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" B o t h L u p t o n a n d Mo r d e n b r i n g t h e i r l o n g a n d p r e sr i g i o u sca r e e 'sd > s t o r y t e l l e r st o t h e i r r e te l l i n go f O d y s s e u s- w i t h i m p r e ssi ver e su l ts. T h i s I i s a n ] e x c e l l e n tso u r cefo r i n t r o d u c i n g t h e t i m e l e ssta l e to a new generation" - SchoolLibraryJouri ReadTogelher: Ages 7 - 10 R eaoAl onc : Age.8 - Adulr 96page'.9

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A Foy ilr Beijing Written by Cuo Yue and Clare Farrow lllu str a te db y He le nCann



lt's the summerof 1966,and the streetsof Beijingare bristlingwith rumors about revolution.For eight-year-old Litde Leap Forwardand his friends,life seems unchanged- they fly kites,run errands, play games.One day, Little Leap Forward capturesa songbird- but he cannot persuadeher to sing.Will he breakwith tradition and giveher back her freedom?





Little Leap Forward




Beautifullyand powerfullyillustrated with 24 full-colorplates R e a d A l o n e :8 - 1 4 '128 pages Hardcoverwith jacket 9 7 8 1 8 4 6 8 6 1 1 4 7.$ 1 6 .9 9

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Cuo Yue was born in 1958, the year of Mao Zedong's Creat Leap Forward. One of five chifdren, he grew up in a traditional couraprd compound in Beijing.Aftertraveling all over China as a flautist, he won a scholarshipto the GuildhallSchoolof Musicin 1982. Sincethen, he has perFormedin Womad festivalsacross the world, recording with PeterGabriel's Real Worfd Records. Yue co-wrote Little Leap Forwardwith his wife, Clare Farrow. He and Clare make their home in London and havetwo children, Bei-Shengand Lan-Tien.

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"Six months ago we reached Dunhuang. A brisk wind ch.illed the air. Aromd

the lush oasis, there were sand dunes everywhere" - We're Riding on d Caraaan

Stories from the Silk Road R e to ld b y Ch e r r yCilch r ist l l l u str a te db y Nile shM istr y

, i l c h ri s t,w h o h a s " ln s ev enent r ie sC trav eledt he S ilk R o a d ,te l l so f a m a g i c s addlebagf oun d i n A fg h a n i s ta na, n enchantedgardenfrom Persianlore and more" - PublishersWeekly ReadTogether:Ages 5 - 10. ReadAlone: Ages 8 - Adult 80 pages 8%"xIO%" Paperbackwith Frenchfolds . 9781841488042. 912.99

We're Riding on a Caravan "&le.{e{v*ature *rn the Silk R*ad Written by Laurie Krebs lllu str a te db y He l enC ann

"Liltingverseand multipatternedart fo l l o w o n e fa m i l y' sfasci nati ng2,000mi l ec a ra v a ntri p overC hi na' sS i l k R oad. K re b s ' v e rs bri e msw i th tel l i nqdetai l " - PublishersWeekly ReadTogetherAge : s 4- 8 32 pages' 1O%'x 10'

R eadAl one:Ages6 - 10

Hardcoverwith jacket . 9781 841 483436 . $1 6.99 Paoerback. 9781 846861086 . 57.99

Ferlkgrramis Camel Puppet The perfectcompanionfor a journeyalongtheSilkRoad. 18 " l o n g ' A ges3+ 7000001s97 $34.99

ffxffcrdeme* *;&m nigFeffs & $selmds wfl*$r* ffiasâ&#x201A;Ź ss$*& *$xes* cm}"*rflm$.s*oEiss. Indian Tales A & eir:ef**r Cs'*lli:ee;{.}r'e Retold by ShenaazNanji lllustrated by Christopher Corr

From magicalspiritsin the northeastern mountainsto sneakyrobbersand brave h e ro i n e si n th e IndusV al l ey,thesestori es, eachtaken from a differentstate,are full of action and adventure.Cultural notes introduceeverytale, givingreadersa ta s teo f In d i a ' sri ch and di verseheri taqe. ReadTogether:Ages 7 - 10 Read Alone: Ages 8 - Adult 96 pages' Hardcoverwith jacket 9781846860836.51 9.99

The Story of Divaali RetoldbyJatinderVerma lllustrated by NileshMistry NAPRA Nautilus Book ofthe Year Winner,2003 "A beautifully evocative retelling of a cla ssic Hin du tex t , ac c es s ibleand modern without losing the power an d reson anc e of t he or iqinal"

- MeeraSyal Read Together: Ages 4

8 ' Read Alone: Ages 6 - 1 0 40 pages.8%" x10%"

Hardcoverwith jacket . 9781841489360.$16.99 Paperbackwith Frenchfolds . 97 81 84686131 4 . $7.99




A h a rmo n i o u sc o l l e c ti o nof tranqui ll ul l abi es a n d s o o th i n gs o n g sfro m A si anl ands. Runningtime: 30:18 9781 587 591716 . 51 5.99



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The Seven'Wise Princesses ,4 -h,{ealievr*}.F*:rsi;l*


Retold by Wafd Tarnowska l l l u str a te db y Nile shM istr y


This captivatingclassicof Persian l i ter at ur et ellsof a l e g e n d a ryp ri n c e , !ft Sh a hB ahr am ,and of th e w a y si n w h i c h tr he lear nsabout le a d e rs h i fro o m th e is storieshe is told by sevenvisiting The first Englishlanguage princesses. for childrenof the great translation & Sufi poet N izami'stwelfth-century & masterpiece,Haft Paykar,it also offers a powerfullyrelevantmessagefor aa o ur t im es ,em phas i z i nth g a t p e rs o n a l g virtue and wisdom are necessarv pr er eq u i s i tefo s rj u s t ru l e . s



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i$ahr*er said,'H*at sri:*, r",'il! -vr:r: retrtrcrr r**layl \'5.1itr1 5'*t:

*xpl*in lvkv ir** s*J*eccd e!:e $r*ri* F*r.ilicn. auql rvhv {ire *eler gree*. is s* s;:*c;ial ro 1aui"' - ! itf 3{t,?i "{rse l] r i s* t -r' t t s-: :& M edi esffi I ttcrstrt* Ei"pk:



96 pages 8% " x 10% " Hardcoverwith jacket


9781 846862s 02.$19.99 :::..&.:,,rrr.&r.

rrr,S,:rr,r:tffi. -W:'rr,,:rw::,!r,Wrrr::Kttt



Read Together: Ages 7 10 Read Alone: Ages 8 - Adult

#p*re*$sâ&#x201A;Ź$"#e.#ss.* s #y# $ *s *$rssqt#gxd$.râ&#x201A;Ź3ac$ cg.a9trxgg-es wfssg*f

@ffi'wg Git'enrRnce. t h r S l n rr u l l h r Ch i rr r r ,'Zudr nc jb!'

The Great Race TJr*,Sr*rl.'clfrh* C1r;$*scH**:tia* Written by Dawn Casey lllu str a te db y An ne Wi l son 01,cth,LniL,t

Racewith Rat, Monkeyand Dragon qliawl whilediscovering the originof rhe C h i n e sZeo d i a c.Incl udes noresabour Chinese festivals and the animals that rule each year. ReadTogether: Ages 4 32pages S"x10%"

8 . ReadAlone: Ages 6 - 10

Hardcoverwith jacket 9781905236770 . 916.99 Paperbackwith Frenchfolds . 9781846862021 . $7.99


Red Dragon Puppet ReenactTheCreatRaceor celebratethe C h i n e s eN e w Y earw i th thi s col orfuldragon 20" long Ages3+ .7000001407 .$19.99

Tenzin's Deer ritten by Barbara Soros l l l ustr a te db y Da n u ta M a ye r NAPM

Nautilus Award Winner, 2004 Chi ld ren's I I I ustrated

"Tenzinsavesthe life of an injured musk deerwith care,loveand prayer. B uddhis mi n a c ti o n p l u sa tru l y engagingt a l e ma k eth i s a g re a t book" - Body(t Soul ReadTogether:Ages 4 - 8 ReadAione:Ages6- 10 32 pages 1O%' x9%" Hardcoverwith jacket 9781905236572 . $16.99

"This beautifully illustrated story aptly reflects the values pervading Tibetan culture" - THE DALAI LAMA


of Love

IIlustrated byJos6e Masse

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F l


#3 onTIME Magazine'sTopTen Children's Books,2007 NAPM NautilusSilverAwardWinner, 2008 This beautifulpoem celebratesthe bo n d b e tweenpar entand c h i l d i n a specialway.Through the exchanges betwe e na lit t leChines eg i rl a n d h e r adoptive mother, Motherbridge of Loveoffersa poignantand inspiring me ssa g teo par ent sand c h i l d re n al l o ve rthe wor ld. Read Together: Ages 4 - 8 ReadAlone: Ages 6 - 10 3 2 p a g e s' 9 " x 1 0 %"


h l,

Hardcoverwith jacket 9781 846860478. $1 6.99

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Wr itte n b y Ba r o n B apti ste lllu str a te db y So p hi eFatus


\, / . a ... '.1 !: l 't:I t

T h e b o o k th a t startedi t al l ! Featuredon TheTodayShow,CN N's Healthwatch and Live!with Regis and Kelly,this best-selling y o g a b o o l <te a cheski dsof al l shapes a n d s i z e sto Ii mberup and get heal thy.

tl dt


ReadTogether:Ages 0


ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 9

48 pages 8%' x11' Har dcoverwith jacket . 9781 841481 517 . $16.99

I}AR{}NBAPI'ISTT *iilr il]usir;rlir.rrrir_vkrphie ltlrir

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WrittenbyTaraCuber& LeahKalish lllus t r at ed bySo p h i eF a t u s W het her y ou a r e s e v e no r f r f t y - s ev en,w h e t h e r y o u alr eady pr ac ti c e y o g a o r w a n t t o lear n, t hes e i n f o r m a t i v e a n d



at t r ac t iv e c ar d s a r e t h e i d e a l ans wer .They g i v e d e t a i l e d s t ep- by - s t ep i n s t r u c t i o n s o n how r o per f o r m t h e p o s e s , b u t als o inc r eas ee n v i r o n m e n t a l awar enes swit h t ips on h o w t o r e d u c e our im pac t on t he f r agi l e p l a n e t . Ail Ages'50


cards in a box, color-coded

in 5 categories

Includesillustr atedleaflet bOXmeasures









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.i :r ,t,i !

