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By Margin Nelon - If you have headaches that you can not quite explain, and they are accompanied by some cold symptoms yet you do not seem to have a cold otherwise, you could be dealing with sinus headaches. These are something that you may not have until a certain age, and then they become a constant problem. Once you know you have sinus issues, you are going to want to know how to treat them. Sinus headaches can occur at almost any time, but one of the most common times is when the air pressure changes. Some that have a lot of problems with sinuses can tell you when a storm is coming because the pressure has given them a sinus headache. When the pressure changes, the sinuses are supposed to balance the pressure in your head.

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One simple way to find sinus headache relief is to steam away any blockage that may be stopping your sinuses from working correctly. Mucus can clog the sinuses and tunnels connecting them, which stops the pressure from changing as needed. A hot shower with a lot of steam can clear up the problem for some people because it allows the blockage to move.

Keep your face a safe distance away and don't inhale the steam for a long period of time. A short time should clear it up for you if this remedy is going to work.There are some great medications out there that can help with sinus headache relief. These are made to relief the pressure as well as clear your nasal passages. The sinus pressure you feel should ease quickly with this type of over the counter medication. If you have a sinus headache related to a cold, it will still work just as well, and may help with many of your cold symptoms as well. Either way, many people find that this type of relief is often all that they need when they are faced with a pounding, sinus headache.

There are a few people with sinus problems so bad that they have to see a doctor and may even require some surgical intervention. This is not common, but it does happen. Some sinuses are malformed and those people have headaches for their entire lives because the sinuses can not drain properly. Sometimes, it takes a while for a doctor to figure out why these headaches are so common and so severe.

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