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• WebHostingHub™ has been around for more than a decade, established in 2001. This company specializes in providing easy to use website hosting for bloggers and small businesses. • In this WebHostingHub review, we purchased a test account and played around with it, then shared our research below. The goal is to help you make your own decision based on your needs as a webmaster. • Note: This company offers similar service to iPage or Fatcow, but they are a completely different company (not owned by Endurance International Group)

Is Their Hosting Reliable? • This hosting company uses constantly optimized Dell servers, so you can be sure that their equipment is reliable and up to the modern standards. • WebHostingHub™ offers a 99% uptime guarantee, which is slightly lower when compared to other popular hosts that offer 99.99% availability. Nevertheless, we have monitored the functioning of WebHostingHub™’s machines and we can say that the difference is barely noticeable. • The support team is  U.S.-based and available 24/7, so if you need reliable support services, this company is a good choice for you. If you are concerned about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that WebHostingHub™ is one of the few providers that have a  green hosting certificationto save energy usage (PDF) in their datacenters.

What Do I Get With Their Hosting Plan? • At WebHostingHub™, you will find a single hosting solution, which is fine if you’re not looking for more complex services and only need a reliable shared web hosting account. • Their hosting plan offers unlimited resources and, very importantly, let’s you host an unlimited number of domains on your account. All accounts include unlimited domain space and bandwidth, which is great for the customers that don’t want to worry about monthly quotas and resources allocations.

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Easy-to-use Control Panel • cPanel makes it easy to manage your website and web hosting account. WebHostingHub™ uses a standard installation of cPanel, with no modifications. • All the important functions of cPanel are just a few clicks away. You can configure a spam filter, copy files to your server, or setup a subdomain, in just a few minutes. • The beauty of cPanel resides in its simplicity; even first-time users will find it easy to navigate its interface and the helpful tips displayed by cPanel are very useful for finding your way with the tool’s many features. • They includes cPanel in every hosting account, so you will not need to pay additional fees to use it, as it happens to other hosting providers.

Create A Website Or Blog Quickly And Easily • The main function of any web hosting account is to host a website, and Web Hosting Hub makes it easy to create your personal webpage. All plans include thePremium Site Builder tool. • The Premium Site Builder is easy to use, yet powerful. It offers some advanced functions that make it suitable for creating sites that are more complex. One example is the Flash intro creator, which lets customers add a little flavor to their online presences by inserting an interesting animation or a short video. • If you prefer it, you can build your website using one of the free scripts that they put at your disposal. There are dozens of scripts available, which let you build blogs (WordPress), portals(Joomla, Drupal), forums (phpBulletin), wikis (dokuwiki), and much more.

Get A Head Start On Your Ecommerce Site • Everyone shops online these days, and you too can join the party by creating an interactive online store. All you need is your WebHostingHub™ shared hosting account and a little of your time. WebHostingHub™ offers various eCommerce platforms, among which we recommend that you use  Cube Cart and  Zen Cart. The installation of these platforms is handled from cPanel, via Fantastico, and it only takes a few minutes. • WebHostingHub™ helps you build a successful online store by offering you advanced business features, including compatibility with major payment processing companies (PayPal and Google Checkout) and a shared SSL certificate. From our experience though, it’s better to invest in a dedicated SSL certificate that will inspire more trust to your customers.

What If I Need Help? Will They Help Me Fast? • We decided to give the WebHostingHub™ support department a run for their money and we found that their staff friendly and supportive. We have bombarded them with questions via phone and their answers were always respectful and to the point. • If you prefer it, you can contact the support team via other channels besides phone, such as email or online chat. The support team is available 24/7, so you will be able to solve your urgent problems at any hour.

If I Don’t Like WebHostingHub, Can I Get A Refund? • WebHostingHub™ stands out among other web hosting providers trough it’s excellent 90-day refund warranty. This amazing guarantee allows you to thoroughly test their services before committing on a long time contract. • Unlike other web hosting providers, which provide a pro-rated refund (proportional with the time of use), WebHostingHub™ offers has a full money back policy if you cancel your account within 90 days. The refund policy does not cover additional features that are purchased separately, such as IPs, domain names, and SSL certificates.