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Cultural Animation Workshops & Training

with George Siosi Samuels |

Watch “Defeat of Tulaapoupou”:

“Times are changing. Stories are being lost, Elders are dying and the young are looking for more engaging ways to learn. Cultural animation helps bridge this gap, whether it’s through collaborative workshops or actual production, by bringing everybody together with one aim… to preserve culture.” ~George Siosi Samuels

What is Cultural Animation? A state of awakening and/or action within a culture or community, invoked through the use of computer animation in the telling of cultural stories. Learn more

What We Do 1. We create and teach cultural animation to help promote and preserve cultural myths and legends, especially indigenous. 2. We work in partnership with other consultants, content creators, and organizations, to provide inspiring outcomes for communities such as content production, training and exposure. 3. We also provide training and advice to communities in the areas of digital media, communication and flow management.

*Right images courtesy of Inhaadi Adnyamathanha

Why We Do It We are passionate about culture. We believe our world can be transformed by remembering the wisdom of the past, healing old wounds and embracing the best of all cultures. The indigenous of our planet have always remained close to the Source and so provide valuable lessons for the West. We believe that by understanding your story and heritage, you can create a compelling future.

*Right video taken from Tuvaluan legend Pai & Vau by George Siosi Samuels. Click to play.

Our mission is to help animate 1,000 indigenous myths and legends by 2024.

“George delivers excellent results. He is smart, quick and an astute, warm communicator. When working with us on our community-based digital media project, George easily built rapport, supported others to engage with new processes and facilitated some inspiring results. His commitment to supporting Indigenous cultural expression is highly commended.� Marjo Stroud, Inhaadi Adnyamathanha

Where We Work We work out of a co-working space called HUB Melbourne, which is based in Melbourne, Australia, but are happy to travel anywhere depending on availability, cost and venue capabilities. If doing an interstate or overseas workshop, our clients typically help us out with airfares and accommodation (not including workshop fees). We also use online communication tools to work remotely, so location does not affect our capabilities or productivity. HUB Melbourne co-working office in Melbourne, Australia.

What You Get We believe we need to get back in touch with our “warrior spirits”, our indigenous roots, so we can learn new skills that will balance the old and new worlds, preserve the wisdom of the past, and leave a positive legacy for future generations. In our workshops you will be shown how to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

EXPLORE cultural stories and re-engage community pride CREATE an animated film on a significant cultural story LEARN new digital skills that can be applied immediately SHARE stories and skills to help create stronger bonds SUPPORT one another using social media and new tools

George and his team will help cover basic animation skills, give focus to participants’ specific questions, and teach tangible strategies to create a film students can be proud of, no matter what stage they are in!

“We had the privilege of employing George to run a claymation project. It was a great success. The structure of the class was very relaxed and the content made easy to have novices learn new skills. The involvement with their stories and creations was great. The interaction with the elders and the children was priceless. All involved would like to have a “Claymations 2” which just shows what George can do to make positive change happen. We feel that what he has shared with us is an investment in not only our Language Survival but in our life’s journey and direction. Thank You Siosi.” Gillian Bovoro, Inhaadi Adnyamathanha

Workshops 1 Week (5 days)


You will get George and/or his team for one week, where students will be taken through an entire claymation production process, resulting in a film of 3 minutes or longer. You will also get help producing DVDs of the film for students to take home.

Weekend Bootcamp (2 days)


This will be an accelerated workshop where students will learn the fundamentals of claymation and produce a simple 1-minute film. Movie files will be provided but no DVD copies (unless requested at extra cost).

1 Day (2 hours)


This will be a 2-hour introduction to cultural animation. Participants will explore cultural stories together, discuss the significance of those stories, and learn how they can start animating straight from their own mobile devices.

*All amounts are in Australian dollars **For international enquiries, please note that the above does not include accommodation, airfare, or additional team expenses. Any added elements will be factored into your final quote.

Optionals 2D Animation


If you’re ready to do a workshop in 2D animation, the next level up from claymation, then George and his crew will help organize relevant softwares, draw up a customized curriculum, and teach you how to animate in 2D. Our software of choice is Toon Boom.

DVD Copies

+10 per disc

This will be an accelerated workshop where students will learn the fundamentals of claymation and produce a simple 1-minute film. Movie files will be provided but no DVD copies (unless requested at extra cost).

We animate for you This is an all-inclusive package where we take one of your stories, consult with the community, and animate it professionally. We’ll create it to the highest of standards and give you an option to submit it to film festivals - further increasing awareness of your culture and its wisdom for the world to learn from.


Who’s Behind This? George Siosi Samuels (aka the “Cultural Animator) is a consultant, coach and entrepreneur. He helps breathe life into people, brands and cultures. He typically works with entrepreneurs, communities and organizations in the areas of culture and digital media. George has a rich and diverse cultural background: he’s Fijian/Indian/Tuvaluan/Samoan, migrated from Fiji to Australia when he was young, and spent most of his formative years attending an American-international school in Bangladesh. Upon return to Australia, he managed to swoop up a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Systems and a Master’s in Animation & Interactive Media. He then used his talents to channel his passions through entrepreneurship.

As a result of his work in cultural animation, he’s been featured by Adobe, Toon Boom Animation, ABC Radio, the World Indigenous Network, and the Pacific Voyagers Foundation. In 2012, he was included as one of Australia’s Top 50 “Young & Extraordinary” social entrepreneurs for 2012 as voted by the Foundation for Young Australians. He’s also published a successful animation series called Tales From Nanumea, in an effort to preserve the myths and legends of his maternal homeland, a sinking nation, Tuvalu.

When not on a computer, George takes animation to its roots, which is animare in Latin (‘to breathe life into’), and animates people through consulting, coaching and workshops. He helps clients break through roadblocks, navigate their businesses, understand their roots, explore cultural values, improve communications, harmonize teams and, of course, animate stories.

Contact George today... +61439339696 facebook | twitter | linkedin

Cultural Animation Workshops & Training  
Cultural Animation Workshops & Training  

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