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1. Graph the relative frequency histogram for the 300 measurements summarized in the relative frequency table to the right. 2. Would you expect the data sets that follow to possess relative frequency distributions that are symmetric, skewed to the right, or skewed to the left? Explain. Complete parts a through c below. 3.

Consider the following sample of five measurements.

3, 4, 5, 2, 6 4.

MINITAB was used to generate the histogram to the right.

5. A university’s language professors incorporated a 10-week extensive reading program into a second-semester Japanese language course in an effort to improve students’ Japanese reading comprehension. Fourteen students participated in this reading program. Complete parts a through c. 6. Calculate the mean for samples for which the sample size and ∑x are given below.

Math 533 week 1 quiz (new)  
Math 533 week 1 quiz (new)