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Seniors Can Successfully File Medicaid Applications with Help from an Attorney While there are many websites and companies that can help with planning for long term care, working with an attorney can help ensure the best outcome for seniors. There are many questions regarding assets, income restrictions and other issues when it comes to establishing Medicaid eligibility. If one lives in the Albany, NY area there are some attorneys who specialize in elder law and can help with Medicaid applications. Wherever one lives it is a good idea to seek legal counsel on issues of Medicaid eligibility. Do-it-yourself websites and ads say that people can handle many of their own legal issues, or they provide some downloadable forms that people can use. While these approaches can be effective for some legal matters, they may not work for Medicaid application planning. The main point that seniors have to keep in mind is that the establishment of Medicaid eligibility can be complex, and it is best left to experts. Since it can take some time to become eligible it’s recommended that seniors seek legal help well in advance of their need for Medicaid, if at all possible. Attorneys will provide counsel that is tailored to the individual. Lawyers can be especially helpful with Medicaid applications because they are familiar with the rules of each state; and the rules for eligibility differ between states. Attorneys will inform their clients on what assets will be excluded from counting towards eligibility (usually one’s home and car) and will inform clients on what level of monthly income they can earn without it affecting their benefits. There are other issues to consider as well. Usually the age requirement is at least 65 or the applicant can be below that age if they have a disability. Some people will be advised to set up a trust and others may wish to disburse some or all of their assets to relatives. There are a variety of additional points that a lawyer can help with including looking into Medicaid Waivers which in some cases will allow seniors to live at home or in assisted living centers, instead of nursing homes. With all of these variables and financial planning issues to be worked out, it’s crucial that seniors work with attorneys to structure the best solution that fits their needs. Not everyone’s situation will be the same, but one point can be made for all seniors: It’s best to seek counsel early about

Medicaid applications to avoid ineligibility or lengthy waiting periods. While attorneys cannot guarantee acceptance, they have the best combination of knowledge and expertise that can help seniors qualify for Medicaid. They can also provide crucial advice in many related areas. For example, if a senior citizen needs to move an attorney will know how to find out about the corresponding Medicaid laws in the new state of residence. Ultimately Medicaid applications can be completed satisfactorily with some advance planning that seniors can access with the help of an attorney. For more details Visit us at

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