Wr itte n b yT a r a Cu b e r & L e ahK al i sh lllu str a te db y So p h ieF a tu s I n tr o d u ctio nb y Ba r o n Ba p tiste


"YogaPretzelsis a fantastic way to s pend qualit y t im e wit h m y l <i d s .l 'd h i g h l y r ec om m end it t o any on e w i t h c h i l d r e n " * Catherine Zeta-Jones,actor (J mother




A' l Ages 50 car d. in a bo' . colo-c oded In 9 ( al ego" e5 lncludesillustr atedleaflet Box m eas ur es5'4" x 7' x 1% "

l. i






R e t old b ySa n d r aAn n Ho r n l l l u str a te db y So p h ieF a tu s

T his wonde rfu lfo l l <ta l e a b o u r th e joy of giv ingfo l l o w sBa b u s h k a ' s jour neyf r om he r R u s s i a nd a c h ato B et hlehe mi n s e a rc ho F a v e ry s p e c i ab l aby. ReadTogether:Ages 4


Read Alone: Ages 6


32 pages 10lz" x9%" Ha rd co ve rwi th j a cke t 97818414E3535. S16.99

F e l i zN a v i d a d !M e l e l < e l i l < i malN<oa!matterhow y o u s a yi t, y o u ' l l l o v eth e sel i vel yhol i daytunes. RunningTim e: 37:50 9781587s90795 $15.99

W r i t te n b yJo a n n eOp p e n h e im l l lu str a te db y F a b ia nNe g r in

Y ou' v es eenc heb e a u ti fu lp o i n s e tti a s t hat dec or a teh o me sa ro u n dth e holiday s* n o w fi n d o u t a b o u t t he v er yf i rs t p o i n s e tti ai n th i s hear t war mi n gMe x i c a nIe g e n d . Re a d T o g e rh e r:A g e s4- 8

ReadAlone:Ages6- 10 32pages.1ll"x9'

H a rd co ve rwi th j a cket. 9781E41482453. $1 6.99







: ''

S p a n i s hH a rd co ve rwi thj a cl <et 9781841483085. S16.99


: | . :


':; -:. ) t- .,: :: ,'.:: 'l:: I

W r itte n b y Ch r isSm ith l l l u s t r a te db y Au 1 6 liaF r o n ty

. :.r :::,, :::,,. :-.. :1!,,.1:.t:1... a..:..1: ..: :,::t: a.,:., t:.:|,.:., '.,;1'.

r., :a

-:',,'t,:,: t.,



,a:-:i:: .:,,::-

"One City, Two Brothers is a wonderful stor y tha t may no t be t r ue but is s o goo d rh ar yo u wan I it r o be r r uei ir also sta ys in the min d long af t er war ds a nd mal<esyo u a sk h ow y ou c an put ir s t hemes o f co op era tion and har m ony in to p ractice in y our t im e t oo" - Rabbi DrJonathan Romain MBE A fo ll<ta leh ea rd in s y nagogues , mosque s an d chu rch es ac r os s t he Near E ast and b eyon d, rh e s t or y of how r he cit y ofJeru sa lem ca me t o be has been pass ed a lon g for h un dr eds of y ear s . Read Together: Ages,1 32 pages



Read Alone: Ages 6 - 1 0



9781 846860423


. $1 6.99

ffidss*e/sr #$rsCOillmOn

r&eaar*r$dfos diverse




A Calendar of Festivals il*l*hr;c*:i{$ms fr*su *r*aa*d **ae$iis)irl{:g Retold by Cherry Cilchrist lllu str a te db y H el enC ann L e a r n th e stori es behi no some

of the world's most celebrated festivalsand holidays. "A wonderfulway to introduce c h i l d rento the vari ousrel i gi ous and non-religiousfestivals" -

I he fnend

Read Together: Ages 6


Read Alone: Ages 8 - Adult 80 pages. 8% " x 10% " Paperbackwith Frenchfolds 9 781841489704. $12.99

The Barefont Book of Blessings Fla:r* M*n1" F';:irhp; a:rr{ {-:tlltm.r*s C o m p i l e d b y S a b r i n aDe a r b o r n l l l u s t r a t e db y O l w yn Wh e la n " Dea r b o r n ' s

e d i t o r i a l ch o ice s

i mp l ya unit yof s pir ita m o n g a diversityof beliefsystems. . . The art invitesscrutiny,luring re a d e rsbac kagainand a g a i nto the rewardsofthe text" - PublishersWeekly ReadTogether:Ages 4


ReadAlone: Ages 6 - 10 4 0 p a g es.9" x10%" Hardcoverwith jacket 9 7 8 1 8 4 6 8 6 0690.$18.99

first saw EstJler, he fell in love "When King Ahmuerus with her imnediatelv, He pat a croqn on her head md made her his new queen"TheJewish tale: ..The Stcry of Esther,, ftom A Cabndar ofFestiuals: Celebratiors from around the World.

young readers I


ca reta ke rs o f tom or r ow.

r---': qwtr I ;;,lr,1;u^G,

.'j l-r,1.,:l-tl,r::r,): .irl.:.,,'l,l :i 1.,i rl.:ri ::;l; lllu str a te db y C hri stopherC orr

C h i l d re nw i l l l ovethese WholeWoildactivities,including g re e np u z zl esand hands-oni deas for protectingour planet. Perfect fo r e a rth -c onsci ous youngsters! r. A g e ra n g e .-e 3:6* 24 pages' 8' e" x 11'

>j :l 1.Y

Paperback 9781846862205 5+.OO' ffiffi


' eco-quiz


' crossword pazzle ' creative writing exercises ' search-and-find games


' drawing exercises ' mini beasts word search . recycling game . . . and more!

A percentage of sales ftornWhole Worlil are being donated to organizations that promote global conservation and educate children about the importance ofpreserving our environment. Learn more about our parfrrers online.



- - E" :;

",' l" F: fu' ;,,""r,'.",,

j* ii+'ti'",t? F.,!::::=; .-: {;'d rl .t::',. :::.:.:.::'

l :.-:.-.-: ".'r1,..'i;

Ru n n i n g T i m e :3 7 :1 7

$15.99 ,


:!.:i, ::-!'":









! ';i.

-ts ? traat:| . .a


...(.1. -:'


' ,,


I l l u s t r a t e db y C h r i sto p h e rCo r r S u n g b y Fr e d Pe n n e r .1:; ig:t l';;i t:.1: ;'.',';,-:; ...::':trr:i :^,: l.i,-:,.:: " 'r.r l.'':,i." ::::.!:,'::;;.;,ii-:.,i:t'i W e'v e got t h e w h o l e w o r l d

in o u r

han d s!Th i s bool<inc lude sa c a tc h y s ing a l o n gCD, s ungby F r e dPe n n e r, and is a greatwayto teach children a b out c ar ingf or t h e p l a n e t. R e a d T o g e t h e nAg e s0 - 5 . R e a dA l o ne: Ages5 - 9 Ha rd c o v e rw i t h Mu si c C D . 3 2 p a g e s. 1O%,* 10, 9781846860430 . $16.99

t P

H a r d co ve rMi n i -e d i ti o nwith Music CD 32 pages. 6%',x 6%" . 9781846960928 . $9.99

il$ *r::xetr+ S p a n i shP a p e rb a ckw i th Music CD 32 p a g e s l 0 % " x1 0 " .9 7 8 1 8 4 6 8 6 2083 $9.99 S p a n i shP a p e rb a ck(without CD) 978184686209A . $7.99

#xpd*refFrem)rsterie s ofoe*r' planet. The Beeman Writtenby LaurieKrebs lllustrated byVaieria Cis Dis c ov e r t h e a m a z i n g w o r l d o f bees and b e e l <e e p i n gt,o l d f r o m t he v iew p o i n t o f a y o u n g b o y . Childr en w i l l l o v e l e a r n i n g a b o u t t he v it al r o l e o f b e e s i n t h e ec os y s te m ,a n d w i l l b e d e l i g h t e d t o f lnd a d e l i c i o u s m u f f i n r e c i p e on t he f i n a l p a g e .


pf #g




ReadTogether :4- 8 R eadAl one:6 40 pages 10/n" x 10" Hardcoverwith jacket 978184686 1468 .$16.99

FerlkruaaEris Bee Fuppet Buzzaroundyour garden with this friendly,fuzzypal. 8" long 7000001596 $11.99

A Forest of S tories h,iagieaX Tr*e'Faies frr>s*i1 ,4 r*trxrc1 t}ee WE:r!.*l Retoldby RinaSingh lllustrated by HelenCann "Mag nifi c ent ly i||us t r at ed, t his vib ran t col lec t ion will enc our age ch ildre n to appr ec iat e t he m agic al gifts that trees can offer" - Bool<sand More for Crowing Minds ReadTogether:Ages 4


ReadAlone:Ages6- 10 Paperbackwith Frenchfolds 80 pages' 8%" x10X' 9781841488820 .$12.99


Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon

,,, i';'I3lffi:;:; ",.*rYi' Her b is t h e o n l y d ra g o ni n th e Forestof Nogardwho grows his - the othersare all own vegetables die-hardmeat-eaters who preferto spend th e i rt im e c apt ur ingp ri n c e s s e S s .o ,w h e n the knightsof CastleDark decidethat e n oughis enougha n d th a t i t' s ti me to capturea dragon or two, it's a pity that He rb is t he only one w h o ' s c a u g h t.K i d s a n d adult salik ewill g e t h o o k e do n H e rb i n this z any ,f un- f il l e da d v e n tu rea b o u r the importanceof acceptingdifferences. ReadTogether:Ages 4


ReadAlone: Ages 6

H ard cover rr t,":r:::;:rt:':';i


: ;; Paperback. 9781905236473 . $7.99

"But ane dragon was different, While Meathook and his friends sat in a cave planning their next raid, Herb wa* happy to tend his vegetable patch, for Hertr was a vegetarian" * tr:lerb,The Ycgetarian Dragon

"Flerb's story tells the tale ofthe ftrture" _ SIRPAULMcCARTNEY

&dsssersr cf*ediversity


&emcisp&*re - p**rar&*peaks of Peru rs r$r*shores of the Galapagos. Ve're Sailing to Galapagos A Week:{n t}:e F*eiflic Written by Laurie Krebs lllustrated by Crazia Restelli

Take off on a week-longvoyageof discoveryto the home of iguanas, giant tortoises,and other exotic creatures. Containsinformativefacts aboutthe island. ReadTogether:Ages 4 - 8 . Read Alone: Ages 6 - 10 32 pages. 10'/t"x1Q" Hardcoverwith jacket 9781 841 489025 . $1 6.99 Paperback' 9781846861024. $7.99

Navegamos a GalSpagos SpanishPaperback. 9781846860911 . $7.99

Off We Go to Mexico! An" Aei.veaael;re


elee Stlla

Written by Laurie Krebs l l l u s t r a te db y Ch r isto p h e rCo r r

Join an adventurousfamily as they travel acrossMexico,visitingel mercado,and d anc ingt o la m f s i c ao f th e m a ri a c h i s . ContainssimpleSpanish wordsand informativecultural facts. ReadTogether: Ages4 - 8 . ReadAlone: Ages 6 - 10 32 pages' 10%" x 10" Hardcoverwith jacket. 9781905236404. $1 6.99 Paperback. 9781846861 598' $7.99 i No s

vam os

a M6xico!

