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Volume 2, Number 1 January 2010

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SubmissionsMSM accepts well-written articles, story ideas, photographs and other materials that would interest our readers. Be sure to include a name, contact information and short description of your submission. Please send all submissions via email to, we do not accept attachments. SubscriptionsMSM is distributed free of charge in Waltham and surrounding cities. Free copies of the magazine is always available when we have our events. An electronic version of the magazine is also available for online visitors free of Charge as well on the website. You may request a print copy of the magazine to be sent to your home or office for only $2. Or you may purchase quarterly, or yearly subscriptions online. Contact usVisit MSM’s website 24/7 Call us: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm (617) 418-1750 Find us on Facebook under MSM massachusettssinglesmag


Dating and Facebook New Year, New Possibilities Joanne Giannini’s Merry Elfing Holiday party Playing games; is it worth it?


Cover Feature........................................08 Cover: Naina Avanesova Make-up: Talia Pique, Cover Photo: Mehdy Ogine-Noel, Location: Jillian's Boston 145 Ipswich Street Boston, MA 02215 4


From the Editor’s desk

....................... MSM’s 1st Anniversary and New Year Resolution ................................

Dear Readers, I truly cannot wrap my my head around the fact that MSM was launched one year ago and that we’ve published twelve issues. It’s a milestone that we at MSM are proud of. The road to our twelfth issue was not easy but we’ve reached it with hard work and humility. I remember late 2008, when I began telling friends that I was going to be launching a singles magazine, many wish me luck. A colleague asked “who would want to read such publication?” and urge me to not go forward with it. Ever since I conceived the idea of starting a singles magazine in November 2007, I have made it my life’s purpose to see my passion through. My resolution for last year was to successfully bring MSM into the year 2010. Though I encountered many challenges, I can happily say that I have achieved my goal. My New Year resolution for the magazine for the year 2010 is to bring up circulation and add more content. I hope to accomplish that goal and tell you about it next year. Until next month, happy New year to all! New Year equals new beginnings so make your mark. Sincerely,

Marie Stuart Noël Publisher and Editor-in-Chief 617-418-1750

Updates and announcements MSMtv Attention Bachelors MSM is looking for more eligible bachelors to be auctioned off in our Pre- Valentine’s singles event. Proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


MSM is launching MSMtv in January 2010. Our first show will be filmed at the Copley Place on January 9, 2010 from 3pm-5pm. The format of the show will comprise of our host asking questions to willing participants. The subject of the January 9th show will be, taking back a cheating lover. All are welcome to attend our first taping.



Janelle Powers, Staff Writer,

Bobby Carr, Staff Writer,

Mehdy Ogine-Noel, Staff Photographer,

Siobhan Talia PiquĂŠ, Staff make up artist .

Joanne Giannini, Writer,

Ken Joseney, Sport Nut 6


Boston Sports Nut

BCS Prediction The last week of the year and the first week of the New Year are some of the most spectacular weeks for me. It is time to kick back and watch some of the best football using my satellite Dish. College Football is what I mean. It usually starts around the week of December 25th, and continues until the big championship sometimes early January. The Big championship, appropriately titled Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship, is scheduled this year to be between Texas and Alabama on January 8th. How did they get there: After finishing last season very strong with a victory against Ohio State, the Texas Longhorns are back for more. Their most challenging game was against Nebraska on December 5th; they cruised through the rest of their schedule. They scored a total of 529 points, and allowed only 197. Texas knows that they will have their work cut out for them. In order to win, they will need Colt McCoy to handle the offense better than how he did against Nebraska. They will also need to have an answer against Alabama’s running game. After a not-so good experiment as Miami Dolphins head coach, Nick Saban has revived his coaching career with Alabama Crimson’s football team. Alabama has posted its second consecutive perfect regular season. Unlike last year, they hope Mark Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner, will help them avoid the same embarrassment as last year when they lost two straight games (SEC Championship game, and the Sugar Bowl). In order to win, the Crimson will need to limit Colt McCoy’s abilities on defense, and let Mark Ingram’s play dictate how to proceed on offense. Prediction: I opened up this column by predicting that the Red Sox would make it to the American League Championship Series (they lost in the Division Series to the Angels). I went on to predict that the Patriots need to win three games in November (they won two). My resolution is to do better predicting games. Alabama wins. Happy Holidays to all! Happy Anniversary MSM, You’re now One. -Ken Joseney

5 ways

to keep your New Year Resolution (NYR) 1. Think of an attainable goal. Choosing goal like, I plan to lose 100lbs by bikini season is unrealistic.

