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Welcome to the 2009 Review of The Freemasons’ Grand Charity

“A total of £6.9 million has been awarded in grants in 2009, all thanks to your continued support.” Grahame Elliot CBE, President of The Grand Charity

All charities faced a challenging year in 2009. Although the full extent of the economic crisis is still emerging, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has already seen evidence of the devastating impact of the worst recession for sixty years. In these very difficult circumstances it remains noteworthy that no Freemason or his dependant who meets our financial eligibility requirements, has been turned away. As the realities of the economic climate began to take effect on people, many charities found themselves experiencing falling donations, fundraising challenges and other financial problems. In these circumstances, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity’s grants were a vital source of support for hospices, air ambulances and other non-Masonic charities and they have been gratefully received. As you read the following pages you will find some examples of the positive impact made by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity’s grants in 2009. The work of The Grand Charity would not be possible without the continued support and generosity of those in the Masonic community, to whom I am forever grateful. They are the source of the funds that have enabled the activities that are reviewed in this booklet.

Grahame N Elliott, CBE President of the Grand Charity

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Disaster Relief........................... 14 Special Grants............................ 16 Breaking News........................... 17 2009 Grants List......................... 18

About Us The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is a grant-making charity that supports: • Freemasons, and their dependants, who are in financial need • National charities serving England and Wales • Worldwide emergency relief work • Other Masonic charities The Grand Charity is funded by Freemasons and their families, mainly through fundraising festivals held each year in one of the Provinces within England and Wales, donations, legacies and annual contributions (via Lodges).

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is continuing a commitment to charitable support that began nearly 300 years ago in the earliest days of organised Freemasonry. The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is just one part of the overall Masonic charitable framework. Its work sits alongside many generous donations made by other Masonic charities, individual Masons, Lodges and Provincial Grand Lodges and as such the grants it gives are only a fraction of the total amount donated to charity by the Masonic community.


About Us Financial Summary Investment Income £745,300

Donations and Legacies £879,100

Investment Income £745,300

Donations and Legacies £879,100

Contributions from Lodges £3,640,100

Festivals £3,064,800

About Us Income 2009

Contributions from Lodges £3,640,100

Festivals TOTAL: £8,329,300 £3,064,800

Other Support Costs £937,900

Masonic Grants (net of refunds) £3,978,686

Other Support Costs £937,900

Non-Masonic Grants £2,928,900

expenditure 2009

Relief Chest Scheme and Transferred Beneficiaries Fund Support Costs Relief Chest £437,400 Scheme and Transferred Beneficiaries Fund Support Costs £437,400

TOTAL: £8,282,886

Non-Masonic Grants £2,928,900

Financial grants: The Grand Charity provides assistance with daily living costs and help with unexpected needs (e.g. funeral costs or essential home repairs due to health requirements) Mobility equipment: The Grand Charity provides mobility equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, stair-lifts and scooters)

TOTAL: £8,329,300 Masonic Grants (net of refunds) £3,978,686

Help provided to the Masonic community Relief Chest: The Relief Chest Scheme was set up to help the Craft collect money to donate to charity easily and tax-effectively. Individual Relief Chests are used to hold funds collected by Lodges, Chapters, Provinces or other Masonic organisations for charitable purposes. The Grand Charity looks after the money on behalf of the Relief Chest holders who retain control over the donations made.

Help provideD to the wider community The Grand Charity supports: • Medical research • Opportunities for disadvantaged youths (aged between 11-25) • Vulnerable people • Air ambulances • Hospice services • Disaster relief work

The financial information in this Annual Review is based on the draft annual accounts for TOTAL: £8,282,886 the twelve months to 30 November 2009 and summarises the key sources of the Charity’s


income and how the Charity has used its resources in the year. The full audited Annual Report and Accounts will be available after our General Meeting to be held 9 June 2010, after which copies will be available by contacting The Freemasons’ Grand Charity.


Masonic Relief Grants Financial grants: Grants ranged from £100 to £4,500 depending on the circumstances of the individual. In 2009 1,685 people were assisted with over £3.1 million in total. Grants are awarded to help with daily living costs and unexpected bills. For example, funeral costs, roof repairs and other similar needs. Grants are also made for home adaptations due to healthcare requirements.

Mobility equipment: A total of £339,044 was given for mobility equipment for 248 people in 2009.