Spanish Paperback. 9781846860140 . $2.99


Caribbean Playground CD Runningtime: 40:28 9781s87s91334 $1s.99


Llama Puppet This furry friend is the perfect co mpanionwhileex p l o ri n g th e A ndes ! 23" tall ' Ages 3+ 7 0 0 0 0 0 15 9 5 . $ 3 9 .9 9

Up and Down the Andes A. Fer:gvian Festival Tale Written by Laurie Krebs' lllustrated byAu16lia Fronty



Experience the vivid colorsand majestic sceneryof Peruon this livelytrip from LakeTiticacaall the way to the bustling city of Cusco,wherethe annual Inti Raymi fe s ti v a il s i n fu l l s w i n g .Incl udesendnotes a b o u t Pe rua n d i ts p eopl e. ReadTogether:Ages4 - 8'Read Alone: Ages 6 - 10 32 pages Hardcoverwith jacket . 9781 846862038 $1 6.99

Illustrations Up and, Ilat{tr


tlre Aedes: A Ferspi an Fe stipaX Tale

We All Went on Safari . { - ;;;u,eir )S

V9* AIE'txi*n*..."n sn Sâ&#x201A;Źf6trtr,.:, A CoumingJmey *rfir &ih-'

th&lgh Talwa Jrld {lni*{


:r ', ..!

r;::}.:nffi lllustrated byJuliaCairns

enxi^t l

Book ofthe YearAward 2003, Child Magazine Teachers'ChoiceAward 2004, Learning Magazine ReadTogethe r :Ages 4- 8.R ead Al one: Ages 6 32 pages' 10ll" x 10"


Hardcoverwith jacket 9781841484785 $1 6.99 Paperback' 9781 841 481197 . $7.99


Safari Learning Wheel Le arn so met hing new wit h eac h spin of th e wheel! Rot at e and align the an imal nam es t o s ee f un f acts a bo ut sa far i anim als s uc h as t he warth og an d hippopot am us you can even learn how to say

t he i r n a m e si n Sw a h i l i ! 10" lear ningwheel in color ful storage pouch with string closure Ages 6+

9780735320840 $10.99


*' :,, *!.,


trVe're Sailing Down the Nile AJourneythrough


Written by Laurie Krebs l l l u s t rat edby A n n e W i l s o n

The wondersofEgypt surroundyou on this river-boundadventurethat will take you from the temple of Abu Simbelall the way to the city of Cairo. Contains informativeculturalfacts and endnotes. Read Together: Ages 4 - 8 ' Read Alone: Ages 6 - '10 40 pages Hardcoverwith jacket . 9781846860409 . $16.99 Paoerback . 9781 846861 949 . 97.99


z\ !'illage

Tale froan Kenya


Wr itte n b y Mary and R i ch C hamberl i n I llu str a te db y.j ul i aC ai rns

l;.4.t::..: :,:

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:::,,:".::,::,:.a,:.. :

This heartwarming story teaches r eader sab o u t l i f e i n l ( e n y a , a l o n g #kd6#' i :!.!j t:!


l tl ::t,,:.r .j

wit h a les so n a b o u t t h e r e w a r d s o f s har ing. C o n t a i n si n f o r m a t i v ec u l t u r a l facts and endnotes. ReadTogether:Ages zl B ReadAlone:A ges 6- 10 40 pages l0l' x

Tal<ea musica l t our oFAf r ic a, From Se ne ga lt o Niger ia. Ru n n i n gti me : 2 9 :06 9 7 8 1sE 7 5 9 2 19 s . :i15.99


Har dcoverwith j ac <et. 978 18,11481 395 . $ 16.99 Paper bacl<97 81905236640. $7.99



Hll;x tfr

[g tg :f r$

Catch that Goatf


,\ J\t*rl'et ila1 ir: j\ig':ria


Written& lllustratedby PollyAlakija


Oppenheimky Portfolio Cold Award, 2002


Enterthe husdeand bustleof a Yoruba marketwith this riotouscountingbook, featuringextrapagesof mapsand information about Nigerianculture.

$'. . . g,ll,l.a,,..l

"This lively,colorful book uses. humorous chase story co give readers a

$ *..::'tt,t,:,1. 1t,,.....: d


':Ti;:;ni;zil;;F;,marke'[" *'....ll

! f f i " a # % R e a d T o g e th e r :Ag e s0 - 5 ' Re a d A| o n e :Ag e s5 9R



rz,ri-+i,r,=,i:;Goatpuppet Ig,.:trl:i]it1...

:ru;m:;:^:ii*;[ *,.: that Coat! to life.






19" long Ages.3+

. $29.99 7ooooo134o


K,tlllll]';.i:',,. $


African Animals ABC

â&#x201A;Ź,,.... m.,:.,t

Written & lllustrated by


: an Africantour of the

morn a no rne eieonant '

,, ,:;:




R e a d A l o n e :A g e s6- 10 a r p a g e s l l %" x 9" Paperback. 9781841483191 $7.99 '0

l:. .tirrr.i:iiill,nr:i ,,,.,,,.l11]::,;',,..:'' :llrr,.1i{ll.rll!.1!lllrtr,:lll




. t}'.

" c' -nl

ir'fHdp$.9:6:3. 9*gs5

Landmarks of the World Pwzz[e A fun interactiveway for childrento learn a b o u t th e w o rl d ' sl a n d m a rr<s. 63 pieces' Packedin a canisterwith r ope handl e ( m eas ur es6', hi gh) Ages6+ 9780735320871.$13.99




U$* !\a



'-\ \4 a't ir'i oil'\c:Li*r'tiEs

{}nM: W.$

OppenheimToyPortfolio BestToy Cold Award, 2005

Kidswill lovethis fun activiry j o u rn alt hat inc ludesg a me s ,p u z z l e s , ma zest,o- do lis t sa n d mu c h m o re l


AgesT+ - S%' x t0' . 9780735323728 . $9.99

llC**{pu;:p3' 3}r*ss

Around the Wbrld L00-Piece Pazzle Childr en c an lear n all of t he c o n t i n e n t s a n d oc eans while c om plet ing t h i s w o r l d p u z z l e !


Packedin a colorful keepsaketin box (measures Finishedpuzle m easur es18" x 12" Ages6+ ' 9780735307377. $12.99 u*"t

;\.{ard.;:arn:py }3r*ss



'* T . .r ;


Map of the World Play Scene


Ma tc h up v iny ls t ic k e rso f l a n d m a rk s , a n i m alsand m or eto th e p l a c e sy o u j u s t v is it edwit h C ra n n ya n d to th e placesyou still want to go. JlL

Stickerboard with 50 reusablevinyl stickers 9 " x 1 2 " closed. 18" x 12" open A se s 3 + . 9 780735308985 . $10.99


'1" 'a


j ; ,t'



.,. ' #rse&* penraf,Ttrdysrru os,pairxtbrr,s#t . *cf*rfa*$drmwf*gsand daadlessst*pEr.

Dotty S potty Do o d le s 97 8't846862328 . $6 .99

Zig Zag Zebra 9781846862335 .$6.99

W r i tte n b y M a d e le in eDe n y. lllu str a te db y B arroux Ag e s3 6 .2 4 p a g e s.8 %' x1 0 %'. Pa p e rback

Everychild who is freeto playat drawing is preparingto learnhow t o r eadand wr i te a t th e s a m eti me . So , e n c o urage the chi l dreni n your lif et o dr aw, p a i n t,c o l o r i n , c o p y a n d d o o dl e,and you w i l l hel p them to developtheir literacyskillsalong the way.Thesebooks offer the perfectway to fuel your child'screativirylWirh all kindsof s im ple,f un e x e rc i s e th s , e y h e l ps m a l lc h i l drento master: " dr : t . . - " ' i: ; $si :i l l s ' f,i r-rr* rJ :i .-i n ti i a t ' s i: apr : l' *c r : , 4 i l i fi r,' r' i i i :+ d :' ;l * ' i n g

.** l a:rcq.:rt-l bj r:i i ' * : " r .)r]l 1' ,fi sJi j (]ri


ffi ffir*


W rit t e n & l l l u s t r a r e db y M a r ia Ca r lu ccio

From bir ds ongin th e m o rn i n g ,ro rh e hubbub oftraffic on the streets,and th e s oundsand s m e l l so f th e ma rl < e t a n d c af 6,t his s im p l e ,i n te ra c trv e p i ct ur ebook f ollow sa mo m a n d b abyt hr oughone d a y i n th e c i ty . R e ad T o g e th e r:0 5 . Re adAlone: 5- 7 2 4 p a g e s l 0 %" x 1 0 " Hardcoverwith jacket. 9781905236282' $16.99


Wr itte n b y Stel l aB l acl <stone lllu str a te db y Mari a C arl ucci o

g '!',."

,.":l !!?+

.,,.,.# i'?','

w: :

;m o i i* ,$*,-1I

Sl i d ei n to September, dancei nto D e c e m b eand r j ump i nto January w i th th i s col orfulhi de-anc-seer< c e l e b ra ti onof the seasons! ReadTogether :0 5.R eadAl one:5 32 pages' 10% " x 10" Paper bacl<'978190 5236718' $7.99


Writtenby Carolyn Curtis Illustrated byAlison Jay


T his p oe tic a dven t ur e s t ar t s wit h a great story an d en ds wit h f as c inat ing and i nforma rive world - ar - night nor es . "Th e rh ymin g tex t is t old in f lr s t person . with th e re per ir iv e.s oot hing re frain of the wo r ds f r om t he t it le effe ctivelye ch oing t h r oughout " - Kirkus Reviews

ReadTogether:Ages 0


Read Alone: Ages 5 - 7

. . r ge for nar boa'd bool , 12 pnges 8

,8 -

97E18 46862007 S1.1.99 Har dcove r ' 32 pages B% " r 1 1' 978T841.+8611 6 . S16.99

Wr itte n b y Ph illisCe rshator lllu str a te db y Aliso nJay

" C a p tu ri n ga s u mmeri dyl lreadi ng in a hammocl< w ith the samecareas a w a rm e v e n i n gby the fi repl ace,Jay i n v e s tse a c hi ma gew i th both j oy and m e l a n c h o l yT.h i sj ew elof a bool <w i l l d ra w c h i l d re nb acl <agai nand agai n" - Booklist(StarredReview)


tlil::" ,i]l:r

L,.n tj t:r:: u



\,i r+:j \, ;,

g s,

Pr'jrji: *c.,iai!$ A;n$ Jqj

5 . ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 7 Lar gefor m at boar d bool <. 32 pages 8% ' x 8% ' ReadTogether:Ages 0

9781E46862011.511.99 Har dcover ' 32 pages 10" x T 0' 9781846860843 . S16.9 9






-* u u




T i

4ns , ' - *'n ' "€ * 6 ,r


i'& i f

* * no

* **. *






''i ''e





l l l ustr ated by Debbie Har ter

T his b o o k o f a c ti v i ti e w s ill k eepy ou n gl a n d l u b b e rsb u s y an d th i n l < i n g c re a ri v e l y .

:',l{$;.'. f6.

A g e ra n g e:5 - 9. 16 pages S%" x 11' Paper bacl< r r ith sticl< ersheet 978181686217s.94.99 re ,4 * rp



r . 'lfrlt" -'' -


t :;-.

{tick€r St6rs



^t r.



hnJ ,one i?, th€ aqy _nr)



!r rFc L.drh ti.y

J a . o ,€ r e J


.n gn iilcnd dnd


rhe.e eel.