2. Write down your goal. Make sure to include the steps that you want to take toward accomplishing your goal. Plan out your NYR on a calendar and keep a journal of progress. Writing your plan from start to finish will help you see it through the end.

3. Tell your family and friends about your New Year Resolution. Informing your family and close friends of your NYR will help you stay in the right path. Or they will shoot daggers at you when you go astray.

4. Cheat on your New Year Resolution. Don’t run yourself to the ground with the NYR, after all, you have a whole year to accomplish your goals. Pace yourself, take it slow and you’ll get to where you need to be.

5. See results. Record all milestone of your NYR. Your family and friends will most likely be the first ones to see your progress. The harder you work, the easier thing will get.

Single? Showcase yourself in an upcoming issue of MSM Visit for more information.

Cover Feature

.................................................................... Naina Anavenosa celebrates MSM’s 1st anniversary at Jillian’s Boston

The good folks at Jillian’s allowed us to shoot MSM’s anniversary cover on the second floor of their establishment. Ms. Naina Anavenosa served as our model.

Cover: Naina Anavenosa Make-up: Talia Pique, Cover Photo: Mehdy OgineNoel, Location: Jillian's Boston 145 Ipswich Street Boston, MA 02215

About Ms. Naina, our cover girl. Naina Anavenosa was born in Moscow, Russia, she moved to the United States with her family at the age of 13. Naina who is a big animal lover has been involved in several causes that helps homeless animals says "I have currently rescued 3 cats, a bunny, and a dog that I love very dearly, and they are wonderful animals and I am so grateful to have given them a comforting place to call home." Aside from being an animal lover, Naina has worked at the Lowell Local Cable station with Dave Roberts Productions and has co-hosted their weekly TV show for the past four years. Naina is an actor who has done 8

background work in various major films that were filmed and produced in New England. She has worked on a comedy show called SNAFU, which is currently in production and is soon to be released. She has starred in the independent film Mindscapes where she plays one of the lead roles. The proceeds from this production once released will be going towards a Cancer charity. Naina was named “Hottie of the Week” on in November 2009. Starting on January 2010, she will begin working as one of the hostesses of MSMtv. Get ready to se more of this beauty. -MSM staff


Special Anniversary Feature ............................... MSM’s launch at Vox Populi on January 30, 2009 ...............................

MSM was launched on January 30, 2009 by Marie Stuart Noel, founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine. The launch party was held at Vox Populi in Boston. Dave Herman hosted.

............................... We held many events throughout the year. Most of our events Highlights of though geared towards unmarried professionals, seldom had in attendance many couples and married individuals. MSM not MSM’s only held events but we also were invited to sponsor and co-host events. monthly events ...............................



Special Anniversary Feature

Winners At the MSM launch party,

............................. Contest Winners .............................

January 23, 2009 Shannon Thomas of GateHouse News Service, was the first to publish an article about MSM’s launch. January 28, 2009 Meredith Goldstein of the Boston Globe names Marie, MSM’s creator, the love guru.

This year we rewarded some of Jason Coburn won the prize our readers including our online of the event, a Wii system. members with prizes. During our monthly events, We always give away prizes and gift certificates. The most notable prizes awarded were the winner on right.


............................... MSM in the news ...............................

Maribeth Foley won the logo contest. Maribeth’s design is MSM’s official logo.

Read both articles on the MSM site,


........................... Many people and companies contributed success this year. It is fitting Thank You tothatMSM’s we recognize them. ........................... The writers: Others Dave Herman Kasinna McCain John F Katherine Castro Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery Minuteman Press Hyde Park Consolidated Beverages Cancun Restaurante & Bar Tommy Doyle’s Pub Jillian’s Boston Grafton Street Pub and Grill

Mojito’s Boston Blu Restaurant and Bar Mediabids Chef Joseph A. Carli 10

Cover Models Erica Wright Robin K. Rosa Villenueva Natalia Kravtsova Anya Kod Jon Robert Ivania Nicole Hannah & The Bloodlines Theresa Novicky Naina Avanesova

Bobby Carr Janelle Powers Joanne Giannini Ken Joseney Phi Jennie Rundlett Jennifer Roman Chef Eric Thompson Photographers Medhy Ogine-Noel Francisco Chacon Alan Scott Kiki Taboh Make-up artists Talia Pique Manda Carco


Magret Todd won best Homemade Halloween Costume in November 2009. Below is Margret’s costume, an hand made Michael Jackson costume. Margret holds the $100 prize.

