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Making Contractors Efficient

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How Singletouch Works Contractor

Project Owners

Singletouch Mobile Mobile Work Order Management for Field

... SAP

Singletouch Office Control Center for Operations


Singletouch Terminal


Singletouch Database

Time and Attendance for Projects


Singletouch Integrator Integrate with Existing Systems

Making Contractors Efficient

Singletouch Benefits

• Scalability – Organizations can grow faster without hiring more people to manage workflow

• Real-time Management – Singletouch provides information to manage projects and contracts as issues arise rather than at the end of a project when they can’t recover.

• Reduced Back-office Costs – Fewer indirect costs are required to manage daily information from the field

• Competitive Advantage – Sets a contractor apart from competition by demonstrating ability to manage productivity, costs and processes.

Making Contractors Efficient

Hosting Singletouch Cloud Hosted

Contractor Hosted

- OR -

• • • • •

Hosted in the cloud through or on Contractors network SQL Server database - Web Synchronization over HTTP for devices SQL Server Reporting Services for reports Microsoft .NET windows, mobile and touch-screen interfaces Analysis, Deployment, Training and Project Management services

Making Contractors Efficient


Singletouch Office The control center of the Singletouch platform Features • Job Setup • Project Controls • Human Resources • Rate Sheets and Pricing • Material Catalog • Procurement • Inventory • Distribution • Equipment and Fleet Management • Reporting • Import/Export

Making Contractors Efficient

Impact • Higher margins - Real-time tracking of costs and revenues •

Improved cash flow – Less time to invoice with fewer errors and rejected invoices.

Streamlined– Less time re-entering data means processes without bottlenecks

Competitive Advantage – More satisfied customers with better reporting and improved accuracy.

Visibility – See the entire operation from one reporting system and distribute information automatically

Singletouch Office Singletouch Office is the control center of the Singletouch platform. From this application, users can access all modules of the system, manage productivity, track costs and revenue, purchase materials or services and much more.

All your projects in one place

Simple reporting Familiar user interface

Making Contractors Efficient

Singletouch Mobile Work order management on mobile devices Features •

Create and Manage Work Orders

Time Ticket entry

Inventory transfers

Site Services entry (e.g. Rentals)

Equipment ticket entry

Field Purchase Orders

Digital customer signature

Customer reference number coding


Making Contractors Efficient

Impact • Improved Management- Never wait for paper field tickets again. Manage projects with real-time information. •

Fast Invoice Turn-around – Capture a customer signature in the field and generate invoices faster

Improved Productivity – Field staff spend less time creating field tickets, more time working.

Accountability – Track field staff, work performed and progress.

Singletouch Mobile Singletouch Mobile is deployed in the field on laptops or tablets and automates field work orders (LEM’s, Field Tickets). Information is captured directly by a foreman or supervisor and electronically synchronized to the office where information is authorized.

Making Contractors Efficient

Singletouch Terminal Touch screen application for time and attendance Features • Foreman or Supervisor select mode • Secure time in and out of site • Time and Attendance reporting • Employee ID card printing • Each terminal supports up to 50 employees • Operates in disconnected mode • Automatically synchronizes • Customizable in/out modes

Making Contractors Efficient

Impact • Fewer Disputed Invoices – Each employee is assigned an in and out time reducing disputed invoices related to labor. •

Improved Safety Auditing– Know exactly how many people are onsite automatically

Field Accountability – Creates back-up for payroll information.

Eliminates Time Entry Bottlenecks – Time entry is streamlined due to existing scan data used to create time tickets.

Singletouch Terminal Singletouch Terminal is a touch screen application designed to track time and attendance of site employees. This process automates time entry for long term projects (+6 mo.) on sites with large number of field personnel (+30 employees) .

Making Contractors Efficient

Singletouch Integrator Data integration for accounting, estimating and ERP systems Features • Built-in integrations for Tier 1 ERP Systems • Built-in integrations for small and medium accounting systems • Customizable import/export formats • Data mapping interface for linking records • Data mapping automation • Integration reporting and verification • Pre-integration validations

Making Contractors Efficient

Impact • Immediate Financial Information– No lag time to re-enter data into ERP or financial systems. •

Lower Back-office Costs– Integrate rather than re-enter information

Secure Financial Systems – Operations only requires access to Singletouch rather than ERP and accounting systems.

Singletouch Integrator Singletouch Integrator provides an interface to move mission critical data between Singletouch and other enterprise, payroll and accounting systems. Customizable import and export formats will accommodate any external system and will eliminate the costly re-entry of information.

Making Contractors Efficient


Construction Solution Scenario: Multiple projects with labor, equipment, materials and tools onsite.

Project #1

Challenges: - Keeping up with daily data entry - Tracking progress - Leakage - Timely cost reporting

Project #2

Project #3

Solution: Singletouch Office with project controls to control job costing, leakage, progress and productivity. Singletouch Terminal for time and attendance and automated time entry.

Making Contractors Efficient

Service Solution Crew #1

Scenario: Multiple service crews performing multiple jobs per day in vehicles with tools and materials.

Crew #2

Challenges: - Retrieving daily tickets from crew - Delays in invoicing - Tracking crews - Lack of performance analysis

Crew #3

Solution: Singletouch Office with Work Order management and daily authorization and reporting Singletouch Mobile for field Work Order creation and electronic signatures for approvals.

Making Contractors Efficient

Maintenance Solution Contract #1

Contract #2

Contract #3

Scenario: Long term maintenance contracts at a plant or facility deploying mainly tools and labor. Challenges: - Complex client reporting structure - Rapid increase/decrease in manpower - Evolving rate schedules - Leakage Solution: Singletouch Office can be configured to reflect the reporting structure to the client and generate reports immediately. Singletouch Terminal or Mobile to capture all job cost details remotely and immediately.

Making Contractors Efficient

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