, dnn d

: 1 . c r a *r c r r . t t . r

e p i r d ktts.

r h l sr


i .r h e r "


d3 Everyseafaringyoungsterneedsa trusty f eat he re dfri e n da n d th i s h a n d c ra fted p u p p e ti s th e p e rfe c tp l a y ma te. A g e s3 + 2 5 " ta ll with wor l< ablebeak. 7000001405 $27.99


F r

tI I

Port Side Pirates! Written by Oscar Seaworrhy lllustrated bv Debbie Harter Su ng by Mark C o l l i n s

With fun facts about shipsand notoriouspiratesfrom around the world, along with a catchysingalong, this vibrandyillustratedstory will becomea belovedtreasure! Read Together: Ages 0 - 5 . Read Alone: Ages 5 - 9 32 pages,

] !


Hardcover with CD

978't846860621. $16.99

Paperback with CD


Putumayo Hawaiian

Playground CD

Listento the songs that come from the breathtakingislands of Hawaii. Ru n n i n g T i m e :2 9:4 5 9781 587s92't 40 . 51 5.99


fromz Port Siile Pirates!



>i,;$,,,:i" ) ' lit








,ffi fr L 3t




;.lr ..i.,-."1 .: ##

e4. t

Rec r eat ea b a r n y a r d s c e n e w i t h C l a r e Beat on' s ado r a b l e f a r m a n i m a l s ! lnc ludes t wo s h e e t s o f r e u s a b l e s t i c l c e r s , allowing c hil d r e n t o c r e a t e n e w s c e n e s t im e af t er t im e . C r e a t f o r l o n g c a r jour ney s or ti m e s a t h o m e ! 7/z' x8' closed,1 5' x 8" open boar d Ages3+ 978073 5320819 . S8.99

*-*** '

i: t



How Big is a Pig? Written by Stella Blackstone' lllustrated by Clare Bearon

lM-CBC Children'sChoice,2001 How big is a pig?To find our, follow in the footstepsofa cheerfulpigletas he takesyou on a trail around the farmyard. ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5. Read Alone: Ages 5 - 7 9781841489599 . 96.99 Paperback' 24 pages,10/q" x 10" ' 9781841487021 . 96.99

Board Book. 24 pages,

iir'+i i;: i:l* ;::ri i r:* irt

-â&#x201A;Źpa:rirfu I

There's a Cow in the Cabbage Patch Written by Stella Blackstone lllustrated by Clare Bearon

All the animalsin this mixed-upfarmyardare out of place.Youngreadersare asked,"What shallwe do?" and encouragedto sort out the puzzle. ReadTogether;Ages 0 - 5 . ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 7 Board Book . 24 pages. 6/2" x 6/2" 9781841489612. $6.99

rj"r â&#x201A;Ź{5 {3 {l i}$} y


yard First Pu Ages 3+ . Stackablebox with a convenie color-coded,4-piece,shapr 978073530835(

3t' 1S !!!:,4 r!1!


t- - .J49




&. *,





Wr itten by Stel l a Bl ac l <s tone llrrctrrrc.l

N ine s t ur dyc ube sc re a te s ixdif f er entim ag e s . 9 cu b e s,6 p u zzl e s F in i sh e dp u zzl eme a su res6' x 6" Ag e s3 + 9 7 8 0 7 3 5 3 0 1 740 $12.99


C l :r a

R p :r n n

Wo l v e shavecubsand sneep h a v el a m bs,but w hat do you c a l l a b aby kangaroo? ReadTogether:Ages 0


ReadAlone: Ages 5


Boar d Bool< 24 pages ,6h' x 6l z 9781905236190






"ry 1-}.*"




i <:.,-.

li :l








Wr ir r e n b yJo a n Ca n n ij l l l u sr r a te db y Cla r eBe a to n

e i!rr! B&ani


O n s a f a r i i n r h e g r a ssla n d s o l' Alr ica . our y ou n g n a r r a t o r I I

I ,

t han ro s- ! +e e a * r r ""h i n n o

w a nts n o th in g



Bu t wh ile th e r e a r e

ReadTogether:0 Hardcover






,i'. l' ,_, .,r,.-. :' '....:


e l ephant sgir , af f esz, e b ra sa n d m a n y o th e rs,t he hippo is no w h e reto b e s e e n !

.,. ,i




32 pages

9 7 8 1 8 4 6 8 6 1 7 0 3 .s1 s.9 9

:,,1.: '

.i:: a


Wn tte n b yJo a n Ca n n ij . lllu stratedby C l areB eaton


" A c o z yfa l l -tu rn s -to -w i nter storyro sharew i th budding naturelovers"- School LibraryJournal


ReadTogether: Ages 0

5 Read Alone: Ages 5 Boar d Bool< 24 pages. 6h" x 6h








?.1 "

W n t t e n b y S te l l a B l a cl <srone . lllustr ated by Clar e Beaton


Il e d to n

A crowd of colorful African creatures caper


throu gh this en terta ining bool< , but none c an co mpe te with th e t er r if lz ingr oar of a lionl Read Together: Ages 0

5 . Read Alone: Ages 5





r ' T,


Board Bool<. 24 pages,




, I'1,r-i::


: :

./i i.

..,.,;-* I, -.--"..., _ ,:::..:".

,'liqr:e the world with theseBarefoot booksand , . i .,

so ngs!

Walking through the Jungle lllustratedby DebbieHarter Written by StellaBlackstone Sung by Fred Penner Follow a young explorer

t hr oug hj u n g l e s ,d e s e rcas n d m ount ain s s, i n g i n ga l l th e w a y l ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5 . ReadAlone: Ages5 ,7 32 pages,10%"x10" Paperbackwith Music CD . 9781905236992- 99.99

Available online in Spanish!

Creepy Crawly Calypso Written byTony Langham lllustratedby DebbieHarter Performedby Richard Love, Panac heand A l e x H u c c h i n g s

J u mp a n d j ive w i th thi s funky band o f b u g s a s they pl aythei r cool calypso beatsl The catchy CD will haveeveryonesingingalong. ReadTogetherA : ges0 - 5. R eadAl one: Ages5 - 9 lmg fa"lilidryi Debbie Horter

32 Vages,lO%' x lO' Hardcoverwith Music CD . 9781841 486994. 916.99 Paperbackwith Music CD . 9781902283463 . 99.99

r'ffi {

rff;. .)\

lllus t r ac ed by Deb b i eH a r L e r - *, - . . Sung by Fred Penner d*'Wl*" ':-..rr 1 . '. f : ' itl:"^''+ i::!,:i.!t,-t::.r.4,",.,;::;!, i:li'.:C:i Shal< e,s him m y a n d b o o g i e - w o o g i e oogie wit h t he cr e a t u r e s o f t h e I ndian jungle! E n j o y a r a l e r h a r i s br ight and f un, w a c l <ya n d e x o t i c !


ReadTogether: Ages 0


5 ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 7 32pages,10% 'x 10



Har ccoveru th M us i c C D


t ,ir-"i -'_ t


,t - ' r fl- '


Paper bacl r r r M u<i c L D 9781905236 220 $9.99

:rrvLi.t:-,tf; I e,.-t,-:ri'; rr e rl;


I t

36-piece puzzle pacl<aged i. a stacl<ab e 4la' x 4ld" cube with colorful rope handle Finished puzle measures 16"x 16" . Ages 3+

. 529.9 9 978473530026

-':i.I, i :i ;lr :,: :

:-l:.j. ..:.-tii':i,- : :: .,: :,, .=- j-;l

A multilin gu al co llec t ion of anima l-the med s ongs f r om a rou nd t he wor ld. R u n n i n g t ime 3 7 :0 1 . 9 7 8 1 5 8 7 592010. $15.99

vti. 15.



S p rul i r !:i !

.:'i ,i 4!ff .r,.

ffi3f 1':.'',.:.;;:,

ff&esesflss"sss va"a'r{d' *'m&*Srea* i l l,.l

tr, f,







n I F € f:


:' :' ::' :' :; i:.' :,- :r':.'t: ::

I ,1 t1,,,,,i,,,' ' ,:, i*


Wfltten by Stella Blacl< s tone . l l l us r r ated by M a




C r ov er

Planes .boar s . and m o r e a p p e a r i n r h i s br ight ly c olor ed pict u r e b o o l <./ Wi s h I We r e a Pilot also offers an easy way of sharing wis hes , dr eam s and a m b i t i o n s w i t h y o u n g adv ent ur er s!


;:,#,*,:.:;::" # $ & r' ! {



2.1 pages, 6l:" x 611"

Board Bool<

24 pages, 1 0t1

x 1 0'


7 9781 E.16t61 6t0

. S6.99

978i 8,16861 871 . 96.99

a I


W r i t te n b y Sa lly Cr a b tr e e l l l u s t r a t ed b y So n ia Esp lu g a s


i :i

f h i s Lr a in is u n lil< e a n ,

ofh er - ir ta l< esy ou deep inr o ;, th e ocea n, th r ough a m onl< ey * filled jun gle and int o out er H sp ace. Hop o n and im agine all $ of rh e p laces y ou c an gol

i i $


ReadTogether:Ages 0 ReadAlone: Ages 5 32 pages.

5 7

d{ f

,'r*''O .{ax

' 4' qt

reii*r !t $ullg Cr*btrer 'lL\Fl!(led b! ljdRiaIe!lasq!

Paperbacl< with Music CD 97E1905235916.$9.99

H tu

'i:' i#i :it'..:

'** u {


os€& *€t



| .,-


:i h I *t,-,'ilj"* ft';flf,*,i* r ":


l'.,,li',.lll.,.,.l r:,.r, ",.,,:rl:.1*j$,S'


t,lttulliiilt]lll t!llrlrrlililllll,:arl11 I Ir

t, I

I' llllr',:ill[]llll:'l1l Iiiiriilllf.lrllrlrl

il:iiirlilllt:1!0ll riUrrllrllr,r.ill lll ir;ilrlrl,.:illilll llii,llllliiiUlllfil lll,rliiollll:11!, r:iifjil|tl'rlll|)rrri rtllrillltrlllr:iril! ,ri:Ullr.:i11lllrri ilrl:::riiillllrll


illllllrlilfllll,:il1 llriiiifillll,iilifll' : .drlli..:iiilUlri.,i lltiililii!urr:-tls iiirllllillrillrllr; Ulr.:iilirrrllr,lllt ir'rdllrirllli!llrl : ilii.4lll illllflllrl lii!llll:1l1!illll:.i: ltriilililltl:iii!1, All]rrilU]l]iri



I i;:;;j:r:*,i** uut:ii&lut:ii111 i::liijlllli.tiiirillr,

ll.:;liljffiffi FI':;";;".;;;.';'o

i;rilllrrl;lilrlll ilrrfllttr,lirll i:liri!rllirrl{il! ltiluutiill$urrl .l . l uti.iltiiuttl:iiE iililllll:rlsllltr: lillr!ililllllril{ iii rlllllliiliilllll tuu,iiiiii]tu]:iiitl :iiiiilt:111lilll iuttiiili!lti:11

r:;:i1t illltl lirllir lldlil tt!41! ilil4tll

llllliriili!llirllli:ll! .-.1





WriL ren byst ellaBlac k s r on "


-! i4*'t:i'i:i1:"t:':'! " t' t' tt' ' ' "'

lllustrated by Debbie Harter

B o a rd B o o l <s.24 pages.61" x6L" .,U.r , R e a d T o g e th er :0- 5 ReadAlone:5 - 7








.w i:l

,11\ i. +

'1, I

:t, a,



97B1841 183733

i\. r, , ! ,i '




'i.,,' t,.