Dating after 40 Dating and Facebook By Joanne Giannini Back about a year ago I started dating a seemingly sweet guy who seemed perfect for me. He was newly out of a marriage and certainly not ready for anything very serious. But at the same time, he strongly gave the impression that we were exclusive as far as “intimate” issues went. So, three months into this relationship I had a party and, as expected, many pictures are taken. As typical, I posted a bunch of the pictures on my Facebook page. Now, not thinking anything of it, I “tag” him in these pictures so they show up on his Facebook page. Next thing I know he has “untagged” himself and sends me an email saying that he just looks too FAT in all the pictures! Hmmm…looked exactly the same in that picture with Bob swigging down those beers! This is when it hit me…he was seeing other people and untagged the pictures so people wouldn’t see him with me!

took it to their next date. She asked him, “Are you sure you aren’t dating anyone else” to which he replied “no, absolutely not.” So she pulls out the picture and says “well, what’s this then”? The guy says to her “well, I just started dating her.” Are you kidding me? I guess “absolutely not” really meant “absolutely yes” in this guy’s vocabulary! Again, Facebook to the rescue! In today’s social network crazed world, want to know how you can tell you are in an honest to goodness mutually committed relationship? It is the day when you and the person you are dating BOTH put “in a relationship” as your status and have links to each other’s page. That shows that neither one of you is hiding anything from your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends, coworkers, family members, buddies, and so forth that you proudly call your Facebook friends. Until that day it’s best to consider yourself in a more casual dating relationship.

So here comes the dating dilemma…When is it appropriate to move to this step? Do couples need to sit down over dinner and have the “Facebook talk” now? Just talking about it seems to be one step away from reserving the hall! Heck, I’ve been dating someone for a few months now and I’m afraid to even make him my Facebook friend until I’ve had a chance to really go through and “boyfriend sanitize it” of all the numerous pictures, comments, links, etc. that may get the What Facebook did was save me from wasting time hamster in his head running too fast! with someone who clearly wasn’t on the same page as Got any of your own Facebook stories to share? Come to and leave us your thoughts! I was. This guy obviously wanted to “have his cake and eat it too” as the saying goes and now I knew it and adjusted my feelings and expectations accordingly. Ah, there are just so many Facebook stories! My friend Peggy started dating a guy who was seriously laying it on thick. He went on and on about how he wasn’t dating anyone else, was looking for a serious relationship, etc. Well, what did my friend do? She checked out his Facebook page and there he was in a picture with another woman all over him on the very same day he had canceled a date with her because “his Mom is in the hospital.” She printed out the page and 11

Last Month’s Poll Joanne asked: Have advancements in technology made dating easier or harder?

456 readers answered


Harder 42% Easier 42% Same 11% No effect on dating 5%

Special Anniversary Feature

............................. The Sexy Singles of 2009 .............................

On a monthly basis, we featured singles from Mass in the magazine. These brave women and men were some of the fun, sexy, flirty singles featured in 2009.

A D V E R T I S E With MSM



Written by a woman, for women

New Year, New Possibilities By Janelle Powers As the first decade of the new millennium

gradable but most paper cups are made from recycled

comes to a close we should take a few moments to

materials. Every little bit counts and can make a big

stop and reflect on the things we have done. A new


year is not only for making resolutions but also to

What about that diet every woman vows to go on for

take a breath and enjoy whatever success or experi-

the New Year? Do you find that it’s really easy to

ences you have had. The best way to truly make a

start and to maintain for a few weeks and then you

fresh start is to wipe the slate clean and really allow

lose your motivation? You promise yourself you’ll

yourself a new beginning.