For further information please contact the Masonic Relief Grants team on 020 7395 9293/9391

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, working in partnership with Homecraft, meets the costs associated with the purchase, maintenance and insurance of the mobility aids, which remain the property of the charity.

“I am writing to thank you for all your help. I could not have managed without your continued assistance and wanted you to know how grateful I am” Sarah Jenkins

Can we help you? Applicants in receipt of means-tested support from the state (for example, pension credit) are likely to qualify for assistance from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity. Lodges and Provincial Grand Lodges help individuals to make the appropriate application. Any individual who feels they may be eligible should contact the Lodge Almoner, the Provincial Grand Almoner or The Freemasons’ Grand Charity office for further assistance. On receipt, applications are assessed against guidelines that take into account the income, expenditure and savings of the applicant. Every case is considered on merit. The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is committed to supporting Masons and their dependants who are in genuine need of help. Please contact The Grand Charity office if you have any questions about eligibility. The Grand Charity will ensure discretion in every case.

Transferred Beneficiaries Fund Since 2002 The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has managed the Transferred Beneficiaries Fund, which makes quarterly payments to former beneficiaries of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Annuity Fund. Although the Fund is now closed to new applicants, it continues to help a considerable number of people with small financial grants. At the end of 2009, there were 709 active beneficiaries and in 2008/2009 payments from the Fund totalled £743,927.50.


“Nearly £3.5 million has been given to help 1,933 people across England and Wales in 2009” Roger Freeman, Head of Masonic Relief Grants

Masonic Relief Grants Sarah Jenkins was sadly widowed three years ago. Shortly afterwards Sarah was contacted by her late husband’s Lodge Almoner who spent time with her to discuss her financial situation. Upon applying to The Grand Charity for assistance he was delighted to inform her that she fell within the guidelines to receive help paying her monthly household bills. Sarah will continue to receive grants for as long as they are required.

Please note, some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the applicant


Over £8 million donated to charitable causes through Relief Chests

Average number of monthly donations into the Scheme increased by 1,453 in 2009

Working with Provinces Hospices

Nearly £750,000 reclaimed in Gift Aid

Since 1984, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has annually supported these vital services. In 2009 a further £500,000 was distributed amongst 225 hospice services, taking the total of support to over £8 million. This year The Grand Charity also gave £150,000 to Lifelites, a charity which provides educational and recreational equipment for children in hospices.

Air Ambulances Relief Chest The Relief Chest Scheme exists to enable Masonic organisations to manage their charitable donations more efficiently. It does this through the central administration of charitable funds donated by individual Lodges, Chapters and other Masonic bodies. In 2009 the Relief Chest Scheme helped to donate more than £8 million to charitable causes. There are over 4,000 Chest Holders and this number is steadily growing all the time. Every month around 325 charities and individuals benefit from payments made through a Relief Chest, on the instructions of the Chest Holder.


The Relief Chest team has helped to reclaim over £750,000 in Gift Aid in 2009, every penny of which the Chest Holders can use to support the charities and people they care about. The Relief Chest Scheme is provided free of charge by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, available to all recognised Masonic organisations throughout England and Wales. Further information about the Relief Chest and its many benefits can be found at or by contacting the Relief Chest team on 020 7395 9246.

To date, more than £500,000 has been donated to what is considered the busiest voluntary emergency service in the country. Each air ambulance facility in England and Wales has, at some point, received funding. In 2009 each Provincial Grand Lodge was given £4,000 to fund an air ambulance or similar rescue service in its region, with a total of £192,000 distributed.

“Grants from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity often complement support given by local Lodges and Provinces. This reflects the fact that we are here to support causes which are important to the Masonic community” Laura Chapman, Chief Executive of The Grand Charity

Matched Funding Since 2005, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has been piloting a scheme through which selected Provinces are invited to nominate charities to which they have made donations. These donations are then matched by The Grand Charity, up to a total of £5,000 per Province. Twelve Provinces participated in the 2009 cycle, which meant that £58,900 was presented to their nominated charities.


Grants to Charities

Grants to Charities Medical Research

In 2009 The Freemasons’ Grand Charity gave over £2.9 million to support national charities across England and Wales. Grants are currently awarded in three categories: Medical Research Opportunities for disadvantaged youths (aged between 11-25) Support for vulnerable people Applications are considered throughout the year under two main headings: Minor grant: Up to £5,000 for the general funding of a small charity (with an income of around £1 million or less). Major grant: More than £5,000 for a specific project or activity of a large charity. For a full list of grants given in 2009 please see pages 18-19. If you would like further information regarding non-Masonic grants please visit or telephone 020 7395 9314.