Bear on the Go First Puzzles SeeBearon the go with thesefirst puzles, perfectfor litde hands! 16 color-codedpiecescreatefour differentBearimages.Pairwith Bearon a Bikefor a travel-themed gift set for youngstersl Ages 3+ Stackablebox measures w i t h a c on ve n i e n th a n d l e Finishedpuzles measure8" x 6" 4 color-coded,4-piece,shaped puzles 9780735320963.510.99

B e ar o n a Bike Board Book' 9781841483757 '56.99


ffi ffi

Mrs. Moon fl cll ] ;cfui*ia f,*y **S



C o m p i l e da nd lllu str a te db y Cla r eBe a to n Sung by Dana Kletter

Cive your baby a happy start in life! Listeningto beaurifulmusic is provento bring many benefitsto infantsfrom birth onward; and in later months and years,looking at Clare Beaton'slovelyartwork will onl y a d d to th e i r p l e a s u re . ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5 . ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 7 48 pages,9" x 10%' Hardcoverwith Music CD in plastic case in front cover 9781846860676. $19.99



Oppenhein Toy Portfulio PlatinumAward,2004 NAPPAGoldAward, 2003 Turn down the lightsand relax t o t hes et ra n q u i ll u l l a b i e sfro m ar o u n dth e w o rl d . R u n n i n g ti me 3 8:27 . 9781587590719.$15.99

F *llsar-r.asais

White Bunny Rabbit Puppet Snuggleup for bedti mew i th thi s s o ft and cuddl ypupper. Ages 3+ . 8" long with workable legsand mouth 7000001406 . 99.99

Playtime Rhymes for little people Compiled and lllustrated by Clare Bearon Su n g b y Su sa nRe e d

Childrenloveto act out rhymes, a n d th i s d e l i g h tful l ysri tched collectionshowsthem how, with easy-to-fol low i nstructions and a l i v e l ys i n g a l o n gCD . ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5 . ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 7 64 pages, Hardcoverwith Music CD in plastic case in front cover 9781846861567 519.99

$rpf'rsdsars &s&ics#c *&eirfirst

r*'or"ds s$d

pfr$'eeres, ssad Mother Goose nursery rhymes s,trlir& f&esegorgeous gr$ &oo&s. Mother Goose Remembers Compiled and lllustrated by ClareBeacon Composed andsungby CarolineButler,Charles Spicer, NickHooperand DaveTownsend Oppenheim ToyPortfolioGoldAward,2001 This exquisitebook of nurseryrhymes featuresClare Beaton'shand-sewnart and will take many parentsand caregivers d o w n me mo ryl ane. ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5. ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 7 64 pages,9" x10%" Hardcoverwith Music CD in plastic case in front cover 9781846860034.$19.99


Bo Peep's Voolly Sheep Puppet Bringa favoritenurseryrhyme to life with this playful,fluffl, puppet. Ages 3+ . 19" long with workable legsand mouth 7 0 0 0 0 0 12s0 . $19.99




l. ]i;' 'ql .,

- .iill'


;g{:ji i::f$ d,:-x

:it ...:l&

d-ti ;,-lI ;""{.


Baby's First Book Compiled and lllustrated by ClareBearon



ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5 . ReadAlone: Ages5 -7 64 pages,93/e'x 93/+u

I ?



Hardcoverwith cloth spine 9781846861437.519.99 "Hey diddle diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon; The litde dog laughed To see such fun, And the dish ran away with the spoon" - Mother Goose Remembers

t t

I l

r r!

Enterthe enchantingworld of first rhymes,everyday scenesand simple detailschat make a babv'sfirst months so special.With ClareBeaton'sexquisice hand-sewncollages,Baby'sFirstBook offers babiesall typesof thingsto look a t a n d l e a rna b out.


.ll-'1 '

Wr itten by Stella Blac l <s tone lllustr ated by Stepha ni e Bauer

Can y ou t hinl< of a n a n i m a l f o r e v e r y let t er of t he alph a b e t ? ReadTogether :0- 5

ReadAl one:5 - 7

Boar d Boo< 24 pages ,61/a'x 7l " 9781846860737.57.9 9 Hardcoverwirh jacl<et 32 pages, 97818414E4945.$16.99

s*e;4{: pissrg*6&* du brer,r$Rirg a&ser

Wr itte n b y Ste llaBla cksto n e lllu str a te db y Ste p h a n ieBa u e r C o u n t to twe lve with h e lp fr o m

t um blingt ige rs ,w i n k i n go w l s a n d mo re . ReadTogethen0

5' Read Aoner 5 - 7

Boar d Bool< 24 pages,5%' x7I' 9781846860614 . 97.99 Hardcoverrvith jacl<et. 32 pages,8/u' x 1 1 " 9781905236312.$16.99

Wr itte n b y Ste llaBla ckstone lllu str a te db y Cla r eBeaton .1 "Ch ild r e n sta r t wi th gri nni ng









ReadTogetherAges : 0 - 5. R eadAl one: Ages5 - 7 Boar d Boo. 12 pag... o , ' . 6 9781841482859.$6.99 Paper bacl<32 . pages,1 0 7+"x 1 0" 9781841481296 . 56.99



a n d w o rl <th e i rw a y up to 20 scamperi ng white mice" - SchoolLibraryJournal


*f#*-e*, :;;: :*r' '


:) !.a.:ii:.i.ii ,: t.itrL; )

Zoe arts. ner Zeor_a


Wrirten & lllustrated by Clare Beaton


*' "Vivid hues,curiouscreatures, ^nd repetitivetext makefor an exhilarating foray into the world of ABCsfor oreschoolers"- KirkusReviews ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5 Read Alone: Ages5 - 7 Board Book ' 32 pages,6Vz"x 6%" ' 9781841 483931 ' $6.99

Mudpuppy Press Two-in-One Animal Pwzzle Piecetogether a scenefrom Zoâ&#x201A;Ź andherZebra,then flip the puzzleto meetthe colorful creaturesof Clare Beaton'sSecret (available Seahorse online). Ages 3+ . Stackablebox with rope handle 9 double-sidedouzle pieces Finishedouzle measures 9780735305977 .$9.99



Animal ABCs Ring Flash Cards Learnyour ABCs! Eachletter of the alphabetis pairedwith a n a n i ma la n d the backof the c a rd ss h o wth e upperand lowercaselellersas well as a d d i ti o n a lw o rds. 26 two-sided cards Cards measure 5" x 23/+" Ases 3+ . 9780735308367 . $14.99


ffie* e.cmdy$m$ ff[t s .s.Et{E # *e:x # # #f#e3gf#

*&ese BArurmEp ffacsR*s sed*&b'*sdr$eggB* {FRtH"#sf jar:: {: arre e Yla e Fsrsaalr#.y{$. Wr itte n b y MargaretR eadMacD onal d lllu str a te db y S ophi eFatus Su n g b y Bo b K i ng

"Youngreaderscount, reviewcolors, a n d l e a rnthe namesof ani mal sand thei r y o u n gi n thi s cumul ati vetal e" - Horn BookCuide ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5. Read Alone; Ages 5 - 7 32 pages ,l O% 'x 10' Paperbackwith Music CD 978 1846860300 . $9.99

X€*r* W-* {}* Rcaws?d ek* &,€aalh*::ry*axsk lll u s t r a t e db y S o p h i eF a tu s S u n g b y F r e dP e n n e r

S ingalongas y ou fo l l o w fo u r c h i l d re n from differentcounrries,eachgetting readyfor school.Seewhat the pictures tell you about differentwaysof life in E ur ope,M ali, I nd i aa n d C h i n a . Re a d T o g e th e r:A g e s0 - 5' ReadAlone:Ages5, 7 24 pages,lO%' x lO' Hardcoverwith Music CD

9781846860355 ' 916.99 Paperbackwith Music CD . 9781846860799 . $9.99

, J:

"X{ere rve g* rou** th*;nr:lberry l:*sk, earlv in :lh* rneiming" -- {:iere Vk *s lt*uttl. tfu fi.lxlbtrry llusl:

lffiftoctr-. vji

Knicl< Knack Paddy trX/Eraetr* l l l u s t r a t e db y C h r i stia n eEn g e l Sung by SteveSongs I


Ou r s par k lingv er s i o no f th e tra d i ti o nal f olk s ong, " T h i s O l d Ma n, " f eat ur esa p a ra d e o f ch i l d re nf r om dif f er entc u l tu re s , e a ch o f them play inga d i ffe re n t m us ic alinstru me n t. R e a dT o g e th e r:0

5 . Re a dAlone:5- 7 24 pages. 1Q%"x 10"

Hardcoverwith Music CD ' 9781846861444 ' $16.99


rc"." r,Il,T :::l jl".""l,o ...,,.d*

your letterswith curiousCleo and her pals. V


Written by Stella Blackstone. lllustrated by Caroline Mockford ReadTogether:0 - 5 . ReadAlone: 5 - 7 . 24 pages,61/2,, x 6/2" . BoardBooks. $6.99

Cleo's Alphabet Book

Cleo the Cat



Cleo's Counting Book

Come flere, Cleo!



C l eo 's Color B ook

Cleo and Caspar




i;J:;:Jj ':il;:;'ii"

Rea ,.5besoufirs \

''J "**

\^ /- i- - ^ - ^ .. '

" l (i d s w i l l enl oyrhe bool < ;ustfor


rh e F u ns c o ry. . , bur i r al i o w orl < sas a n e x c e l l enr i nrroducri onto synonyms' SchoolLibraryJournal

r -,' \


Reac- oger fer : Age. 0 r0 24 P"ge> 0 "


,. ' :,l, . o "9,84 r r E I g07 . $o.9o






T h i s fe ro c i o u sT -R e xp u p pet fe a tu re ss hi m m e rys c al es nfcr r cr r h

fahr ic


m ov able t ongue a n d < nfr

nlr ctir


7' 1ong 7000001256 59 .99

.'\r tr


r ^- . {^'"r

\t'- ,

1r t I

{I' - * '..j!,

i"-' ii


,....'I i ;








'+ l

i'r\ i\ I

t| '".\. ..*l*Ei.


7+. /.,-


H"'dco'e-11r,46i e q78r81 r480/rr8$1soo


',1iJi"i##::-iYll?li' .

5 . R eadA'o- e: Ag" . .



