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AUGUST 3-5, 2012


Singleton/Phoenix Family Reunion Newsletter 2011 Reunion Recap By: Jacquie Howard We did it!! Our Singleton/Phoenix Family Reunion, held August 5-7, 2011, was a wonderful celebration of a tradition that started in 1941 by our matriarch, Elvira (Ella) Phoenix Singleton. The weekend included optional activities on Friday, a family picnic on Saturday held at Lakeview Acres in Lebanon, Ohio and a very special church service at Bethel AME Church in Lebanon. It was truly a wonderful event with nearly 100 family members in attendance over the weekend. The weather was beautiful, our spirits were high, the food was fabulous, the games were a blast and we just had a good ol’ time. As the 2011 reunion head, I am so appreciative of all the support from the planning committee. Our ancestors would smile upon and be proud of the love and care that everyone put into making this reunion one to remember. Thanks to: Tenechia Barwick, Debbie Harding-Berwick, Dee Dee Bullock, Alexis Calloway-Hall, Delores CallowayHenry, Renee Forrester, Lois Hatch, Raye Kimberlin, Tonda Lyons, Jackie Scott, Monica Short, Mary & Steve Singleton, Church Singleton and Delores Vinegar. Here are a few highlights from our time together: Friday – Families that arrived early spent time visiting friends and family, checking out the old homestead area, enjoying areas activities and the Lakeview Acres grounds. Several family members visited the casino and some had Lady Luck on their side. Saturday – The hospitality committee of Lois Hatch (Charles) and Debbie Barwick (Blanche) greeted our family members with gift bags stuffed with coupons, brochures and a reunion program, complete with our family history. The food and fun started with Dolores CallowayHenry (Wilbur) & family kicking off the grilling and

bringing the sound system. Steve Singleton (Charles) providing a wonderful blessing for our meal. Chuck Singleton (Charles), Jackie Scott (Cecil), Monica Short (Cecil) and Jacquelyn Howard (Charles) led the games, contests, tributes, accomplishments high-lights, picture sharing and the music, which made the picnic engaging, touching and lively. Legacy Tributes – We had representation from nearly all of the 10 branches of the Frederick & Ella family tree and spent time sharing our special memories of Blanche, Wilbur, Hazel, Vergie (Jimmy), Charles, Cecil, Katherine (Missy), George, Freida and Elsie. This was such a heartwarming part of the reunion, especially since many stories hadn’t been shared before and many of the attendees had never met these ancestors. As each branch took turns on the stage and talked about our legacy, everyone listened, smiled and teared up. Several of u s took pictures to capture the moments. The Wilbur branch won with the most attendees present (32)! Where we didn’t have representatives from particular branches, another branch honored them with reflections and their impact on their lives.

AUGUST 3-5, 2012

Recap & Highlights

If you have any pictures to share you can e-mail them to Rayella Kimberlin or upload them to our family reunion Facebook page. http://www.facebookcom/singletonphoenix In closing, we are blessed to have such a large and dedicated family. Let’s continue to stay in touch, bring others into the fold and share our legacy with our children and their children in honor or our ancestors. God Bless, Jacquelyn Howard (granddaughter of Charles) 2011 Chair of Singleton Phoenix Family Reunion


Hazel’s Family Recognition: We were pleasantly surprised to have Richard Singleton III, Hazel Singleton’s great-grandson come with his family. Richard lives in Middletown with his wife, Trisha, and their children. They connected to the family event by finding our information on Facebook. Richard was so happy to be there and promised to bring more of his family to the event next year. Katherine “Missy” Bakeoff Award Winners: st Winners of the Bakeoff are: 1 Place: Dee Dee nd Bullock (Katherine); 2 Place – Gregory Calloway rd (Wilbur) and 3 Place – Renee Forrester (Wilbur

2011 Family Awards Blanche’s Wisdom & Oldest Attendee Award: Bernice Roggerson (Wilbur)- 81 years young and Marie Singleton at 101 years young. Marie is still around and is now age 102. Cecil’s Family Picture gallery was on display during the reunion. Jackie Scott (Cecil) showed us the original LP record that the Singleton Sisters (Vergie (Jimmy), Cecil, Katherine (Missy), Elsie and Freida recorded. Charles’ Olympics: There were a number of winners for our 3 Legged-Race, Kids Beanbag toss and other contests. Elsie’s Music Recognition: At church service Sunday morning, Mary Singleton (Charles), Alexis Calloway-Hall (Wilbur), Renee Forrester (Wilbur) and other friends sang beautifully for us. Frieda’s Most Distance Traveled Award: Jackie Scott (Cecil) – from Las Vegas, NV. George’s Family Accomplishments and Branch listing: Loads of special events, recognition or life milestones were written on our boards at the picnic. We also have family tree listings that we are finalizing. We will publish those soon.

