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MATH 533 Week 6 Homework (New) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

1. A MINITAB printout relating the size of the diamond (number of carats) to the asking price (dollars) for 308 diamonds is shown below. Complete parts a through e. 2. The average driving distance (yards) and driving accuracy (percent of drives that land in the fairway) for 8 golfers are recorded in the table to the right. Complete parts a through e below. 3. Many entrepreneurs have donated money to various causes. Data on the total amount pledged and remaining net worth for the 10 top donors are given in the table. Complete parts a through d. 4. A magazine reported the average charge and the averege length of hospital stay for patients in a sample of 7 regions. The printout is shown below. Complete parts a through e. 5. Adult male rhesus monkeys were exposed to a visual stimulus ( panel of lightemitting diodes), and their eye, head, and body movements were electronically recorded. In on variation of the experiment, two variables were measured, active head movement (x, percent per degree) and body-plus-rotation (y,percent per degree). The data for n = 37 trails were subjected to a simple linear regression analysis, with = 0.23. Complete parts a through c. 6. If you pay more in tuition to go to a top business school, will it necessarily result in a higher probability of a job offer at graduation? Let y = percentage of graduates with job offers and x = tuition cost; then fit the simple linear model, E(y) = + x, to the data below. Is there sufficient evidence (at Îą = 0.10) of a positive linear relationship between y and x? 7. Banks in a state have been charged with withdrawing from urban areas with a high percentage of minorities. To examine this charge, a study compiled county by county data on the number (y) of people in each county per branch bank in the

county and the percentage (x) of the population in each county that is minority. Complete parts a through c. 8. The rank of the top 10 billionaires, their net worth (y), and their ages (x) are given in the table to the right. Complete parts a through d below. 9. A group of researchers developed a new method for ranking the total driving performance of golfers on a tour. The method requires knowing a golfer’s averaging driving distance (yards) and driving accuracy (percent of drives that land in the fairway). They construct a straight-line model relating driving accuracy(y) to driving distance(x). A MINITAB printout with prediction and confidence intervals for a driving distance of x = 300 is shown below. 10. The accompanying data in the table below were derived from life tests for two different brands of cutting tools. Complete parts a through c.

Math 533 week 6 homework (new)  
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