Lea Ann Belter Bridal mixed and matched the fabric as exemplified by a silk dupioni gown layered with three kinds of French lace ending in tiers of sheer silk organza and sequin-dotted tulle ruffles. It may sound as if designers are going headover-heels overboard and creating overwrought fashions, but retailers praise the direction, which keeps lace chic and youthful. “It seems like a lot, but it wasn’t,” says Stacy Fork, owner of The Gown Shop in Ann Arbor, Mich. “It gives us something new to present to the traditional bride.” Designers also stepped up their beading with beaded sheaths and dazzling corsets, inspired by the sparkle and fun of Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” movie and Old Hollywood glamour. Anna Maier showcased an empire-waist pleated ballgown with a bodice glittering with silver thread and crystal beading and a duchess satin gown embroidered in pewter and bronze. Maggie Sottero featured a beaded dress with layers, necklines and shoulder straps. Sarah Janks incorporated a belt made of beaded French lace roses on an airy ballgown strung with beads and made of tulle and silk gazaar.

“We use a lot of tulle as a base for the embellishment to counter the surface interest,” Janks says. “There has to be a balance … so it doesn’t overwhelm the wearer.” Subtle sparkle was even on display on Leanne Marshall’s collection with her use of hand-beaded lace. It’s an about-face for Marshall, who says for the longest time she avoided using anything reminiscent of shine. “I grew up designing my own dance costumes so I had my fill of sequins for a lifetime,” Marshall says. “But, the last few seasons, it’s been growing on me to try somet h i n g m o re subtle with nice shimmer.” © Brides 365

LEFT: ‘Cathryn’ Fit-to-Flare gown with cap sleeves and scalloped neckline in Alencon lace over silk duchess from Modern Trousseau. BELOW: Lace in accents and layers, on Amy Kuschel’s ‘Giorgia’ gown.

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Show Off Your Heels

Badgley Mischka Baguet d’Orsay peep-toe heels paired with Tadashi Shoji crisscross shell dress for BHLDN

Something Bleu cerulean d’Orsary peep-toe pumps from BHLDN

A great pair of shoes is just as important as the dress — maybe even more so. Luckily, higher hemlines are in mode, making it easier to shine the spotlight on the highfashion footwear in which you’ll walk down the aisle.


HealtH & leisure expo

August 22, 2014


Stoney Creek Inn & Conference Center 300 3rd Street • Sioux City, IA Satin Caged Strappy Sandal paired with Strapless Dress with Garza Tiers. from White by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal.

For more information call Nancy Gevik at 712-224-6281. MODERN BRIDES

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With some unique editing, wedding photographers don’t just capture moments of the big day, they create them BY TANIESHA ROBINSON Brides 365

A photo of a wedding party aligned in royal fashion around the bride and groom is a staple of wedding photography. Then there’s the classic black-and-white photo. These elegant images will always have a place in wedding albums, but lately another shot has made it to the roster: the action-packed, staged Photoshop photo. With the help of Photoshop, photographers don’t just capture moments of the big day, they create them. And we’re not talking about removing Dad’s red-eye or altering the backdrop to change the mood of the photo. Photo editors are creating worlds and moments comparable to scenes out of blockbuster movies. The trend came to forefront in May 2013 when a photo of a wedding party running away from a Tyrannosaurus rex went viral. “They really sold the idea in the photo,” says Quinn Miller, the Louisiana-based 26

May 2014

photographer and photo editor who took the shot. Miller was inspired by another photo and brought the idea to the couple just days before the wedding. “The groom loved dinosaurs, and they’re just a fun, kind of goofy couple,” Miller says. Many in the wedding party weren’t aware of their plan until moments before the shot was taken, but their expressions of pure horror and panic prove that they needed little prep time to sell the idea. Miller took care of the rest in the editing room, and the photo went viral just days after he posted it on Facebook. As of press time, it’s received nearly 15,000 “likes” and been shared more than 12,000 times. Since then, Miller says he has seen an “unbelievable number of photos” in line with the disaster-wedding trend. Indeed, there was an explosion of cinematically edited photos after Miller’s dino photo, including a “Star Wars” battle and a Sharktopus attack. H o w e v e r, a photo of a


wedding-turned-zombie-apocalypse created in October 2012 shows that the Photoshop-enabled, disaster-wedding trend has been brewing for quite some time. Josiah Moore, a photographer based in Rochester, N.Y., staged and edited a photo of his own wedding party to look like zombies coming after him and his bride. Moore says he never set out to create something popular when he persuaded his then-fiancée to include the shot in their wedding-day plans. “People always like to do something fun and memorable,” Moore says. “One of the coolest aspects about it is that you can really cater the artwork or the custom photos to the individuals — what’s special to them, what’s important to them, or what fits their personality.” Soon-to-be-married couples who want the next viral, cinematic wedding photo should take note of the recipe for blockbuster movies:

The Original Plot Let’s face it. A dinosaur wedding-crasher photo isn’t likely to cause a stir these days. Both Miller and Moore agree that original ideas, or at least a twist on something familiar, garner the most attention. Director/Editor A great idea isn’t enough. The photographer has to see the big picture to instruct the wedding party and have the chops to execute it in an editing program after the shot is taken.

‘People always like to do something fun and memorable.’ — Josiah Moore, photographer who staged and edited this zombie photo for his own wedding

A-list Actors The successful Hollywood cast is good-looking, and, hopefully, they can act. The same goes for the wedding party. Miller admits these two elements gave his photo a boost in popularity. The ‘It’ Factor The work to create a memorable shot shouldn’t overshadow the joy and celebration of the day. In the end, it’s about having fun. © Brides 365


Slo-Mo Video Booth Everything looks cooler in slow motion. Maybe that’s the reason the slow-mo video booth is replacing the traditional photo booth at wedding receptions across the country. In August 2013, Seattle-based video pro-

duction group Super Frog Saves Tokyo posted a reception video shot with a Red Epic camera that made many brides-to-be and wedding planners slow down and pay attention. The video featured wedding guests celebrat-

ing under glitter and confetti showers, dancing in explosions of party poppers and silly string, and seemingly having the time of their life in slow motion and sped up to real-time. While still photos have captured the joy-

ous faces of wedding guests for ages, the slow-mo video shows celebratory gestures materialize frame-by-frame in a way that mesmerizes. It’s likely to captivate us for years to come.© Brides 365


May 2014


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