start fresh; you will eat right and go to the gym every

With this new beginning we have a rare opportunity

day. Then of course every day turns into every other

to take a step back, to clear our minds and to reevalu-

day and before you know it you’re too busy to make

ate our goals and our lives. Take a moment to really

it to the gym and you eating take out because you

think about what you want from this New Year. We

don’t have time to cook! That is what happens to all

have all seen Bridget Jones’s Diary, is there a partic-

of us so don’t get discouraged. Small steps are easier

ular type of man that you know is bad for you. Do

to maintain and to build on. Take a twenty minute

you always go for the bad boy and get your heart

walk every day either before or after work, or go for

broken? Do you always go with the safe squeaky

a quick jog around the block before dinner. Remem-

clean man and discover you’re bored out of your

ber if you start small you’ll have a greater chance at

mind? Maybe this is the time to really step out of

success! Most good meals are easy to make, and only

your comfort zone and try something new.

take about thirty minutes to make. If you go online or

It really is the little things that count. Maybe you

to your local book shop you will find a fantastic se-

want to be more environmentally friendly but you

lection of cook books that have lots of smart and fast

don’t have hours to sort out all of your trash for recy-

meal choices.

cling. Or you don’t have the budget to go totally or-

So remember ladies, as this New Year approaches all

ganic, it’s all right to start with something small. For

of your goals are within your reach. Dieting, dating,

instance instead of using plastic bags at the grocery

or even making a conscious choice to be more envi-

store buy reusable canvas bags to lug your groceries.

ronmentally savvy, whatever your goal is, it’s all up

Or instead of using a styrofoam cup for your coffee

to you. Don’t get discouraged and don’t stop. Push-

ask for a paper one instead, not only are they biode-

ing forward even when you think you can’t go on is the only way to make real progress.



Talia’s Makeup Corner Makeup Tips for THOSE “On-The-Go”! Talia Pique-Freelance Makeup Artist

5 Essential products & tips for those always on the go! Concealer Concealer is necessary only if there are some problem areas that need a quick covering, but otherwise not necessary. With your (clean) fingertip or concealer brush, apply to problem areas, and under eyes, and then blend it all over face to avoid a splotchy look. Blush With a nice angled blush brush, apply blush to cheeks, starting from the high cheekbone, and follow the natural structure with a finishing blending motion on the apples of your cheek.(Make sure color is not too bright, but calm and more of a natural shade that compliments your skin tone). Eyebrow Pencil/Filler Having filled and defined eyebrows are always helpful for a complete look, but if you are already have strong eyebrows no need for a quick application. Those with fine, over-plucked or waxed eyebrows benefit this application. When filling your eyebrows in, do not make them too dark and make sure you match the correct color. Mascara Mascara is without a doubt a MUST HAVE! Most popular colors are dark brown or black. With a quick wave of the brush, it should take no more than 15 seconds for each eye. The end result will help brighten your eyes, and can also add a little flirty twist to your look. Lip Gloss Lip Gloss is very essential for two reasons: 1) Moisturizing the lips and 2) Gives lips fullness. For those with thin lips, lip gloss helps enhance the fullness, and for those with full lips to begin with, it emphasizes the shape. Here are some helpful hints for applying lip gloss: For this quick application, use more of a nude lip color that has a hint of color, and for those with very full lips, use a lip gloss that is more of a conditioner and has less thickness to the gloss.

TALIA’s TOP MUST HAVE PRODUCTS Creamy Cleansing Foam Wash & Balancing Softener by Shiseido – Benefiance Line Lip Conditioner Hydratant by MAC Cosmetics Detox Kit for Stressed Skin by Skyn ICELAND Lycra Lash Extender Mascara – Black by Rimmel London



Talia’s Makeup Corner

Foods That Help Improve & Maintain Healthy Skin FOOD




Repairing Skin

Vitamin C & E

Helps renew damaged skin. Vitamin E is hydrating, while Vitamin C helps the production of collagen

Inflammation Defense


Some skin inflammation can result in acne, irritation and redness, so this antioxidant helps prevent free radical from damaging your skin.

Broccoli,A2 citrus fruits, nuts, leafy greens & kiwi fruits.

Tomatoes, cherries, oats, bran rice, ginger & bananas Prevents damage from the sun Resveratrol

Photo damage like; sagging, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots play a role in the aging process, but Resveratrol is believed to prevent & reduce these factors, as it protects the skin from sun damage & is believed to reduce the speed collagen breakdown.