A Oragon on the lloorstep


Written by Stella Blackstone lllu str a te db y De b bi eH arter Su n g b y F r e d Pe n ner

" R e a d e rsw i l l d el i ghti n the h i d e -a n d -s e ek i l l ustrati ons. T h e b o l d c o l o rsw i l l grab thei r attention" - KirkusReviews

f. a

ReadTogether :Ages0 - 5'R ead Al one: Ages5 - 7 32 pages,10%" x 10"


Paperbackwith Music CD 9781905236664 $9.99



Hardcover(without CD) 97 81 841482279 $1 5.99

X Sreamrt I Ws.s A' Dinosaur W r i t t e n b y S te lla Bla cksto n e l l l u s t r a t e d by Cla r e Be a to n

" Dinos aur sof f a b ri c sa n d fe l t chomp on dyedyarn grassnext c o a s equine dl a v a -s p e w i n g vo l ca no. . . eas ilyon e o f th e mo s t a d o rabledinos aurbo o k so u t th e re for the preschool-primary crowd" - SchoolLibraryJournal ReadTogether:Ages 0 - 5

ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 9

Hardcover' 32 pages,10'/+"x 10" 978184148238s $15.99 Board Book ' 24 pages,6'1"x 6%" 9781846860157 56.99

. "Theoiurup gex goes exploi{ngr I. huirtrng, seaiching, fpraging poking" - Thesaurus Rex

t u* # *.;r t;






:,,j *








Re la;<by d ay a nd dr eam by night r , v it ht hes e iran qu ii a nc l ly r ic al s ongs f r or n lr eland, Sc oilar d. Canad, r and bey ond.


Ru n n ng t m e: 32:15 . 97815E7592125 . S15.99


Re ro d by Caitlin Nlatther vs

e r.

l l u str ated b1,O[vyn W helan

q*,ri "rl: i

Na rrated by Niamh Cusac<

Be au tifuily na rr ar ed by ac c laim ed lr"isha crre ssNir n. h Cr - , s ac l<r hes . e Celtic so ng s, storie s a nd bles s ingsm al< e

u p a f o. bulor -crei s e b ra ti o no f a tra d iiiont hat is s t illf i o u ri s h i n g .

: ,:. ., 't

t ', - " .


Cela r: Jarl)s

' ': :,

Read Tosether: .1 . 8 l{eadAone: o



'U J


'd,", o-q


1..-.o3. .br, Sr ,,, aD i . o

F Retold by M alachy Do y l e


lllusr r ated by Niam h Shar l <ey Nar r ated by M aur a O 'C onne . i-l!t:l



ti .',, 1

t: t': 1 ,

Tales Jtou

old lreland

"An engagingiyr e a d a b l e , a n d iella bie.'-*s am'Tnler drar.n,n from a deen -

a n d s ri l l -v i tasl torytel l i ng tradi ti on" - KirktrsReviews ReadTogether:Ages 1 96 pa.ges. 8.1' x T0l'

E ReaclAlone: Ages 6

Har dcoverwith Llnabr id gedD oubl e Sr or y C D 9lE1 8,16862.11 0 . $21.9 9 Paper baci< r vith Fr enchf ol ds and U nabr i dged Doub e Stor y CD 97t190- s236329 S16.9 9

:i r;



Written by,l oh rr l\,jattheu,s . ----,^tr

L. D-. uyrd

T^ - . e- l dr-r

.- - :1 .rruv

The ult im at e b o o l < o n l {i n g A r t h u r l Com oining t he L : e s t - l <n o w ns t o r i e s a b o u t Ar t hur and his c o u r t \ / i t h f a s c i n a t i n g r es ear c h on wh o A r t h u i r "r e a l l y w a s a n d wher e Cam elo t r . r , a sb u i l t , t h i s m a g n i f i c e n t edir ion has be e n' d"- "e s ibp" n e d a n d i l t u s c rr r e d r o r he highes Ls L a n d a r c s . B e a u r i f u l l y boL, nd r , rit h a g o l d - e m b o s s e d c l o r h s : i n c . t his bool< als o i n c l u d e s a l a r g e - s c a i e , f ull- c olor pos i e r m a p c f m y t h i c a l A l b i o n . ReadTogether:7 96 pares




10" x f i

Hardcover rvith cloth spine 9781 8.+6860.192 . S2.1.99


5 ,'

The Barefoot Book of Knights Written byJohn Matthews lllustratedby CiovanniManna Narrated by Anthony Stewart Head Book of the Year Bronze Medal, 2003 ForeWord Magazine To be a good knight, you must have a brave heart and a strong arm, a s well as a sen seo f h umo r ! W it h tales from many traditions, this c ollect ion will bo th ca Dtiv at e and educate young readers. ReadTogether:Ages 4 - 8. ReadAlone: Ages 6 - 10 80 pages, Hardcover(withour CD) . 9781846860348 . $19.99 Paperbackwith Story CD '9781841482057 . $15.99

'".$ir'Frl rode back witi: *il* 51e*rler,lVhite I{*u*d and. r'rlavcd al! *fhis deeds" -- Arthar


The Princess and the White Bear King Retold byTanya Robyn Batt lllustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli Narrated by Miranda Richardson

T h i s b o ok w i l l senda ti ngl eof excitementdown your spineas you journey on a breathtaking adventureto the magicalland th a t l i e seastofthe sun and w e s to f the moon. ReadTogether:4 - 8 . Read Alone: 6 - 10 40 Pages' 10% " ^1gt7o" Hardcoverwith Unabridged Story CD 9781846862281 .$17.99

Folkmanis Polar Bear Puppet


PairsperfectlywithThe Princess and the White BearKng.

12" tall . Ages 3+ . 7000001594 . $1 9.99

The F*erie's Gift Retold byTanya Robyn Batt lllustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli Narrated by Niamh Cusack

A Junior Library GuitdSetection,2003 QppenheimToyPortfolio QoldAward, 2004 lf you could makea singlewish, what would you wish for? A humble woodcutterfacesthis verydilemma when he rescuesa faerie. "A differenrsort of wishingstory, not three,but only one and what thinking hard outsideexpectations might bring" - Krkus Reviews ReadTogether:4 - 8 . Read Alone: 6 - 10 32 pages Hardcoverwith Unabridged Story CD 9781846862304. $17.99

fef y*€rm*g'ce*saffs-e.:es. wrf# g$t*s## {"8sH€'" pssg'$: ff g€ftF f,*tr# tr },""*er#

g.r;e.s#",a tr€{Fffi;REr$sssdss.


I f f i:


; r f f ir . : . f f i

j. w. , t , , *, , ,





W #trF q


r I

Book of the Year Award Silver Medal Winner 2005,



" D o y l e ' sre tel l i ngs are sw i ft and l i vel y a n d C e c c o l i' sart stayscl oseto tra d i ti o n a li m ages,w hi l e i nj ecti nga modern vibrancy" - Booklist ReadTogetherAges : 4- 8. R eadAl one: Ages6 - 10 160 pages 9%" x11% "


Luxe 14" satin ribbon bookmarl< Matte aminated hardcoverwith.jacket with em bossedgol d foi l 9781841487984 $19.99



YmSe:+ l*#-g:ie** $:elHHl* puzzlerecreates ,.€This100-piece a beautiful H s c enef r om t he c l a s s i cfa i ryc a l e ," C i n d e re l l a ." # i'€


The B aref e i$ cB c $ k o f l F'airy Tales Re to ldb y M a la chyD oyl e lllu str a te db y Ni col ettaC eccol i

; rssry


Pacl<edin a colorful keepsal<e tin (measures7hi' x6" x2") 100-piecepuzle measures18" x 12" . Ages 6+ 9 7 8 0 7 3 5 3 0 8 0 1 5. $ 12.99

.l ::a a .::i :.,.a



\A/rittenby Carol Arrn Duffy l l l u str a te db y Nr co le ttaCe cco ii

T his w a rm , p o i g n a n t a n d beaut if ullyillu s tra te ds to ry o ffe rs g e s s a g ea n d a ( houghr - pr o v o l < i nm a s t ar t ing poin t to s h a rec h i l d re n ' s er n o r| o n a le x P e ri e n c e s . Read -Together: Ages ,:1 E

Read A one: Ages 6 32 pages, 8l:' nardcover


r 1 0%

u,irh jacl<er

9781 846860,+5,1

$1 6.99


$*",fi .4*f''t fi:f4aj-ff

lllustr ated by Steve Ada m s




iq.=; l .l . j':..

Written by.Jen Wojtoivicz

.,+.* i3? :j

Rinl<is a lit t le boy w i r h a u n i q u e g i f t t hat blos s om s und e r t h e f u l l m o o n . H i s t ouc hing s t or y r em i n d s u s t h a t w h a t m a l <e s us dif f er ent is what m a l <e su s w o n d e r f u l . Read Together: Ages ,1


Read Alone: Ages 6 - 1 0

32pages,8L'r11' Hardcoveru,ith




S I N'



The Barefoot Book of Princesses Retold by Caitlin Matthews lllustrated by Olwyn Whelan Narrated by Margaret Wolfson

NotableBooksfor Children 1999, Smithsonian Magazine Majesticpalaces,magicalcharacters and resourcefulheroines- in thesetales you'll seethat there'slots more to being a princessthan just the royaltreatment. Read Together: Ages 4 - 8 ' Read Alone: Ages 6 - '10 64 pages' Hardcoverwith Unabridged Story CD 9781846862397 .519.99 Paperbackwith Frenchfolds and Unabridged Story CD 9781841481722 . $1s .99



Princesses Pszzle Ages 6+ . Tin measures71/a"x 6' x 2' 100-piece puzle measures 9780735308435 . $12.99


Princess Puppet Little princesses can act out their favoritestorieswith this beautiful,handcraftedpuppet. Ages 3+ . 14" tall with workable head

.$17.99 and hands7000000927 ,...." lq *:*.



Prince Puppet A perfectmatch with o u r Pri n c e s Pu s P Pe t! Ages 3+ . 14" tall with workable head and hands 7O0OO01 494 . $17.99

The Barefoot Boo k of Pirates Retold by RichardWalker lllu str a te db y Olwyn Whel an Na r r a te db y Rich a r dHope




Book ofthe Year Bronze Medal 1999, ForeWord Magazine Ahoy , m at ey ! This l i v e l yc o l l e c t i o n of pirate stories will have kids sailing t he high s eas in no t i m e . ReadTogetherAges4: 8' R ead Al one:Ages6


64 pages' 9%" x11%" Hardcoverwith Unabridged Story CD 9781846862373. $19.99 Paperbacl< with Frenchfolds and Unabridged Story CD 9781841481319 $15.99

Gf" i|.'*ll* l-ll *r"l i s

Pirate Puppet Th i s p uppetis s ur e to a ppealt o any c hil d wh o dr eam sof a lif e sa i l i ngt he s ev ens ea s ! A g e s3 + 1 4 " ta l l wi th w o r k a bl e h e a d a n d h a n d s 7000000952 . $17.99

Sd u d p rappvFress

Pirates Puzzle Ages6+ Tin meas ur es7W x 6'x 2' Finished100- piecepuz l e m eas ur es18" x 12" 9780735307223.512.99


W r i t t e n & lllu sr r a r e db y M ir ia m L a tim e r

Wh en ever E m ily does n' t get her way , she g rowls an d r oar s lil< ea t iger . W hat a re he r mom and dad going t o do wit h the ir tige r-daught er ?Then gr andm a come s to s t ay - and s he l< nowsa thin g or two a bour r iger s and t em per s l Read Together:



Ages 4 - 8

ReadAone:Ages6-10 32 pages, tlz'


