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Competitive Advantage Quotes vs. Bids uses an auction format that allows carriers to bid on a buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s G<=DA9BHG /<=G<5GHKCA5>CF8F5K657?G/<9TFGH =GH<5HH<96=8=GBCH instant. The carrier has to log in, view the shipment posting and then bid. In some cases it takes 5+ days to receive a quote. The second drawback, is that many carriers underbid others in the scramble to win shipments, sometimes at very low amounts that lead to carrier losses, poor customer service and unhappy clients.

How is it different from other websites? Real-TimeQuoting is the ability to input logistical data and receive a quote within seconds. This is achieved through a unique Haload algorithm that takes into account carrier rates during different days of the week and integrates this user-provided information to provide instant quotes, with DFCTH56@9A5F;=BG:CF75FF=9FG 

What are the beneTts?

Carriers no longer have to underbid to win assignments and complete shipments at a loss. Customers receive instant quotes to make a decision and do not need to worry about the carrier hiking up the price last minute. Halos and consumer ratings provide valuable assistance in making a decision.

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