Anti-Aging Diet of Antioxidants

Vitamin A

Antioxidants promote healthy cells which creates healthier skin, while it heals damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Diet of Antioxidants

Vitamin C

Antioxidants promote healthy cells which creates healthier skin, while it heals damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Diet of Antioxidants

Vitamin E

Antioxidants promote healthy cells which creates healthier skin, while it heals damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Diet of Antioxidants


Antioxidants promote healthy cells which creates healthier skin, while it heals damaged skin.

Grapes, blueberries, pomegranates, and red wine

Mozzarella Cheese, pumpkin & Sweet Potatoes

Broccoli, plantains, potatoes

Asparagus, ground ginger & soybean based spread

Eggs, Chicken, red meat, fish and garlic



Special Anniversary Feature ............................... Behind the Scenes of an MSM Photo shoot ...............................


The most exciting part of MSM is shooting the cover feature. Sometimes, we shoot monthly, other time, we shoot quarterly. The MSM staff work hard each time to bring the best cover. Most importantly, we always have fun shooting. These photos were taken behind the scene of several MSM photo shoots.


Out on the town with MSM

............................... Merry Elfing Holiday party ...............................


MSM’s writer Joanne Giannini hosted a Christmas gathering at the Half Door Bar in Quincy, MA on Saturday, December 19, 2009. Guests brought nonperishable food and toiletries to benefit Father Bill’s and Mainspring House.


Bobby Carr talks sex, dating and relationships Playing games; is it worth it? be his rescue, but it didn’t happen. Instead he picked himTypically in the dating world, tricks and traps help us realize that finding love may be the end result in a game of overly dramatic experiences. But does it really have to be that complicated? When it comes to finding love and companionship, are the games really all that necessary?

self up while Mason watched with concern in the background. Two hours into the dinner, the two had barely spoken and Mason overheard the company secretary attempting to set Kyle up on a date. Fed up with his own games and insensitivity, Mason marched over, put his arm around Kyle and

As the New Year approached, I spent some time pondering over the different vices I would attempt to give up. I had quit smoking, my debt had lessened and I had rebuilt some burned bridges broken down by prior ignorance, but something wasn’t quite right. For someone with a natural competitive nature, I was losing terribly at the game of love. Luckily, my current character building was stellar and my exuding confidence and ability to attract and conquer had me hitting free parking almost every time I went around the block. Then one night, I came across a very attractive unexpected player. Before I knew it, I had made a pass, given the go ahead and collect 10 digits. infatuated and intrigued, I was unaware of the many obstacles that lay ahead. That same night, my good friend was involved in some unwanted games himself. Kyle and Mason had been coworkers for two years and dating for one. They were the perfect team aside from Mason’s inability to open up about their relationship. One on one he was sensitive and caring, but out in the open he nothing of the sort. Then one night, while the two were heading to a business dinner with some coworkers, Kyle was pushed to the limit, literally. Two blocks away from their destination, Kyle was entertaining the group with flamboyant impersonations, when a homeless man turned the corner, out of nowhere shoved him to the ground and continued walking. Shocked

blurted out their relationship status. Unfortunately, at that same moment the place went silent for a holiday toast. Needless to say, the toast began with a sarcastic congratulations to the couple and ended with a slightly embarrassed pair with a newly mended relationship. Over a week later and my unexpected player and I had made little progress. Playing games back and forth through witty text messages and purposefully missed calls, we had created a potential loss on both our parts. When I finally came to my senses and set up date, I was stricken with a head cold. When he finally came to his and rescheduled, he struck his head in a car accident and ended up in the emergency room. Then, finally as sickness and bruises faded a decision to make a move had us on a more than perfect date. Things couldn’t have been going more smoothly until my unexpected player made an unexpected announcement. Talk of returning to Europe for the next six months, had me wondering what all of the effort was for. Then it hit me; no games. We hit it off, we were on a date, and had no expectations for the future, just a see what happens attitude. In the end foolish games had almost cost me a truly fabulous dating experience. On the way home I realized; when it comes to dating and relationships playing games can only create poorly built characters lacking the understanding and truth behind the possession of true companionship.

