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How did you attract/address your audience? Evaluation - question 5.

Throughout my whole magazine, I need to make sure that I include several different aspects which would have been picked up through the analysis of my target audiences. To make sure that I am going to get my magazine to sell, I will need to include things with clearly has a high demand from my target audience, being both females and males of the age range of 16-25. To make sure that it is selling, I will need to ensure that it is at a high, professional standard so that it is attracting the attention of a group of teenage/young adults when shopping. I wanted to ensure that the colours were outstanding throughout my magazine, but especially on the front cover. The front cover needs to catch people’s eyes, to do this; I believe that I will need to add a certain aspect to it such as a chance to win something. Taking this from person experience, I put the chance to win four tickets to reading tickets. The reasoning that I have done this is because it is one of the most talked about festivals and it a popular choice of interest and social event to attend too. It will give my magazine a good reputation aswell as it shows that I am aware of what is happening within my target audience’s social life and environment that they live in. Furthermore, the images that I have been using and the context of the text of which I have included

within the several different pages are relatable to my

target audience. I wanted

to make sure that people felt like it was a magazine which fit what they wanted to buy and what they normally buy. It means that I can draw my audience in when they are previewing the magazine. The images that I have featured are in the fashionable sense at the moment, therefore, the people who would be reading my magazine would be more interested in looking at the images, because it would be more eyes appealing for them and would keep them interested. I

think this is one of my strong points within my magazine is that I can catch where I have targeted my audience most; a good example of this is the text that I have used. One of my main features that I have mentioned a few times within my article is the festivals which are two of the ‘hottest’ places to be this summer. According to the audience profile which I have carried out, I have seen that it is the year that most teenagers/young adults want to be going to new places and experiencing new things. Therefore, I decided to include this, and raise awareness of the festivals, and the fact that it has a link between the magazine and the music which is features within. My magazine is attractive to the buyer because the first sight of my magazine is of the front cover. As my front cover is more of an unusual image, it catches the buyers attention and would make a statement against all of the other magazines. This is reinforced by the fact that the colours that I have used are bright and are bold against the background colours on the image. The white and pink text make a statement against a darker hair colour, and the blue background matches the blue eye colour of my model. The initial viewing of my magazine with a bold and outstanding name of ‘JORDAN’ make it stand out a lot more against the rest of my text as it is the

only black text which is featured on my front cover. I feel like this is really effective and can be portrayed to be a strong feature of my magazine against others because it is a unique aspect which is capturing the main feature of my overall magazine in such an easy way. Not only this, but I have taken note of what has been said is interesting and exciting to young adults and teenagers. Iuu made it similar to ‘Vibe’ magazine but allowed myself some space to put my own stamp on it to ensure that it looked original and fitted the criteria of my codes and conventions, this could of allowed it to sell as it stood out more from other/similar magazines. The reason that people need my type of magazine and want it is because it is new. It is offering something different to the buyer which provides them with fresh news on topics that they want to read about. I know it is what they want to read about because the topics which are featured within my article and the images that I have chosen are what have come from doing my research. This has allowed me to incor-

porate the different ideas and feedback that I have

received, to make it exactly

what a young adult/teenager would pick up when walking around the shop. The fact that I have listened to my feedback when designing my magazine shows that the buyer will be provided with what they are ideally looking for when buying a magazine. This will make it

a lot more appealing for the buyer and will prove to be value for money. Uses of new media have made a huge impact on other magazines such as my style model ‘Vibe’. I wanted to make sure that I was catching onto the right idea of how to target my audience in a way in which they will notice the promotions of my magazine and what it has to offer. I wanted to make sure that I was making as many people aware as I could about the existence of my magazine, therefore, a twitter page and a facebook page would allow me to do so. I used twitter and facebook because they are both easily accessible to use on a mobile phone, which is a popular choice for my target audience and buyers. It is the easiest way for young people to access communication social networking sites to be able to get in touch with friends or popularity pages on different interest. This way, it makes more people aware and will ensure that people can follow the latest news of what is happening with my magazine. It gives it a good reputation as it is offering the new service to people who are the main users of the service. It also gives a good idea of what I could take more notice of and I can see what suggestions have been made as a high demand on certain aspects which could develop my magazine further.

Evaluation - question 5  

How did you attract/address your audience?

Evaluation - question 5  

How did you attract/address your audience?