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How “Remote Communication” has become the New Norm in the Shipping Industry The global shipping industry is the backbone of world trade. Around 90% of trade by volume and 80% by value are carried by the international shipping industry. The shipping industry has connected

countries, markets, and businesses, allowing people to buy and sell goods on a reasonable price which was not possible previously. But, what about the operational efficiency of this industry which has helped to make the world economy more efficient? Maritime VSAT networks that provide global

broadband coverage and data communication solutions can help boost the efficiency of maritime fleets operating in the shipping industry.

Remote Communication Has Been Made Possible in the Shipping Sector

The maritime VSAT technology has transformed deep sea merchant vessels into high-functioning

remote offices. The wide broadband coverage networks and mobile satellite communication systems

have led to fast-paced operations both on ship and back on land-based offices. From real-time business applications, Virtual Private Networks, to Internet access and more, maritime satellite communication has moved the operational works to an automated environment. Connecting ship to shore and ship to

ship, VSAT broadband services have resulted in the adoption of remote communication processes and boost in productivity and safety services. 

Remote office: Maritime satellite VSAT system turns a merchant vessel into a remote office. VPN

networks cover the entire fleet as well as connect the ship to shore. It seamlessly integrates ships with their office network worldwide, enabling better communication among crew and greater access to the information for better operation. It also helps to improve safety and security on board with video surveillance and safety video training. 

Remote management: VSAT technology facilitates instant maritime satellite communications

with on board crew members, technicians, vendors, port works and other skilled professionals to better manage shipping operations. The use of ERP systems via maritime satellite internet

technology can help ship managers to collect and send more information between ship and shore and get valuable insight into operations in real time. With high-speed broadband

connectivity, critical ship management tasks can be handled by specialists from shore, thereby

decreasing the need to employ specialists onboard. Maritime broadband also speeds up pre- and post-arrival reporting process. In short, the complex ship management process has now been simplified and improved through maritime VSAT satellite systems.

Today, marine vessels, merchant ships and cargo vessels heavily rely on maritime satellite internet

connect and broadband network for remote communication and ship management. Make the right

choice among C-band VSAT systems, Ku-band broadband connectivity and L-band networks for your

marine vessel operations by considering factors such as broadband coverage, signal strength and vessel

size. Maritime satellite communications would help you enhance ship’s operational efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Maritime Satellite Communications  

The global shipping industry is the backbone of world trade. Around 90% of trade by volume and 80% by value are carried by the international...