Hardcover rvith jac <et 978'r 846E61 3E3

$1 6.99

rf ct

'j -f

P o u n c ea n d pl ay w i th thi s adorabl e ti g e r c u b p uppet w i th w orl < abl e m o u rh a n d fronr paw s. Ages3+ . 1,1 long u,ith wor <ablemouth and front paws 7000001495 $ 22.99

LJe^t IMW ea), evdlteu OctoVtt>

Dafdjakl, ElTi




uJell'Bd"sveA f>a*ftt extrd'CJea& Strox1



a kscLet



?rl!s asS dorq>



Written by Matt Harvey lllu str a te db y M ir ia m Lati mer


It' s Sa tu rd a ya) n d o ne smal lgi rl and her D a d a re h e a d i n gfo r the supermarket w h i l e M o m i s w o rki ng.l t' s so exci ti ng! H o w c a n s h ec o n tai nhersel f?S hetri es - b u t s h ec a n ' t! An enormoussneeze s e tsi n m o ti o n a h il ari ouscal ami ty. F a s t-p a c eadn d fu nny,w i th a si mpl e, u p l i fti n gm e s s a g ethi , s pl ayfulrhymi ng a d v e n [u rei s g u a ra nreed to haveyou l a u g h i n go u t l o u d! ReadTogether :4- 8 ReadAl one:6 10 32 pages Slz' xll" Har dc ov er w i thj ac k et 9781846861727.516.99

: i. li:

Writtenby J oanne O ppenheim lllustrated by MiriamLatimer Narrated byJimBroadbent

Fszs1qflfl'[' Tran


It seems tha t n oth ing - not c ool< iesor dancer s or e ve n a mo us t ac hed m agic ian - will he lp the Prin ce s leep.This quir l< y



tale abou t th e cha llen gesof bedr im e will



bring a b roa d smile to ev er y one' sf ac e! ReadTogether:Ages 4


Read Alone: Ages 6



32 pages,8lz" x11' H a rd co ve rwi th jacl< et( without CD) 9 7 8 1 841485973.$

: 'f

Paperbackwith UnabridgedStory CD 9 7 81846860966.$9.99

Wr itte n & lllu str a te db y Mi ri am Lati mer

Wh a t i f y o u s ta rte dshri nki ng? W hat i f j u s t o n e p e afi l l e dy o ur w hol etummy? A n d w h a t i f N O ON E w oul d l i stento y o u ?We l l , th a t' sj u s t w hat happensto S a m .W h a t w i l l s to p hi m from d i s a p p e an rig a l to g e ther?





Read Alone: Ages 6 - '10

' tt

ReadTogether: Ages,1 8 32pages,8/z' x11"

fi l.

Har dcoverwith jacl<et 97818 46860386 $16.99 l+i
















H'Fs"i'? $c#fly* 'E r** j ' ! 'lr ,.-r r; L:r:, ii. * t-r:-i .,i:.i .,:; r i;1



Retold and Narrated by Hugh Lupton lllu str a te db y So p h ieFatus

NotableBooksfor Children2001, SmithsonianMagazine


1. 8*ed *4,1*d

"Favoritesfrom many cultures,recast with finesse,constitutean outstanding anthology" - Smithsonian Magazine


ReadTogether:Ages 0 64 pages,9/a" x11%"

5 . ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 9

Hardcoverwith jacket (without CD) 9781841483122 $19.99 Paperbackwith Frenchfolds and Unabridged Story CD 9781905236138 . $1 5.99

fl'&e*1&*s.r*$*r{sq" 3}s.b #k a:-fl&â&#x201A;Źqssesc*rsf Retold by Fran Parnell llu str a te db y So p h ieF a tu s

Enjoystoriesof monstersfrom around the w or ld, inc ludinga n a b o m i n a b l es n o w m a n and a featheredogre.This book is essenrial readingf or anyc h i l d w h o w a n rsth e th ri l l o f m eet ings om eo f th e w o rl d ' so u tl a n d i s h c r eat ur e sa n d l i v i n gto te l l th e ra l e ! ReadTogether:Ages 4 - 8 . ReadAlone: Ages 6 - 10 64 pages, Hardcoverwith jacket . 9781841481784 . 919.99 ffi

















'''I'he iiirie t!rl f*$i! *ri i:ss!]ftr l]+sirei ant{ s}** .rulktd *r:i *i riifl itrn$e :rii nul ci iitr+ vii!i$+ i{} s*+ :v4;rf sl".* r*ui,l {.i:,-*{" ,i:j1:r. Sf{",ri -Jr.irt







Tata !-Urtle*egrcel

The Real Princess A Ma th em agic al T ale Written by Brenda Williams Illustratedby Sophie Fatus

A classicwith a twist! This numbercrunchingtake on "The Princessand t he Pe a "f eat ur esnot jus t o n e p ri n ce ssbut , t hr ee,not t o m e n ti o n four horses,five dogs,sixgrooms, sevengardeners,and all kinds of c h a n ce sfor y oungm at he m a ti c i a n s to put their adding and subtractillg s ki l l sto th e t es t ! I nc lude sa " T e s t Yo u r Ma t h S k ills "s ec t io n . Read Together: Ages 4 - 8 Read Alone: Ages 6 - 'l 0 40 pages,8Vz"x11" Hardcoverwith jacket- 9781905236886 . $1 6.99

Magic Hoofbeats F a :a q i- ssfi * ***:r se

T $ !a :s

Re to ldb y.Jo se p hSh a erman lllu str a te db y L in d aWin g e r te r Na r r a te db y Elle nVe r e n ie ks Book ofthe Year 2004 Cold Award, ForeWord


"Eachaccountwill enthrallanyreader" - MulticulturalReview ReadTogether:Ages4 - 8

ReadAlone; Ages 6 - 10

80 pages,9%"x11%" Paperbackwith Frenchfolds and Unabridged Double Story CD 9781846861291.$16.99 Hardcoverwith jacket (without CD) 9781841480916 . $19.99

tuirc<$g:t.rg:,g:y Fr*s*

I :; t;;

&{y Magic Diary Recordsecretstoriesand adventureson the pagesof th i s l o c k e dd i a ry.P ai rw i th MagfuHoofbeafsfor an unforgettablegift! Ages 5+ ' 4" x 53/a" 1 92 lined pages Colored padlock with two l<eys 978073s300996 $9.99

:,, X i.,.::liri. i | :..,1 ::..' ':, ::l i .. : ti::r.::ri:] '

Thesereadalongbookswith CDsmake

great teaching tools withtheirfun sound

effects andeducational stories.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Written by Mary Finch lllustrated by Roberta Arenson Narrared by EllenVerenieks

"Simple,rhythmictext with rhyming adjectivesand repetitivephrases will haveevdryonein storyhour chiming in" - SchoolLibraryJournal ReadTogether:Ages 4 - 8 . Read Alone: Ages 6 - 10 32pages,8%' x11'

Paperback withFrench foldsandUnabrr#ri.:rif,D, Paperback(withoutCD) '978184'1483511 . 92.99



*,i-&c '!| !

..?"U1 J!-",.@ le:

r*: -'"d 1i s'3

3ir; ic ." c# .-: !-ll-' td

n;, 9+,.- 4-,f,"" T;".*fl1 , "-iwl

"c# m q. l;" 5r .?'"$""'-sdffi { e } # ;i *:ffi j ';i :t ,s. i.T, ;g r 1.6;g* ..f.,,""G " :;" ....i4. ,@*,""*F:_.. ]Ii; t!+t

:.*W S *,"".*iT


'' : ,, ,r;,,,.' :''.

r',,, ,.

W rit t en by S t e l l aB l a c k s t o n e. lllu str a te db yAn n e Wilso n Na r r a te db yJim Br o a d b e n t

" T he c ollec t ioni s d e l i g h tfu lth ; e a rt i s fr es h,v ibr ancan , d F u l lo f c h i l d a p p e a l " - SchoolLibraryJournal ReadTogether: Ages 0

5' ReadAlone: Ages 5 - 9 96 pages,9%"x11%"

Hardcoverwith jacket (without CD) 9781841483450 . Paperbackwith Frenchfolds and Unabridged Story CD 9 7 8 1 846861499.$1s.99 P a p er back( without CD) 9 7 8 1 846861659.$12.99

t'nnJ-*u*,*g ', "'



::: *





...,.,; \,**-od

?h* F{*tl$e thec Jaek Bsei}.c lllu str a te db y Dia n a Mayo Na r r a te db y Elle nVe reni eks

T h i s c l a s s i cc h i l d ren' srhymegatherspace a n d c o m p l e x i tya s i t tumbl esacrossthe p a g e sC . h i l d re nw i l l del i ghti n repeati ngthe rh y me sa n d fo l l ow i ngthe anti csof ani mal s and characters ofevery shape and size. ReadTogether:Ages 0 24 pages,10%"x 10"


Read Alone: Ages 5 - 7

Paperbacl< with Frenchfolds and Unabridged Story CD 9781846860768.$9.99 ( without CD ) ' 9781846860515 . $6.99 Paper bacl<

"ii;: tlrs other :riile *ljrh* ri.:i+:t. 'oridgr riit;:i: rr;ia I l:1ii, e.nd ii:+re rhe g.3ss gfr1r,',qife*r:r *nil s",r'eeir' i:ir:rr i1: di'1 i* ;ltr,,':iei"i +i:r'he *ii!; goars garl-T' -.' ?lr -lftt,e liilly {l::ttt; {irzii!'

i' !:.:

The Gigantic Turnip Written by AlekseiTolscoy lllustracedby Niamh Sharkey Narrated bv EllenVerenieks

BlueRibbonBook 1999, TheBulletin for the Centerof Children'sBoolcs This well-knownRussianfolk tale about the rewardsof working together has been a Barefoot best sellerfor twelveyearsrunning! Read Together: Ages 0 - 5. Read Alone: Ages 5 - 7 40 pages, Hardcoverwith jacket (without CD) 9781902283128. $16.99 Paperbackwith Frenchfolds and Unabridged Story CD 9781905236725 . $9.99 Adwit4r/, qLIiM,!