Vergie’s “Jimmy” Family Bingo Award: Kathy Roberts (Katherine). Wilbur’s Fishing Derby Award: LaRon Lovett (Wilbur). A special recognition for a tradition of leading the planning of the reunions was given to Debbie, Marcus and Lois.

2011 Family Meeting discussion and voting results: We will continue to have the reunion at LakeView Acres in Lebanon the first weekend in August 2012. The owners of LakeView Acres have been very accommodating to our needs and the grounds are perfect for our reunion.

AUGUST 3-5, 2012


2012 Updates Continued Schedule of Events Friday August 3 - King’s Island, 10:00 a.m. Casino Night. Hollywood Casino, 777 Hollywood Blvd. Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Night at the Lake, Lakeview Acres, 1527 S. St. Rt. 123, Lebanon, OH 45036, Saturday August 4 – Family Reunion, 12 noon – 9 pm, Lakeview Acres Blues Fest, Downtown Lebanon Night at the Lake, Lakeview Acres Sunday August 5 – Homecoming Service at Bethel A.M.E. Church. 111 N. Cherry St, in Lebanon Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Keepsakes are still available! Copies of our commemorative reunion brochure, complete with our family history, are available and can be mailed to you. With Jacquie leaving for China, send your request to Raye at or 513-258-1017. Monica Scott can make copies of Aunt Cecil’s scrapbook photos for you for $5/CD. The proceeds will go to our reunion savings account. Contact Monica at:

Directions to Lakeview Acres For those of you who have been here before, you will remember that it is very easy to find. But for the new attendees, here are some directions.

From Cincinnati: Take I-71 North to Exit #32, (Lebanon/Morrow – State Route 123), then go right (east) 1/2 mile and on the right is a red barn with a large American Flag painted on it. Turn right into driveway at the sign for Lake View Acres. Go the past the farmhouse and follow the drive to the Pavilion & Cabin.

From Dayton: Take I-75 South to Exit #29 (State Route 63), turn left (east). Go through downtown Lebanon and State Route 63 becomes State Route 123. Go straight for 3 1/2 miles. And 123 intersects with I-71. Go 1/2 mile Past I-71 and on the right is a red barn with a large American Flag. Turn right into the driveway at the sign for Lake View Acres. Go past the farmhouse and follow the drive to the Pavilion & Cabin.


AUGUST 3-5, 2012

2012 UPDATES CONTINUED Reunion Financial Information:


The reunion expense is the same as last year. Each household pays $20.00, made payable to SINGLETON PHOENIX FAMILY REUNON, c/o Raye Kimberlin, 20 North Lane, Lebanon, OH 45036

Our youth are our future and we need to do something for them also. Last year, 2011, we had bags for the adults, this year we would like to consider the idea of having gift bags for the kids instead. This would give them an interest too, since last year they wanted to know what we had for them.

Please note that these payments should be sent in as soon as possible in order to secure our location at Lake View Acres. This covers the $500 still due for the final payment on the location. It also covers the Saturday rental of the pavilion for 100 people or less along with the cabin for Friday and Saturday nights. This must be paid by July 10, 2012. Our current balance on hand is $85.00. Our goal is to have $100 paid in per branch by June so we can hit our due date to LakeView. Anything given over the $20 family fee will help us plan for this year and the future. We would appreciate donations to help fund the reunion.

What about bringing back the talent show? We could have different levels, such as the children, teens and adults. There would of course need to be some prizes for each related event. We would like to recruit some of the youth to assist with games, maybe act as Emcee, etc. This would also help give our younger members some responsibilities and ownership in the reunions. Carnival is suggested for 2013. Family ambassadors should continue to provide family contact information to the Communication Committee (Raye Kimberlin / Mary Singleton).

-----------------------------------PLEASE SEND YOUR $20 TODAY! NAME___________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________ CITY____________________________________

FUNDRAISING IDEAS: Our planning committee wants to have a fundraiser, such as an auction, create a recipe book, sell T-shirts and promotional items such as water bottles, key chains, etc. We could also offer for sale bake goods to raise funds.

STATE_______ ZIP_______________________ PHONE_________________________________ EMAIL__________________________________

A print on demand shop is online now to offer promotional items from mouse pads, cups, aprons, etc, where the family can conveniently place their own individual orders.

_______________________________________ Enclosed is:

 $20  $50  Other________ Made payable to: Singleton-Phoenix Family Reunion 20 North Lane, Lebanon, OH 45036

They also considered selling collages of the 10 elders and hosting a photo swap. If you have ideas for raising funds, please contact Raye Kimberlin.


AUGUST 3-5, 2012


SINGLETON PHOENIX REUNION c/o Raye Kimberlin 20 North Lane Lebanon, OH 45036


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Singleton Phoenix Family Reunion 2012 Newsletter  
Singleton Phoenix Family Reunion 2012 Newsletter  

2012 Family Reunion Newsletter for Singleton Phoenix Family