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Transformational change in an organization


Political behavior in the work place


Hard power tactics best influence those with which following characteristic?


A person likely to participate in political behavior


Buck passing and scapegoating when politics is seen as a threat are forms of


Politicking is less likely in organizations that have


Central to managing a successful organizational strategy implements are/is


With downward influence, power tactics preferred by U.S managers include


A primary goal of politics in the work place is to

10) Periods of convergence are those in which an organization 11) The validity of a strategy for organizational change lies in its 12) The formulation and implementation of a strategy 13) Surveys of seasoned managers reveal they believe politics in the workplace is 14) Organizational momentum relates to 15) An influence tactics that relies on rank and enforcement of group goals is 16) In convergent periods, the role of executive managements is to 17) During organizational change, employee-management interfaces such as workshops and retreats 18) Impression management sends_______ messages that may be ______ under other circumstances

19) Organizational change relies on a balance of change and 20) To keep a strategy in focus, effective managers employ

Ldr 531 week 6 quiz (new)  
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