and embarrassed, his only comfort was that Mason would 18


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Personal branding

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ADVERTISE YOUR EVENTS IN MSM Club events Anniversaries Concerts Speed dating events Networking groups Fundraisers Charity events Fashion shows Wine/Food tasting Rallies

See your pictures in the “On the town with MSM” or your event in MSM’s calendar. Send your pictures to



Music Time Check out Wasted Talent on the different links below and let us know what you think of this local band. Listen to wasted talent on: MySpace You can purchase a Wasted Talent Cd at your local Newbury Comics, Myspace, and CDBABY links below

Wasted Talent Wasted Talent is a byproduct, more so a coagulation of different acts emerging from the Boston music scene: Nabo Rawk (formally of the Porn Theatre Ushers), Paul Foley & KNO Supreme (formally of Falsehood and Warm bodies), and Tashi Pique (formerly of Stymie and Ether Field). All Members who comprise the nucleus of Wasted Talent, got their feet wet in the mid to late 90’s Boston music scene. Their self – titled EP was released 2009.


Wasted Talent Music video " KHED!" Wasted Talent NewYear's Promo Youtube video Interview with Underground Hip Hop youtube video



Classifieds Place a 30-day classified ad in MSM for only $2. Email for more info.


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CANCER June 22-July 22 What's happening in your intrepid heart? Maybe someCAPRICORN thing is not right; maybe you no longer feel self-confiDecember 22-January 19 dent for a long-term, rewarding relationship. Stability is important now, and that might preclude Those of you born in the first decade only think of givgoing out on any kind of romantic limb for the time being. Try some activities that help you feel grounded ing out emotions. You'll throw yourself into life with body and soul. -- exercise or meditation, maybe. AQUARIUS January 20-February 18 Today the stars have decided to look down kindly on you so this is another reason to take comfort from the fact that better times are on the way. Expect unique and one-off events tonight. Enjoy them but don't neglect your household chores. PISCES February 19-March 20 You can't expect the whole world to fall for your good looks but you are very seductive. The Sky has promised you great things so today may be the day!Tonight the starry skies don't stimulate romantic encounters. So enjoy your serenity and being single. ARIES March 21-April 19 Today an unexpected betrayal will upset you and even your best friends will abandon you. But it's not the right moment to cry. Tonight someone intriguing will talk to you about philosophy and literature, hoping for a kiss. Go for it. OK, you're single but for tonight, you could make an exception...

TAURUS April 20-May 20 Today the protective Stars will continue whispering strategies to find love in your ear. Ignore them - it's all a trick. A hot hot evening! You'll soon be able to choose : continue dancing alone or get a partner.

GEMINI May 21-June 21 Take an amusing vacation to combat depression., You haven't let yourself go for a while. If you want a one-night stand, you can count on the Stars for this. On the other hand, if you see yourself walking up the aisle, maybe you need to be a little patient.

LEO July 23-August 22 After a tense patch, you'll feel like a calm period. A vacation is the best option - how about a trip to the sea? Tonight you'll be terribly down. With no morale, you'll look for a shoulder to cry on, but most of your friends will run away at the first signs of melancholy. VIRGO August 23-September 22 Today expect communication problems between you and a loved one with whom you thought you could have a more profound relationship. Resign yourself. Tonight you'll be able to turn a friendship into a great relationship. Is this Love? The Stars will smile down at you and offer you encouragement. LIBRA September 23-October 22 Today you'd better wait before you throw in the sponge. Even if you've only had disappointing relationships lately, console yourself that the planets aren't hostile. You've been asleep for so long and it's time to wake up now. You will be able to fulfill one of your dreams especially erotic ones. SCORPIO October 23 - November 21 If you are stimulated by the thought of Love, well go for it. You can do this; this is why you've chosen to be single. The Stars are on your side tonight. Make the most of this as we don't usually experience so many emotions all at the same time. SAGITTARIUS November 22-December 21 The gossiping Stars are spreading the rumor that you're looking for true love - is that true? Maybe you don't want to compromise. A sad, lonely evening is on the cards for those of the third decade. Close your eyes and just picture seductive encounters in the near future.

MSM January 2010  

The Massachusetts' Singles Magazine celebrates its first anniversary.

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