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Single Travel and Singles Cruises Offer Adults an Opportunity to Sail Away Together It’s believed that one in four Americans have embarked on a singles vacation during the last three years (according to what source – needs to be identified). Gone are the days when travel companies avoid picturing singles in travel advertisements and reaching out to single travelers. A number of travel companies have now chosen to host single travel trips. These journeys often offer independent travelers a safe way to travel alone in addition to providing infinite opportunities to make friends. Single travelers embarking on single vacations can often be the most under-served group with pricing to marketing strategy working to their disadvantage. Singles who prefer to travel solo are sometimes required to pay a single supplement in addition to the baseprice, and are left with no other choice than to travel with a relative or a friend. Things have now changed with travel companies enticing the single traveler with packagesand programs that allow the single to socialize with single people in their age range. As more and more people choose to travel single, travel companies cannot afford to ignore the potential of this huge market. Solo cabins on cruise ships, which were a rarity until a few years back, are now being reintroduced. Some cruise ships offer activities that are aimed at the single traveler, however you can’t always be assured of meeting another single vacationer onboard if you are booked on a regular trip or cruise. If you are looking to travel with a group of singles, it would be wise to book through travel agencies that arrange singles vacations and singles cruises. Single travelers bound by their love for travel and adventure get to meet and socialize with likeminded people. Everything from meals, entertainment, and amenities are included in the basic per person price, making it easier for single travelers to stick to their budgets. Some companies such as even offer a complimentary roommate matching program to allow singles a chance to share a cabin with another single traveler to take advantage of the more economical double occupancy cabins. “At, we offer several singles cruises each month sailing to a variety of destinations for those who prefer to travel alone. Guests can choose from upcoming sailings such as our ‘7-Night 20s and 30s Spring Break Caribbean Singles Cruise from Orlando’ or the ‘All Age -9 Night Magic in the Mediterranean Summer Singles Cruise from Barcelona.’ Besidesthe Caribbean and the Mediterranean, other popular singles cruise vacation destinations include Alaska, Central America, Europe, and the Bahamas,” says Chris Parker, a singles travel specialist and vice president, of “On a trip, there are typically 100 or more singles in the group who board the ship excited about who they will meet and what they will see while on their singles vacation. Some pack elaborate costumes to wear to theme parties, while others focus on the fun of seeing their previous cruise buddies at the private cocktail mixers,” he adds. For more information visit:

Single Travel and Singles Cruises Offer Adults an Opportunity to Sail Away Together  

Singles vacation together on special trips designed for single travelers.