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To Mr. Adam Goldstein Hello Mr. Adam Goldstein, hello Royal Caribbean.Please have a peinitence and read this letter to the end, because it’s very important for your company. It’s addressing you and writing you Job Selection, Employment Power and Kouzon your agents for hiring hotelcrew for your ships from Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Tyerky. Many Romanian, Croatian, and Serbian hotel crewin the recent years since the start of the global economic crisis,has complain to us, that your higher position supervisors like Hotel Directors and F&B Managers on your ships don’t respect them at all, they threat them like animals,and verbally and sexuallyhorrace them no matterwhether is working for male or female persons. After countless reporting on ships and in your company, nothing changed, nothing happened.So now your company have more choice for white and beautiful hotel crew from Western European countries because of the crisis there,and that is a thanks to us for sending youall this years, white, beautiful and qualafied hotel crew. So listen now you fuckin Jewish bustard - If you don’t stop this, we Job Selection , Employment power and Kouzon deal between us thatwill jointly destroy your fuckin Royal Caribbeancruise line company. If you think that we cannot do that, or that we are jerkin around, you will have to ask yourself twice. Just check in your HR department for crew ships how many Romanian, Croatian and Serbian crew we send you in the past 15 years in the hotel department likehead waiters, restaurant waiters,ass.waiters, room service attendants,bar supervisors, bar waiters, bar tenders, cabin attendants, cooks etc. Well all of that crew are endlessly thankful to us, because of course they came through us, and that means a lot for them especially now in this global economic crisis. So they will do anything in cooperation with us, especially now after this incidents occurs on your ships in recent times. So we - Job Selection, Employment Power and Kouzon together with “our” – your hotel crew, started to coordinate attack, to sabotage your fuckin black monkey crew ships, and your fuckin black monkey company. Don’t be surprise at all, if any of your ships in the following months catch food or drink poisoning, because “our” – your hotel crew no matter female or malewill put any kind of poison in the food or drinks for their guests which they serve on your ships. You remember poisoning on Vision of the Seasthis year? Well we will proudly announce to you, it was our sucssesful act. So you know very well how destroying is this for cruise line company, especially like RCI, when the public will read in the news RCI is poisoning their guests.And don’t doubt at all in us, because we Croatians,Romanians and Serbians are the nastiest of all as you can see for yourself from the latest news about the meat and milk poisoning affairsin Europe from Croatia, Romania and Serbia. Just type in Google, Croatian and Serbian afla toxin milk affair and Romanian horse meat affair to see what happened this spring in Europe from our countries. You can see what kind of people we are, like example from our food and milk companies that poisoned our own people and half Europe, and not some fuckin black jipsy monkey cruise line. And our partner Kouzon is teaching in your academies in Macedonia and Tuerky the future employees of RCI, how to better put the poison unnoticed in meals and drinks which they will serve for their guests on your ships. We have and other methods for destroying your company, like we and “our” - your restaurant waiters and bar tenders, willpost pictures and videos on the best world cruiseline vacation web sites and forums off all the food and drink utensils and equipment from your older ships, like where they kept all of that, and how clean is all of that. And what do you think you fuckin Jew, how many guests will have your ships in the future, after the future potential guests will see on these internet web sites and forums from how much clean silver and glass ware they will eat and drink. So for this what happened, to our beautiful and white Romanian, Croatian and Serbian hotel crew, your fuckin black gypsy monkey company will pay again, but if this or something elsehappens against usand “our” – your beatifull hotel crew in the future, or you break business with us, the damage to your company will be far, far, greater, we will destroy your company completly. And we have, even far more destroying methods, to destroy your company whole, which we will not tell you of course. We have send same letter and to your sister company Celebrity Cruies because and they started to horrace to much“our” – theirhotel crew.And don’t doubt at all in this letter whether is authentic from us or not, or from where is sent, because we deal our partner Kouzon to put his seal and signature to convince you that this letter is originally from our 3 agencies. So fuckin Jew, if Hitler didn’t teach you and your company on nice attitude - we will teach you, and take this deadly serious because we are not jerking at all, as you will convince your self in the following months.

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