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Service Snapshots Auto Shipping Industry $2.2bn.  Shipping vehicles is a specialized service. Customers interested in shipping their cars look out for a specialized transport carriers to ensure safety of the vehicle. The most common method of transportation is by car carrier, the same type seen delivering new cars to dealerships. This option will cost about $1,000 to $1,400 on a coast-to-coast move. Enclosed trailers costs about $1,800 to $2,000 coast-to-coast.  .

Junk Removal Industry $37bn.  %IB?-9ACJ5@=G56=@@=CB=B8IGHFM=BH<90B=H98.H5H9G >IB?F9ACJ5@ and recycling business typically does not compete with residential or 7CAA9F7=5@ HF5G< F9ACJ5@ G9FJ=79G  /<9 >IB? F9ACJ5@ 5B8 F97M7@=B; industry is usually more focused on residential or commercial clean-out DFC>97HG H<=B? 5HH=7G  65G9A9BHG  5B8 ;5F5;9G  5DD@=5B79 5B8 :IFB=HIF9 F9ACJ5@ 5B87CBGHFI7H=CB7@95BIDDFC>97HG

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