MINOR GRANTS Pets as Therapy £2,000 The Charity organises therapeutic visits by volunteers (with their own dogs and cats) to hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and a variety of other venues.

Theodora’s Children’s Trust £2,000 The Trust aims to bring laughter, music and magic to children in hospital, with a team of 12 clown doctors who visit more than 26,000 children every year.


Moorfields Eye Hospital £250,000 over 3 years Glaucoma is an irreversible, progressive disease caused by a build up of pressure in the eye, and a leading cause of blindness. When the disease is severe, surgery can slow its progression but inevitably causes scarring, which can further increase pressure in the eye. This grant is funding research into the development of new anti-scarring therapies that will potentially improve outcomes for patients worldwide.

Cancer Research UK £75,000 Pancreatic cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in the UK. Professor John Neoptolemos is a world expert on pancreatic cancer and is currently running the TeloVac trial at the University of Liverpool, which this grant is funding. By adding a new therapeutic vaccine to standard chemotherapy he hopes to create a new level of care for people in the advanced stages of pancreatic cancer.

Motor Neurone Disease £50,000 over 2 years MND is a devastating, progressive disorder that destroys the muscle-controlling nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, leaving people unable to walk, talk or feed themselves. This donation is funding research at the University of Sheffield into a cough assist mechanical in-exsufflator MI-E device, which will establish whether the machine can offer life-saving health benefits and reduce the trauma of illness, hospital stays and physiotherapy.


Grants to Charities Youth Opportunities Barnardo’s £45,000 over 2 years “The Freemasons’ Grand Charity’s generous grant supporting a vocational instructor at Dr B’s cafe is enabling our trainees to acquire valuable workplace skills which will enhance their chances of finding a job or going on to further training.” Chris Bean, Dr B’s Deputy Service Manager, Barnardo’s

Grants to Charities Vulnerable People

Rainbow Trust

£25,000 Rainbow Trust provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. Family Support Workers can provide 24 hour care within the family home, in the community or at hospital. This grant is helping to fund a Family Support Worker in Manchester.

Maggie’s Cancer CARING CentreS £35,000 Maggie’s provides specialist cancer centres, in or near hospitals, enabling patients and their carers to access psychological support, complementary therapies, welfare advice and information. This grant is helping to fund the building of the new Maggie’s Cotswolds, which expects 5,000 visitors in the first year, rising to 12,000 after three years.

Depaul UK £60,000 over 2 years The Depaul Nightstop scheme offers emergency accommodation to homeless young people as well as providing advice and support. Nightstop is run by volunteers and offers a safe and secure environment whilst housing problems are resolved. Over 2,000 young people were helped last year by 50 local schemes.



£50,000 over 2 years This grant is enabling disadvantaged young people to attend activity courses at Brathay Hall in Cumbria. Each programme is individually designed to meet the development needs of the young people attending and to increase their self confidence and self esteem. Over 1,000 young people are expected to benefit.

Alzheimer’s Society £50,000 In the UK, 700,000 people are currently living with dementia. The majority of these people are looked after at home by an estimated 600,000 carers. The grant has helped fund Alzheimer’s Society’s new Carers Information Programme which runs local sessions, providing much needed information and support on Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Disaster Relief

“On behalf of everyone at the British Red Cross I would like to sincerely thank The Freemasons’ Grand Charity for their longstanding commitment and generosity.” Sir Nicholas Young, Chief Executive of the British Red Cross

In 2009 a total of £125,000 was sent in emergency aid

£15,000 Democratic Republic of Congo conflict Save the Children Following conflict many children were left alone and traumatised. This grant funded 750 emergency kits containing soap, blankets, clothes and other essential items.

£15,000 Australian bushfires Grand Lodge of Victoria This grant helped to provide direct and prompt assistance to communities and individuals affected by the fires. The flames scorched an estimated 365,000 hectares of land.

£5,000 Fiji flooding South West Pacific Group of Lodges Flooding in Fiji destroyed housing and infrastructure, leaving thousands homeless. This grant helped to support the relief efforts.

£5,000 Namibia floods British Red Cross Following devastating flooding in Namibia the Charity funded the deployment of the mass sanitation emergency response unit, specialising in preventing the outbreak of diseases.