Paperback(without CD). 9781905236589 . 97.99

Jack and the Beanstalk Written by RichardWalker lllustrated by Niamh Sharkey Narrated by Richard Hope

The Bulletinfor the Centerof Children'sBool<s,Big Picture Bookof 1999 "Trimmedto a jaunty paceand filled wit h liv elyhu m o r i s re m a i n sa rousing advenlure" - Krkus Reviews

Paperback with Frenchfoldsand Unabridged StoryCD . $9.99 9781905236695

Juan y los frijoles migicos Narrated by Pedro Sabino . 99.99 SpanishPaperback with Unabridged StoryCD -9781846862168

Tales of Wisdom & IVonder Retold and Narrated by Hugh Lupton lllu str a te db y Nia m h Sh arkey Books for Children Mother Coose Award,


"LuDton imbueseachfolktalewith the rhythm and wit of an informal orator, and deliversa nuggetoftruth at the close" - PublishersWeekf ReadTogether:Ages4 - 8' Read Alone: Ages 6 - 10 64pages,8%"x10%" Hardcoverwith UnabridgedStory CD 9781846862434. 519.99 Paperbackwith Frenchfolds and UnabridgedStory CD 9781905236848- 515.99

Star Seeker A Journey to Octer Space Written by TheresaHeine I llustrated by Victor Tavares

Rideinto the night sl<ywith this u n iqueblendof ad v e n tu res, c i e n c e , and mythology.Readerswill uncover the mysteriesof the solarsystem whiler idingon t he b a c ko f Pe g a s u s and s wim m ingi n J u p i te r' ss e a s . ReadTogether:Ages4 - 8' ReadAlone: Ages 6 - 10 32 pages,8.4" x 11" Hardcoverwith jacket & FREESolar SystemPoster (measuring 21%" x 16%" unfolded) 978190s236367 .516.99


,4ru IHAL T E Lf f iS

Translated by RanjitBok . lllustrated byCiselle Potter "With the wit we've grown to expect, Ranjit B o lt ha s tran sfo rm ed t hes e f am iliar t ales int o such id ioma tica lly ent er t aining Englis h t hat it is a ple asure ra the r t han a c hor e t o r ead t hem a lo ud to yo un g c hildr en" - J onat han M iller Re a d T o g e th e r:A ges6 - 10. ReadAlone: Ages8 - Adult 6zl pages,Bl" x 1A),4'. Hardcoverwith jacket 978190s2365:11. $19.99



The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts and Goblins Retold byJohn Matthews l l l u s t rat edb y C i o v a n n i M a n n a Narrated byJerry Nelson


I t,.




I n th i s co llec t ionof s t or ie sy, o u w i l l encounteroutlandishcharacters:a giant with no heart,a ghost with two f a ce s,a n d a hugegoblinw i th b u l g i n g eyes,Settleback and let yourselfbe swept away on strangeadventuresto distant lands,asJerryNelson,the voice behind Sesame Street's Count v o n Co u nt , nar r at est his e n te rta i n i n g c o l l e cti onof f olk t ales . R e a dT o g e r h e r:4 - 8 R e a dA l o n e : 6 80 pages 8la" x 103/a" Hardcoverwith Double Story CD 9781 846862359 . $21.99





Folk Playground CD


Passthe rich folk tradition on to a new generation!



I i



R u n n i n gt i m e : 3 2 :2 9 9781 587 591617 $ 15 . 9 9





S**p isxs{} s sfre,,,",r;* *tr{'a&f?$.veE's43. a,'".'rr.fu ilsf'*sarg: r&ei:s* &r AxAs f,* r ffigati" qpffi .


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Th* L*dy *f,T*n ?k*nsand. Nxffaes

g $

i.lci l.iri* s :i lj ri::lr'1q::i i 1r:i:rr:: L.1;.;.:r.r' :,.,;-:,I i..l.: r:".:,r


m a n i fe s ta ti o ns! Ful lof spi ri t,eachof th e s ee i g h ts to ri esw i l l i nspi reyounggi rl s a s th e y p re p a refor w omanhood. ReadTogether :Ages 5 - 10 R ead Al one: Ages 8 - Adul t 80 pages,8%" xlQ% " Har dcoverwith jack et' 9781841480480 . $1 9.99

Gclddesses ,'i -:'!Ig; :: l .ri


i.' l',,i r':- i .r I r: *

i:--:ii ,t .:,_: .l .t

Wr itte n b y Bu r le ig hM u t6 n lllu str a te db y Re b e ccaCu a y

" A s t un n i n gb o o k ! Ev e ryw o ma n and gir l w i l l b e i n s p i re dT. h e p o w e r of t he go d d e s s eiss tru l y m a g i c a l " - AcademyAward-winning actress OlympiaDukakis

ReadTogether:Ages 5 - 10 ReadAlone: Ages 8 adult 80 Pages, 9%"x 11%"' Hardcoverwith jacket 97818414807s 6.$19.99









Fire*$.d* $e$iriss



F g

* € &


1,,1'1.1"l. r:1'' 1,r i:: r,rt,-

D ra w nfro m c o u n tri e sand cul turesal l a ro u n dth e w o rl d , th e sew onderfulw i ntry s to ri e se x p re sth s e magni fi cence of the s e a s o nF . ro m a g ro u p ofcourageous R u s s i a na n i m a l sto a l egendabout a bag o f w a rmc hth a t c a n k eepw i nceraw ay forever,thesecozystorieswill l<eepout th e w i n te r c h i l l .


$ *&

s ** & :. s

ReadTogetherAges4 : - 8. ReadAl one: Ages6 - 10 96 pages,9%"x11%" H ar dcoverwith jacl<et. 978 1 84 6860652 . $19.99



i 1: )! .i:i.ti

Retold by Caitlin Matthews lllu str a te db y He le nCa n n





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ffi ff*.sx.d-s?r*r fr***E *' $ica:s.{* * t.l;'r1;;

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*g ;q s

Re to ldb y Bu r le ig hM u t6 n lllu str a te db y SiAnBa ile y N a r r a te db y Olym p ia Du ka kis


*& s "Re to ldwit h f r es hnesasn d w i t, th e s ee i g h r ...:

sto ri e sex am inet he in tri g u i n gc h a ra c te o rf th e Wi s eW om an. S i6" nBa i l e y ' sme s m e ri z i n g aL i l l us t r at ions t r ans p o rtre a d e rsto e x o ti c s et t ings and pla c e sa s th e y l e a rnth e # * fa sc inat inglor et h a t s u rro u n d sth e o l d ;m E : wom an f igur ei n d i ffe re n tc u l tu re s " I € - NAPM Review ffi R e a dT o g e th e r:A g e s5 - 1 0 . ReadAlone: Ages8 - Adult

$ $ #






g &

oJfl; or'oru"oo :il

Paperback withFrenchfoIds o, "" " "9781846860119 arw


tJ; $16.99


"l'berr *,as sr: Iifilr Eecrr i{ a!1r *qr*ars ahar fish sr+rr*i jcmp:ing into the *ld u"*mxn,s {s*at. 5h* gt+b}:ed ic}J qrf the fish, and shr threrv therft ;1rthc t}nis, 'l,rli y+ut br tiics wigh fishi' she s1:*mted"-- {)rtt*dnttbers' ::tories

s s E

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':''i:r;::;t,l:1,,,,t.t:rtli-l i1l'::'ilitr.iE*,:u;i+-€jlGr.iiif i:t;,=::s::f:j:;';i *' et'td +,::.:;:it:';-; +,.i!...'1j: ;:i;ii::i".1jl"l.*,:"';-,-:,1l.'-ggA::i ;;:,,'*;:!!j


=i ; . H }

gM ffii ^.,*tllii#,'J"T:i:xl1ii ReLold by Shahr urHus . h ain A {t , }, , '

Enjoyr-he stories behindseven exhilararingi fi&

a n da c c e s siobpre e ra;;;;;;,;J;;: s




i il#"- - ^ ; o$.. ff

'"*''":;;;.:: :il?:T:'irnff i g'jHry$trff #

ReadTogether:Ages 5


ReadAlone: Ages 8 - Adu t 80 pages,BY" xl1tl" P a p e rbacl< with Fr enchfolds and Unabr idged D o u ble Stor y CD 9781E46E60980. $16.99



f i: li *.1 i.. ,,::i" -:.'i:,,i i:" a t,'=-:i:.rl-; 5:.: :l-r:':L lli ,r,i,;'i .l:. Wr itte n b yja n e Yol enand H ei di E . Y . S templ e lllu str a te db y Re beccaC uay

i ii


E 11

" Wh a t a ma g i calbool < !My daughters 4 - D arcey l o v eth e b e a u ti fuli l l ustrati ons" I Bussell,principalballerina,BritishRoyalBallet I ReadTogether :Ages 4- S R eadAl one:Ages 6 10 96 pages,g/" x11' l' Har dcover with jack et 9781841,182293 519.99

11 ! j


i: -:!rrtllr+.-.i=!l5saii!t!'i,:eit::P*-],f#:lg€:+-i:a]s.t:=l:i-:iFr-:-1a-r::ir?itli:i.:r3:J:++.!:::ata.t::!-aitqir;-:;,F;n!j

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" 'i' :

C o m p i l e da n d l llu str a te db y.Ja cl<M ieo r r is I n t r o d u ce db y Ca r o lAn n Du ffi

"On e of t hos er ar eboo l < sth a t c a n s ta n d o n a b o o l < s helf f r om bir t h th ro u g h h i g hs c h o o l graduation" - Kidslitinformati t

t \

Th e 7 4 poem sin t his s u m p tu o u sc o l l e c ri o n tra ceo ur jour neyt hr ou g h l i fe ,fro m b i rth to old age,wit h ent ri e sfro m s o m eo f th e f ines tpoet sin t h e E n g l i s hl a n g u a g e . ReadTogether:Ages 5 10 ReadAl one: Ages8 Adul t 128 pages.9/' r 11tr ' . H ar dc ov erw i th j ac l <et : 978190.s 23656s. s 1 9.99


-l" ; t

1 ll

, . , '. t' j1' i\\1"tr t"'


Re to lda n d Na r r a te db y p a tri cl <R yan lllu str a te db yJa m e sM a yh e w


"4,.S q .i{ . { t ' , ba , ' r'"

*, :


" Ac c o mp a n i ebdy l a v i shi l l usrrari ons, thi s i s a n e l e g a nct o l l e c ti o o n fS hal < espeare s cl assi c s to ri e sfl l l e dw i rha d v e n rure, l ove.desci ny and magic"- BookandMoreforCrowingMinds Paper bac<with Fr enchfloldsand U nabr dged D oubl e Sr or y C D 80 pages,8/.' 1161" 97819052 36862 . g16.99



$ g,


s, t


-r.i;,i'.ii: i r:-t:

ii,. j.:u:i;:'ii.! ;;

{a iJ 1:;

:.: Wr itte n b y Cu id o Visco n ti l l l ustr a te db y Bim b a L a n d m a n n

F ina lly,yo un g re ad er s c an c r ac l<da Vinc i' s code! Explo reyou r wor ld - f r om t he s t ar s in the sl<yto how the heart worl<s* t hr ough da Vinc i' s ey es . "A rrn inrre srv lis h int r oduc r ion r o r he " -"''1"'' "'/"-"

a r t is t ,his wor l< a , n d h i sti m e , a l l w ri tte n from an apprentice'sperspective)' - Booklist Re a dT o g e rh e r.A g e .:.


Re:d A o"p: Age, B

Acr ir

40 pages,El" x 121" - Hardcoverrvith jacl<er 9781841483016.516.99




t\. '- l i ? ' l:1;ti "\ n ... ':::5,,:_:-t:_: :-,: lalD-:it::it,:r_,

l a:-::., ,. .. -


t -_


-_ 1 : . i : a i . ' : :

--: . : :



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9 J 4






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3'==E;i: ==-€E *5 + =i,===.j

Early Spring 2010 Barefoot Books Catalog  

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Early Spring 2010 Barefoot Books Catalog  

Children's Books, Gifts, and More Too Purchase or Start Selling: Stephanie TaylorBarefoot Books Ambassadorhttp://singinbc.barefootbooks.comh...