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 ‘One of the most talented authors of his generation’ – Het Parool  A novel like a string quartet. Compelling and intimate. Intense and polyphonic.

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Christiaan Weijts The False Season The entanglements in a mysterious summer class of conservatory students end in a sudden drama, of which, years later, the traces are still discernable. The charismatic leader, a renowned composer at the time, now drives a taxi. And one of the violinists struggles with a mysterious illness. In the corridors of the Paris underground the latter falls under the spell of a viola player, who turns his musical career around. Especially when they audition together to play on board of a replica of the Titanic, traveling along the shores of a confused Europe.

The press on Euphoria: ‘Dazzling pages (..) A novel with such an upstanding level as Euphoria is unusual, even though we are accustomed to such novels from this author.’ Vrij Nederland Original title Het valse seizoen

‘The most intelligent Dutch novel of the year’ Humo

Christiaan Weijts

Novel | 456 pages | De Arbeiderspers


is a writer and freelance journalist. He won the Gouden Ezelsoor and the Anton Wachter Prize for his debut © Merlijn Doomernik

novel, Art. 285b. His novel Euphoria (2012) earned him the bng New Literature Prize and was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize.

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