£50,000 Asia Pacific disasters British Red Cross In 2009, weather related disasters affected more than 3 million people across Asia. This grant helped to fund the distribution of emergency relief items, provide clean water, sanitation, healthcare and shelter as well as help rebuild peoples’ livelihoods.

£25,000 India floods Save the Children Flooding caused destruction to homes, agricultural land and livelihoods. This grant helped supply 30,000 people with water pumps, household kits, educational kits and child friendly spaces.

£10,000 Flood relief appeal in Cumbria Provincial Grand Lodge of Cumberland and Westmorland Flooding destroyed homes and left many people displaced. This grant assisted the elderly, the disabled and families with children.


Special Grants

Breaking News

In 2009, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity presented donations totalling £550,000 to ten charities nominated for consideration by His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent, KG, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of his installation as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Haiti update As we go to print, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has donated a total of £30,000 to the British Red Cross and Plan International as part of the urgent relief efforts which were required following the earthquake in Haiti on the 12 January 2010.

His Royal Highness attended a special event at Freemasons’ Hall, London in June 2009 to personally present the money to the beneficiary charities:

Combat Stress................................................... £50,000 The Colonel’s Fund Grenadier Guards....... £50,000 King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes.... £50,000 Leukaemia Research........................................ £50,000 Royal Air Force Charitable Trust............... £50,000 Restore – Burn and Wound Research......... £50,000 Royal Hospital Chelsea Appeal................... £50,000 The Colonel’s Fund Scots Guards................ £50,000 The Stroke Association.................................. £50,000 Save Canterbury Cathedral....................... £100,000 Total.................................................................. £550,000

The Council of the Grand Charity has since opened a dedicated Relief Chest to receive donations from those wishing to provide assistance for the longer term recovery in Haiti. For further information please visit

Spreading the word The Grand Charity can supply a range of information leaflets, newsletters, display stands, PowerPoint presentations and posters:

The Royal Hospital Chelsea is a retirement home for former members of the British Army, known as Chelsea Pensioners. The Hospital was founded in 1682 and remains as “a place of refuge and shelter for such land soldiers as are or shall be old, lame or infirm in the service of the Crown”. The donation of £50,000 is assisting with the building of the new Margaret Thatcher Infirmary.


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Our Work in 2009 Masonic Grants 2009 Charitable Grants 2009 Hospices 2009 Introducing The Freemasons’ Grand Charity

Please contact us on 020 7395 9388 if you have any questions or require any of the above.

Above: HRH The Duke of Kent, KG, meets Chelsea Pensioners, Gordon Sanders and Arthur Barrow.

© Photo Credits: Alzheimer’s Society: Cover: top 3rd. Pg 13 lower. Barnardo’s: Pg 12 top. Brathay Trust: Cover: top 4th. Pg 12 lower. British Red Cross: Cover: lower 2nd. Pgs: 14, 15, 17. Cancer Research UK: Pg 11 lower. David Peabody: Pg 2. Depaul UK: Pg 12 middle.

East Anglian Air Ambulance: Cover: middle 3rd. Pg 9 lower. Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres: Pg 13 middle. Moorfields Eye Hospital: Pg 11 top. MND Association: Pg 11 middle. Pets as Therapy: Pg 10 lower. Rainbow Trust: Cover: top 1st. Pg 13 top.

Shutterstock: Cover: top 2nd, middle 1st & 2nd, lower 1st & 3rd. Back page. Pgs: 3, 5 upper, 6, 7, 8, 9 top. SSAFA: Pg 5 lower. Theodora’s Children’s Trust: Pg 10 top.


TOTAL: £6,907,586

2009 grants LIST MASONIC GRANTS TOTAL £3,978,686

Depaul UK £60,000 Payable over two years. Providing emergency accommodation for homeless young people.

Guideposts Trust £12,000 Employment training for people with learning disabilities.

Happy Day’s Children’s Charity £10,000 Day trips for children with special needs.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People £15,000 IT equipment at a new training centre in East Yorkshire.

Shaftesbury Young People £20,000 Siblings United, a project to help children in care to stay in contact with their siblings.

Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy £10,000 Outreach service providing support for families.

NON-MASONIC GRANTS TOTAL £2,928,900 (See below)

Trail-Blazers £10,000 A mentoring programme for young people.

medical research TOTAL £425,000


Jubilee Sailing Trust £20,000 Contribution towards the re-fit of the Lord Nelson Tall Ship for disabled voyagers.

