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My progress so far SIOBHAN ARNOLD

Recording So far, I’ve recorded Sophia singing live in a friends recording studio. I did this using professional equipment and have edited it so it is ready to be placed with my footage. I haven't yet recorded for the video, but I have set our a filming schedule which had been followed in order to get the right version of the sound recording after experiencing some problems. ď ľ This is the filming schedule which I planned out to follow: ď ľ


ď ľ

Some of the footage which I have gathered was during the recording process of the video. I wanted to capture Sophia being herself before she started singing as well as during the song. With this, I plan to match up with the video and use some at the start, introducing the actress and her as an artist.

Locations ď ľ

ď ľ

The main settings which I am planning on shooting at are local to where we live. Secret gardens will be in my opening scene, as I want to have it as just Sophia. I plan on having several different shots which are going to create the mood of the song for the audience. I was a worm view of the clouds, and in the editing process, fast forwarding them so it has a more interesting effect to it. From my initial ideas, my second location is Hyde Park, I think it would be nice to have the water in the background, showing reflections for example, ironically reflecting the mood of the song and how the actress is meant to be feeling.

What I am planning to do ď ľ

ď ľ

I really want to make my video as successful as it can be, and so I am going to start filming next week. I have my own camera and so I am going to use that to get the shots which are local, so I can take a few and start picking out parts that I want to use. I need to continue to work on my blog aswell, updating as many project logs as I can to show my journey I have taken to get from how I started, to now. From my initial ideas I have changed a lot, but I think that the changes I have made will work out to be a much more interesting video. I am going to continue to plan out my storyboards again and research into the genre to fit conventions.

My progress so far