Masonic Relief Grants £3,478,686 (net of refunds) Other Masonic Grants £500,000 Funding for dementia support at the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution home, Cadogan Court.

Cancer Research UK £75,000 A research project on pancreatic cancer at Liverpool University. Diabetes UK £50,000 A research project at Cambridge University into hypoglycaemia prevention for adults. Moorfields Eye Hospital £250,000 Payable over three years to fund research at Moorfields Eye Hospital into ocular scarring and stem cell research. Motor Neurone Disease Association £50,000 Payable over two years to fund research at Sheffield University into a mechanical cough assist device.


Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust £100,000 New reception area for families at Walsall hospice, in memory of the late Bro. Rodney Pitham. Alzheimer’s Society £50,000 New carers programme providing information and advice to carers of people with dementia. Aspire £20,000 Adaptations for temporary supported housing for people with spinal cord injuries. British Red Cross £50,000 New Responder emergency response vehicle to serve Essex. Calibre Audio Library £50,000 Conversion of spoken word books into digital format, for disabled people.

Army Cadet Force Association £10,000 An outreach project with disaffected young people.

Calvert Trust Lake District £50,000 Extending Equal Chance project to enable more people with disabilities to participate in outdoor adventure activities.

Barnardo’s £45,000 Payable over two years, to fund a Vocational Skills Instructor at a training restaurant in Harrogate.

Dementia Relief Trust (for Dementia) £38,500 A training course on dementia for staff in RMBI care homes.

Brathay Trust £50,000 Payable over two years, to contribute to a bursary fund to enable disadvantaged young people to attend activity courses at Brathay Hall in Cumbria.

Disabled Living Foundation £15,000 Roll-out of an online advice service for disabled living equipment.

The Cricket Foundation £15,000 A project to encourage team sport in state schools.


Emmaus UK £55,000 Payable over two years to fund the salary of a Development Manager who helps establish new communities for homeless people.

Leonard Cheshire Disability £40,000 Palliative care end-of-life unit for severely disabled people in Bedfordshire. Lifelites £150,000 Ongoing provision of IT equipment in children’s hospices. Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres £35,000 New cancer care centre in Cheltenham. National Star College £20,000 Independent living studio for disabled young people in Gloucestershire. Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity £25,000 To fund a Family Support Worker in Manchester. Red Balloon Learner Centre £25,000 Salary of a Development Manager to help establish further specialist centres for severely bullied children. Scope £50,000 Face2Face befriending service for families with a disabled child. Soundabout £10,500 A communication programme for severely disabled children. The National Society for Epilepsy £15,000 Funding for information network which provides support and information on epilepsy. The Relatives and Residents Association £17,000 A project to improve access to health care services for older people in residential homes.

OTHER GRANTS TOTAL £1,375,900 Air Ambulance £192,000 Grants to 21 air ambulance and rescue charities throughout England and Wales. Hospice Services £500,000 Grants to 225 hospices throughout England and Wales. Matched Funding £58,900 Grants to 42 organisations matching funds raised in 12 Provinces. Minor Grants £75,000 Grants of £5,000 or less to 26 smaller charities. Special Grants £550,000 Grants to ten charities in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the installation of the Grand Master.

EMERGENCY GRANTS FOR DISASTER RELIEF TOTAL £125,000 Democratic Republic of Congo conflict £15,000 Save the Children. Australian Bushfires £15,000 Grand Master’s Victoria Bushfires Appeal. Fiji Flooding £5,000 South West Pacific Group of Lodges. Namibia Floods £5,000 British Red Cross. Asia Pacific Disasters £50,000 British Red Cross. India Floods £25,000 Save the Children. Flood Relief Appeal in Cumbria £10,000 Provincial Grand Lodge of Cumberland and Westmorland. For further information about The Freemasons’ Grand Charity grants please visit

*This total has been adjusted for a grant awarded in a previous year which did not proceed as the project was cancelled.


Grand President HRH The Duke of Kent KG Deputy Grand President Peter G Lowndes

Office Address 60 Great Queen Street London WC2B 5AZ

President Grahame N Elliott CBE

Tel: 020 7395 9261

Chief Executive Laura S Chapman


Secretary Richard L Camm-Jones

Registered Charity No. 281942

Fax: 020 7395 9295

Website: Printed February 2010

Grand Charity Annual Review 2009  
Grand Charity Annual Review 2009